Righteous Racism

Folks, racism does not become more acceptable when it is directed at white people  (the white male in particular). All of the hostility that is being directed to white people in the name of this new found wokeness is dangerous.

While everyone pretends to know what is going on in the minds of others and are quick to blame every slight, every misfortune, or difficult circumstance that a black man experiences on racism; real live, blatant racism is ignored.

It is ignored because the target  of the racism belongs to the group against whom racism is now seen as acceptable, the scorned white demographic. 

A few months ago a psychiatrist giving a lecture at Yale said the following: 

“Everyone is talking about race right now. Especially white people.” She was just warming up for the crescendo.  “And yet, white people seem to be losing it. The number of Karens and ‘It’s my right to not wear a mask ‘ videos are exploding. How do we understand this psychologically?” She went on, “Except nothing makes me angrier than a white person who tells me not to be angry,” She was on a roll. “White people make my blood boil.””I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a f—ing favor.” 

Now if you are troubled by this you should be. This is not your run of the mill internet troll that you battle online, the basement dweller engaging his keyboard warrior skills. This is a professional woman giving a lecture at one of the world’s most prestigious colleges. But that is still not the most alarming thing about that episode. What screams out is the nonchalance with which she gave this lecture to the young skulls filled with nothing but mush. She felt at ease saying something like this.

She is not alone in her sentiments, all you have to do is go on to Campus Reform and other non traditional news sites, and you will be stunned by the sheer amount of anti white sentiment that exists in institutions of learning, and other prominent organizations. Anti whiteness is the hipster method of expressing wokeness. 

Some colleges even have separate graduation ceremonies for blacks and in some case separate housing. Of course they dress it all up in nice sounding phrases like “creating space to celebrate community,” an other fancy excuses that only a woke leftist or Democrat can come up with, but in the end; you can’t hide what it is. It is rank, naked, ugly, unabashed racism

Anti whiteness is even part of official White House policy. The Biden Administration earlier on attempted to exclude white farmers from DOVIS-19 relief. The aid was specifically targeted to people that fit a particular identity and excluded another group. Their physical characteristics determined who was going to get the aid. The White House based their official policy on skin color, eye color, and hair texture. Blacks and minorities were identified as having priority while blacks were more or less told they do not qualify. Whites were farmers were forced to sue the Biden administration because of the racist policy coming directly out of the White House.

In NY, race is one of the considerations to make when dispensing DOVIS-67 monoclonal antibodies to people infected by the COROLLA. 

But this is not all. It does not matter where you go anti-whiteness is prevalent. Turn on MSNBC on any given evening and the things they say about white people would leave you shuddering if you simply replaced the word white with black. But don worry though! They want you to know that it is impossible to be racist towards this group of people.

It is becoming more and more difficult to understand this inside out world in which we live.

Believe Them When They Tell You Who They Are

The say that when people tell you, and show you who they are, that you should believe them. The left has been showing us and telling us who they are for a while now, but many people still think that they are not a real threat to the country. 

Many Americans think that this is the old political debate of old. One side wants higher taxes, the other side does not. One side thinks that the Government has a bigger obligation to provide for the needs of its citizens, the other side thinks that we need to show people how to be independent, self sufficient and provide for themselves. One side thinks that school choice is a good idea, the other side thinks the money should all go into public education. 

These are just some of the differences that existed in the different ideologies. People were prepared to defend their positions, argue vigorously, vote on them, then the side who presented the best case won. Both sides could actually continue about their business, still respecting one another, and you could rest assured that each side loved their country.  They just shared some differences on the best way to run the country.

Today it is no longer the case. The left hates the country. They despise what it stands for and they wish to tear it down. They have organizations like F Yo Flag. They chant on the streets “death to America.” They say things like “What do you want? Dead Cops! When do you want them? Now!” They have no problem marching through the streets and shouting “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” They openly champion the cause of discrimination against, and a hatred of the white male. They are initiating COVID policy that favors black people over whites and they call it progress. 

Once upon a time Bernie Sanders sat on the fringes of the Democrat Party. No one paid him any attention. That’s just crazy Bernie Sanders was the thought. Today Bernie Sanders plays a prominent role in the Democrat Party and he is even bolder expressing his love of socialism. 

The left now has has no problem viciously attacking the first amendment. They are going after religious organizations, trying to force many religions to accept and conform to their evil agenda at the threat of these organizations closing their doors. DA attorneys across America are refusing to prosecute criminals and we are seeing a revolving door of criminals who get free reign to continue their committing their crimes against the citizens of the country. 

