It’s Christmas

Christmas for the most part, and for most people has nothing to do with the birth of Christ. With all the gluttony, revelry, commercialization and other unholy indulgences that people engage in on this day; you know it has nothing to do with the saviour.

For some, despite all the vices associated with Christmas, the day really does mean a lot to them, and it is a special time they use to reflect on what Christ’s coming into history meant to our world. Christmas really is about Christ for them and they do as much as they can to keep that in focus while enjoying all of the other peripheral stuff that is usually associated with the day and the season.

For others, though not as devout, Christmas is that one time of the year that they do reflect on our Lord more than at other times. They ponder his coming, and that beautiful day over two thousands years ago when he was born and it means a lot to them. They take the time to create special memories with friends and family, to establish and build connections that last a lifetime. Then there are those for whom Christmas has no religious connection at all. It is just a beautiful time of the year they enjoy and they celebrate it with joy.

Well in the end, even though there is not the same kind of reverence that many used to have for Christmas as they did in the past, and for most it has nothing to do with Christ; Christmas still has an affiliation with Jesus in some way. With that in mind, it is always a good time to reflect on why Jesus came.

Today is the day after Christmas day, but the season is not over. It is as good a time as any to talk about the birth of Christ.

When he made his obscure entrance into our world, Christ was laid to bed in a cattle feeding trough at a stable in Bethlehem because there was no room for him anywhere in the town. His birth identified with lowliest of humanity from that moment on, and he continues to make himself available to all who would receive him.

When he was born, the Bible says that an angel announced his birth to some simple shepherds who were watching their sheep in a field somewhere in the region. Totally unprepared for their visitation, the shepherds were startled by the appearance of the heavenly visitor.

The angel soothed their trepidation and said “fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.” And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill to all men!”

The world had no idea how history was about to change. Christ’s birth was the beginning of an epic saga that would change the world like no one individual has ever done. His birth was just part one of his heavenly mission, and all that he was about to accomplish. He lived a life that pointed humanity to God. He said I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the father but by me.

He was born to fulfill his role as the savior of sinful man. He died to pay the price for man’s sin. He rose to life again from death in a spectacular defeat of death and says that if anyone believes on him, and that God raised him to life again that person will be saved. He promises everlasting life to all those who repent and trust in him for the forgiveness of sins.

He promised that one day he is going to come again, and when he does; it would be unlike the first time when he came. Everyone shall know then that he is indeed who he says he is, because every knee will bow to him and every tongue will confess that he is the Lord of all, to the glory of almighty God.

That first Christmas morning is where it all began. Let us all rejoice in commemoration of that great day.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Left’s Idea Of Fear Mongering And Conspiracy Theories

Ever notice that the left always takes the legitimate concerns of anyone who is not a raging leftist as “fear mongering?”

Worried about the blatant, in your face, brazen sexualization of children?

Stop it you are just a fear monger.

Concerned about the rising crime rate and the effect it is having in communities?

stop playing on the fears of white people and playing to racist tropes.

Worried about high inflation?

You need to calm down, it’s not as bad as you are portraying it.

The chaos at the border is unsustainable!

You are just a xenophobe who can’t stand that the face of the country is changing.

But their issues are never fear mongering?

Run for your lives, we are all about to die, and you must be willing to give up many of your freedoms in the process to get control of this existential threat that is the greatest peril to humanity. Cli m ate change is about bring usher in the grand apocalypse.

That is just the truth you science denier.

Black people live in daily fear for their lives because the police are hunting black men to cause them mortal harm, for no other reason than the color of their skin.

You are a racist who hates black people if you don’t buy in to that.

Freedom of speech on Twitter will lead to the death of freedom of speech and all kinds of horror in American life.

You are just a rube who is too dumb to understand how this works.

Take the CO V ID vack seen or you will cause death and destruction not seen since the days of the black plague, mask your children forever and ever. You do not have the right to earn a living, and you should lose basic social privileges unless you comply with all CO V ID mandates.

How dare you say we are fear mongering. It’s SYYYENCE!

No fear mongering there ladies and gentlemen. That’s only when you voice your concerns.

Conspiracy Theories

One of the craziest things is to observe is the left cry conspiracy theory whenever you quote their own words, or reference their policies.

One example is their stated goal of turning white America into a minority.

For decades these people have talked about how immigration will translate to election victories for them because of the demographic shift that will occur through immigration. They have boasted that the white man will be a minority by 2044 (how many times have you heard them say this with their own mouths?).

There have been many glowing stories all across the media landscape talking about how the Republican party’s demise will

result because of this demographic shift. Back in 2013 Julian Castro said about Texas “It’s changing. It’s going to become a “purple state” then a “blue state” because of the demographics, because of the population from folks coming from outside Texas.”

