The Black Lives Matter scam

The Black Lives Matter movement is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated anywhere in the world! It is not that black lives do not matter. Surely they do! In the eyes of God every life is precious.

There is no dispute that black lives matter. What is so offensive about the movement is not the statement in itself that black lives matter. It is the idea that black lives are so undervalued and unappreciated in America, that we have to go around sounding a trumpet repeating the phrase over and over again because…whitey, or the system or whatever the complaint of the day may be. 

Black lives matter is a false alarm that needless implicates a whole bunch of people who hold no animosity towards black people as a group. Are there racists? Sure there are racists. One would have to be a fool to say there are no racists, but there are also sociopaths in the world. There are greedy people. There are malcontents in the world. There are people who love violence.

In other words there are all kinds of evil in the world. People do bad for many different reasons. However when it comes to racism, liberals, leftists and Democrats magnify it like it is the biggest problem in America. 

The truth is that we will always have racism, just like we will have all of the other evils that exist in a fallen world, until Jesus Christ comes again to make all things new. In the mean time however, wherever racism shows it’s ugly head we should deal with it, and fight if valiantly, but the idea that racism is one of the biggest problems in America affecting the black man is a lie. It is based on a successful decades old propaganda campaigns that has been waged to keep black people in a state of grievance. It is one of the most evil propaganda campaigns that has ever been waged. 

Look at the damage it has wrought!

The more we as a country implement policies to make this a more just society, the more people complain about how terrible the country is. One day people will look back in history and shake their heads at how ungrateful 21st century Americans were. 

The black lives matter crowd walks around demanding a Utopian society before they could be thankful for what they have. They are always looking for opportunities to be offended every day, and blaming every single bad thing that happens in their life on racism and white supremacy. It is as though there is no other reason why bad things happen to black people.

The black lives matter crowd are in hog heaven when they get the opportunity to point their finger at a negative experience they can blame on racism, and they bask in the victimhood that ensues, constantly referencing various straw men as proof of their racism narrative.

 Never has their ever been a people so privileged, yet so ungrateful and happy to portray themselves as victims, as the black lives matter crowd. While they do this, they ignore the real problems, which, if they give attention to them, would go a very long way to improve the lives of black people in America. The black lives matter crowd refuses to do that though. In their sick world, being a victim is more to be desired. They are quite contended to walk around dragging those chains with the most negative outlook on life.

Could anyone imagine if all of that negative energy was used to uplift black people?

What kind of effect would it have on the black collective psyche if we were not telling black people every single day that every shadow is a racist bogeyman?

How would the lives of black people improve if they did not walk around convinced that the average police officer whose job it is to protect and serve is out to do them harm?

What if, as black people we concentrated on all the positive changes to correct past injustices that have occurred over the years? 

How would it affect the lives of black people if every morning they woke up thinking that with God on their side anything is possible for them in this country that offers them so much?  

Instead it is just a constant negative barrage of woe is me because I am black. 

I am a second class citizen because I am black. 

I am disadvantaged and starting 10 paces behind everyone because I am black. 

The white man is privileged and I am not because I am black, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and….

As a people are we not tired of living this way.?

Why would anyone want to continue living their lives in this manner?

Being unpatriotic is the new cool (repost)

When and how did it become cool to be unpatriotic? All across America people seem to be competing against each other to see who could show the most contempt for their country. What is so terrible about the United States of America that makes so many of its own citizens feel the need to show so much disdain to the country that offers them so much?

The ingratitude that so many people who live and prosper here have towards the country is a phenomenon that is truly perplexing. The sheer disdain that so many people have towards the country is absolutely mind boggling. All across the country in college campuses students are burning the American flag because they say it is a symbol of hate, racism, and bigotry. They have slogans like “America was never great,” F**** your flag, some symbolically use the flag as a toilet rag, and others state that they have no reason to be proud of  America.

How is it that people born in the freest country ever, where people have the opportunity to do so much for themselves to make their dreams become a reality, could have so much scorn for their own country? These people cite all that is wrong with the country, and they point to all that they perceive to be unjust as reasons to deride the nation that has been so blessed by God, and in which they have the privilege to live. 

