Steve Scalise and the Media Double Standards

This motherf****r, like his whole job is like to get people, convince Republicans to f***g to kick people off f***g health care. I hate this motherf***er. I’m f***g glad he got shot!”  “I wish he was f***g dead.” These are the words of Nebraska Democratic Party Leader Phil Montag.  Many people have said things about others in private that they would never say in public. Often it is out of frustration, and not from any real malice toward others. In this case, the gentleman admits that he would never say such a thing in private, then he said; I wish he was f*****g dead. No mistaking his true feelings there, it was heartfelt. As usual those on the right pounced on his statements as another example of the hate that is an intrinsic feature of Democratic Party politics. This sentiment is true because this kind of behavior, public or not is par for the course in the Democratic Party. It is not a one off incident that could happen in any political organization. Quite on the contrary, the Democratic Party thrives on this behavior. Mr. Montag was rightly removed from his position, but that is not necessarily because of any deep conviction that his behavior was toxic, but because of the new media paradigm. They simply cannot just get away with it like they did before. Though the legacy media covers for them, makes excuses for them and refuses to give their sins the same extensive coverage, and condemnation that they give to politicians and activist on the right. Other media outlets like Breitbart News and Fox News ensure that the public gets the opportunity to hear the news, and respond how they see fit for themselves. In this instance, it simply was not going to be worth keeping Mr. Montag in his position. They had to fire him.

In another incident, Maine Democratic Party state lawmaker Scott Hamann said of President Trump: “Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that p—.” So the obvious question is what exactly would Mr. Hamann do to make the President a half term President? This was a veiled threat on the President’s life of course, and once again in the age of the new media, the word got out even though the rest of the main stream media did not make a big deal about it. He was condemned for his words and that was the end of it. Wohoo! Gone are the days when any criticism of the President was called a racist attack, no matter how innocent or innocuous the comment. The truth of these situations though is that though some of these incidents are indeed deserving of more attention, not everything that happens in the news would or could get the same high profile coverage. But people should ask themselves why is it that it is primarily when this type of incident happens on the right does it get the type of wall to wall coverage that we often see from the rest of the media. Is it just a coincidence that it is only conservative politicians who seem to get such unfavorable coverage for their indiscretions?

How is it that a congressman of the United States gets shot, then after the initial shock of what had taken place is processed, people just move on like it never even happened? The answer is twofold and simple. In the age of Trump the media cannot be caught up in the trivial matter of leftist violence committed against a Republican. The resistance must continue. After all, this was not some crazed right winger killing a beloved leftist/Democrat. Who cares? As Joy Reid of MSNBC asked “Because he is in jeopardy and everybody is pulling for him, are we required in a moral sense to put that aside at the moment?” Put aside what one may ask. Well you see, Congressman Scalise was not in favor of banning semiautomatic rifles, he voted to repeal Obamacare, and he supported a constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union between a man and a woman. There was also the obligatory smear that the Congressman is a racist. So you see ladies and gentlemen all of these things made Representative Scalise a terrible human being and deserving of the fate that he met at the hands of a leftist gunman. As the CBS anchor Scott Pelley said “It’s time to ask whether the attack on the United States Congress Wednesday was foreseeable, predictable and, to some degree, self-inflicted,”

To all the people on the left and/or who support the Democratic Party hate machine; hate Donald Trump how much you want, go ahead and despise the people who believe in smaller government, pull out your hair because conservatives believe in smaller taxes and stand for religious freedom. Continue to spew your vitriol because they do not support abortion, clutch your purses in horror because they support the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman, and while you are at it; go absolutely berserk because they think that the welfare state holds people back from realizing their full potential, and it should be reined in, they oppose the socialist agenda and support other traditional values. You are free to do all of these things, just know and understand that the above is just a very small sliver of the type of hatred that is harbored on the left and in the Democratic Party. We are not just talking about the random trolls that you could find anywhere. These are prominent people in your Party. This is your Party!

