The Left and the Democrat Party Gets Crazier Every Day

Ben Carson and Stacy Dash are black White Supremacists! So declares the erudite Chelsea Handler of “My horizontal life” fame, another white leftist who cannot stand the idea that these black, successful, independent thinkers refuse to march to the beat of the leftist drum. Of course Ms. Chandler is given a free pass and allowed to make these outrageous and disparaging remarks about black people because after all, if one is on the left and supports the Democrat Party, one is judged by a completely different standard. One can rest assured that the chances of being called on any display of intolerance will be slim to none at all.

Observe once again that this is not some internet troll making this outrageous statement. She is a high profile entertainer, Hillary Clinton supporter, spewing this bilge against successful black people who dare think for themselves, and refuse to be a part of the Democrat Party plantation.

The hatred and utter contempt that these people have for those with whom they disagree is absolutely stunning. They honestly think that because they believe their politics is righteous, it gives them the right to be nasty towards average Americans, all the while accusing everyone else of intolerance.  They have no sense of self awareness because it does not matter to them, after all; they are Democrats, and they can do no wrong. Theirs is the party of tolerance.

Do not for a minute expect Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon or anyone else in the traditional media to call Ms. Handler or any other hate spewing leftist on their bigotry and contempt toward black people, or anyone who they believe should be thinking like them. The media you see, has more important business to attend to, like saving the country from being over run by the scourge of so called “white supremacists.”

On another note; yesterday, former President, Barrack Obama made it known to anyone who would listen that the GOP is looking to “inflict real human suffering” on the American people with their attempts to repeal Obamacare. We know that Obamacare is working splendidly, right? Just in case you missed it, the former President of the United States is saying that a major political party in this country seeks to inflict real human suffering on fellow Americans. This is their reason for trying to repeal Obamacare. It has nothing to do with fixing the awfulness of Obamacare with something better that works. That is just an excuse that those dastardly Republicans are using to do harm to the American people. Again, in case you missed it; they want to inflict human suffering. So there you go people.

Is lord Barrack going to be called out for his coarse rhetoric? Will his adoring sycophantic fans at CNN accuse his lordship of fear mongering. That is extremely difficult to answer. Let’s wait and see. One word of advice. Please do not hold your breadth while waiting. This is for your own well being.

Of course anyone who has not been hypnotized by his holiness’ aura is not the least bit surprised by his rhetoric. This is the same gentleman who went all around the world talking about America’s sins. This is the same President who accused Americans of pernicious racism, and played the race card while sitting in the most powerful, privileged position in the world. He did it for eight solid years. This dude had a chance to unite the country like no other before him. He failed miserably, but of course blamed it on everyone else but himself. His tenure will go down as one of the biggest wastes of opportunity in all of human history. It does not matter though because he is black, and in the eyes of many that is what matters most. He has the ability to mesmerize with his words even as poison flows from his lips, seeping into the pores, simultaneously making one feel euphoric just from listening to him. It never mattered though. He is Barrack the great, a giant among Democrats who can do no wrong.




Double Standards, the Smearing of the President and the White Supremacy Lie

In 2017 America, if you are a public figure on the left there is nothing that you can say or do that will be over the top if it is said against the President of the United States. There is nothing too vile that can evoke the kind of reactions we grew accustomed to seeing when Barrack the Great was in office. No comment is too extreme to raise the ire of those who hate President Trump. In fact there seems to be some kind of competition to see who can say the most outrageous things in order to be considered “edgy.” It is so bad that when a few months ago, a young black rapper said to the President “you’d better shut your mouth before I pimp Melania,” no one even blinked an eye. When another celebrity threatened to take the President into a room and beat him with a baseball bat, the response was the sound of crickets filling the night. So today when it was revealed that Chef Anthony Bourdain said that he would poison the President if he had to cook for him, no one chided him for this remark. The absence of hysteria on the part of the press confirms for the 87th time what we have all known for decades. One can say anything about a Republican or a conservative without the fear of ever paying the price for one’s words. Imagine the response to any of these statements if they were made against the almighty Obama, but you see ladies and gentlemen, as long as one could attach the word racist, misogynist or bigot to a politician on the right anything is permissible.