It does not matter where you turn. All of the traditional institutions that we once looked to and cherished are under attack from the left, and the left makes no apologies. One of the institution they have laser focused on to destroy is the traditional family. Numerous children are born out of wedlock. Many of these kids are denied the opportunity to grow up in stable homes and reap the benefits of a solid family foundation. Marriages are discarded like old underwear, and sex is promoted as just another physical activity that is no different than any other. There are no boundaries. In schools children’s mindes are being poisoned with the dangerous critical race theory ideology and they are being taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. 

Most of all the left is trying to obliterate the concept of God and replace it with the idea that Governments hold the answers to the problems that humanity faces. This is dangerous and will lead to the crumbling of our society faster than any thing. One of the main reasons that America has been so successful and so blessed as a nation is because the founding fathers embraced the Judaeo-Christian principles that have been foundational in the country’s growth. Today the left is on the ascendancy and they are burning away the fabric of our society.

Even though it looks discouraging, and sometimes even hopeless; adopting a hopeless attitude is never an option. The left is on the rise but they still have not managed to completely turn the country into the what they are trying to develop. Do not think for one minute that the old way of doing business is enough. The days of simply leaving it up to voting every two or four years being the extent to which people fight are over. More people have to get involved in the fight to bring attention to the destructive nature of the left’s evil agenda and work to turn things around.  

They have shown us who they are. Believe them!

What Is Behind The Media’s Behavior

So here is a question. It is not a rhetorical question (genuinely seeking some thoughts on this). Why is the legacy media doing what they are doing? I am asking this in all earnestness. What is the reason for this? They have always leaned left, but at least there used to be a semblance of making the effort to be balanced. 

Organizations like Fox News were formed to fill a dearth in coverage of the News that neglected the conservative angle. Fox is definitely right leaning news. They do not apologize for it. Their commentators like Carlson, Hannity, Kilmeade, Watters etc. are conservative, and they declare it boldly. On the other hand you have the News department at Fox News, and though they still lean right, you know that Martha McCallum would invite every side on her show and try to give a fair representation of a given story, Brett Baier the same, Chris Wallace Ditto. Shepherd Smith was a liberal. 

The point is that even though Fox is undoubtedly conservative, when it comes to their news department, they are still somewhat in the traditional mode. Even the commentators from whom you know what to expect, they invite real lefties on their shows to have real debates. Most lefties avoid them like the plague, but Tucker will give a lefty a chance to defend himself or make a case. 

On the other hand you have Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and others at CNN, plus the whole cabal at NBC, CBS, ABC etc. Many of their commentators swear that they are straight up news people. They are not opinion journalists. They have their news departments also, but they are so unabashedly to the left that it makes one wonder why they are doing what they are doing. 

It is no longer just a matter of the press being left leaning. It is now evident that they are hell bent on shaping the narrative in a certain direction. Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about. Observe how they are making a fuss about the let’s go Brandon chants. Those let’s go Brandon chants are the direct result of a reporter trying to cover for President Biden when a crowd was chanting F??? Joe Biden. The point is not about whether or not it’s right to make these vulgar chants, but why would a reporter go out of her way to cover what viewers were hearing for themselves in the background as the people chanted. What is behind this? 

It was par for the course to be disrespectful to Trump and the media never reacted the way they have been reacting to the chants of let’s go Biden. It does not matter how you feel about Trump. That is not the point. Why this flagrant double standard. Robert De Niro shows up to an awards show and the first words out of his mouth is F??? and he is praised. John Legend spewed the most vile commentary at Trump on a regular basis, but he gets to star in commercials for big corporations. A random troll says let’s go Brandon, and he is targeted for destruction. What is this all about?

 How about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial? We have people looked at this case that was so flagrantly biased and one sided, yet they fully bought in to the nonsense about Rittenhouse, but for the people who watched as the case crumbled like a sand castle it was obvious that Rittenhouse’s case was the most obvious example of self defense. If you followed the case from the beginning you would know that Rittenhouse was the complete opposite of who the media portrayed him to be. 

Think of all the prosecutorial misconduct in this case that occured right before our very eyes. People looked at that and were ok with it because of who he was. They media and the left were mad at the judge for calling out the dishonest prosecutor. If ever there was a case that should not have been brought to trial it is this one. Think about the media trying to destroy this young man’s life and the many lies that they told in relation to his case. 

Here’s the thing. A lot of what they had to end up conceding in the end, was covered in right wing news outlets like the Gateway pundit a long time ago. If you read The Daily Caller, or listened to Newsmax, or any one of these despised outlets, you were not surprised when you heard that Rittenhouse did not illegally cross state lines with a weapon. You would have known that months before. You would have known that Rittenhouse’s father lived in the state, and Rittenhouse was deeply connected to the community where his father lived, and where he was that night. You would have known that he worked in the state, and that his home was just a few minutes away in Illinois. 