The Repeal of Obamacare

The other day Barrack Obama day spoke out against GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare. He sounded the alarm in the way that Democrats are so skilled at doing. He sounded the clarion call, and told lawmakers to “champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirmed.” Mr. Obama declared that the new bill is “a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America.” It is not any transfer of wealth. That is absolutely false! You do not have to even like the bill to recognize that that is a lie. You can always count on this gentleman to gin up the masses by playing the class warfare game though. He said it is not a health care bill, and he called on his supporters to oppose the “fundamental meanness at the core of this legislation.” Did you get that? The bill is mean! It is not missing some key elements, not failing to address certain issues, not failing to put enough money, or any of the other reliable age old Democrat arguments. Its mean! In other words, the purpose of the bill is to inflict pain on the people. Those evil republican! Obama certainly has not lost his penchant for Demagoguery. It is a lifelong skill that has served him well, and a few months out of office is not going to cause him to give it up. He is as dignified as ever in the delivery of his poison. His ability to manipulate while simultaneously coming across as compassionate cannot be outdone. This guy is good. But let us not forget that this is the same Barrack Obama who assured people, knowing that it was not true, that they would not lose their doctors. This is the same Barrack Obama who told people over and over again, knowing that it was not true, that they would never lose their health insurance plans. This is the same Barrack Obama who told people, knowing that it was not true, that the price of their premiums will drop by twenty five hundred dollars. This is the same Barrack Obama who assured the nation over, and over again that the individual mandate was not a tax, then argued that it was a tax before the Supreme Court. His administration then gave the IRS the power to withhold money from the tax returns of anyone who did not purchase a plan. This is the same Barrack Obama who, in order to win over Democrats who were hesitant about voting for Obamacare because of abortion concerns, assured them that no public money would go towards the funding of abortions. This is the same Barrack Obama whose lawyers in the justice department were ordered by a judge to take an ethics course because of their chicanery and duplicity before the courts. But who cares about all of that right? He is a Democrat, fighting for the little guy, no special interests involved, just the spirit of altruism. For that he, nor the rest of them will be held accountable. Apart from all of that he is the first black President of the United States, and that supersedes all of the negatives that could be said about his highness. His supporters will continue to do obeisance to his lordship.

Not to be outdone by the former President, his allies in the Senate, people like Bernie Sanders, and Chuck Schumer assure us that Armageddon will ensue if the Obamacare is repealed. They guarantee us that gazillions will die, women will be denied critical care and have to give up control of their bodies to old white men, babies will be eaten alive, and old people will be drowned if the Republican bill passes. In the meantime, not one single reporter has asked anyone of these charlatans, if all of the horrific scenarios that they keep laying out were not happening before the passage of Obamacare, why would they happen if it is repealed. You see that would involve an act of journalism. These people are not journalists, they are advocates of the leftist agenda, and as long as the Democrats continue to do their bidding, it is all that matters. Ideas matter little in this debate. The usual tactics in the overall strategy is employed over, and over, and over again. Destroy the character of anyone who disagrees, sully the good names of decent people if it means advancing the leftist cause, nothing is outside the bounds.

People do not have to agree with the decision to repeal Obamacare. They do not have to like the Republican plan, but is it possible to at least have an honest discussion about what the plan involves. Is it really necessary to always play these silly games every time these issues are discussed? Why do Democrats always have to impugn the character of good people every single time they talk about these issues? People should support what they believe to be in the best interest of the country as a whole, but they owe it to themselves to at least get the information that allows them to make informed decisions. That may be asking too much.

Pray for Beautiful, Little Charlie Gard and His Parents

The sad story of Charlie Gard is a powerful reminder why people always have to be vigilant guarding against the abuses of an all-powerful government. Charlie is a ten month old baby boy in London, suffering from a rare genetic disease in the UK. The Hospital treating that precious baby boy made a decision that Charlie’s condition is beyond the capacity of modern medicine to mend and therefore he should die. They would no longer continue to treat him as their efforts will not yield any curative results. These gods masquerading as physicians traversing the hallways of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, decided that if nothing could be accomplished in their operating rooms for young Charlie, then no one else gets the opportunity to attempt preserving his life. Charlie must die without further treatment! The decision was made from on high, and not even Charlies’ parents had a say in the matter. As any parent reeling from the anguish of this death sentence passed on their innocent baby boy can relate, it was a crushing blow. But not even this pronouncement from the deities at Great Britain’s National Health Services was enough for them to abandon hope for their beloved son. The National Health Services were not going to spend another cent in any effort to treat Charlie to save his life, but his parents were going to do everything in their power to raise the funds and get him help.  Charlie’s parents refused to accept that all hope was lost. They proceeded to raise over a million dollars to pay for treatment that might save the life of Charlie, but alas even that would not be enough.

