Bringing Down the Trump Presidency

To anyone who voted for Donald Trump, do not lose your resolve, in fact; let everything that you are seeing now serve as motivation to defeat the forces that have decided their main goal is to destroy his Presidency. This is not about hero worship. President Donald Trump is not God, in fact; he is far from perfect. He is a very fallible man. Despite his flaws though, he is proving that he has the fortitude to make the tough decisions that those who voted for him expected him to make, and he is doing it in the face of an onslaught, the likes of which we have not seen before. The media has suddenly come alive, after eight years of virtually being dead, and allowing the previous administration to say, do and get away with anything. They have once again discovered what it is to be hard hitting journalists. Essentially what the President is accused of is being a Russian mole. The accusation is that as candidate Trump, he actively worked with the Russian government to sabotage the Clinton campaign. Since Mrs. Clinton’s defeat this has been the narrative. Without any evidence, based strictly on innuendo; the narrative has caught afire and now the country is caught in the midst of the blaze. No one should be surprised by this because the left never ever gives up. Now more than ever, those who voted the President into power have to stand their ground and fight back.

Those who voted for Trump do not come from a culture of grievance. They do not live in a state of gripe. While they have been contented to live and let live, the left has over a long period of time mastered the art of stirring discontent. As they continued their relentless march over the years to remake the country into something that the framers of the constitution never imagined, conservatives have for the most part stayed on the sidelines. With the election of the radical Barrack Obama who promised to radically transform America, conservatives were forced into political action in a way that they never were before. The tea party was born in opposition to his radical agenda, and from that moment on, the mission to destroy the Tea Party was on, the battle for the soul of America entered a new phase.  As usual with the left, they had no intentions of waging the battle in the arena of ideas. Character assassination became a major element of their strategy. With a black man being elected to the highest office in the land, and the most powerful position in the world, they had the perfect foil to take out any one who opposed them. Anyone who opposed the black President’s agenda would be accused of not wanting to see a black man in office, they were called racists, wanting to take black people back to Jim Crow. The media forsook their role of holding those in power accountable and became flag bearers for the new administration. They became mindless sycophants cheering for an administration that could do no wrong in their eyes because they shared the administration’s agenda.

Fast forward eight years later, and the media has rediscovered what it is to be inquisitive. Once again, they are hard hitting journalists who speak truth to power, and hold politicians accountable. The truth is ladies and gentlemen that when these journalists talk about speaking truth to power, what they really mean is speaking truth to Republican power. The same press that is now running away with every conspiracy theory, and relentlessly pursuing all the rumors surrounding the President had no interest in pursuing the Benghazi scandal. They had no interest in the IRS scandal, and the fact that an arm of the government was targeting citizens because of their political persuasion. These people who are so fastidiously going after the President never displayed the same enthusiasm to get to the bottom of the fast and furious scandal. When Mr. Obama’s point man on his health care plan was heard calling the American people stupid, and said that they relied on that stupidity to pass health care, the media had no interest in going after the President in the same manner they are going after Mr. Trump now. They had no problem when Mr. Obama’s spokesman admitted lying to the American people about the Iranian Mullahs, in order to better sell the Iranian Nuclear Arms deal to the American people. The media was not interested in President Obama telling the outgoing Russian Prime Minister to let the incoming Prime Minister Vladimir Putin know that he would have more flexibility after the election. They are however interested in a Russian Collusion story that has absolutely no basis.