Another Democrat put it this way, all the way back in 1998. He said; “The 1965 Immigration Reform Act promoted by President Kennedy, drafted by Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and pushed through the Senate by Ted Kennedy has resulted in a wave of immigration from the Third World that should shift the nation in a more liberal direction within a generation. It will go down as the Kennedy family’s greatest gift to the Democratic Party.”

So with the chaos at the border and the flow of millions of illegal aliens into the country, the Democrats’ stated goal of replacing whitey with foreigners is in full swing.

Now that people have started paying attention to their usual shenanigans, seen what they are doing, and are calling attention to it, these demons are saying it’s a conspiracy theory.

So when Tucker Carlson says wait a minute, you can’t actively work to turn a majority group of people into a minority group, they started calling him a racist for drawing attention to what they have boasted about for all of these decades.

They now call it the great replacement conspiracy theory. They try to link every misfortune that happens in the country to Tucker Carlson featuring their stated plan.

A few months ago, a racist self declared leftist entered a supermarket and mowed down a bunch of black people with an AR 15 rifle. He referenced the great replacement theory as one of the reasons for his actions. So one of the left’s own decided that he does not like what they are doing and decided to kill a bunch black people as a result.

They immediately started to tap dance on the graves of these dead black people, high fiving each other, doing a hop, skip and a jig in the process. All this death, especially the death of black people is great for our agenda must have been their mindset. In their own words again, they “never let a crisis go to waste.”

Like the shameless scoundrels they are, instead of blaming their sick racist acolyte, and dissociating themselves from him, like the always call on Republicans to do if it is the other way around, they blamed Tucker Carlson.

That’s just what they do. That’s who these people are. They are sick and evil to the core.

If you are a traditional liberal this does not pertain to you. This is about the leftist sickos who now have such a prominent voice in your movement.

A Culture In Decay And Some Other Random Thoughts

Who Will Stand Up To All Of The Crazy?

Five minutes ago a couple people with no credibility to determine such an issue that is so evident in nature, told us that there is no such thing as male and female, and if you don’t accept that you are a bigot.

We who know different say hold on, you just decided this on your own five minutes ago, based on nothing except feelings, but we can’t object?

We are just supposed to shut up go in a corner and concede?

Are you serious?

Last week you told us that to be decent human beings we have to not just live and let live when it comes to sex, but we have to agree that men having sex with men, and the same with women is the most beautiful normal activity in the world, and to disagree makes us hateful bigots.

You also told us that marriage is not between a man and a woman, and we must embrace that and treat it the same way.

Now, in addition to all of that we are hearing about polyamory, being told that we just have to cast out all of these old ways that have been foundational to building the most successful societies ever. Some of you are even starting to call for children to be able to make their own sexual choices.

Whereas once upon a time it was a shame to even speak of this issue, in America today we now have people who boldly advocate for their right to have sex with animals.

As society deteriorates into a world where anything goes, in the name of tolerance, no on is allowed to say time out, let’s rethink our approach to all of these issues.

You are not even supposed to object to 12 year olds getting abortions without their parents’ knowledge or consent, or 15 year olds being able to get sex transition surgery without their parents knowledge or consent. Anyone who does is immediately labeled a zealot, a religious fanatic, a hateful bigot or some name meant to silence people

What is this?

We were told that the slippery slope is a myth, yet here we are watching our society crumble right before our very eyes as all the guardrails that have been in place to preserve nations for millennia are just being torn down.

Can we survive the crazy?

Church people, where are you? Do we just throw our hands up and say this is how the Bible says it would happen or is there still a responsibility to speak out against all of this?

The Blatant Hostile In Your Face Racism Of MSNBC

What is it that makes MSMBC think that it is ok to so blatantly and unapologetically push their disgusting anti-white racism?

Now these people always accuse Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham etc., of racism.

They say that it is racist when Tucker features the goal of leftists to replace natural born Americans with foreign nationals, especially illegal immigrants who they believe will turn the country blue.

They say it is racist to draw attention to this even though they have told us with their own mouths for years that this is their aim, or at least their hope. They are on record saying this stuff, yet they claim it is racist to highlight it.

Leftists claim that support for voter identification laws, support of the MAGA agenda, highlighting the break down of law and order, support for Trump etc. which all of the named Fox hosts support is racist.

Observe the things they call racist. Mind reading and interpretation is frequently required. These same people however are silent, and have been silent over the years as MSNBC continues their nightly anti white race hysteria.

They often have high profile guests who indulge their race hatred. The things that these people say about white people on a nightly basis requires no interpretation, or mind reading to determine that it is naked, unabashed, blatant, unapologetic race hating.