A ray of hope set in for Charlie’s parents, the money would allow them to take the boy to the United States to try an experimental treatment that holds the promise of revolutionizing the treatment of the disease. To their horror, Charlie’s parents were told by the gods at the hospital that they would not be allowed to take their own son to the United States for the treatment that may save his life. To be clear, there was no guarantee that the treatment would work, in fact; the odds were against little Charlie, but they had nothing to lose, and more to gain if the treatment did work. Charlie’s parents appealed to the British High Courts for the right to continue seeking medical help for their son. Ladies and gentlemen take a moment to let this register. The government has deemed that they, not the parents are the ones to decide what is in the best interest of the child. Well as it turned out, the British Courts turned down their request, and they appealed to the European Court of Human Rights (notice the name of the court) who also turned down their request. In the end, all of the courts agreed with the Doctors at the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The doctors declared that there was no hope for Charlie even with treatment in the United States. Could anyone imagine where we would be if pioneers in the field of medicine had taken this approach to treating diseases like cancer, diabetes, AIDS, leprosy, polio, small pox and a host of other diseases that were once considered terminal. What if they had all said there is no treatment for any of these diseases, so let us not even try heal them? Who deserves more to try everything possible than those who seemingly have no hope?

The Courts and the Hospital declared that no more medical treatment must be sought and Charlie must now “die with dignity.” The father pleaded with the court to give his son a chance at life, but the they callously said no. Finally accepting the inevitable, Charlie’s parents asked for the opportunity to spend the last moments of their son’s life at home with them, but the hospital also denied that request. Dying with dignity did not include being with his parents who absolutely adored him, and were now able to provide the care for him at home as a result of the money raised. “Dying with dignity” meant having his breathing apparatus pulled by the divine ones at the holy temple of the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Some have attempted to justify this by saying that there comes a time when people have to accept that nothing can be done for a patient, they should accept the doctor’s advice, and let fate take its course, but parents should be the ones to make these life or death decisions about their children. This is a straight case of parental rights being denied. If parents are not allowed to make these decisions then where does this type of usurpation end? Do doctors only have the right to make these life or death decisions only about little children. Can they then decide that medical care should no longer be wasted on an elderly parent? Where exactly does the power of the bureaucracy and the court begin and end? One judge said: “although the parents have parental responsibility, overriding control is vested in the court exercising its independent and objective judgment in the child’s best interests.” So we are expected to believe that a disinterested third party that is an extension of the bureaucracy, would be completely devoid of any type of bias or hidden agenda, and will make a better decision in the interest of the child than the parents. Make no mistake about it, there will be times in situations like this when a parent may be so emotionally overcome by the torment of the situation that they may not make a rational decision, but rest assured that these decisions left in the hands of a bureaucracy are more likely to be fraught with calamity than the decisions of parents. We have seen in places like Belgium and the Netherlands, where euthanasia is legal that it is easy for human beings with the power of life and death in their hands to become intoxicated by this power, and abuse what people thought was something based on compassion. Back in January, in the Netherlands, a doctor was cleared of taking the life of a patient against the patient’s will.  As the woman’s life was taken, she put up a fight while she was held down by her own family at the doctors request, in order to perform the act of euthanasia. The doctor was cleared because it was determined that she “acted in good faith.” There is currently discussion, as a result of this case, about whether or not doctors should be prosecuted if they are determined to have “acted in good faith” performing euthanasia on dementia patients. You can read about the abuses in Belgium to further see how much of a slippery slope this is. In this article a doctor in Brazil where euthanasia is not even legal is accused of killing over 300 patients to free up bed space. There are too many ethical questions in these issues to treat them so casually, and we would do well to err on the side of not giving these life or death decisions to flawed human beings, because there is simply too much opportunity and room for abuse. If there was ever a situation where the slippery slope argument is relevant, this is it.

The parents of Charlie Gard have shown themselves to be devoted parents, who hold his best interest at heart, and they must be allowed to do what they can to serve his interest. That we in the West have come to such a state, where doctors can tell parents that they are forbidden from pursuing the hope that they see for their child, where there is nothing to lose but perhaps a lot to gain is a sad indictment of how low Western society has sunk. It is a pathetic commentary on the unsteadiness of a moral foundation that has become undone, and is indicative of a culture that has cheapened life, and embraced a culture of death. This callousness about life can be seen in The United States, Europe and countries around the world that have taken to relegating the most vulnerable among us as an inconvenience, and babies in the womb are callously dismissed and disposed of before even getting a chance to fulfill their promise at life, while many self deceivingly use the euphemism “choice” to describe the barbaric act of abortion. Those who call for a pause, for the purpose of examining ourselves and readjusting our moral compass are called extremists, and accused of wanting to take society backwards. This did not happen overnight, we did not suddenly arrive here. It is the result of years spent chipping away at the values that got us to being at the helm of all civilization that has ever existed.