All across the country there are people embracing the status of victim, and assuming the mantle of the aggrieved so that they can then say what an awful country America is. Being a victim is now a badge of honor to many. This stuff is absolutely amazing to watch.

Even some people who come here from other countries and live lives they never would have dreamed possible in their own homelands get in on the America bashing game. Despite the fact that America is always working to improve, and make the country a better place for all of its residents and citizens, all that you ever hear about from some citizens is how terrible a country this is.

It seems that for many, the only way to appreciate their country is for it to be perfect. Many of them have been fed a steady diet of anti-American sentiment from their earliest days, and on colleges campuses, to the point that America hatred is firmly entrenched in their hearts. Even as they breathe the air of the freest country in the history of the world, and they reap the benefits of being Americans, they complain that they are oppressed, and deprived.

So many refuse to celebrate what they do have, but complain incessantly about what they don’t have. Instead of being thankful for all of the mechanisms that are in place to address injustice, people complain that injustice exists. Instead of celebrating the many opportunities that there are for people to climb out of poverty, they complain that there is poverty.

This pattern can be seen in the way that many of them talk about America’s past. When they talk about slavery it is always in the context of how evil America was, but they always fail to give America any credit for being one of the first nations to abolish the institution of slavery. They remain cynical and refuse to see the tremendous good that America has done in the world.

So many people have no knowledge of what the world was like before the American experiment. They think that the version of the world that we have today always existed, but what they fail to realize is that before America the world was a totally different place.

America introduced to the world the concept of Government of, for and by the people. America instituted a form Government that stated our rights come from God and not Governments. It is only as America became a nation, that the freedoms we know, and enjoy today eventually became commonplace around the world.

It took time to get to the place where we are today, socially, and politically. From the birth of the nation to today, America has always worked to improve itself, and as the country has become more enlightened it has embraced the principles of an enlightened society.  She is still not perfect, but the truth is that no country in the world is perfect, just as there are no perfect individuals.

Society will always reflect the people who make it up. The imperfections that do exist in any society are not necessarily what defines the society, but what and how they address those imperfections to become better is the mark of a really decent society.

Has there ever been a nation so blessed, where such a large number of its people quite frankly are not grateful for, neither do they know or understand what they have?

The stunning ungratefulness of Americans

Has there ever been a people in the history of the world more ungrateful than Americans, particularly those in the Democratic Party and the left. How, when, and where did it become so cool to denigrate ones own country?

It is absolutely amazing to watch so many citizens of this country take such pleasure in bashing the place that makes it possible for them to prosper and live lives of freedom, like no country ever has before. Despite the many opportunities that continue to be available to all who are willing to put forth the effort, and take advantage of the opportunities, the Democratic Party continues every single day to spew hatred toward the land that has given it’s citizens and the world so much.

The mantra is basically that America stinks. One never hears any praise or thankfulness to God for the many blessings they enjoy  as Americans. These people wake up everyday and compete to outdo each other in expressing their contempt for the country. They pride themselves in not being proud to be Americans. This absolutely boggles the mind.

They harp on everything that is wrong with the country and ignore the good. They thrive on unhappiness and get a kick out of being anti American. But wait, they are not content to bask in their anti-American sentiment and hatred for their country, they now want to normalize it, and they get angry at people who call them out on their behavior. Where is this stuff coming from? It is just plain unbelievable, and leaves many people in a state of astonishment. 

In order to appeal to a large segment of their base, politicians in the Demoratic Party now use anti Americanism as a legitimate tactic in their overall strategy to win people over. What can one say about that, except, WOW! Just incredible! Imagine that saying the pledge of allegiance in schools is now considered to be controversial in many school districts across America.

Recently, no less a person than Hillary Clinton heaped praise on an eleven year old girl for kneeling during the pledge of allegiance. In a display of sheer self aggrandizement, puffed up arrogance, and unmitigated disdain for their country, rich millionaire athletes refuse to respect what has always been a revered tradition, and a moment of solidarity to pay homage to the country. They refuse to stand for the playing of the National anthem. As these players stick their collective middle finger in the face of so many of their fans, while bringing their divisive, controversial politics to the workplace, politicians in the Democratic Party pander to these ingrates, telling them that they can think of nothing more American than their show of disrespect.