 A couple of days ago, a black ESPN announcer who had all of the right attributes (black, female and a rabid leftist) going for her called the President a white supremacist, with absolutely no blowback. In fact, this action on her part may have been a career booster for her. She received words of encouragement from the astute and courageous Colin Kaepernick who tweeted his support. Such a statement that the President is a white supremacist requires nothing to back it up. One need only to determine in one’s mind that some action or comment the President made is proof enough, no matter the context or circumstance. His actual record of dealing with black people and other minorities is of no consequence. The fact that there in nothing in his past that one can credibly associate with white supremacy does not matter. What matters more than anything is getting the label to stick. If one can tar and feather the President of the United States as a white supremacist then there is no need to engage him. In dehumanizing him this way anything becomes permissible.

This strategy was employed since he was candidate Trump. Make the people afraid of him, paint him as scary, someone who hates black people, other minorities, and wants to rejuvenate the KKK. Sure the President has said some outrageous things, and at times his conduct has been unbecoming of someone in his position…but a white supremacist!? Seriously…really!!!??? Is there no one on the other side who sees how ridiculous and outrageous this is? The vitriol against the President has been so toxic and the effort to paint him as a monster has been so successful as a result/ that after pulling off a stunt of a simulated beheading of the President a few months ago, Kathy Griffin is back, taking back the apology that she gave after her stunt, and saying that the reaction to it was nonsense. She too has expressed her support for the ESPN commentator. None of the actions by these esteemed people ever causes the outcry that we see against conservatives if they do something half as egregious. These people on the other hand can get away with anything. Now all we hear about, all day long is white supremacy, and issue that is of no real significance in this country. The KKK has no influence in America. No neo Nazi has access to the mainstream, and they could hardly get the time of day if they asked for it from the average American. We are never the less bombarded day and night with talk about these groups, with whom everyday Americans have no business or association. The tactic employed by the left in this way is not about to change because it has proven to be successful in the past, but hopefully this time it will back fire as Americans become more aware.

When Glenn Beck a few years ago accused President Obama of having a deep seated hatred of white people, all hell broke loose. He set off a media firestorm and a national crisis ensued. For his blasphemy, Beck was swiftly denounced. He himself was accused of being a racist for daring to suggest that America’s first black President may be racist. Before he could say the word racist for a second time, Mr. Beck was on TV apologizing, pleading forgiveness for his sins committed against the chosen one. As far as the media and the left were concerned, it was impossible that America’s messiah, and the savior of the rest of the world could be a racist. Any suggestion that this holy man, this deity was a racist was itself borne out of a deep seated hatred for the black and holy one. He was after all the one who promised to stop the rise of the oceans, to heal the planet and unite the people. He couldn’t possibly be a racist could he? No one was willing to look into his past. There was no information on his days as a college student, nor his life in Indonesia. When it surfaced that for twenty years he attended the church of a Black Liberation Theology preacher who railed against white people, lord Obama’s defenders came running to his aid. When he made those controversial comments about hurricane Katrina and the Federal Government’s response to it, the media gave the speech no coverage. When he played the race card over and over again during a time when the nation needed some assurance during the period of tension between the police and the swaths of the black community, the media looked on and listened in silence. If anyone questioned his role in the deteriorated state of race relations during his tenure, that person was summarily dismissed, and the idea not even explored.

The media, Hollywood and Academia were so enchanted by his gloriousness that he was held to a completely different standard than any other President before him. He could literally do no wrong in their eyes. In a classic case of the emperor being complemented for his fine clothes as he struts around naked, he was hailed for having no major scandal during his Presidency. In their eyes, the Fast and the Furious, Benghazi, Solyndra, the IRS scandal, lying about the Iran Nuclear deal, his Secretary of State deleting thirty three thousand emails, and other issues did not rise to the level of scandal. Lawyers from his justice department were upbraided by a federal judge for their chicanery, and ordered to attend ethics training, but none of it mattered because the entity who sat in the white house was untouchable. He was above reproach. In an example that clearly demonstrates the double standard, when his policies were deemed to even negatively affect black people, the President of the Congressional Black Caucus famously said that “if Obama were not President, they’d be marching on the White House”. Despite all of that, we are told that Barrack Obama was THE MOHST DIS-REE-SPECK-TED President EV-VAH, simply because everybody did not do obeisance to him, and some people were jerks toward him, like they are to everyone who has ever occupied the office.