When leadership fails, society becomes like a rudderless ship beating against the unrelenting and unforgiving waves trying to sink it to bottom. Prime Minister Theresa May was asked to intervene in the Charlie Gard situation, and she gave this weak statement in response: “I fully understand and appreciate that any parent in these circumstances would want to do everything possible and explore every option for their seriously ill child”. She added: “But I also know that no doctor ever wants to be placed in the terrible position where they have to take such heartbreaking decisions. No Prime Minister, that is where you are wrong, it is not the doctors’ decision to make! Foreign Minister Boris Johnson also gave a weak statement, saying “It was right that decisions continued to be led by expert medical opinion, supported by the courts, in line with Charlie’s best interests.” People must resist ceding these powers over to the hands of an all-powerful State. It is dangerous!

People in the United Kingdom must be very vocal and loud in objecting to this type of power being transferred from parents, and given to the state. It is a travesty, it is atrocious, it is wrong! We have seen over and over again, contrary to what people like to think, that human beings are not basically good. They must constantly fight the demons that lead them to commit acts like the Holocaust, the killing fields, and the brutality of China’s Cultural Revolution. For the last three hundred years, led by countries like the United States there have been systems in place like at no other time in history that guard against the abuses to which mankind is prone to succumb. We have on numerous occasions seen how through a very slow creep, governments in the guise of good intentions have implemented policies that led to them infringing more and more on the rights of the people, to the point where people suddenly realize, then ask themselves, how we got here. Society must continue to be vigilant in order to prevent the abuses that we know all to well that mankind is capable of committing. It is not unreasonable to ask where this ends, or how far this type of power will extend, and if the same justification that is used to end Charlie’s life will eventually be used in other situations in the name of compassion, or based on the premise that doctor knows best. Anyone who thinks that this is a stretch, may have just a little too much faith in the goodness of human nature.

Freedom and the 4th of July

This is re-posting of last years 4th of July Article

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

People often point to the indiscretions of the United States as examples of America’s malevolence. What they fail to realize, is that in a world where tyranny was the norm, and people all over the world were subjected to the oppressive whims of monarchs; the founders introduced a new system of governance to the world. It was based on the principle that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. The idea was that the rights we enjoy as human beings are not due to the benevolence of any government or ruler, but we are endowed by our creator with these inalienable rights, as a result; these rights cannot be arbitrarily revoked without any kind of due process, and only under mitigating circumstances. This idea was a revolutionary concept, and the constitution that was based on it placed many limitations on government. It stressed what the government is not allowed to do to its citizens. Freedom of the individual and the pursuit of happiness was a fundamental belief that guided this new system. Though imperfect, this new form of government allowed the country to confront and rectify many of the difficult problems that it faced. It allowed people to openly oppose injustice, resist oppression and defy attempts to subjugate them. It is because of this unprecedented idea of government by the people and for the people that caused the country to agonize over issues like slavery (how many countries have fought a civil war over slavery?), women’s suffrage and other ignoble policies that were inconsistent with founding values. The country has fought many battles and has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to become the greatest force for good in the world that has ever been known. By no means is this a perfect country, but perfection is an impossible standard. This country however constantly works on making itself better. Some have taken to highlighting the imperfections of America to ironically call for more government control and involvement in the lives of citizens. They forget the history of tyranny by governments until this great experiment in governance by the United States. Today, many people are now willing to cede control of certain areas of their lives to the government for so called security. They forget that the beneficiary is always at the mercy of the benefactor, as a direct result; freedom is always under threat (observe current attacks on the first amendment), and even more vigilance is needed in order to ensure that we maintain it for posterity. If we ever lose our freedoms it will not happen overnight, but through a slow creep that then overtakes us before anyone can react. it was James Madison who said “since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation”. Remember also this quote by Ronald Reagan “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” We must never forget the sacrifices of those who fought the intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, and physical battles in the name of freedom and most importantly; the values they lived that helped to shape and produce what has been, and continues to be the greatest force for good in the world: the United States of America.

Enjoy independence day and always remember what it took to achieve it.

Trump Tweets

Donald Trump does himself no favors when he sends out tweets like the one he did this morning. When he does so, it distracts from his message, and invites his attackers to continue piling on him. True the people that support him will keep doing so as long as he continues to move his agenda forward, and as long as he does not engage in behavior that is so egregious, they will have no choice but to abandon ship. The stuff like the tweet of him “body slamming” CNN however, makes it difficult to defend him. Many can argue that he is advocating violence against the network, and a case could be made for that argument. The point here is not say that it does advocate violence, but to stress that in today’s hyper sensitive political environment, it can easily be construed that way. Even among those who know and understand the context of the image in the tweet, some of them would seek to advance the easy and lazy narrative that Trump is threatening CNN with violence.