These people are shameless, in their latest efforts they have accused the President of divulging Secret information to the Russians. Fake news! Last week they were having a cow because a Russian photographer was in the white House. Now it is the James Comey memo, a memo that no one has seen, and that is supposed to lead to the President’s impeachment. References to Watergate abound because of the memo. They think they have the smoking gun they need, but what they are forgetting is that earlier this month James Comey said the following in response to Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (member house judiciary committee) asking if anyone had ever asked him to drop any investigation. He responded “not in my experience because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something without an appropriate purpose, often times they give us an opinion that we don’t see a case there, so you ought to stop investing resources in it, but I’m talking about something where we were told to stop an investigation for political reasons, that would be a very big deal. It has not happened in my experience.” So if you are following, he said in early May that he has never experienced anyone asking him to drop an investigation, but the memo that he supposedly has of Trump asking him to drop the investigation is from February. In addition, according to his own words, it is not unusual for the justice department to give an opinion that there is no case, and maybe they should stop investing resources. That means it is possible to suggest stopping an investigation for other reasons besides wanting to derail it. So was Comey telling truth on 3 May 2017 when he said no one has ever asked him to stop an investigation or are his surrogates telling the truth about the memo he supposedly did back in February? This is the same Mr. Comey who laid out a very long case showing how Hillary Clinton broke the law, then said that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against her because there was no intent to break the law.

It is important to keep in mind that this entire case is based entirely on innuendo, not any evidence that President Trump did anything untoward during the elections. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein came out again yesterday, and said in response to a question from CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer that she has seen no evidence that the President and his campaign colluded with Russia, yet the investigation goes on. Trump Nemesis Maxine Waters admitted that they have no evidence of Russian collusion. A few days ago James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, told a Senate Judiciary committee that he still has not seen any evidence of any kind of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian foreign nationals. So what is this all about ladies and gentlemen? It is quite simple, bringing down the Trump Presidency. That is all this is. These people have been talking about impeachment before Trump even took the oath of office. They are hoping that their scorched earth tactics will wear down the President and his supporters. Trump supporters cannot afford to give in to the left. This battle is for the soul of America, and we have seen with eight years of Barrack Obama what they are willing to do. At the end of the day, it is still about the Supreme Court, religious freedom, the second amendment, illegal immigration, the rule of law, preserving our institutions and maintaining our unique American culture. Don’t be cowed into silence or retreat Trump voters.