Don’t believe a word written here. Go check it out for yourself.

But the question remains. Why do these people behave this way? They are not worried about any repercussions. They are bold, mocking, daring in the way they rage at white people. What drives this?

The answer may be that they just do not care. Maybe they do not think it is racism, or they really believe that their racism is just. It’s righteous, because their race hatred is directed at the “right” group of people.

It is just mind blowing to watch these people engage in this kind of soulless hatred of a group of people for no other reason than the color of their skin, the color of their eyes and the texture of their hair.

I just don’t get it man.

Responding To The Police

Here’s some advice coming from someone who is pro police.

Never ever talk to the police without a lawyer when they are conducting an investigation into something that directly involves you.

If the police stops you while driving and they ask “do you know why we stopped you?” your best answer is, well officer I know that you are just doing your job and you probably will not stop me if you had no reason, so I’ll leave it to you to tell me why you stopped me please, then you just cooperate with their instructions.

Never give the police any information. It’s not just that they could use it against you, but in a day of Government abuse, those in power seeking to make an example of anyone they see as enemies could find a way to use something you say against you.

The Republican Party’s New Established Precedent

So the Republican Party and the establishment decided 6 years ago with Trump that if they do not like the Republican candidate selected in the primaries, they o not have to fully support the candidate. Many in the establishment even went to great lengths to sabotage the candidate, and for his entire term never gave him their full backing.

It happened again this last election cycle. They decided that because they did not like many of the candidates they would not throw their full support behind them either.

So now that they have firmly established this precedence, whenever they get their preferred candidate sometime in the future; will they be preaching that “we should all get behind the candidate to defeat the Democrats?” Are they going demand loyalty from the people whom they have steadily given the middle figure for the last six years.

If the base decides to do to the establishment what the establishment did to the base, would that be fair?

Many in the base see not much difference between the Republican machine and the Democrat machine anyway. The main difference being that the Democrat machine will be open and up front about their goal of destroying the country in it’s current form. The Republican machine will be subtle, dishonest, deceptive, and beat around the bush in facilitating the destruction of the country in it’s current form.

Why vote for either Party if that is the case, especially when the Republicans have set this new precedent about sabotaging a candidate they do not like?

President Biden’s Inappropriate Showers With His Daughter When She Was A Little Girl

President Biden And His Inappropriate Showers With His Daughter When She Was A Little Girl

If you want to know how corrupt the American media is, look no further than this story that has run under the radar for months.

Project Veritas came in possession of a diary that purportedly belonged to Ashly Biden. In the Diary the person to whom it belonged claimed that as a young girl, her father had inappropriate showers with her.

Project Veritas did not want to hold on to the diary and proceeded to turn it in to law enforcement because they say they could not verify it.

Despite the organization’s actions, the FBI raided the offices of Project Veritas. The raid was in connection to the Predident daughter’s diary which really had gone missing.

Keep in mind that Project Veritas is a media organization that primarily does investigative journalism that focuses on exposing left wing corruption. You may not like that. In fact, you may downright hate it, but they are a member of the press entitled to the protections afforded the media under the first amendment.

To keep it short, Project Veritas is currently under investigation. It turns out the diary really did belong to Ashly Biden, and the circumstances under which Project Veritas came in possession of it is in question. Did they illegally get it or was it through illegitimate means?

According to The Intercept “two people recently pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property, with prosecutors confirming the diary as authentic.”

What is interesting in all of this is the way the feds have gone after Project Veritas and the people who first came in possession of the diary, but they and the media have absolutely no interest in what was written in the diary by the President’s daughter, that her father was having inappropriate showers with her when she was a girl.

Here’s some of what she had to say “I have always been boy crazy,” the only daughter of the president and first lady wrote in her now-famous personal account.

“Hyper-sexualized @ a young age … I remember somewhat being sexualized with [a family member]; I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate).”

Here’s something else she wrote in the diary. This was prior to the last election. Keep in mind that this was was also known around the time when they were burying the Hunter laptop story and “50 intelligence personnel” were claiming it was Russia disinformation.

She said “My dad cried on the phone saying he has the debate in a week and ‘Now has to worry about (the diary author),’” she wrote. “And he cried. Maybe he knows what he is doing, and it’s worked but my feelings of guilt often are overwhelming.”

Let that sit with you. Marinate on it. Wrap it around your brain if you can. Why is this not a major scandal? This is where we are as a country.

That’s the level of corruption we have in the fraudulent media, but hey; at least they could make claims based on nothing that Trump is a Nazi.

How Should We View Trump

Trump was the best President in terms of policies, and actions that we’ve had in a long time. No one has gotten as much done and made the kind of strides on the Domestic and international scene as Trump during his one term.