This young man, by all indicators is a decent citizen, but we saw the media work diligently to portray him as a white supremacist radical.The media covered this case with a one sided zealotry that would rival the Westboro Baptiste church. How about the fact that a 17 year old felt the need to take up arms as he assisted his community during a time of complete break down of law and order? The media never featured that aspect of the story. 

Think of the way that so many in the media and others used their high profile platforms to mocked this young man as he broke down emotionally on the stand. Now think about the coverage just a few weeks after, of a black man who has been involved in what seems to a racist mass killing involving the use of an automible as a weapon in the same state.

Why is the media doing all of this? They don’t just lean left anymore. They are blatant liars. The lies that they tell are huge, big, giant, gargantuan lies and they tell them like we have no access to information (think insurrection, think Wuhan lab, think Russia collusion, think Jussie Smollet, think of the Hunter Biden laptop, think border patrol agents on horseback whipping black Hatians, and much more). 

What is driving all of this?

Merry Christmas To 6 January 2021 Patriots

To my January 6 January 2021 patriot Capitol protesters. Merry Christmas to you.

Much respect to all of you who went down to the nation’s Capitol to protest your Government. Your actions that day are the hallmark of a true Republic. It is a reminder that Government is accountable to the people.

Keep your head up and remember that you have nothing for which to be ashamed. What you do gives  hope that we will survive this strange, weird, upside down period of our history. Plaudits to you, but shame on the people who rioted that day and put a black eye on your noble actions. 

An even bigger shame on the people who try to convince you that you did something wrong. Rest assured that you did not do anything wrong. Do not let anyone tell you different. Shame on the media who consistently repeated the Democrat talking points, and did not even care to honestly discuss the concerns that you had about election fraud. Shame on the people who casually dismissed your concerns. Shame on all of those who instead of looking in to the very specific claims that you made about election irregularities, simply called you kooks.

Shame on all those who refused to even take a look, and examine your claims to see if there was any veracity to them. Shame on those who simply spoke the words “the big lie” without ever giving you your day in court. Shame on the people who rejoiced over the death of  a young woman who was mercilessly shot by an abusive policeman who took her life like she was a stray dog on the streets of Afghanistan. Shame on the media for not holding him to account for the brazen contempt he showed for that woman’s life. Shame on the people who are holding American citizens in jail without any charges,  treating them like enemy combatants, claiming there was an insurrection that day, and using that as an excuse to abuse the rights of Americans.

 There is a lot more shame to go around, but none of it rests on the patriotic shoulders of you who were there in peace to protest, and exercise your patriotic duty. You always have the right in America to challenge your government. Never forget that. Do not ever hang your heads in shame. When the story of 6 January 2021 is told always be proud to say that you were one of those who was there to hold your government accountable.

That is what democracy is all about. If our democracy survives, people like you will be a major reason why it survives. When the black liars matter frauds were tearing up stuff all over the country, the elites cheered. When the mob was marauding through the streets of Democrat cities, burning, looting, destroying, vandalizing, assaulting, and murdering, the power players sitting on high, looking on from their lofty condos applauded. The black liars matter movement had the full support of America’s ruling class as the black liars matter recalcitrants wreaked havoc on private citizens, based on a lie that the police killed a black man for no other reason than the man’s race. When the black liars matter closed off city blocks, renamed it CHAZ, then CHOP, and made life miserable for private citizens in these neighborhoods, our masters roared their approval. 

It is a clear sign of what the nobility thinks of you when they cheer on the destruction of private property. It’s a clear sign of their disdain when they give their consent to thugs, vandals, and malcontents running amok across their cities, terrorizing private citizens. Then moment it got to their doorsteps, with them sitting in their ivory towers, it was no longer cute. Then it was time to bring the full force of the state against anyone who dared challenge their corruption. 

It was ok to terrorize private citizens in their business places and neighborhoods. It was fine to burn private businesses. It was wonderful to plunder as long as it was all happening away from the Haut Monde. Thanks to the patriots of 6 January 2021, the ruling class got a timely reminder that it is the people to whom they must give account. These patriots must not let the actions of a few rogues discourage them from taking action in the future. They cannot allow the dishonest, lying media to kill their spirits. 

Don’t ever let the intimidation tactics of the blue bloods  make them back down.

Election Reflections

In reflecting on the last elections, one of the craziest things that happened at a location in Georgia come to mind. Cameras at one of the polling stations recorded polling station supervisors tell poll workers to leave the room.

When the poll workers left the room, the people who remained could be seen pulling mysterious ballots in a suitcase out from under the table, then counting them, but that’s not all. They could be seen running ballots through tabulator machines over and over, and from appearances, it seems they were exchanging USB sticks (hmm what could have been on those USB sticks).
Now, no one is making up any of this. It happened. It was caught on camera.