A facebook Chat about “Everyday Racism” and Donald Trump

I hope you are interested in extending this conversation a bit. Like I tell always say, and will once again; it is hard to address these issues in sound bites. You got my attention when you told me that you face discrimination every day. I will never dare to tell another man what his experience is, but I do have questions about such a strong statement. When you say that you face racism every day, could you be more specific please? Tell me who is treating you with prejudice, what institutions are being racist against you. Is it on your job, do you not have a human resource department that is committed to diversity like most organizations in America? Are you being denied opportunities for advancement on your job? Has your HR department not been following the legal mandates of the civil rights act of 1964, and not enforcing the Equal Employment Opportunity provisions? Are people calling you the N word on the streets, are you being denied service at public institutions because of your color. Are you being harassed daily by the police for no reason? Are you being denied access to entitlement programs? Again, please give me specific examples of this discrimination against you. Where is it happening, who is committing these acts? Have you been denied a loan over and over again despite having excellent credit, and demonstrating that you have the means to pay it back? Have you been denied access to higher education, are there no loans, scholarships, or other programs available to you as a black man. Are people discriminating against you in housing? You see, you are not the first person I have heard say that you face discrimination every day. In order to fight discrimination we have to identify where it is coming from, who is doing it, and the manner it is being perpetrated in order to fight it. I am not talking about vague accusations, generalizations, or interpretations of racism, but detailed specifics. But here is my biggest question to you; how has this racism against you kept you from successfully living your life, how has it kept you back from achieving the goals that you set for yourself. What specifically have you had to fight and overcome because of racism in order to get what has been more easily accessible to people of a different color? Please explain. On the other issues, the question still stands. What drives your decision to vote for a candidate? What do you think the role of government is in people’s lives, what do you think the role of the Supreme court is, do you believe that the government should be using tax payer dollars to support the abortion industry, do you think that the first amendment is absolutely essential to a free society. Do you think that the way out of poverty is for the Government to take from the haves and give to the have nots?  What is your political philosophy, does your political philosophy determine how your vote, or do you go with the narratives that one party is out to hurt the poor, destroy black people, poison the water and throw old people over the cliff? Do you carefully examine each issue and then cast your vote. If you do then fine, you have the right to support the party or candidate of your choice. On the other issue, how is it possible to be so disturbed by Donald Trump’s character, and yet so vigorously support a woman whose life has been engulfed in scandal. Is it that you do not know about these scandals? Doesn’t the Russia uranium deal bother you, how about the bilking of the hundreds of millions donated to the people of Haiti through the Clinton foundation that never to this day has gotten to the people, the only beneficiaries being donors to the foundation? Does it not bother you to the same extent that numerous women have accused her of trying to harm, threaten and/or discredit them after accusing her husband of rape, sexual assault or harassment. I am not going to rehash all of the scandals surrounding her entire public life, but come on man. If after a careful, independent examination of her and Donald Trump’s career you are convinced that she is a better choice then so be it. What are the specific lies of Donald Trump that worry you so much? Do you realize that the Obama justice department conducted themselves so shamefully in one case that the judge ordered the lawyers to take ethics classes? How about the fact that one of the main architects of Obamacare was caught on a hot mike saying that they had to depend on the stupidity of the American people to pass Obamacare? Love your doctor keep your doctor, love your health plan, keep your health plan, remember that? How about another member of the administration saying with his own mouth, that while they were telling the American people they were reaching out to moderate Iranian Mullahs, there never was any moderates among the Iranian Mullahs, but they will rely on the ignorance of 27 year old ignorant journalists to sell the Iranian deal to the American people? How about the IRS targeting conservative groups, and denying them the status they needed based on their politics. Did Mr. Obama’s rhetoric not worry you because he said it in a smooth way with a velvet tongue? How about his insistence that the police are targeting black men, and then five policemen got killed, targeted execution style as an act of “revenge” for the so-called targeting of black men. Mr. Obama then showed up at these noble men’s funerals and continued his rhetoric at the service. Did fast and furious bother you? So far Donald Trump is honoring what the courts decide. Barrack Obama just did his thing in spite of the court’s decision in a few cases. So tell me what comparable has Donald Trump done so far? On the other issue, have you seen the way that the left has been unhinged since Trump’s election? I gave you examples earlier. With people like Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Chuck Schumer, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez and others leading the other side, do you seriously believe that they are not going to fall apart. Have you see their platform, have you listened to the things these people say, have you seen their behavior? I give examples all the time. Anyway, the truth is that I do not know how this thing will go because the American people have shown themselves to be resilient, and gluttons for abuse simultaneously. Only time will tell. I am not as confident as you are one way or the other. By the way, like I said before. I do not doubt that racism exists. I simply do not believe that it is the problem that so many black people and white liberals make it out to be.

Some thoughts on the Comey Firing

President Donald Trump, magnificent troll that he is, fired James Comey, FBI director one day before entertaining the Russian Foreign Minister. How about that for Russian Collusion? The Democrats who were just one day earlier expressing their lack of confidence in Mr. Comey are now rushing to his defense and questioning the firing. Comey went from being a villainous incompetent leader who was responsible for the loss of their Presidential candidate, to being a martyr.  Whatever you may think about James Comey and the job that he did, do not be fooled into thinking for one minute that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are concerned about impropriety on the part of Mr. Trump and Mr. Comey’s firing. They are not. What they are doing is what they are very good at, they are staying on offense. They do not give up. These are not people who are capable of self-reflection, principle is not a premium to them. The cause above all is what matters. It is an admirable trait, but for everything that is wrong. This party has been decimated in elections at every level over the last eight years, but you will never know it by the way they behave. They press forward nevertheless.

If you want to see a Republican politician turn into a sponge all you have to do is call him a racist. It does not have to be for any particular reason. It does not have to be for something that he/she actually did. Just utter any word from the big six: racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, or islamophobe and you get them running for the hills. They will then spend all of their effort trying to prove that they are not any of those things, as they lose focus on the big picture, and begin compromising all of their principles. It is the reason no matter whether they win or lose the Democrats always seem to get their way. You have to respect the Democrats single mindedness whether you agree with them or not. But something happened in the last election, and the man who was the most unlikely candidate of them all came out of nowhere, surprised everyone, and won the race for President, and his honey badger mode is more fierce, and intense than anything the Republican Party or  the Democrats have ever seen. He fights back! He defends himself, he challenges the media, and he calls out his opponents. Liberals are accustomed to being the ones who can say or do anything without being held accountable, and they just do not know how to deal with this guy who is not intimidated by them, and does not care what the media thinks.