A few years ago a former Army Captain playing in the NFL came out on the field during the National Anthem and paid his respects while his team mates stayed in the locker room. After receiving praise for refusing to swim down stream with the rest of the dead fish, the next day; this former Army ranger apologized to his teammates for “throwing his team mates under the bus.” 

This is all happening on the left, and in one political party. The Democratic Party! It is politics based on grievance. It is almost as though we have entered some kind of alternate universe, or a twilight zone type of existence. Another thing that is most amazing to see is that many immigrants have also chosen to adopt this anti American attitude after leaving the land of their birth, and settling here to make a better life for themselves and their families. In a colossal twist of irony, many now seek to remake the country into that which they fled when they left their homeland, by espousing policies that drove their own countries into the dust. 

When a couple of Democrat Party politicians were aspiring to be the next Governor of New York a while back, they put on a show for the ages. For the entire debate they threw out the most outlandish statements in what descended into a game of “top this insult.” Governor Cuomo described agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency as thugs. One week earlier he said, “We are not gonna make America great again. It was never that great.  We have not reached greatness, will not reach greatness until every American is fully engaged, we will reach greatness when discrimination and stereotypes against women, fifty-one percent of our population is gone.”

Cuomo later apologized and said that America is great, but he was inarticulate in the way he expressed his remarks. During the debate with his Democrat opponent Cynthia Nixon, she chided him, and took him to task for making the statement and apologizing later because, as far as she is concerned; America was never great. This is just a small sample of the crazy left and your modern Democratic Party ladies and gentlemen. Their view of America is “America is imperfect, therefore America is an awful, oppressive, evil society.

No need for gratitude!

The blessing of America

We should never ever forget our history and all the terrible things that have occurred in the United States. Slavery was in contradiction to the founding documents of the people who framed them.

For centuries we failed to live up to the idea that all men are indeed created equal. The beauty of the founding documents though is that they were created in such a way that it allowed us to apply remedies to that which was wrong. So we were able to successfully battle slavery, Jim Crow, beat the Klu Klux Klan, lynchings, prison camps, integrate the military, integrate sports leagues, Brown vs Board of Education etc., etc., etc. 

With the passage of time, the United States has fought injustice, racism, inequality and other ills that have plagued society since the beginning of time. Keep in mind that before the United States, the way of the world was exactly what we fought to defeat. People lived their lives according to the whims of kings, monarchs, and tyrants. The rights that we enjoy in the world today and in the west is a gift given to the world by God through the United States and a handful of others nations. 

While slavery was a scourge that plagued the world since time immemorial, it was the British, then the French, then the United States that gave freedom to slaves in a way that was never ever done anytime before in human history. 

Nations like Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in the 1960s, and in Mauritania, slavey was abolished in 1981. in 2020 slavery is a scourge that still plagues the world. Many women and children are enslaved in the sex trafficking industry, while in current day Libya, actual slave markets exist and thrive. In Sudan there are enslaved people who can only dream of the freedom that we enjoy in America. 

Today in America we have grown so used to the way of life that we have that we think it exists everywhere, and that this is the way it always was. People need to be reminded that it is not, and it has not always existed in the way we have it in America today.

This is a very new experiment in history, no older than 250 years old in terms of the type of Democracy that we enjoy today, and no older than 160 years in terms of the way that America and others in the world view slavery.

Despite all that America has achieved. Despite all that we have done to correct the ills of the past, people continue to hold America’s sins against the country as a whole, failing to appreciate what we have now. Here is the thing to keep in mind though. As much as America has not always lived up to its ideals, there have always been people all along way, holding the country accountable, fighting to make the country into what we know it to be today.

During slavery there was the abolitionist movement and other examples of people rising to combat racism and other ills that prevented the country from achieving it’s full potential.

It is because of the promise of America that we passed the many civil rights bills that we have over the years, and got us to where we are today. The America of today is a world in which opportunity awaits everyone. Does racism exist? Sure! But there is no group of people in 2020 America who has to overcome what people in 1960s 70s, 80s, or 90s and earlier  had to endure. The racism that does exist is not enough to stop any group from achiving success by simply making use of the opportunties that do exist. 