The guy confronted China and had them on their heels for his entire term. For instance he never let up on China’s theft of American intellectual property, and their unfair trade practices. For his entire term he simply continue putting pressure on them. He put Kim Jung Un in check. He got NATO partners to contribute their fair share of the alliance’s budget. He unleashed our Military to have them defeat ISIS. He helped negotiate amazing peace/normalization deals in the Middle East, and after decades of past Presidents promising to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, he did it.

There’s more, but you get the point.

On the domestic scene we had the lowest unemployment amongst blacks, and Hispanics, and the lowest numbers for women in over 65 years. We produced more energy under Trump than we did in the previous 75 years, and were far on our way to being energy independent. Under Trump, he auththorsized “the right to try” that allowed patients who had run out of options to try experimental drugs that had not yet gained FDA approval, and he cleaned up the VA.

Gone were the extremely long waiting periods for veterans to get appointments. The number of veterans waiting to get care sharply decreased, and the VA implemented a system allowing veterans the option to visit doctors outside the VA approved network without having to deal a lot of bureaucracy.

Trump signed an Executive order enacted Jan. 1, 2021 that requires hospitals to provide medical prices to patients upfront so they can shop around.

This one goes largely unreported. Trump initiated “Most Favored Nation” executive order so that the U.S. (through Medicare) would pay no more for a drug than what’s offered to foreign countries.

Under Trump, there were no new wars, and he refurbished The US Military, increasing funding for the upgrade of Military equipment and systems, weapons, readiness training, etc.

Trump was the first President to fund HSBCUs for a 10 year period, and the economic zones he created to help black communities was proving to be a worthwhile endeavor, because of the economic growth they generated, plus opportunities for black entrepreneurs.

There’s more, but you get the point.

Despite all of this Trump can be a liability as he has often proven himself to be. The guy just does not know when to shut the heck up. When he should be focusing on his successes, he has to constantly focus on defending something stupid, or controversial that he said.

With that attitude he helped to ensure the media featured him all the time in the most negative light possible, in addition to the fact they just did not like him.

A few days ago he found a different way to chew on his toes when he seemed to take a shot at Governor Ron Desantis by calling him “Ron Desanctimonious.” I mean…come on! Wrap your head around that if you can. The man is feuding with Desantis. And since then he’s now going after Candace Owens for something unfavorable he thinks she said about him.

If Trump could go after Desantis and an ally like Candace Owens in this manner, you know he’ll be getting himself into more unnecessary fights, and entanglements with the media and Democrats, which would detract from whatever he does.

Despite all that he did in his first term, we got Biden, chiefly because Trump always gave the media so much rope that they could use to hang him.

Make no mistake. What attracted many supporters to Trump in the first place was his propensity to fight back against Democrats and the media. They loved his fighting spirit. Trump refused to play the media game, and he would not allow Democrats to stomp on him.

For years Republicans would just try to appease the media and the Democrat machine by not fighting back when the media and Democrats called them all kinds of horrible names and accused them of all manner of nefariousness.

Trump taught Republicans how to fight for the first time. He showed them that the media hates them and will go after them no matter what they say or do, so why not fight. Republicans don’t have to go into the fetal position, rocking back and forth with their thumbs stuck in their mouths in a corner somewhere, hoping the Democrat machine and the media would stop.

Demonstrating to Republicans what it looks like to fight, and teaching them not to back down was a great thing that Trump did, because it produced a handful of fighters.

One has to ask though, at what point is Trump’s penchant to pick unnecessary battles going to become a major liability, and sabotage anything he or the party does? Is it worth electing Trump to run again if nothing is going to change, and all we are going to get is a repeat of the first term?

Don’t get it twisted. This is not an anti Trump screed. Trump was great. He shook things up in a manner we had no seen before, and many people became more engaged because of it. That is a good thing.

He’ll never have the media on his side, and the left will never give him or any Republican credit for anything they do, but maybe we need a fighter like Trump minus all of the side show stuff.

The drama rama is getting ridiculous now.

What do you think?

Using Safety As An Excuse For Government Intrusion

It is quite fascinating to observe the sheep like behavior of current day Americans. Particularly on the left, there is an absence of intellectual curiosity that is mind blowing. People willingly drink from the cup that those who have proven to be liars, over and over again serve them. They readily follow orders, and suffer abuse at the hands of the powerful, because they are that loyal to the status quo.

There are not too many better examples of this than with COVTRAP-09. One of the things that someone pointed out is that in the history of medical science, it was the norm to quarantine the sick. In a major twist, so much fear was worked up over COVTRICK-22 that people who had no reason to, willingly gave up their freedom, and agreed to lock downs, and in some cases even quarantine without question.