Today it is en vogue to say the most outrageous things against the current White House resident. What is his crime? It is carrying out his agenda, doing the things that those who voted for him expect him to do.  Without an iota of self-awareness, the people spewing the most hatred at those who disagree with them lecture others on intolerance.  One does not have to like Donald Trump or agree with him, but this stuff that we are witnessing is just unbelievable. This is the alternate Universe in which we now live.

The Duplicity of a Banana Peel

Last week at the University of Mississippi, an atrocity of epic proportions transpired. The occurrence left people traumatized beyond measure, and many are unsure if they can, or ever will recover from the tragedy that occurred at their esteemed University. Many young leaders from the Ole Miss Greek life were at the school to attend a retreat “designed to build leaders and bring the campus closer together.” Everything was on track for a magnificent weekend of mentoring, learning, and character building. Suddenly, without warning; the event was disrupted by an act so cold that the event was brought to an abrupt end. All of the effort that went into planning and making the event a memorable success would be for naught as it had to be cancelled. Students and campus authorities were forced to contend with an act of pure hatred, a deed so vile that students had to retreat to their safe spaces to adequately deal with the trauma caused by the act. So, what happened that was so terrible that it brought a planned retreat to come to an end before it really got going? Brace yourselves everyone! This is blood curdling stuff. Now is the time to stop reading if you have a week stomach. You’ve been warned! The three day event was cut short on the evening of the first day after three black students found a banana peel in a tree in front a cabin at the camp. You read that right folks, but just in case you are wondering if you did read it right, be assured that you did, never the rtheless, to save you the trouble of going back lets repeat it. Three black students spotted a banana peel in a tree in front of one of the cabins at the camp, and as a result of the sighting, the event that was planned for those three days was brought to an abrupt end.

For an entire day, the student’s discovery sparked a vigorous discussion about “symbolism” and reports say that the discussion was sometimes heated. During the discussion one student revealed that because he could not find an available trashcan in close proximity, he simply threw the peel in the tree. Even after finding out how the peel got in the tree, reports state that some students left the retreat in tears. One Greek leader claimed that because of the incident, students did not feel welcome or safe. Many others “were hurt, frightened and upset” by the incident. She spoke of the paranoia that she felt after seeing the banana peel, this is part of what one of the school’s staff said in a letter addressing student leadership, according to the school’s student newspaper: “Because of the underlying reality many students of color endure on a daily basis, the conversation manifested into a larger conversation about race relations today at the University of Mississippi.” The guilty student offered a heartfelt apology for the unintentionally callous manner in which he disposed of the banana peel, and he stressed that there was no excuse for the pain that he caused, though his action was not in any way an attack on any one or group. “I have much to learn and look forward to doing such and encourage all members of our community to do the same,” he said.

This incident ladies and gentlemen clearly illustrates why so many people of color adapt the victim mentality in this country. It is harnessed, and cultivated on university campuses all across the country and young people are made to feel that there is virtue in being a victim, and being week. Being frightened by a banana peel is pathetic. Developing paranoia, feeling hurt and upset because of a banana peel in a tree is ludicrous. Think about this for one moment folks. What is the mindset that people must have to automatically jump to the conclusion that a banana peel in a tree is some type of attack on black people? How does an individual’s mind become so enchained, that this kind of response to such an innocuous incident is seen as reasonable? This is another example of the soft bigotry of low expectations, because the protectors know that these black people are so weak, they cannot handle a banana peel carelessly flung into the branches of a tree by a little bug.   Those who encourage this ridiculous behavior see themselves as enlightened, as being conscious of the struggle, they are “woke,” but these people are a major part of the problem because, instead of telling young people to grow up, stop whining and feeling sorry for themselves, they encourage them to feel sorry for themselves and throw pity parties. They do black people and other minorities no favors by encouraging them to wallow in the mud of victimhood, but far worse; they do the country no favors encouraging this behavior. As a result of this attitude that is encouraged by professors, staff and other leadership at these college campuses, so many people who live blessed lives end up leaving these institutions with a chip on their shoulder because they are taught, despite their everyday experience, that they are victims who are at a natural disadvantage for no other reason than the color of their skin. It is no wonder that in two thousand and seventeen, when there are so many laws in place to fight discrimination, when people and businesses can be sued for millions of dollars, when government agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission exist to combat discrimination,  when businesses all across the country have dedicated Human Resources Departments to fight discrimination, and when the worst thing that one could be called is a racist, people still believe that “the system” is out to get them.