If you are vaguely familiar with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organization, you know that Trump made an appearance on the program some years ago, and had a faux battle with one of the protagonists in the saga. In it he tackled one of the bad guys, and beat him in an ambush, he then proceeded to shave the guy bald while the villain pleaded for mercy. Even though there is context in this situation, tweeting this kind of stuff is unwise, and in an environment that has often been charged with violence, it is easy to see how someone could use this to say that the President is inciting violence. The President should not be engaging in this type of behavior.

We have seen how the media has attempted to use the old political practice of using the imagery of placing cross hairs on a district, to say that it is inciting violence. Everyone knows that that practice was started by Bob Beckel who was the campaign manager for Jimmy Carter, and has been used by politicians of all stripes since then as symbolism for politically targeting a district. The media and those on the left have never the less tried to blame the practice on conservatives to say that they are inciting violence. Understanding all of this, it is difficult to figure out why the President would think that this is appropriate. It is not!

It must be difficult being one of the President’s surrogates having to defend this type of behavior, particularly because it is so unnecessary. It is easy to point out that when the immaculate first black president of the United States who was oh so smooth and possessed a velvet tongue, admonished his followers to “punish their enemies,” or prior to that when he told them that “if they bring a knife, you bring a gun,” during his campaigns no one (except on right wing media) condemned it, but that is not the point, though it does matter. Although it is a valid point, supporters of President Trump should not always automatically use the “they did it too” defense. In light of the Katy Griffin stunt a few weeks ago, using a prop of the President’s bloody head in her hand for an Isis like image, in the light of Stephen Colbert placing the prop of President Trump’s spokesman Stephen Miller’s head on a spike, and all of the calls to violence that have been a part of leftist strategy over the last few months, President Trump should not engage in this type of shenanigan. Yes the media is filled with phonies, yes hypocrisy is their chief attribute, and dis-ingenuousness is their principal virtue, but in the current climate Trump should be smarter than this. It is understood that he likes to tweak the media, that he enjoys being a troll, and getting them to react like the sky is falling, but this seems like unnecessarily giving them ammunition to use against himself.

Apart from the fact that President Trump’s critics have an argument in using his latest tweet to say that the President is advocating violence, even though there might be a real context to it to the tweet, in addition; he is giving the violent left a reason to act up even more. We have seen that the left is unafraid to use violence in pursuit of their cause. We have the examples of the University of Berkley California riots, the brutal beating of Trump voters, attacks on Trump supporters all over the country, and the attack and shooting of Republican congressmen recently to show that the left will unhesitatingly resort to violence. This tweet gives them more “reason” to do so. Trump’s supporters have no problem with him going after the traditional media because they have proven themselves to be dishonest, vindictive, scheming, conniving, agenda driven, and totally unworthy of the public’s trust. Trump’s supporters enjoy seeing the President confront the press on their dishonesty, and openly challenging them, and he should continue doing that, but tweets like the one that he sent out this morning of him “giving CNN a beat down” is not a good idea. Too much energy, time and negative attention (not that the media will not find another reason to go ballistic) will go into the coverage of this, and it ends up proving to be a major distraction.

Trump Continues to Win and Move His Agenda

President Trump has been winning quite a lot lately, despite the best efforts of his detractors and his principal enemies, the media, followed by those in the Democratic Party who are trying to delegitimize his Presidency. The media in particular is flummoxed because they do not know what to do with him. Despite their best efforts to destroy his Presidency before it even began, he continues to thrive. All of the bombs that they have lobbed his way have been duds, and other weapons that they have used against him that under different circumstances would have been the death knell of other politicians, just seem to bounce off him. He continues to be defiant, he refuses to let the media define him, and he returns fire when he is attacked. This infuriates them because in the past, all they needed to do to silence anyone who opposed their socialist agenda was to pull out any one, or all of what one talk show host called “the big six” if necessary, and throw it at that person. Calling Donald Trump racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, islamopbic or the all-encompassing term, bigot, was never going to be a winning strategy. They never the less continue to unrelentingly go after him, not based on much substance, but innuendo and a purely hate filled desire to see him fail. President Trump however is a different a man who is just as unrelenting, and from all indications, loves a good fight.