So again, do not be fooled for one moment. None of the people crying foul over the firing of James Comey are upset by his firing. This is just par for the course with them. This is the never say die attitude of the left, doing what they do best…stirring up discontent. Remember these are the people who are perpetually aggrieved. They have told the country that impeachment is their goal. It is no secret that their main focus for the next four years is bringing down the Trump Presidency. Now, it is legitimate to oppose the President. That is all part of politics. People have different visions for the country, and the party that is out of power always thinks that they are better suited for the job. They should oppose the President, they should challenge him. They should be putting their ideas out to the people in an effort to win them over. The big difference is that the Democrat Party is never willing to engage in the arena of ideas. Their modus operandi is to destroy people personally. That is just the way that they do things, and there is no shame in their game. That is why they could unanimously vote for Judge Gorsuch, electing him to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006, but when he got elected for the Supreme Court, unable to criticize his credentials, they attacked him personally and appealed to emotions, fear mongering and tried to portray him as a judicial bogeyman. It is the reason that Corey Booker had no reservations saying this about Jeff Sessions, referring to a piece of legislation they co-sponsored to award the congressional Gold Medal to those who participated in the 1965 Voting Rights March from Selma to Montgomery. He said “I feel blessed and honored to have partnered with Sen. Sessions in being the Senate sponsors of this important award.” Less than one year later he said, “The arc of the moral universe does not just naturally curve toward justice, we must bend it,” he continued “America needs an attorney general who is resolute and determined to bend the arc. Sen. Sessions’s record does not speak to that desire, intention or will.” Check out Harry Reid in this clip talking about illegal immigration. This was their stance on illegal immigration up until recently, until it was no longer politically expedient. These are the same people who for years spoke about taking action against Saddam Hossein for weapons of mass destruction, and defying U.N resolutions, then voted for the Iraqi war, and as soon as it was no longer popular began to desert the men and women they sent in harm’s way, then acted like they had nothing to do with the war as they attempted to sabotage the effort. This is the same Chuck Schumer who two years ago called for a refugee pause, then went on TV crying his eyes out when President Trump implemented a temporary pause to the refugee program.

So be careful ladies and gentlemen, the outcry over FBI Director Comey’s firing is another chess move for Mr. Schumer and his cohorts. It has nothing to do with their concern for the rule of law, justice or any of those noble causes. This is about keeping the pressure on President Trump. The reason for highlighting all of this other stuff is just to remind everyone who these people are. The Republican Party is not filled with saints, and they certainly have their issues, but when it comes to the politics of personal destruction, and the refusal to engage in the market place of ideas, the Democratic Party has that covered. They keep pushing forward no matter what.

Racists in the Ball Park

Recently, in imperfect America; a few rowdy jerks at Boston’s Fenway Park yelled some racial slurs at a black ball player. Of course, the race pimps who are always looking for an opportunity to point a finger and say, see I told you so are rejoicing because they have another opportunity to show what a horrible, racist, country America is. These defenders of the down trodden rush in to the mud of racial demagoguery where they love to tread. Leftist sports casters are in tub-thumper heaven. CNN sports commentator Michael Smith self-righteously declared that the incident is not a one off type of experience. He proclaimed “if you’re an American City, you are a racist city.” Thanks Michael for the enlightenment. There are newspaper articles discussing what it means that in 2017 black people are still experiencing this type of abuse, and on and on they go. Someone has to stand up and ask the question. Are these people serious? While they impress many who buy into the whole America is racist narrative, they evoke a different set of emotions from those who are unto their game. These hucksters are perpetrators of a master con game. The reward for them is not always money, but they also get to feel good about themselves. You see many of them get to show that they are “woke” to the plight of the black man. They are honest, and courageous enough to “tell it like it is,” and the black people who buy into the nonsense get to wallow in their victimhood, as the “ugly truth” about this rotten God forsaken place rears its ugly head one more time.