We know that this was politically driven because the same people who insisted that lock downs were the only way to go, told us that it was ok to be outside by the thousands protesting, because it served a political purpose.

There was so much intrusion by the Government in the lives of people during COVFRAUD-62 that it is hard to imagine them not using some weak excuse in the future to further intrude in the lives of people all in the name of safety. People were banned from going to church. Families were banned from gathering. Thousands of elderly people died the most lonesome deaths that you would not wish on your worst enemies. They could not hold hands, hug, kiss, touch or simply experience the comfort of their loved ones in their presence at this most crucial moment of their lives. They were literally left to die alone. Think about that!

We saw the media cover for the incompetence, while singing the praises of politicians whose policies led to the deaths of  thousands of the elderly in their cities. While so called political leaders like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsome and others initiated some the most stringent rules in their cities that damaged the lives of many, we saw over and over that the politicians who were advocating for and initiating the most draconian policies, themselves were guilty of acting as though the rules do not apply to them. 

It is hard to recall a time in American history when we saw such blatant abuse of people’s rights, and a brazenness by the powers that be, that implied they were above everyone, and untouchable as a result. They might as well just have screamed from their ivory towers to just shut up and obey. It is hard to fathom that so many Americans just went along with the abuse of power, and very often defended the abusers, claiming they are doing what they need to keep us safe. 

Across the border we saw the brutal, China style crack down by Justin Trudeau on dissenters of his ridiculous COVID policies, while demonizing his citizens, and using personal attacks as justification for his totalitarian actions. Don’t forget that this man had previously voiced his admiration for the Chinese dictatorship and talked about how the Chinese get stuff done because of it. Don’t forget that.

Some hospitals refused to treat some dying patients who needed life saving treatment because these patients did not want to take the vaccine. Probably the most stunning thing of all was the censorship of anyone who contradicted anything the political/medical establishment labeled as misinformation. Experts like Dr. Robert Malone, and others were silenced for offering differing opinions on possible treatments for COVERACKET-12, while the media went out of their way to make sure that people received no information about anything that contradicted the status quo. 

Don’t forget how they reacted over Joe Rogan talking about how he and his doctor agreed to treat COVESCHEME-32 and they banned the Front Line doctors from social media. One would think that the medical community would want to collaborate with their peers and the experts in their field who insisted that they were seeing positive results with the treatments were giving their patients, but no such thing. All of these professionals were to be silenced.

Even pharmacists got in on the act and were refusing to dispense drugs that doctors recommended for their patients. Off label prescriptions were treated like they are a strange thing or have never been done before. 

These frauds waged a vicious, unrelenting, implacable war to tell people that there is no other way to treat the disease, and that no one else has any valid remedy, if it differed from what they prescribed. Where have we ever seen this before? People were fired from their jobs for refusing to take vaccines and children who were at the lowest risk for contracting the disease were needlessly treated no different than those with the highest risk. 

We’ve never seen anything like this before, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. For crying out loud, these people even arbitrarily changed election laws in some of their states using COVESCAM-79 as the excuse to violate their own election laws. There is so much more that people have suffered during this pandemic. We could talk about mental health issues, the increase in domestic abuse, increase in alcohol use and dependency plus a host of other negative issues. 

The unintended consequences are numerous and we’ll probably be reaping the whirlwind from the crazy reaction to this disease for years to come. Governments do not willingly give up power once gained. It is fool hardy to believe that these power hungry jerks will not try to use some other so called emergency in the future to impose policies that otherwise they have no chance of passing. 

The question lingers. Was the cure actually worse than the illness?

(Video) Slavery In The Bible

One of the issues that should be discussed in a more intelligent manner is the matter of faith and God. People usually speak emotionally when it comes to this issue, but like every other issue we talk about, it should be rationally discussed.

Here is an interesting video on the topic of slavery in the Bible. Check it out when you get some time, or run it while you are doing the chores or something.


A Red Wave Is Not Inevitable

If you are a conservative and you think that a “red wave” is inevitable this coming November, you had better check yourself. Do not for one minute think that this thing is a given.

Now in any sane world that is correctly ordered, the Democrat Party machine would be chased out of town. But in the back to front, upside down world in which we live, they are currently running the country. That is the reality.

The Democrat Party machine is formidable. They are relentless. They are singularly focused on power, and they will do or say anything to gain or maintain power. Don’t ever forget that.

Apart from all of that, the Democrat Party machine is evil to the core! I do not say that as hyperbole. I mean that in the truest sense of the word. These people are Nazi level evil and crazy. It is only because we have the system of Government we do here that they have not been able to do the things that they are quite capable of doing.