This obsession that the media has with taking down President Trump, working in consort with the Democratic Party has allowed the President to move at a break neck speed advancing his agenda, escaping the kind of scrutiny that usually goes hand in hand with some of the positions that he has taken since coming into office. Though he is yet to gain a major legislative victory, he is advancing his agenda using the tool of the Presidential executive order that was so beloved by President Obama. Unlike Obama though, he is not just  initiating executive orders to bypass the role played by congress, but to reign in some of the over reach that government agencies have engaged in over many years. Just a couple of days ago for instance, he rescinded President Obama’s Clean Water Act which many claimed expanded the power of the federal government beyond measure, and earlier in the year he rescinded the Transgender bathroom law, he withdrew from the Paris Climate accord, the Trans Pacific Partnership, he removed regulations on business, and took other actions countering the executive orders that were instituted by the Obama administration. Because the media has been so caught up in the Russia collusion non-story, many of these actions Trump has taken since assuming office have been given little attention, to the joy of many of his supporters.

Another benefit of the hysteria over Trump is some of the information that has been made public as a direct result of the efforts to discredit him. In the last few weeks we found out that James Comey really did tell Trump that he was not under investigation. We found out also that many of the Senators on the committee investigating the Russian collusion angle had also known for months that Trump was not under investigation. The focus of the witch hunt has since switched to “obstruction of justice” because Mr. Comey said he “felt” (not based on anything Trump had told him to do) that Trump was trying to influence his investigation. During his testimony Mr. Comey mentioned that Obama Administration AG Loretta Lynch actually did try to influence Mr. Comey’s investigation of Hillary Clinton. So even in going after Mr. Trump the Democrats shot themselves in the foot helping to get information that was in the dark to come out in the open. Since the witch hunt began we have come to find out that the acting Director of the FBI is under investigation for a series of possible administrative violations. What is most interesting is that he was accused of sexual discrimination by a former female employee. In the process of that episode, Michael Flynn came out in support of the woman who filed a suit against the FBI Acting Director, and a couple of years later Michael Flynn found himself in the cross hairs of the FBI, and this whole Russian collusion nonsense got its legs. Sometime later, Obama administration Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was added to the long list of names that said there is no evidence Trump or anyone in his Administration was involved in any Russian collusion, and that nothing Russia did affected the election in any way. On top of all of all that, Johnson revealed that the Democratic National Committee refused FBI help after their servers were hacked. Everything that these people have tried so far seems to be backfiring on them and it is beautiful to watch.

Add to all of this, the victory at the polls last week in the Georgia special election, and we could surely say that Trump has been on a role. The election was hyped as a referendum of sorts on Mr. Trump’s Presidency because the media, pollsters and so many others on the left were sure that Republicans were going to lose the seat. When it became clear that it was not such a sure thing, they continued to hype what a win would mean, but they tried to manage expectations. The results came in, and they tried to spin it in every direction, and down play what it meant to Trump. Trump was having none of it though, and he basked in the victory. In the last couple of days, the Supreme Court handed the Trump administration a significant victory by upholding many key elements of the travel moratorium he had imposed on travelers from six failed states. Perhaps the biggest and sweetest victory for Trump so far is in the revelation that CNN has been purposely hyping the Russia collusion story purely for ratings. One CNN producer admitted while secretly being videotaped that the story was mostly Bull****, and another CNN commentator said that the Russian collusion story was a big nothing burger. To say that Trump is reveling in this revelation is perhaps an understatement as he continues to pound CNN for being fake news, and they pretend to be fair, objective and balanced.

Trump experienced another win yesterday as NATO allies promised to increase their military spending by 4.3 percent. Trump has been critical of NATO for not fulfilling their financial obligation to the Military alliance, and in the process he has been criticized ceaselessly for it, but with yesterday’s announcement, it seems that Trumps haranguing of our NATO allies, and the announcement of the increased spending is another victory for President Trump. So as the media and their allies in the Democratic Party, the never Trumpers in the Republican party, Hollywood and Academia continues to assail President Trump from every angle, he remains unfazed and continues plugging along. The support of the people who voted for him, and continue to support him is stronger than ever because many of them for the first time are witnessing someone who fights back. President Trump invites a lot of the criticism by the things that he says, his tweets sometimes seem puerile and his behavior often comes across as “not Presidential,” but in the end these things do not matter to his supporters. They look at the agenda that he is trying to advance, they see his fighting spirit, his unabashed love of country, and that to them; that matters more than anything.