To all of these charlatans who jump at every opportunity to promote this insidious agenda where they try to portray every black person as a victim, and every unfortunate incident as the norm, and themselves as the champions of the black man’s plight; those Americans who are on to your game are calling you out for the hypocrites that you are. If you are so interested in fighting racism, where were you a couple of weeks ago when a black man was running through the streets of Fresno California targeting, and killing people for no other reason than that the victims were white. You were silent a couple of years ago during the Baltimore riots when black people targeted white people for violence as a means of venting against “the system”. We did not hear you after the last elections when a white man was beaten and pulled from his car for voting for Donald Trump. Sure you said that violence is not ok, but we did not hear you protesting about the racial element of the crime with the same type of vigor that you highlight the racial element of these idiots at Fenway Park. How about when Professor Kamau Kambon of North Carolina University some years ago called for the extermination of white people, or when Drexel University Professor George Ciccarielo said over the Christmas that all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide? Many of these people are people of influence, the things that they say, and their behavior has the potential to do much more damage than some fools at a ball game. When Jesse Williams gave his hateful racist speech at the Grammy awards a year ago, you applauded him and wrote glowing articles about him. You had no interest in race relations then did you? Of course not, because all that hatred was directed at the wrong race. No political mileage to be gained there, so of course you were silent or downplayed the racial dimension of these incidents. When there was a black man in the Oval office, every criticism of him was deemed to be racist. You played the race card for eight years, day after day. Now that there is a white man in the Oval Office, none of you guardians against racism had a problem when a young black entertainer by the name of Bow Wow said to the President of the United States that “you’d better shut up before I pimp your wife.” That’s all fair game right?

No one is saying that it is not hurtful to deal with the kind of treatment that this athlete faced in Boston, but it is important to get a little perspective and move on. Anyone who denies that there is racism in America is a fool. Racism is a fact, it is impossible not to have it in a country of hundreds millions of people with so much diversity, but anyone who says that America is a racist country is a bigger fool. How has the actions of the clowns at the ball park affected the rich million dollar black player, or any other black person for that matter? What effect has it had personally on anyone’s life? Who cares what the racists at the Park or any other racist thinks? While the race industrial complex is capitalizing on this silly incident, and many black people are in a corner licking their wounds and feeling sorry for themselves, real tragedies are occurring all across the country. People are murdered, robbed, women are raped, lives destroyed because of identity theft, and a list of other ills happening. It is called life. Bad things happen, black people are not exempt. Suck it up and drive on. Regardless of what the race industry tries to push, regardless of how much they try to convince us, this is not the nineteen sixties.  The societal responses to incidents like what happened at Fenway Park are the true indicators of America as a country. The Governor, the Mayor, the Red Sox and all the people who weighed in to denounce the reprehensive behavior tells the story of America, not the idiots flinging racial epithets. It was interesting to listen to Michael Smith spit his diatribe on ESPN because he gave no examples to support his claims of how racist America is. He just made a bunch of general statements that says despite what we see with our own eyes, and experience in our own lives every day; he knows what’s in the people’s hearts, and they are all racist. In other words it’s all in his head. After years of constant race baiting, pitting people against each other, Americans must reject this foolishness. Call out racism, and all injustice wherever it shows up, but stop using these unfortunate incidents to stir discontent. Approach it from the position of wanting to make the country a better place, not as an opportunity feed grievance. Just stop it, it is tiresome!

The Politics of Race (Double Standards are the Norm)

Last week in Fresno California, a black man randomly targeted white men on the streets  to fulfill his hateful homicidal intent. After the shootings and the death of three innocent people, the media gave the story slight coverage, then quickly moved on to other things happening in the news. This was after all a black man targeting white people. Nothing to see here folks. Go on about your business. They did not think that the racial dimension of the story was worth exploring in the same way that they did when the white supremacist Dylan Roof targeted nine black people in a South Carolina church. There were no symbols of so called “black  culture” on which to blame the shooting, the same way that everyone rushed to blame the confederate flag as a symbol of white hate, and part of the reason that Roof committed his crime. Now it is very important to stress that when someone is murdered; it does not matter what the ethnic or racial makeup of the killer is. It is no comfort that someone was killed in a mugging as opposed to a racially motivated killing. There is no redeeming factor in either unfortunate circumstance. In both circumstances a heinous crime was committed! The long arm of the law should reach out to grab a hold of the perpetrators and bring them to justice in either scenario.