Once again, look at our leftist neighbors to the north of the U.S. and see what steps they have been willing to take to keep their citizens in their place. Look at how the justice department is shamelessly and brazenly targeting, and going after political opponents. Lawyers for many of the 6 January 2021 prisoners are complaining about horrific conditions and treatment of their clients in jail. Some of them have even alleged that their clients are being tortured in what some are calling the American gulag.

This is happening in America, but that’s not all.

Observe the silence from the left in the face of all of this. Even if these allegations are not true, isn’t it at least worth looking into by the media? This would be an opportune moment to solidify your credentials as a journalist, if American citizens are really being tortured in American jails with the assent of the Justice Department, but no. That is not the case. These frauds are not even interested.

Keep in mind how these same people reacted over enemy combatants at Guantanamo bay some years ago. Remember that enemy combatants do not fall under the same rules as prisoners of war, so technically one can use enhanced interrogation techniques to gain life saving information from them.

The evil left came out with a vengeance to the defense of these terrorists, and the left refused to let the story die. They have no such interest in speaking out in defense of the January 6 prisoners. Even your run of the mill leftist will not speak out against the Justice Department and demand that the January 6 prisoners be treated the same way they demanded that the enemy combatants at Guantanamo be treated.

They get to justify it all by declaring that the rioters were insurrectionists trying to over throw the United States Government. Therefore they deserve whatever treatment they are getting. See how that works?

Keep in mind that many of the people who are currently being prosecuted for 6 January 2021 offenses did not participate in the riots. Many of them were caught loitering in the Capitol building etc.

Well this post is not about the “insurrectionist.” I only mention them to remind you of who we are dealing with here.

Don’t forget that this same justice department had the FBI swoop down on the home of the 72 year old Roger Stone, with over 25 FBI agents, helicopters, etc. in a pre dawn raid to arrest him because he supposedly on some charges for which no one generally gets prosecuted. The crimes for which Stone was arrested have not evoked the same response from the Justice Department, and the FBI when Democrats were the alleged offenders. Once again, the left was not alarmed by the country’s descent in to this kind of third world political targeting. They cheered. Yooohoo, get him! Get Trump!

Well, this not about Roger stone either. Once again, it is just to reinforce the point that the Democrat machine is unafraid to use the levers of power to remain in power. Look at the Steve Bannon case. Look at the January 6 hearings and the one sided clown show it has turned out to be.

These people do whatever they have to do to get their job done. They go down clawing, and scratching, gouging, and fighting with everything they have. Don’t ever expect them to not fight.

Do not forget too, the all powerful weapon they have in their back pocket, the media and big tech, who have become so brazen in their one sided coverage of the news; they simply do not care they have been exposed. Big tech uses their monopoly to bury dissenting opinions, and stories unfavorable to the Democrat Party, and anything that goes against the status quo.

Perhaps the biggest thing the Democrats have going for them, unwitting though it may be, is the stupidity of the Republican machine. Folks you cannot understate how stupid the Republican machine is. These people have been served a bevy of issues that should make them the favored Party for the next hundred years.

The Democrats are that awful!

As evil as the Democrat Party machine is however, to the same extent; the Republican Party machine is filled with idiots. Many of these people are just embarrassingly stupid.

That, more than anything should give any conservative pause, if they think that an automatic “red wave” is inevitable, they’d better think again.

Who knows? It is possible, but if the they are looking to the idiots who have mastered the art of snatching defeat out the hands of victory, they’d better prepare for anything.

The One Sided Coverage Of Abortion

Let’s get away for a minute from the question of whether or not abortion is wrong or right. 

Let’s discuss the issue of why the conversation in the mainstream is always limited to what Hollywood, academia, the media, politicians and others who support it has to say, and why those who oppose it are portrayed the way they are portrayed.

Why does the media cover the issue like there is only one side to the story? The way that the leftist media talks about abortion it is as though there are no solid arguments coming from the other side. The media relegates the whole conversation to the argument that you cannot tell a woman what to do with her body, or they use euphemisms like women’s health, or women’s reproductive care/health. No one in the legacy media wants to talk about the lives of the little girls developing in the womb of the women. No one wants to talk about the ethics of the issue, and why it is acceptable to just casually stop the developing human lives that need protection when they are at their most vulnerable state. 

It is all about the woman’s body. Why is there no discussion about the fact that women are the vessels, and the only means through which human beings enter into the world. Why do we as a society believe that the highest virtue in this discussion is that it is the woman’s body, and therefore that nullifies every other consideration? What effect does the casual dismissal of the lives developing in the womb have on the broader society in terms of how we view, and value human life in general? What other values will we be able to just as casually cast aside if we can so easily dismiss the value of lives developing in the womb, simply because those lives are dependent on the women who bear them?