The Sordid History of the Democratic Party

In an interview a couple of nights ago, Real Time host, Comedian Bill Maher who described himself as a “house ni****” when interviewing Republican Senator Benn Sasse, voiced his shock that the man who attempted to  massacre Republican politicians on a baseball field was a leftist. At that time conservatives all over the country who were looking at the show must have asked themselves if they heard right. Did Bill Maher just say that he is surprised that the shooter was a leftist? Was he being a troll? Was Justin Timberlake going to jump out of the corner in homes all across America, unable to contain himself laughing saying you’ve been punked? There is no way possible that Bill Maher really said said that right? Wrong! He did say it, with a straight face to boot. This is the extent of the delusion that exists on the left in America. This may not be a good time to interject, but it is worth pointing out that Bill Maher is still as popular as ever after calling himself a house ni*** on his show the other night. We always say that the left can do no wrong. There is your perfect example. So, as not to digress too far, let’s get back on topic. Why would Bill Maher be surprised that the shooter is a left winger? Perhaps it is not that people like Bill Maher are delusional. Maybe they are just propagandists who have to continue their narrative in the effort to continue painting a terrible mural of those they oppose politically. One would have to be extremely uninformed to believe that the left is incapable of this type of violence. Either that, or there exists an alternate reality vortex in which liberals live where truth is whatever one says it is.

Given the long history of violence on the left, and people in the Democratic Party, why do so many continue to believe and expect that political violence is primarily a right wing practice. As noted in an earlier article, no one is suggesting that the right does not or has never engaged in political violence, after all; Timothy Mc Veigh was not a leftist. The abortion clinic bomber in 1997 was not a left winger and the killer of the abortion provider Dr. George Tiller five years ago was not a left winger either. We do not even have to go that far back to identify right wing violence. Most recently a candidate running for office by the name of Greg Gianforte, a Republican, pled guilty to assaulting a journalist who he was accused of “body slamming. “So clearly, people on both ends of the political spectrum commit violence in for their cause. The claim was never that the right or those in the Republican Party do not, or has never committed violence. Human beings are flawed, born with the sinful nature, and are prone to wrongdoing. What these articles attempt to point out is not that one side is perfect and the other isn’t, but to show a pattern of behavior that incorporates hatred, vitriol, and violence as an integral part of a political strategy within one Party, and one side of the spectrum. The side that engages in this behavior is on the left, and in the Democratic Party. It is time to shatter and expose this fraudulent image that the Democrat Party, and the left has created of itself over a long period of time, while simultaneously engaging in some of the most insidious political shenanigans in American history. This claim, by no means is meant to implicate everyone in the Democratic Party and on the left. We are speaking of the Democratic Party apparatus.

This party has been on the wrong side of almost every major issue, has engaged in some of the most troublesome behavior since its founding, and today continues to divide the nation on race, class, social and other issues that it uses to distract the nation, as it attempts to fundamentally transform this country into something that the country’s founders never envisioned. Let us review the sordid history of the Democratic Party

Slavery, the Trail of Tears, Dredd Scott, the reign of terror by  the Klu Klux Klan in the eighteen hundreds, opposition to the civil rights bills of the eighteen sixties, opposition to reconstruction, opposition to the thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and nineteenth Amendments of the American constitution, the rebirth of the Klu Klux Klan in the 1920s, lynchings, Jim Crow, Segregation, the Ocoee Massacre, the Rosewood massacre, the chain gangs of the 1930s, which some have described as worse than slavery, the internment of the Japanese, and other ethnic groups in prison camps during World War two, opposition to the civil rights act of 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and1968, opposing the first black man elected to serve on the Supreme Court, and many other shameful acts are all the legacy of the Democratic Party.

After being on the wrong side of all these major issues, after Democratic Governors signed and passed every single piece of segregation legislation in American history, enacted by their Democratic legislatures, after all of the atrocities committed by them since their founding, they claim that contrary to human nature, the big switch happened. The big switch is supposedly when, despite their sordid history, theu suddenly became “woke” in the seventies, and the bad guys switched parties. The Democrats became the good guys and the Republicans became the bad guys. Folks it is a lie! It never happened. Only one person switched parties. His name is Strum Thurmond. No other Democrat switched. What happened is that they embarked on a new strategy. In order to redeem themselves they implemented a new strategy to cover sordid their past. They then embarked on a brilliant scheme labeling everyone who opposed their big Government policies aimed at entrapping black people, and minorities in a cycle of dependency as racists. But we will cover that more extensively at another time.

Today violence is committed by their surrogates, and the Party often turns a blind eye to these acts. They deflect responsibility to others and pretend that they are the Party of virtue. They engage in name calling, character assassination, vitriol, and emotional arguments geared towards ginning up the masses because their ideas are unable to stand on their own merit.

Let us take a further look at the behavior, and the actions of this Party, and its supporters who deem themselves the arbiters of all that is good.

These examples tell you who they are:

The Left’s support for the leftist murdering cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

The left’s lionizing of the mass murderer Che Guevarra. They proudly walk around with T-shirts of his image emblazoned across the front.