In a world where politics plays into every aspect of our daily lives, it becomes very important to highlight the way that the racial component of events almost always causes a different response to events. We live in a country where one political party has for decades appealed to race as a means to attain and hold on to political power. It is a simple yet brilliant strategy that has worked quite swimmingly for this political party, but with a new media landscape where people have access to more information; the nefarious workings of this political party must be exposed, and their tactics laid bare. This political party has done tremendous harm by playing the race card over and over again, to the point where a large community of citizens actually believe that there is a plot, and an effort to subjugate them. This is the reason why the race patrol was so excited beyond measure after the South Carolina shooting a few years ago by the evil Dylan Roof. In their minds, this was another piece of proof positive that white America hates the black man. The event in their mind showed once and for all, that America is a cesspool of hatred with white people steeped in it. Except ladies and gentlemen, it is not true. Despite the grand standing by politicians and the media, despite the opportunistic efforts to display Dylan Roof as a portrait of America, he quite simply is not. Dylan Roof is no more indicative of any segment of America than the Fresno shooter who targeted white people when he ran amok targeting white people is indicative of America.

To ignore the racial aspect of the crime in each case would be irresponsible, because as a society we have to be honest and confront the issues that face us, but the hysteria that followed one incident and the failure to highlight the glaring truth in the other is irresponsible, inexcusable  and just plain wrong. Why the double standard in the coverage of these two racially motivated crimes? Once again, the answer is simple. One of the incidents plays into the narrative of the race industrial complex, the other does not. The situation involving the black killer does not benefit the political party that always positions itself to gain from the exploitation of these unfortunate events. It is the exact reason also why one of the most damaging acts of arson was committed by a black man as an act of revenge against “the system” and got largely ignored by the media, and went unnoticed by most of the country. The untold damage caused by this crime turned out to be one of the biggest structural fires ever in the history of Los Angeles county, and the disruption to people’s lives would have mattered more if the perpetrator was a white man, and his hateful act was directed instead at black people. Instead it was a black man affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement directing his hate at white people in general, and the police in particular, so it mattered little. We also did not see the type of outrage that is usually reserved for white on black hate crimes when four black teenagers tortured a young white disabled teenager in Chicago a few months ago. In that episode, one of the main concerns of the police was to stress that it was not a hate crime. The downplaying of the racial aspect of the so called knockout game is another area where we saw the double standard applied a few years ago.

In all of this, the desire here is not to portray white people as victims or black people as savages, but to show the dishonesty in the media, and to highlight how the politics of race is used as a powerful weapon in the arsenal of unscrupulous politicians and a propaganda tool by the media.  While constantly holding one group to an impossibly high standard, calling them racist for every unseemly act that they commit, they excuse and or deny all the misbehavior of people within the other group. This is how identity politics works. It is insidious, it is unjust, and it is wicked. People would do well to be aware of it, how it works, and who it is that continues to push it as part of a well thought out strategy.

Take the White Man’s Vote Away

Has the world gone mad? Last week in the South Africa edition of The Huffington Post there was an opinion piece in which the writer suggested that the vote be taken from the white male for about twenty five to thirty years. Yes folks you read that right. Let that thought soak into your consciousness for a moment. Let it marinate as you consider all of the implications in that statement. A major publication of the United States (the leader of the free world), published an opinion piece that advocated for the disenfranchisement of white men all over the world. True it was the South Africa edition of the Huffington Post, but that does not make the matter any less significant, because Companies generally have a code under which they operate, and it applies to branches of the organization wherever in the world they may be. In the internet age, a publication like the Huffington Post has a very far reach, and the excuse that it was the South Africa version does not hold water. At the end of the day this is an American Publication, and an arm of their organization felt comfortable enough to print an opinion piece hostile to a large section of the world’s population. Imagine an organization like Breibart News publishing an equally egregious piece from their London Branch, about a favorite victim group of the left.  The excuse that it was not the American Bureau that published the piece would not fly.