In other places, voting mysteriously stopped, then hundreds of thousands of ballots also mysteriously showed up with single percentage votes going to Trump. You also had votes showing up by the exact amount of numbers in a few places to take uncle Joey over the top. In one place you had tens of thousands of underage voters on the voting rolls etc. it was a whole bunch of stuff that only got reported on right leaning organizations (which automatically made it untrue or not worth looking in to).
Ok, ok. Your protestations are loud and clear. Conspiracy theory etc. Only Stacy Abrams gets to make claims of voter fraud. She does not even need to present evidence to make her claims all over the media.

After all, she plays all the right cards. She’s black. She’s a Democrat. She’s got the victim role down to a science. She knows how to call people names and claim everyone is a racist. What’s the reason for the media to not take her seriously?

What is most disturbing in the way the media covered the claims of voter fraud is the way they refused to even telll the American people what the specific claims were. They had no interest at all in even looking at what appeared to be a most brazen act of vote manipulation caught on camera.
The Supreme Courts also refused to even look at any of the challenges that were not only brought by the losing candidate, but by several states.You had hundreds of people, including poll workers with sworn affidavits waiting to testify, but they did not even get the opportunity to be heard.

It’s one thing to say there was not enough irregularities to sway the election the other way even if the talk of irregularities is true. It is quite another thing to ignore every claim the othe other side made, and not even look at what they claim was, or the evidence they say they had.

With all the talk we hear about threats to democracy, you’d think that there’d be a different attitude about such claims. You’d be wrong. The media, without exercising a picogram of curiosity simply repeated the Democrat talking points, parroting the words “the big lie” without once looking at the other side’s claims.

A year later. Many states are conducting audits, and claim to be coming up with all kinds of evidence that point to rampant cheating in many counties. As before, the only outlets covering these stories are right leaning websites. As usual, instead of discussing the merits or demerits of the so called evidence, the response has been to discredit these organizations. Call them names. Insult them. Just don’t ever get to the point of discussing what they claim to have found.

The irony in all of this is that the mainstream media that covered the Jussie Smollet hoax with glee, same with the Covington Catholic High school students, the George Floyd killing, the riots that followed, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and insists that CRT in schools is not real is the same media that calls their competitors liars. Go figure.

We saw a completely different attitude in 2001 when it was the Democrats challenging the elections. They were at least given a hearing and allowed to make all kinds of claims and challenges until eventually the Supreme Court said enough. They got their day in court.

When it comes to the left and Democrats, they can do no wrong as far as the media is concerned.

The low information drones all across the country in the meantime continue to be ecstatic living in their bubble where curiosity is forbidden. As they wallow in blissful ignorance, they swear it is they who are in the know. They are fools convinced of their high superior intellect.

Some Random Thoughts Running Through The Mind

After the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of saint George Floyd, one thing stood out to those who pay attention to these things.
Not once during the trial did anyone bring up the issue of race. Nobody accused the officers of targeting Floyd because of his race. It did not even come up. Then after the trial, the race hustling former Democrat National Committee Deputy Chairman, and Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison said that there was no evidence whatsoever that the death of Floyd had anything to do with race.

So in essence, all of the mayhem, the madness, the looting, the vandalism, the taking over of city blocks, the burning of businesses, the taking over of police precincts by reckless mobs, the threats against federal buildings, the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, the spate murders and all of the chaos that proceeded the killing of Floyd, were all based on a lie perpetrated by the Democrat Party machine, the media, and all the white lefty elites who pretend to care about black people.
Don’t forget the other high profile killings of black people that were also falsely portrayed as police brutality. All of it was based on lies…all of it.

They succeeded in defunding the police in many places and since then a violent crime wave has swept the country like we have not seen in decades. These people even freed prisoners by the tens of thousands to unleash a reign of terror on America’s streets.

Guess which Demographic is suffering the most because of all this madness? Well it starts with B and ends with l a c k. See if you can figure it out.

In one Democrat City in California stealing merchandise worth $950 or less is just a misdemeanor so every day people just casually walk in to certain businesses and pilfer the merchandise of businesses up to $950, and casually walk out, unafraid of consequences. Some other Democrat Cities have similar laws.

After they wreaked their destruction, with people suffering all the consequences of these crazy policies, the people responsible just went about their business, calmly whistling along.

Nothing to see here folks.

If ever there was a cause worth fighting for, it is fighting against the injection mandate. This fight against “the man” is one of the most noble causes that is worth battling against in a long time.