The una bomber was a radical environmentalist who resorted to violence in the pursuit of his cause.

Though no one has died from their attacks, the leftist Earth Liberation Front was once labelled as the top domestic terror group by the FBI. They engaged in the destruction of property, and the use of arson in the “defense of the earth.”

Bull Connor, who can be seen in videos siccing German Shepard dogs on peaceful black protesters was a Democrat.

Lee Harvey Oswald who murdered JFK was a communist (the left has spent the last fifty years cooking up conspiracy theories saying that he did not).

Leon Czolgosz who murdered President William McKinley was a communist.

John Wilkes Booth who murdered President Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.

Giuseppe Zangara who tried to murder Franklin D. Roosevelt was a left winger who hated capitalism.

Squeaky Fromm who attempted to kill President Gerald Ford was a left wing environmentalist.

Sarah Jane Moore who also tried to kill President Ford was also a supporter of the Democratic Party, and known as a leftist.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega who fired a bullet at the Obama White House was a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement

At a Donald Trump Rally in San Jose, Donald Trump protesters holding signs that said F*** Donald Trump descended on Trump supporters threw eggs, punched, chased and bloodied Trump supporters. The next day, the San Jose Mayor blamed Donald Trump for the violence that was visited on Trump’s supporters by the leftist thugs.

Democrat supporters attacked a Trump motorcade in Minneapolis . Still later the GOP headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed. A middle schooler was brutally physically assaulted for wearing a Make America Great Again hat during a high school protest.

Who can forget four young thugs live streaming the torture of a disabled man as they shouted “f*** Donald Trump, f*** white people.”

Anti-Trump protesters burned, looted and attacked Trump supporters at the University of Berkley California because the protesters objected to a conservative speaker on their campus.

A few months ago a college Professor allegedly assaulted a Trump supporter with a bicycle lock at a demonstration

At one anti-Trump rally one young woman said “we can’t just do rallies we have to fight back, there will be casualties on both sides. There will be because people have to die to make a change in this world. They were protesting the election results.

This is Joe Biden: The press always asks me don’t I wish I were debating him. No I wish we were in high school, (is he advocating violence in high school as a way to settle differences of opinion) I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish (as the crowd cheered approvingly, and adoringly at the words of Uncle Joe.

Here is Jim Carrey: I had a dream the other night that I was playing golf with Donald Trump and I was standing beside him with a club in my hand, and I was considering my options, when I suddenly woke up. You know it was one of those dreams when you wanted to go back to sleep so you can finish it.

Heres is Mickey Rourke: He’s a bully and he’s a b**** and he can suck my ***** I’ll meet him in the hotel room anywhere any f****** day of the week and give him the Louisville slugger.

Here’s a reminder of what a few protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally were chanting at a rally protesting the police: What do we want, dead cops, when do we want them? Now.

Black Lives Matter March: Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon.

This list is never ending, but here are just a few more

Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*** Paul Ryan to Death

Madonna: I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.

Kathy Griffin ‘Beheads’ Trump in Graphic Photo

A former member of the Obama Administration and the Comedienne Sarah Silverman said they would like to see a military coup to get rid of Trump.

In this article, two men jump out of their car and brutally beat a Trump supporter for holding a Trump sign.

After President Obama used his platform as the most powerful man in the world, and some more ginning up of young black men by the Black Lives Matter movement, a couple of their supporters went on a murderous spree, killing ten police officers in a few mass shooting incidents killing five in Texas, three in Louisiana and two in Brooklyn.

A Bernie Sanders supporter allegedly harassed a woman on a bus, then killed one man, and stabbed another. He was an avid Trump hater.

Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on group of GOP congressmen.

It cannot be stressed enough that no one is saying there is no violence on the right, and that there are no bad people there. The intention here is to point out that the problem of violence and uncivil rhetoric is primarily from one side of the political spectrum, to show that prominent people on that side behave this way, and that the behavior has a platform on the left.  There is absolutely no equivalence between the two sides. Whereas political violence happens from time to time on the right, it is an integral part of leftist behavior. On one side there is a constant dehumanizing of the people with whom they disagree. There is a continuous effort to cast people as racist, Nazis, uncaring, misogynists etc. There is an endless effort to delegitimize the concerns of political opponents, and in that atmosphere, many see violence as a legitimate means to an end because the people on whom they visit violence deserve it. The media silence and the refusal by the Democratic Party to use their platform to discourage this behavior has created an atmosphere where the powder keg that they created is about to blow, and if we do not confront it, condemn it and call it out, there will be terrible results.