Too many white people who have no reason to feel guilty for misdeeds that may have been suffered by black people in the past or people of color get wrapped up in these silly ventures into political correctness. They are constantly trying to assuage the guilt that they have been made to feel, and they try to compensate for it by treating black people and others as their special projects. They appoint themselves as their protectors, and in the process do nothing but keep the people who they think they are helping from rising to the heights that they can really ascend. After all, these people whom they wish to help are victims, right. It is time for many black people, and others who have been convinced that a victim posture, and a weak disposition are positions of virtue, to snap out of that state of mind. You are no different than any other American. You too are God’s creation, with tons of latent ability just yearning to rise to the surface so that you too can excel. It is time to stop falling for the ploys that seek to make you continue to embrace the victim mentality. Break free of those chains and live your life as God intended. It is high time.

Someone in the Democratic Party Finally Calls out Antifa for Violent Thugs They Are.

Finally! Yesterday, no lesser figure than the leftist stalwart, the honorable Nancy Pelosi came out and unequivocally denounced the violent hooligans known as Antifa. For those of you who need a reminder, Antifa is the group for whom so many politicians had such high praise, for standing up to Nazis and fascists, after they instigated a riot in Charlottesville a few weeks ago. In the melee that ensued a young woman lost her life and the President had the audacity to condemn all sides for the role they played in the violence. He was raked over the coals because he dared to include Antifa in his condemnation. Will the people who condemned the President for calling out Antifa now turn their wrath on Nancy Pelosi for identifying the group for the violent thugs that they are? It is indeed strange to see such a prominent Democrat take such a stand against this group. Violence on the left is a staple and they never get called out for it, so this is indeed a welcome development. The left embraces their extremists. Perhaps sensing that it does the cause of the Democratic Party no good to be associated with this cabal of recalcitrants, Ms. Pelosi decided to take a calculated stand against them even though they share the same ideological philosophy. Folks this is huge because while the Republican Party and the right in general always calls out violence or any abhorrent philosophy done in its name, the Democratic Party never disavows its allies, even the really terrible ones. The cause above all is what matters, and they usually embrace their ideological soul mates, no matter what the cost.  It is why groups like Antifa have been able to go politically unscathed despite their enthusiastic use of violence and intimidation as a tool against those with whom they disagree. Maybe sensing that their embrace of these violent hoodlums may hurt the Democrat Party in the upcoming 2018 elections is what prompted the decision by the former speaker to come out so strongly against the Antifa hoodlums, whatever the reason; it is good to hear.

Imagine if Antifa were a right wing group. One’s imagination does not have to be stretched too far to guess what the response to them would be. We need only look at the reaction to the march in Charlottesville to get a good idea of how they would be received. We have witnessed over the years, the media and those on the left in general go hunting to pin violence on conservatives, over and over again. On numerous occasions they have perpetrated hoaxes, and falsely accused conservatives of violence only to retract their stories at a later date, or simply kill the story without even acknowledging their dishonesty or errors. We saw it during the height of the Tea Party years when the left accused them of being Nazis, racists and every imaginable name that one can imagine, all because the Tea Party dared to oppose Barrack the Great. The irony is that all of the violence that was highlighted during the Tea Party years were acts of violence committed against them, and they conducted themselves in honorable fashion for the entire time of their activism during the Obama years. They even cleaned up after themselves after rallies, but their effort and conduct was never good enough. Every one off incident was highlighted as the norm. Yet Antifa and the left in general, with a trail of blood that leads directly to them have escaped any real scrutiny or condemnation from any of the prominent politicians or figures on the left, until Ms. Pelosi’s unambiguous condemnation of them yesterday. Hurrah Ms. Pelosi! Welcome to the group of sane Americans who have been pointing out this madness ever since these people have been rampaging and wreaking havoc in the streets, and on college campuses across America.

The incident that triggered the about face happened last weekend at Berkley California. In keeping with their modus operandi, Antfa unleashed their violence against peaceful protesters by attacking Trump supporters, and anyone they deemed a Nazi or white supremacist. Prior to this, just one day after Charlottesville, they showed up at a rally in Seattle and employed their usual tactics to shut down speech they are against. What is interesting to note is that these people use their tactics on anyone who does not bow to leftist dogma. They do not just employ this tactic against so called Nazis and white supremacists, but since they have been given license by many to use violence against Nazis and white supremacists, what they do is; they even label people who are mainstream conservatives as Nazis and white supremacists to justify violence against them. It is absolutely crazy, but this is the America in which we live.