Instead what we have are the usual protectors of black people lambasting anyone who simply says, I need more information. I don’t like that we do not know the long term effects of the jab. I don’t like how they are forcing it on the nation and denying people basic rights, and privileges without any discussion. I do not like that they are blacklisting people who refuse to go along. I do not like that they are black out information that is different. I do not like that they are labeling everyone, even experts in their fields as Kooks, and conspiracy theorists. I do not like that they are pushing this so hard like the world is about to end. I do not like that they have been caught lying on so much that pertains to this issue. I just need more before I agree to put this stuff in my body.

Turn on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, the NY Times, NPR, and every liberal dumpster fire and all you could hear is a bunch of elite white liberals lecturing, scolding, debasing, name calling, tearing down and trying to shame anyone who says they do not want the jab.

The argument is not whether or not the injection works. That’s not the issue. It is that the authorities that be, in concert with big business, big pharma, and even people in the medical community are overstepping their boundaries and telling people that they have to take the jab.

They do not even want to discuss it. They are banning information that is contrary. They are even refusing to talk about all of the other treatments that do exist. The Government and the media has decided to black out any information that is contradicts their narrative. They have resorted to book burning in the attempt to hide any information that does not match the status quo.

The people standing up to the continued slow creep of tyranny are being vilified because they are saying no to all of this madness that we are seeing in current America .
The idea that it is my body, my choice only applies when it comes to killing black babies in the womb of black women.

It is ok for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to swarm the border without any of the checks and balances that legal immigrants have to go through to get here.2. Boys can be girls and girls can be boys

3. Men can make babies

4. It’s no big deal for men to compete in womens sports

5. Aborting a baby is on the day it is supposed to be delivered is no big deal

6. Socialism is great

7. Free speech is a threat

8. Freedom of religion is targeted

9. Whit people are evil

10. Crime is not to be prosecuted

Yeah let’s hear it for the Democrat agenda.

All across the country F Joe Biden chants are spontaneously breaking out at stadiums, halls, street gatherings, rallies and everywhere. F Joe Biden, F Joe Biden.It’s inappropriate.

People should not be engaging in that kind of nasty politics. The office of the President is separate from the man.During the Presidency of Donald Trump all of the norms of civility went out the window, in the way that people treat the office of the President, so now this behavior has been legitimized and is now firmly established.The only difference is that during the Trump years, this kind of stuff was cheered and celebrated in the media. Now they think they have to protect uncle Joey.

Why is it that to this day if you criticize the race hustling, victim peddler, America hating Obama, you are either a racist or a sell out?

This black man showed up at the funeral of five police officers who were executed by a BLM activist could not muster a word of criticism against the perpetrator of the crime. But he did manage to criticize police across the country…at the funeral of five executed policemen.

Don’t forget how he behaved at the funeral of the other race hustler John Lewis.

This black man who did nothing to advance the cause of black people, but did everything in his smooth, sophisticated manner to portray America as a racist hell hole is somehow above criticism.

You could say anything about Trump, but saint O’dawg is off limits.

Media Misinformation and Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan committed the unforgivable sin. He went against the medical fascists and media orthodoxy when it comes to the treatment of COVID-19. He did not buy in to the idea that the only acceptable way tto treat COVID is what they recommend. Rogan contracted COVID and with the advise of his medical care specialists used a cocktail made up of Ivermectin, and some other drugs. In his own words “we threw the kitchen sink at it.

For daring to go against the status quo, the media unleashed a torrent of vitriol against him. You would swear the man was using his gargantuan platform to advocate for using the U.S. military to invade Canada or Mexico. That is not all, but the lying, liars who love to lie while lying as they lie while lying started dishing out all kinds of fake news about Ivermectin.

The fakesters kept repeating the mantra that the drug is a horse de-wormer. They kept saying repeating it, over and over and over and… That may be true, but is it possible that  these lying liars do not know that Ivermectin has been around for a long time and has been used to treat humans for decades? Is that possible? Sure, probable, nah! Yet there they were, angry, raging, going absolutely berserk because Rogan decided to go against the norm.

Rolling Stone high up in the hierarchy of lying liars in the media, declared “Gunshot Victims Left Waiting as Horse Dewormer Overdoses Overwhelm Oklahoma Hospitals. The lying liars continued “The ERs are so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting to facilities where they can get definitive care and be treated.”

By the way, just as an aside, are doctors going refuse treatment to gunshot victims, drug addicts and others whose own fault it was for their medical problems, or is that only for people who refuse the vaccine. Anyway to get back on track. There was Rolling Stone and all the rest of the left wing media, just lying it up.

In the world of the fake newsers and the medical fascists, there is only one approved way to deal with COVID-19 and Rogan did not do it. The media then decided that they had to destroy the credibility of the the grown, independent adult man know as Joe Rogan who is capable of making his own decisions with the advice of his doctors.

The hospital where hordes of people were supposedly being treated for overdoses of Ivermectin with gunshot victims being turned away countered  “NHS Sequoyah has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking Ivermectin. This includes not treating any patients for Ivermectin overdose.” They continued “Our hospital has not had to turn away any patients seeking emergency care.”