It is stunning that people feel comfortable making the suggestion that the vote should be taken from people for no other reason than those people’s race and gender. The American People and the People of South Africa know better than most, the horror of racial oppression, yet here was this established publication allowing someone to advocate for the disenfranchisement of a people. So once again, the question begs; has America and the world lost its collective mind? One could say that this writer does not represent the views of most Americans, and people around the world, but why would people of this mindset feel at ease in publishing this bile, this utter nonsense, that is the exact opposite of what so many fought and died for to further the cause of civil rights around the world.

Dr. Martin Luther King, and the great Nelson Mandela must each be doing two full 360 degree turns in their grave. After the progress that we have made in the United States since the death of Dr. King, and the progress in South Africa, the many challenges and the many struggles that South Africa still face; how have we regressed to the point that people could openly promote this blatant discriminatory piece. Why does it not trigger the same type of outcry that we would see if someone suggested taking the vote away from the black man or any group of women? The answer to that ladies and gentlemen is that politicians have inculcated such a victim mentality in certain groups of people that many now see this type of thinking as justifiable. Many are no longer content with equal opportunity, they want pay back. It is to the benefit of politicians (in the United States, they come from one political party) to pander to people, keeping them in a state of perpetual grievance. These politicians then sell themselves as the ones to make everything alright. The only thing that the aggrieved have to do is put and keep them in power.

In an environment where people constantly see themselves as victims, it is easier to foster this type of climate. That is why the Black Lives Matter Movement could demand in a news briefing that “all white reporters go to the back,” without an outcry from the media. On another occasion, people in one of their rallies chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon,” (referring to the police). Just over the Christmas, one university professor tweeted “all I want for Christmas is White Genocide.” He was unapologetic and he never apologized. The school also did not fire him.  Conferences and courses in white privilege abound, and the white male is maligned to the point that it now seems fashionable to do so. It is the one group about whom one can say just about anything, stereotype, and caricature without any repercussions. It is no wonder that people feel comfortable saying the things that they do, and a publication like the Huffington post can proudly post an op-ed calling for white men all over the world to lose their right to vote. White men’s reactionary response to progressivism have prevented the successful implementation of progressive policies around the world according to the writer of the piece, so therefore they should lose their vote. They do not vote right, so let’s just take their vote away. Folks when we say to you that leftism is dangerous do not doubt it for a moment. Imagine what would happen if people who think this way were to ever get their hands on unfettered power.

If something like this were to truly happen, what do people suppose the response would be? Would the white male just give up his right to vote and roll over? If something as fundamental as the right to vote is taken away what else can be taken away? How much further will the treatment of white men degenerate. Apart from this being a sheer immoral idea, has anyone who even thinks that is a good idea given any thought about the ramifications of such a wicked act?

The Huffington post did end up taking down the post, but not for the reasons one would think. The South African editor defended the piece, but they took it down because “the blog submission from an individual who called herself Shelley Garland, who claimed to be an MA student at UCT, cannot be traced and appears not to exist.” Nothing more needs to be said.

American Leadership (No Longer Based on Appeasement)

The 1980s are calling. They want their foreign policy back. These are the words of President Barrack Obama during one of the debates in the 2012 Presidential campaign. Leftists everywhere were in delight as their liberal champion dropped this powerful one liner that pierced right at the heart of Mr. Romney’s campaign, delivering a fatal blow to candidate Romney’s Presidential bid that had started out so promisingly. Mr. Romney was expressing his thought that Russia presented one of the bigger threats facing America. Of course, President Obama was completely wrong on that issue, but it did not matter. As we saw during his entire eight years as President, his actions mattered little to those who paid obeisance to him. His words above all were what mattered. His delivery of grandiloquent speeches, and his utterance of nice sounding platitudes covered for his lack of competence, and stunning inability to confront in a meaningful way the important issues of our day. Once again, his mastery of the spoken word-though lacking any substance whatsoever-was able to spring him over another huge obstacle, catapulting him once again to the highest office in the land, and the most powerful position in the world.