It is in this environment that Ms. Pelosi’s statement is a welcome one-though a bit late. She said: “the violent actions of people calling themselves Antifa in Berkley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted.” She went further and said “in California and all across our great nation, we have deep reverence for the constitutional right to peaceful dissent and free speech.” Phew! There was a time in America when this sentiment was a given, and we didn’t need the leader of a major political party to make this pronouncement before people would accept it. But again, such is the state in current day America where up is down, in is out and wrong is right. News outlets like NPR, CNN, Yahoo news and others have given glowing reviews of this violent movement, without the kind of condemnation that they usually reserve for President Trump and his supporters, so it is no wonder that Antifa has thrived in this environment. CNN actually said that “they seek peace through violence.” One Dartmouth Professor justified the use of violence by Antifa and when he was disavowed by the school’s President, seventeen Professors came out in support of the professor, and asked the President of the school to Apologize. On and on it goes. This normalization of violence and the fascist tactics on the left all because of a visceral hatred for the President of the United States is just unbelievable to witness.

So it is refreshing by contrast to see Ms. Pelosi the leftist icon declare in no uncertain terms that Antifa’s actions must be condemned. As Republican politicians whose greatest desire is to be loved by the media, and to show that they are not the racists that Democrats say they are threw the President under the bus when he rightfully pointed out the role that both sides played in the violence that erupted in Charlottesville a few weeks ago, Ms. Pelosi stepped up to the plate and delivered. Good for you Ms. Pelosi, for shedding some much needed light on this violent group, and helping to bring some clarity to this issue.

Thoughts on the Charlotteville White Supremacist March

There are no good Nazis, there are no good white supremacists, and there are no good racist bigots, alt right or whatever name people want to call them. Period! This ideology should not be embraced in any way or to any measure. Having said that, these people as Americans are assured the same rights as every other American. The first amendment applies to them also. They have the right to hold the awful positions that they do, no matter how despicable or heinous. When they do hold their rallies, they deserve the same protections as any of those people who march in support of more noble causes, or the other groups deemed more legitimate by the thought police.  They went through the legal process, got the necessary permits to hold their protest, and had the right to conduct their March free of threats of violence.  These people may be vile human beings because of the positions that they hold, but the people who would use intimidation and acts of violence to disrupt their constitutional right to petition their government are just as vile. There is no inherent right to “punch a Nazi” as many of them claim or declare on their T-shirts, and President Trump was right to call them out on it. One area to disagree with the President on is his statement that there were “fine” people on “both sides” because some of the protesters were just there to protest the removal of the statues. Though that in itself is true, that not because people are against the removal of the confederate statute does it mean they are racist, that march clearly was a white supremacist protest. That was a march with some terrible people on both sides. One person even died because one white supremacists allegedly drove his car into a crowd of people. The President’s statement Monday was the correct one. We know that President Trump often shoots from the hip, and he says some foolish things at times. No excuses for him here, but his supporters reject the notion that he is a racist. The man’s entire life is what they use to judge whether he is a racist or not. Like every white male, he’s no doubt been accused of being a racist, but there is nothing in his life over the course of many years that shows he has ever held ill will or given favor to people because of the color of their ski, in fact; his life is an example of the opposite.  Despite what happened on Saturday, the so-called ANTIFA movement, whose tactics by definition are very fascistic, are a bigger threat to this country than white supremacist marching in the streets.

One of the worst things that anyone could be labelled in America is to be called a racist. It is a career ender. Being called a racist in this country leads to being ostracized, once one is successfully labelled a racist. It is something from which it is hard to recover if you are a conservative or Republican. As a black leftist, or white liberal one can get away with it a lot easier, but the term racist has been weaponized by the left and the Democrat Party, and it is used over and over in a relentless attempt to make it stick on those with whom they disagree.  The KKK, Neo-Nazis, Alt-right and others who were a part of the protest on Saturday are deserving of the scorn that they incur because of what they stand for, but they had permission to be there and the ANTIFA protesters did not. It does not matter how much one disagrees with the positions the racists hold. All decent reasonable people would disagree with them. The positions of the protestors who were legally there to hold their march does not give license to the anyone to  stoke the violence, and be absolved from any blame as the situation descends into full scale chaos, and people get seriously injured, or die.  The ANTIFA protestors are not heroes as the race baiter Eric Dyson declares. They are not freedom fighters. These people are hooligans of the highest order, and they deserve to be called out on it, just as the President did. President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong in his initial condemnation of the violence when he condemned all sides who were involved. The ANTIFA protestors are engaged in dangerous behavior, but because they portray themselves as being against white supremacy they are given a free pass for their behavior. Comparing them to American Soldiers who fought on the battlefields against Hitler’s army is a travesty. These are violent thugs who attack people because they disagree with them.