The legacy news media treats the pro choice argument as though it is the default position of most Americans, and it is a settled issue that pro choice is the right position. They frame it like it is the only perspective that matters.  Many people set up the argument as a matter of convenience. The woman cannot afford to have a baby they say. It is just too difficult. She does does not want to deal with all of the physical trials that come with a pregnancy. It’s too emotionally taxing for some. When it comes to such an important issue as giving birth to a live kicking and screaming human being, some ask if convenience is the only, or the most important issue.

Life is not always about convenience, or having it easy. In life, people are often called to do difficult things, make difficult decisions. The idea of self sacrifice is old as time itself, because some things are simply bigger than comfort or convenience. Human beings are often called on to “do the right thing” for the sake of the right thing, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, or regardless of the consequences. It is a part of the human experience. So the question is, in all of the back and forth about abortion; do any of these issues come into play, or is the argument really only about the woman’s body. 

The idea that because it is the woman’s body, she must have the complete autonomy to destroy the body developing inside of her is also questionable, because in a civil society the state often over rides individual autonomy, especially when others are negatively affected. We’ve seen in the last two years the extremes to which the state will go to deny individual bodily autonomy, despite many arguing that they did not meet the burden of justifying their actions. We witnessed that  the government has no problems threatening the bodily autonomy of both men and women. 

The almighty state has refused to discuss the concerns of citizens in an honest and open way about vaccinations, and has even gone out of it’s way to silence voices that challenged what many have called Government over reach. The Government has insisted that in order to enjoy many of the normal, regular functions of life, people must exercise blind faith in the government and comply with vaccine mandates, despite the many questions, and concerns that have gone unanswered and unaddressed. Bodily autonomy be damned. 

This piece is not about vaccines. The point is just to draw a parallel about bodily autonomy.  

Once again put aside the question of whether or not abortion is right. Let’s drop the raw emotions that often accompany this sensitive issue. In fact, let’s pretend this is the first time we are dealing with it. Can someone answer why the public discussion is so one sided, and all of the issues raised here are not given the same respect as the other side of the argument. Is the reasoning of the other side not legitimate and therefore not even worth giving attention?


Margaret Sanger’s And The KKK’s Delight

Margaret Sanger must be doing backflips in her grave, high fiving her Klu Klux Klan fellow corpses. They have done the Democrat Party proud. 

Not in Sanger’s wildest dreams did good ol’ Maggie imagine she would have such success in stifling the growth of black citizens in America, 

Not only has she achieved her goal of slowing the growth of the black population. She has done it on the backs of the 20 million dead babies who have never gotten to see the light of day, but on top of that; she has convinced many black people that it’s a good thing to snuff out the life of their innocent babies. 

The black population has hovered around the same numbers for decades, while other minority groups continue to grow and even surpass their numbers, much of it, in addition to abortion,  is through illegal immigration (that’s something else worth discussing at another time).The great replacement is not just about displacing whites.

Back to the topic, blacks make up about 14 percent of the population, but account for about 40 percent of all abortions, with a disproportionate number of abortion clinics in black neighborhoods. 

Don’t let anyone fool you, only a minuscule amount of those abortions were because of rape or incest…a very tiny minuscule. Most of them are because white leftists, the Democrat machine, and the black bourgeoisie have convinced black people that killing their own offspring before they even get to see the light of day is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. Yippeeee!Just get rid of those inconvenient annoyances growing inside their mothers wombs. 

Frame the entire discussion as “women’s health,” “women’s reproductive healthcare,” or “telling women what to do with their own bodies,” and the barbarism can continue, and be excused. 

Not a darn thing wrong with that. It is the people who say there is something wrong with it who are the immoral ones. Those 20 million black lives do not matter to lefties, the black bourgeoisie, and the black people they have convinced that it is no big deal to slaughter their own.  

Add that to the fact that the Democrat machine, and the left has helped to utterly destroy a large percentage of the black family, by convincing them that black Americans do not need the black man in the home. The state will take care of black women and their families (the children they do not abort). 

When the forthright Democrat Senator Moynihan presented his findings years ago in his famous Moynihan report, on the dangers of Government policy on the black family, his paper had to be buried and vilified.

Now we have homes all across America with black fathers absent in 72 percent of them. Many of the children in these homes will never have meaningful relationships with their fathers, with negative consequences that will affect them for the rest of their lives, and will also take its toll on society.

Yes indeed, Magaret Sanger, and the despisers of black people everywhere must be loving it.

Can you imagine members of the Klu Klux Klan today, watching all of these white lefties, the black bourgeoisie, and the many black people they have convinced that these destructive policies are in their best interest. 