These media is made up of very dangerous people! Apart from this, they are just awful human beings. They are just really bad people masquerading as caring for others. 

This is not a one off incident of the press getting it wrong. This is their modus operandi, yet they expect Americans to just accept whatever they put out for consumption. Trust them!  Yeah right.

People too often use extreme terms to silences others with whom they disagree. It is a tried and true tactic of the left. What better way to silence people than to tar them as a Nazi, racist, etc. No need to do battle in the arena of ideas when you could go that route. But folks, it is hard to resist the need to call what we are seeing in the media as Orwellian. The media is Orwellian. What else could be behind all of this misinformation that these people continue to put out? Why would they insist that in any discussion of COVID-19 only one point of view is allowed. They are waging a Jihad against anyone who says that there is more than one way to battle this wretched disease and it is maddening to behold.

Rogan, on his show addressing the response of the media to him sharing how he treated the disease said “Do I have to sue CNN?” Said Rogan “They’re making s**t up. They keep saying I’m taking horse dewormer. I literally got it from a doctor.” He continued “it’s an American company,” Rogan added. “They won the Nobel prize in 2015 for use in human beings. And CNN is saying I’m taking horse dewormer. They must know that’s a lie.”

True Joe, they must know. They are just nasty people.

Rogan went on to highlight that absent in all of the discussion about his contracting the disease is the fact that he got better in a few days.

Don’t Forget Who The Left Is

As the self righteous left continues to pontificate and paint themselves as the salt of the earth, do not forget who these people are. These same people who continue to talk about a bunch of unarmed thugs who stormed the Capitol as insurrectionists are the same people who appealed to violence over and over again during the Trump Presidency. Violence was a staple that they used in their resistance to Trump. Do not forget it, violence, intimidation and breaking all of the political norms that are usually afforded a President went out the window with Donald Trump. This all happened just four years ago all the way up to last the last Presidential inauguration. It is too early for revisionism.

Leading up to President Trump’s inauguration, it was no lesser figure than the race pimp John Lewis who called Trump an illegitimate President. He and 66 other members of Congress refused to attend President Trump’s inauguration. Maxine Waters said that she would not ever work with him on any issue and before Trum was even sworn in she talked of impeaching him…before he was even sworn in.

Don’t forget that during Trump’s inauguration leftist mobs raged and rioted on the streets of Washington D.C. They smashed cars, and store fronts. They got in violent confrontations with the police set cars on fire, and damaged police vehicles. Who can forget the dramatic picture of a stretch limo that was set on fire by the marauding hordes of protestors. By the time it was over the police arrested over 200 agitators.

They did not restrict their actions to Washington D.C. though they took their protests to cities across America during the inauguration. How about when the day after the inauguration leftist agitators shouted “not my President?” They blocked highways and other roadways, and in Portland they even caused the delay of trains.After Trump was inaugurated the FBI put out information to the media about a supposed dossier that showed Trump paid prostitutes to pee on a bed on which Obama had slept, then based on absolutely nothing they launched a three year attack accusing Trump of being a Russian stooge. Democrats and the news media proceeded to call Trump all sorts of names. Even former spy chiefs James Clapper and Paul Brennan were all over the airwaves suggesting and saying that Trump is a Russian asset. For the entire four years that Trump was President they never let up from their attacks. To this day Hillary Clinton continues to refer to Trump’s tenure as President as illigitimate.

We had Maxine Waters encouraging people to get agressive and harass members of Trump’s team in gas stations, theaters, and supermarkets, wearing a MAGA hat became a potential hazard to the wearer, celebrities were on Twitter and all over the media competing to see who could attack Trump in the most vile manner, while many of them openly spoke of how delighted they would be if he died a violent death.

The Democrats in the Senate held up Trump’s cabinet nominations and they did everything in their power to sabotage his every move. They could not even rejoice when he killed two of the most violent terrorists responsible for the deaths of Americans across the globe. Even that was an occasion for them to criticize Trump. They called Trump every nasty name in the book and for the entire four years Tump was unable to find any cooperation from the Democrat Party. They railed and they railed and they railed against him down to his final days. They then impeached him for inciting an “insurrection” even though from the transcript of Trump’s speech, from video and audio no one can point to anything that Trump said that incited violence. This is not even one quarter of the story.These are the people who would lecture the deplorables. Pay these hypocrites no mind.

