You Do Not Have To Agree With The LGBTQIA+ Agenda

Hey people, let’s get this straight again.

People have their personal beliefs about sex and sexual behavior. They hold these beliefs for moral reasons, some for religious reasons, some because they believe that taking the sexual aberrations that exist in the world, trying to turn them into the norm, and forcing them on the populace to accept them is a dangerous precedent.

These are some of the reasons that people do not accept the LGBTQIA+ agenda. It’s not because they hate the people who belong to this group.

They do not believe that people who belong to this group are less than human. They do not believe that these people should be treated like they are not good neighbors or should be denied their rights as Americans.

They simply believe that societies do not have to reconfigure or restructure themselves, nor should they be forced to accommodate the sexual proclivities of those who belong to this group. Sexual preference is not the same as race.

If people are told that they have to accept, affirm and promote the sexual preferences that are outside the norm of all humanity, or the gender confusion that some people have, then we are heading to a dangerous place.

Where does it end? People can find reasons to justify any kind of sexual behavior outside the norm of a man and woman in the bond of marriage.

We can look and see how that has already wreaked havoc on every society where so many children are born outside of marriage (more can be said on this, at another time).

One does not have to think that men having sex with men, or women having sex with women is a beautiful thing to be a decent citizen. One can be generous, kind and exhibit all the qualities of a good citizen, and believe at the same time that societies should not cater to people who think that their sexual, emotional or other feelings are enough to grant them special rights, while imposing on the rights of others who wish to preserve societal norms.

You can’t govern a society based heavily on catering to people based on what they do outside of the most normal sexual practices, or what/how they feel about their gender.

If this is a major part of any governing principle, then that will ultimately lead to breakdown within a society.

With the shifting balance of power in the world, other countries will look at what is happening in the west and the United States in particular and reject the demands to cater to people based on their sexual proclivities that are outside the norm.

There is a good chance that we’ll even see more overreactions like we see in Uganda.

An individual has the right to live how he or she pleases, but the incessant encroachment and pressure to force those who hold to traditional values to accept and endorse all kinds of strange sexual behavior is a bridge too far for many.

It does not get one invited to parties to say these things. It’s unpopular. Saying this automatically means you are excluded from the cool club. People look at you different. They call you bigot, hate monger etc. but hey, that’s the way it is.

That does not mean any of it is true.

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