The Klan must be beside themselves even as their numbers continue to dwindle. We do not need to do a thing they must be saying. Let them destroy themselves.

And many black people say, they love us. The really, really loves us. Then they look at those of us who refuse to participate in the destruction, and want to see black people as a whole live up to their potential, and they spit racist garbage like all skin folk ain’t kin folk.

Go figure!

Politicizing Mass Shootings

The people who politicize these mass shootings make it sound like they have all the answers, and they are the only ones who care. The people who disagree with them have no valid reasons to disagree with them. 

You hear people Like President Biden in the immediate aftermath of shootings blaming others who had nothing to do with the killings. He, and those of his ilk have no hesitation about playing on the raw naked emotions of people, and playing on theirs fears, to drive their anti gun agenda. 

When they do what they do, it is all all for the good of everyone. They are not fear mongers. They are the noble ones. Everyone who disagrees are villains.  Then then go on these political campaigns using the deaths of innocents to shamelessly push their agenda. 

They blame the gun lobby for the deaths of the people killed. They blame the NRA and they go on these vicious tirades against anyone who does not share their views on guns. 

They have no problem dancing on the graves of these victims whose lives have been so mercilessly, needlessly, senselessly, and violently snuffed out. They think that their point of view is all that matters.

What if after every shooting, those on the other side of the argument were to run to the closest camera, and declare that it is the people who insist on gun free zones who are to blame for the deaths of those killed in these mass shootings. Imagine it for one moment. Think about this hypothetical case. Here’s the scenario. A shooting takes place somewhere, then immediately after the shooting, Ted Cruz runs out to the closest microphone to declare that the politicians or authorities who made the place a gun free zone where the people were shot are responsible for the deaths of the people killed. He then continues, all of these gun free zones are getting people killed. If we had more good people armed this gunman never would have gotten away with this. You are responsible for these people’s deaths. Your gun free zones did this. Would that be acceptable? 

Imagine that immediately after a shooting that Sean Hannity goes on his show, and begins to rant that every year thousands of people have had their lives saved because other people owned guns and used those guns to save lives. Their is no reason for all these senseless gun laws that continue to get people killed because only the criminal madmen had guns. Then Hannity looks into the screen, ranting, raving and declares, Governor Democrat, you are responsible for these deaths. You have blood on your hands. 

Imagine an NRA spokesman immediately after a shooting, running out to the closest camera to shamelessly declare, once again we see how these foolish gun laws, and the politicians who make them continue to endanger Americans. It’s time to give Americans their rights back so that we can have more armed citizens who can protect themselves and people who need protecting. 

All of these gun advocates are just as passionate as Beto O’Rourke, and they shamelessly appeal to the atrocity that took place five minutes ago to push their pro gun agenda. More of them come out and they saturate the conservative airwaves with gun advocacy to the same extent, with the same immediacy, playing the same blame game, and just talking about why we need more guns not less. 

They and their Democrat counterparts spout their cliches, but they do it in favor of guns instead. We’ve got to do something about this now. The data is clear. Gun laws don’t stop those intent on committing mayhem. They just make law abiding citizens defenseless victims. 

If that were to happen immediately after everyone of these shootings, would that be acceptable? Why not? They are just as emotional. They have as much data to back up their claims. In fact they are convinced that the data is more clearly on their side, and that barring the emotion there is no reason to go down the road of more gun control. 

Then there are those who believe that a lack of values are the problem.  Do they have the go ahead to run before the cameras five minutes after a shooting, to rant an rave as they blame others who had nothing to do with the killings?

They declare that guns are just a symptom of a bigger problem. More gun laws will not help because the problem is a matter of the human condition. We have to get to the heart of the problem, and by concentrating all our efforts on an inanimate object that does not have the capacity to conceive evil or commit evil, authorities are bathing in the blood of the victims. 

Cultural rot, where seemingly nothing is objectively right or wrong is responsible for what we are experiencing. A culture that devalues human life as displayed in the cavalier attitude toward abortion, euthanasia, plus many other social issues lead to these killings. Guns are just a symptom of deeper problems in our society. That’s what we need to tackle.

Does anyone approve of politicians, celebrities, preachers, or other high profile people running to the closest microphone to spout their agenda, when the tears have not even dried on the faces of those who have lost loved one. Is it ok for them to start blaming those they see as responsible for the cultural rot they think is responsible?  

These people are convinced that in a culture where anything goes, and there is no objective right or wrong, these things are bound to happen. 

Do the gun grabbers care more, and get free reign to behave the way they do every time one of these shootings occur? Do others have the right to exploit misfortune to get their way? Are the gun grabbers more righteous than everyone else?