BLM’s Response to the Cuba Protests

When calling the Democrat Party machine and the whole leftist cabal evil, it is not meant as hyperbole. In the truest sense of the word, these people are evil. The latest example that demonstrates this is the BLM scammers. They are blaming the United States for what is happening in Cuba right now. It is not the Cuban Government. It is not that the Cuban people are tired of real oppression, (not the fake oppression that BLM claims is happening in the U.S.) and the denial of the most basic human rights. Nah…that’s not it. It is the fault of the U.S.A.

But who is surprised by this really? The BLM hero Colin Kaepernik is a fan of the Cuban Government and their system. During his clown show a few years ago, when he was wearing socks depicting the police as pigs, Mr. black Freedom fighter himself was wearing a T-shirt of the brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and justified it by saying that Castro invested in more schools than prisons. That’s when someone took the opportunity to celebrate Adolph Hitler for the beautiful autobahn system that became a model for the world. Those six million Jews, plus millions more who died at his hands…meh. You get the point. So here we have the morally bankrupt, evil BLM, so filled with hatred for their own country, unable to recognize that in Cuba black people are third class citizens.

The working class in general are second class citizens, and people have literally died by the tens of thousands and continue to die at the hands of a brutal socialist regime. People are tortured, and jailed by the thousands for daring to oppose the regime. It is really a police state, but who cares, as long as the get to say down with America.

Wokeness at ESPN

The wokeratti civil war going on at ESPN has been interesting to observe. You have the woke white female who is all in on the Black Lives Matter train and the whole diversity none sense, going up against the super woke black female also in on the BLM scam. Make no mistake the white female is woke. She is down for the black cause. Like many woke white lefties she has no problem talking about injustice and all of the other SJW talking points, pretending that black people are oppressed in America.

Like so many of the white agitators who are constantly stirring up grievance and discontent amongst black people, she is unwilling to start with herself.  She is not willing to give up her white privileged position for the cause. It’s always those other evil whiteys. The buck stops there…with those other evil whiteys, not “here” with her.  Let those other white people sacrifice their white privilege and give some oppressed deserving black person a chance. 
After Nichols forgot to disconnect her transmission while broadcasting from her hotel room, She was caught in a private conversation complaining that the beautiful and talented black female, Maria Taylor had cost her her prestigious gig at ESPN. Nichols had no problems with Taylor getting opportunities to expand her horizons, just expand somewhere else. Just don’t mess with my gig was her complaint.

It’s a familiar story isn’t it? I’m good, everyone else is bad. It’s especially true in the wokeratti. They have no problem stirring up discontent and encouraging grievance, telling how everyone else is out to get the particular victim class of the moment, but the wokeratti themselves are never the problem. Because they are so good at creating monsters, they always keep focus off themselves. They then get to rhetorically set the world on fire and wreak metaphorical havoc. In the process many of the wokesters get to pat their own shoulders for being good white people. 

Of course in this instance the conversation of Nichols complaining about her equally woke black female colleague added a plot twist and now the lights are turned on her. She is now cast as the insensitive privileged white female who Iacks self awareness. She says one thing in public, but when the cameras are off makes her true feelings known.

On the other hand you have Maria Taylor. What do you say about this woman? She has so much going for her. She is talented. She is bright. She is personable. She is competent. She is successful. On top of all of that, she is a physical specimen. She is incredibly attractive. She is TV gold. 

Despite all of that, at times when you listen to her; the attribute she seems to cherish more than anything is her blackness. Like so many in sports media, it often seems like she sees the world in terms of the oppressor and the oppressed. That viewpoint often colors the way she interprets many of the issues she covers and also her commentary on a lot of what is happening in the world of sports and other areas.
Another thing that stands out in this saga is the way that Nichols is being cast as a racist for her comments. People in the leftist sports media and the wokeratti in general are convinced that her white privilege gives her a blind spot so that she can’t even see her own racism.

What is crazy is that Nichols may be right that Taylor was given the NBA finals gig as a token gift for being a black female. It is also wild that people think it is ok to accuse a whole group of people of so called privilege, but if one member of that group says that she lost her job to a black female because of affirmative action then everyone acts like the world is on fire.It’s not that Taylor does not have what it takes to do the job. She is very capable. In addition she may have a unique perspective to add to her coverage of the NBA finals as a basketball player herself. She has what it takes to do the job, but in the world of the righteous woke, where color and identity politics as a whole is prime; these two women may simply be collateral damage in the stupidity of the diversity games where everyone is either oppressed or oppressor.

Jesus and the Canaanite woman

There is a controversial account given in the scriptures that seems to evoke the ire of feminists, race wokesters, critics, skeptics, and unbelievers everywhere. The Gospel of Mark and Matthew gives an account of a Syro Phonecian woman who came to Jesus seeking his help, and Jesus called her a dog in response. 