Whereas groups like the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, and others have no real influence in America and continue to be condemned, ostracized and repudiated by most Americans because of the stigma that is attached to racism, dangerous groups like the ANTIFA movement receive glowing praise. The KKK and the Neo-Nazis pose no threat to American Democracy compared to groups like ANTIFA. The ANTIFA movement is the real threat. Their classically fascist tactics are excused because they embrace all of the approved radical leftist causes. They oppose free speech and the freedom of religion, they are anti-capitalist, they are for the redistribution of wealth and social engineering. They claim to battle racism, sexism, misogyny, islamophobia, homophobia and many more imagined ills in our society. In the meanwhile they are tolerant of racism when it is exercised by those with whom they agree, not only is it tolerated, but they give the proponents a platform to display the bigotry. They put men like Al Sharpton on a pedestal. They are not vocal when the most blatant acts of racism are committed by black people against white people. They embrace Movements like the Black Lives Matter, and when white leftist spew their bile against black conservatives they are silent. They have no problem denigrating women who do not subscribe to leftist ideology, or denigrating the handful of gay people who reject their dogma. They are silent when the Black Lives Matter wreak havoc in the streets. They then go on to lecture us about civility. They pretend to know what’s in people’s hearts while ignoring blatant acts of racism and intolerance. These people are dangerous, and they must not be allowed to get away with their sheer intolerance, and their violence, even in the face of a complicit media.

Please do not be cowered by these bullies who seek to destroy the fabric of our democracy. Do not be intimidated or silenced by them. If Americans do not actively engage these radical hoodlums, we will rue the day that they find themselves in power with the ability to carry out their agenda to completion. The people who organized the March of Friday deserve to be called out for their role in the violence, but it is the ANTIFA movement that deserves the bulk of our scorn. President Donald Trump was right to call them out. These people do not have the royal high ground!

The Party of Tolerance and the Sacrament of Abortion

The new Democrat Party Chairman who loves to spit out expletives while addressing enthusiastic supporters, recently made it clear that the Democrat Party has no room for pro-life candidates. For those of you who did not get the memo, the Democrat Party is the defender of the down trodden and the party of tolerance, the party with the hyuuuge, wide open tent where everyone is welcome. They however hold the righteous position that in order to represent the party one has to support taking the life of infants developing in a woman’s womb. This is all in support of their pro-women agenda you see. Of course the girl children who can do absolutely nothing about the way that nature has designed for them to enter the world do not matter. As long as these little girls are still in the mother’s womb their lives which are totally dependent on these women for their survival can be callously snuffed out in solidarity to the Democrat Party sacrament of “choice.” Yes folks, this is the Party of tolerance. They have made it clear that every candidate must pledge their allegiance to the party’s dogma, and support the sacrament of abortion in order to prove they are good Democrats. They can’t afford to have any extremist candidate in their party who thinks that simply because nature made women the vessel through which life is birthed into the world, that that gives them the right to arbitrarily destroy the lives that develop in them. That is heresy! It is telling a woman “what to do with her own body.” To hell with the tiny body that is developing in her body. Anyone who thinks that this is wrong by default hates women, and cannot be a part of the party of tolerance, more so run as a candidate. That person deserves to be ostracized for holding such fanatical views, and must not be given a platform in the party of tolerance.

This is how Mr. Perez framed his party’s stance recently: Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state. At a time when women’s rights are under assault from the White House, the Republican Congress, and in states across the country,” he added, “we must speak up for this principle as loudly as ever, and with one voice. Observe how he frames it in the veneer of soft language that makes it more palatable to the listener’s senses. Who could oppose women making choices about their own bodies right? When put over that way, of course it makes sense. In that context it is indeed a principled stance. Throw in a good dose of demagoguery about women’s rights being under assault all over the country, and the conversation is over; no need to enter the arena where ideas do battle in that scenario. When the argument is postulated simply as choice, there is then no need to discuss the barbaric act of snuffing out the life of literally the most vulnerable beings, who, for their survival, are completely dependent on the women who bear them. Mr. Perez and the party of tolerance has no interest in a conversation that goes deeper than the surface on this issue. He made it very clear exactly where his party stands on this very important subject.