During the period of the campaign. He was caught on a hot mike telling the outgoing Russian President of Russia that “this is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility. The gleeful Mr. Medvedev could hardly believe his ears. He replied “I understand, I will transmit this information to Vladimir (Putin, the incoming President). Mr. Obama kept his word, and for the next few years, he showed us how flexible he could be. Unfettered by the constraints of having to run for another election, he embarked on a policy of appeasement, under the misguided and foolish notion that a less assertive America on the world stage would be a good thing. He somehow believed that this policy of appeasement would lead America’s enemies, and those who wish to do us harm to forsake their ways. Despite his many foreign policy blunders during his first stint as President, he never wavered on this misguided policy. Quite frankly, President Obama’s foreign policy seemed akin to giving the bully his lunch money. Confronting the bully would only make the bully more hostile in President Obama’s mind, appeasing the bully would cause him to go away over time. During his little chat with President Medvedev, President Obama said “on all of the issues, but particularly missile defense, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space.” That was the President of the United States talking to his Russian counterpart, not from a position of strength, but signaling in no uncertain terms that America was willing to grant concessions in exchange for “space.” He was not demanding space, and telling the Russians to back up, but promising them more of his lunch money if they just leave him alone.

It is interesting to note that no one in the media accused him of colluding with the Russians, despite hearing him say that he is willing to grant unwarranted concessions to the Russians, based on the circumstance that this was his last election. As the Russians outmaneuvered and outplayed President Obama in every area, they took advantage of America’s lack of leadership, and unabashed display of weakness, to reassert itself on the world scene-and not in a positive way. The Russians flexed their muscles, and America’s enemies became more emboldened as America continued to give up more and more concessions to its enemies.

One of the things that Russia was supposed to do was ensure that Syria gave up its chemical weapons arsenal. Just a couple of months ago, the astute and trustworthy Susan Rice (President Obama’s former security advisor), assured us that Syria had given up their chemical weapons, thanks to the Obama Administration’s diplomacy. In the Nuclear deal with Iran, Russia is also supposed to play an important role in ensuring that Iran does not use its nuclear capabilities to develop nuclear weapons. One can be forgiven for not having a sense of assurance that that means a lot.

Today Russia is a major player again in the Middle East after almost two decades of their absence, and having no influence there. We have seen the deterioration of the middle east, the rise of Isis, the resurgence of the Taliban, Russian Aggression towards it neighbors, China making unprecedented claims to territory in the South China sea and threatening its neighbors, all as America stood idly by over the last eight years. In a world of bad actors, it is folly to think that constantly appealing to people’s “better angels” would trigger the response that we hope for from them. The history of the world shows that those whose ambition it is to destabilize the world in pursuit of their territorial goals, and to expand their sphere of influence only respond favorable to a show of strength. People would do well to look at the world, and see the nations that have the potential to dominate the world stage politically, militarily, economically and in other important areas, then ask themselves which country they would prefer at the helm.

America does not need to get involved in more foreign wars. We need only look at the way our last few efforts have turned out. Despite our noble and best efforts to spread democracy and freedom across the world, it is sometimes better to let people shape their own destiny. In addition to that, not one of our recent war efforts has been lost on the battlefield, but in the chambers of congress where politicians who gleefully send young men and women off to war, then begin to forsake them when it no longer suits them politically. To them winning at the ballot box becomes more important than winning on the battlefield. Many of them have no qualms about sabotaging the efforts of the men and women who answer their nations call to put their lives on the line.

It is reassuring to once more to see a strong and assertive America on the world stage. America’s enemies must know that we will not hesitate, nor will we be afraid to exert our power and respond forcefully to threats when necessary, but we must be careful how, and when we choose to use it. President Trump would do well to heed the words of Teddy Roosevelt when he said to “walk softly, but carry a big stick.”