Here is the account of the incident as recorded in Matthew 15: And Jesus went away from there and withdrew to the district of Tyre and Sidon. And behold, a Canaanite woman from that region came out and was crying, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David; my daughter is severely oppressed by a demon.” But he did not answer her a word. And his disciples came and begged him, saying, “Send her away, for she is crying out after us.” He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” But she came and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, help me.” And he answered, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” She said, “Yes, Lord, yet even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters’ table.”  Then Jesus answered her, “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed instantly.

The first thing to say is that no one here is going to make any excuses for Jesus. Neither is anyone here going to be presumptuous to think that Jesus must justify what he said. if Jesus were to call anyone a dog, it should evoke humility from that individual. If he did he would have a reason for using that language. That individual whoever he or she may be had better start barking in response, and ask what the deeper meaning is behind the words of Jesus.  In other words if the Master of the universe calls me a dog, that is a good time for me to start doing some introspection, see myself as Jesus sees me, and respond appropriately. That is exactly what happened in the case of the Syro Phonecian woman. 

The first lesson she learned was the lesson of persistence. She did not just turn away when the disciples refused to listen to her, and offer her the help she was seeking. She went to the Master himself. When she turned to Jesus, and he did not immediately give her his attention, she did not accuse him of Jewish privilege, male privilege, or racism. She did not call him unfair or accuse him of showing favoritism. When Jesuse ignored her, she continued to plead her case until she finally got his attention. Jesus then said to her “O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.” 

In addition to teaching the woman a lesson about humility, faith and persistence, Jesus at the the time of this encounter was mission focused, and in the process letting it be known that his message to the world was going to be transmitted through the people of Israel. They were the ones through whom God in times past had made himself and his message known to the nations. With the new pact that God was about to establish with the world through Jesus, Jesus main focus was getting the message to the children (the nation and the people that had traditionally been in relationship with God). The message would eventually spread to the dogs (the nations and the peoples that had tradtionally rejected, and been in rebellion against God). Jesus used this incident to convey a twofold message, the individual lessons to the woman and the bigger picture of what his earthly ministry was about. 

The people who use this bible incident to portray Jesus as a bigot are unfortunately and sadly mistaken. In other situations dealing with foreigners, depending on the circumstance and the message he wanted to convey, Jesus took the time to address those issues in the manner that best communicated the point he was making. In the case of the Roman Centurion, Jesus marveled at the man, then said to the people following him “truly, I tell you, I have not found such faith with anyone in Israel.” In that incident also, the non Israelite centurion had no misconceptions of his standing before God even though he was a devout man of stature in the powerful Roman society. He said to Jesus “Lord, I am not worthy for you to come under my roof, but just speak the word and it will be done.” 

In another instance Jesus initiated contact with one of the “dogs” in another gentile territory to rectify a terrible condition in that man’s life. By the time the situation was over, other “dogs” were asking Jesus to leave their territory, even though they had just witnessed a supreme and miraculous act of kindness by Jesus towards one of their own. The “dog” that Jesus delivered from his turmoil was so grateful that he wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus told him instead to “return to your home, and declare how much God has done for you.”

In the famous parable of  the Good Samaritan Jesus made it very clear that he treasures the heart, when the religious leader tried to trick him by asking “who is my neighbor?”. On another occasion Jesus demonstrated his love for people regardless of their ethnicity when he approached a Samaritan woman at a well, and he struck up a conversation with her (breaking all kinds of taboos in the process). By the time he finished his conversation with the woman she was running excitedly to her village inviting everyone to come see this fella who had been so gracious to her.  When the people heard him they said to the woman that after encountering Jesus for themselves, they were convinced that he was the Savior of he whole world. They invited Jesus to stay with them, and he ended up spending two days with the Samaritans who were so passionately despised by the Jews. 

Not only did Jesus show favor to all people, but he was hard on his own people, and also used harsh language toward them. He pronounced misery on many of the religious leaders and called them hypocrites. He described them as white grave stones,  nice looking on the outside but filled with dead men’s bones on the inside. In fact in one passage of scripture, Jesus hammered the religious leaders over an over, calling them all kinds of names. Jesus was so impartial that at one time he referred to Peter (one of his closest disciples) as Satan.

Throughout the scriptures God repeatedly reminded the Israelites that it was not because of anything special about them that he worked through them. In fact at different times in their history God dealt as harshly with the Jews when they rebelled against him as he did with other nations. 

No, Jesus did not favor any individual or group of people because of their race. Quite the opposite, he looked at their hearts. Anyone who reads the story of the Syro Phonecian woman and concludes that Jesus was showing racial prejudice is incorrect. Thank God that the woman herself did not allow any misguided feelings she may have felt to deny her blessing. She saw herself for who she was in her current condition, and what Jesus was trying to impart to her. She humbled herself, persisted with her request, and continued to have faith that he would answer her petition. He did! 

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.