In an attempt to pull back on the controversial statement made by the chairman of the party of tolerance, Campaign Chief, Representative Ben Ray Lujan said that “There is not a litmus test for Democratic candidates.” A New York Times editorial offered a swift rebuttal to the Campaign Chief and in a column by Lindy West entitled “Of course There Should Be a Litmus Test for Democrats,”  she declared that “Abortion is normal. Abortion is common, necessary and happening every day across party lines, economic lines and religious lines…abortion is not particularly controversial.” The columnist further advised “Come on, Democrats. Be something. Unite and move left. The center will follow or lose.”  Former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean says that he will not donate to the committee if the party of tolerance funds any pro-life candidate. Despite the Campaign Chief’s declaration that there is no litmus test for candidates, there are serious rumblings in the party of tolerance, and some of the top movers and shakers are not pleased with the idea of providing a platform for pro-lifers in the party. They see an opportunity to really define themselves (not just as the part of tolerance) as the party of “choice.”

As the country battles for its soul, and the left and the Democrat Party becomes more and more unabashed in their depravity, no one should be embarrassed about a pro-life stance. You have nothing to be ashamed of, in fact; understand that you are on the right side of this issue. The reason that the party of tolerance, and the left in general must use euphemisms such as prochoice, a woman’s right to choose, a woman’s reproductive health, a woman’s right to control her own body, when discussing the savage, brutal and one of the most unnatural acts imaginable in nature; it is to soften the blow to and assuage their conscience. By using these terms they hope to somehow mollify that pesky voice that continues to badger them, telling them that it is wrong despite their best efforts to silence that voice. It is an act so heinous, that those who advocate for it must distract attention from the act itself, and change the topic into a discussion about women’s health, or any of the other euphemisms that they use. Let the party of tolerance embrace their radical agenda. Remember it is they who wish to change the country by trampling the values, institutions and traditions on which it was built.  This is just another frontier in the ongoing battle for the soul of the county. Be respectful, be compassionate, be empathetic, be willing to listen, but more than anything, be willing to stand for what you believe in and for what is right.

Chaos in the White House and a Rudderless Republican Party

It’s been difficult to look at, but one has to admit that about a week ago, both the Trump White house, and the Republican Party was looking like they were in total disarray. Sure, some measure of it is because of the efforts to undermine the administration. That is a given! President Obama faced nothing like this. His agenda was vigorously opposed, but there was nothing like what we are witnessing with Trump. Despite that fact though, so much of what we see going on is no doubt self-inflicted. With the infighting that we saw going on, the words of an old parable that Jesus gave, that a house divided cannot stand comes to mind. To describe the flow of unauthorized information coming out of the White House as leaks seem like a gross understatement of what is occurring. What is happening with privileged information coming out seems more like a faucet that is turned on to full capacity in the disclosure of this privileged information. President Trump appointed a man as his communications Director who did not seem to understand that a main function of his job is to present the White house in a favorable light. Instead, in a vulgar tirade that is more worthy of a street hoodlum trying to make a point with his boys the only way he knows how to, Mr. Scaramucci called on a reporter, as the Presidents Communications Director, a representative of the United States government, to engage in foul mouthed diatribe that one certainly would not expect coming from a White House Communications representative more so the director.

Even if you are a supporter of Trump you have to wonder what the heck is going on with all of these gaffes. On top of all of that the President was publicly trying to shame his attorney General who is zealously enacting his agenda. Trump is blaming Sessions for something that numerous people have pointed out is Trumps own fault. In true Trumpian fashion, he refuses to listen to anyone who tells him that attacking the man who has been his most loyal supporter, and who endured the Democrat gauntlet of attempted character assassination, insults and abuse, is not a good idea. We will see if he lets up or continues to attack this man who has been behind him almost every step of the way. We know that Trump is a different kind of animal, and he likes to go against convention, but what we have witnessed in the last week seems more like chaos that an unorthodox approach to doing business.

Since the chaos of the last week The President seems to be making an attempt to right the ship, by hiring Lieutenant General Ret. John Kelly to bring some discipline to the White House after the resignation of former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, in addition; earlier on today we saw Scaramucci rightfully tender his resignation as Chief Communications Director. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a more focused, disciplined and on target team working together with the President to communicate, and advance the President’s agenda.

On the other end, the Republican Party seems intent on committing Hari Kiri as they demonstrate that they are incapable of communicating their message in a cogent manner, and explaining why their agenda is better for most citizens. As the Democratic Party becomes more socialist, more statist, and unabashedly demagogic; the Republicans still find it difficult to positively contrast themselves with this party that embraces so many destructive policies, and embraces such an ugly approach to politics. It is now also abundantly clear that the Republican Party who never worked on a Replacement Obamacare bill for the entire eight years that they were out of the White House only opposed Obama care as a show. It is evident that everything they did was simply a play to the gallery. Grand standing if you will! It is absolutely amazing to watch. No wonder so many people have absolutely no faith in the system, and they choose to not get involved, or get worked up about the daily posturings that happen every day in Washington. And that’s all it is, isn’t it? Posturing! There is no reason that these people shouldn’t have had a bill ready to pass after spending the last seven years talking about how bad Obama care was,. The Democrats, despite what one may think about them, never break ranks. They are always united and ready to move forward with their agenda no matter how destructive it may be.

After pursuing their health care goals for the last hundred years or so, when they got their opportunity to enact it they were ready to jump on it. Except for having to convince a few of their colleagues who had some reservations about the bill, there were no real hiccups to overcome for them. When people started exposing flaws in the bill they simply put it as a PDF file on the Government website so that no one could conduct detailed searches without tediously trying to decipher all of the information every time, that way  the bill escaped a lot of the scrutiny that many ordinary citizens would have otherwise given it. When one Democrat Senator objected to abortion provisions in the bill, he was simply promised that no money would go to abortion, then President Obama quickly broke that promise when the bill was passed. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi who famously said “you have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.” Republicans do not possess that same dogged will to move their agenda forward that that the Democrat Party possesses. The Democrats are relentless. They think long term. Republicans on the other hand want to be liked, they do not want to be accused of not caring for the poor, being racist, hating women and children, so they get caught up in trying to show that they are none of those things, because it is the tactic that the Democrats use every single time, and it works.

There is no excuse for failing to pass the legislation that was one of the pivotal reasons for their success at the polls since 2010. Even if it was just a handful of Senators who ended up dooming the bill, it is still inexcusable. They reason they fail is because they lack of foresight. Good planning would have allowed them to know what obstacles they needed to overcome to get their repeal bill passed, and work with their members ahead of time to find something that works. It is almost like they do not know what to do with their success, and they are trying to prove the accepted notion that the ruling party almost always loses in the mid-terms is true.  Unless something drastic happens in the next sixteen months, or the Democratic Party self-destructs (and that is always a possibility), the Republicans look like they are on their way to a colossal defeat. If that happens this could be defined as the classic case of snatching defeat out of the hands of victory, because not only are they failing in their attempt to pass health care reform, but they are hopelessly stuck, and can’t seem to move their legislative agenda forward. Wow!

Everybody knows what they will get with the Democrats. They will propose more spending to give people more stuff, they will continue in their quest to get more people dependent on the government in order to gain more, and more control in the lives of people while at the same time securing the votes of these people. They will continue to push the idea that despite over two hundred years of American history showing the opposite, that people can’t make it on their own, and they need the Government to take care of them. They will continue to race bait, cause discontent between the rich and the poor, push the narrative that the police are against black people, and push the grievance culture,  they will  continue their assault on the first amendment, the second amendment and block judges who do not believe that “the constitution is a  living breathing document.” They will call anyone who objects to their social engineering bigots, and push their demagoguery at every opportunity they get. That is their modus operandi.

It is a testament to how absolutely sad, incompetent, badly flawed and worthless the Republican Party is. It is absolutely astounding that in spite of all these negatives, there is a good chance that the people will chose the Democrat Party in 2018. How bankrupt is the Republican Party that in this environment they stand to lose their majority without accomplishing anything significant. Countering the destructive policies of the Democratic Party should be as easy as picking fruit from a tree with the fruit hanging at waist level, but even that is too difficult for a Republican Party that is lacking in courage and real leadership. They are incapable of making hard decisions and showing real leadership.

It is still early in the game, but things do not look good for the Republican Party in 2018. They have only themselves to blame if things fall apart. Grab the popcorn. It’s about to get even more interesting.