The fact that bad things happen in life, including racism is the consequence of living in an imperfect world where bad things are bound to ocur. 

If no racism is the goal, then people are destined to be disappointed for the rest of their lives. Racism, like greed, like hatred, like jelousy, sociopathy, and all of the other reasons why people do bad things will be with us until the end of time.

We can choose to be appreciative of all the blessings that we have, and continue working to improve the society that we live in, or we can continue to live in grievance, upset that bad things do happen, reaching for this fantasy world where no racism exists.

Happy Independence Day America!

The untimely, horrific death of George Floyd

The video of George Floyd and the police officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck is really hard to watch. Granted, we do not know everything that happened leading up to that action because the police say that Floyd resisted arrest. When everything comes out we’ll know for sure. The police say that Floyd resisted arrest, but the bottom line is that while it was clearly evident that Floyd was not a threat; the police officer had his knee, applying pressure to this man’s neck for 8 minutes.
Bystanders are are pointing out to the police officer that Floyd is under immense pressure. He is having difficulty breathing, and might be dying. The man is pleading with the police to release the pressure from off of his neck. He can’t breath. He is begging for his life while the police officer callously continues to apply pressure to his neck in the most casual manner.
It is very difficult indeed to look at the video and not be upset. People are justifiably angry over this sloppy, dangerous display of police malpractice. Why did the police officer think that it was necessary to use this dangerous tactic on a man who was clearly not a threat to him or anyone around him? There is no justification for this, and the police officers involved must be held accountable for their actions. There must be justice for Mr. Floy and his family.
It is hard to imagine the pain, and the anguish that his family must be experiencing, knowing that they will never see their loved one again. To see and know the circumstances under which he died must make it all the more difficult to the bare the pain, and the grief that comes with his death.
There are absolutely no words!
This is clearly one of those instances when the actions of a few police officers do such a poor job dispensing their duty that they make the entire police force across the nation look really bad. We all know that the police are often called to function in high pressure, high stress situations while maintaining their wits. They are very often called to make split second decisions based on limited, constantly changing data, and their lives quite literally depend on how they react under those conditions.
Again, even if that was the case leading up to the point when Floyd was subdued, when it became clear that he was no longer a threat, they should have have treated him in a manner that reflected that reality. What was going in the mind of this police officer and his colleagues who just stood by looking on, doing nothing to intervene as the man lay there dying in their care, no one knows.
Because of the actions of these police officers, a man lost his life and two young little girls will never see their daddy again. They will have to deal with the life altering effects that comes with that. In addition to the personal and emotional toll that this appalling act is sure to exact on the family, and friends of Floyd, the nation now has to deal with the political fall out from this.
People are already using this incident to further political agendas and drive certain narratives, using the age old tactic of divide and conquer in the quest for power. They have no problem using this dreadful event to stir racial tensions and use it as a stepping stone to achieve their insidious goals.
They are fine with that approach, instead of dealing with the immediate situation at hand, seeking justice for Floyd, holding the police officers involved accountable for their actions, and doing whatever it takes to clean up any unsavory elements in the Minneapolis Police department that may have contributed to this awful act.
Now we have to endure as charlatans and con men shamelessly use the situation to advance their own agendas.
Let’s apply the fixes necessary to address problems like these, but we cannot afford to use this incident as an excuse for lawlessness and to spread divisions, even in the midst of all the raw emotions.
It is terrible, and a burning shame that George Floyd had to die this way. Let’s seek justice and reconciliation not revenge.

The necessity of seeing Trump as less than human

It becomes more and more clear everyday why it is absolutely crucial for the left and the Democrat Party to paint President Donald Trump as an absolute monster, and Republicans and conservatives as evil people. By casting Trump as an ogre, the discussion never has to be about policy. Policy automatically has to take a back seat because if there really is a scalawag in the White House, the the focus has to be on dealing with the brute. How do we get rid of the mean scary guy who is in charge running the country then becomes the main question.
It is a devious yet brilliant strategy employed by the left and Democrat Party politicians, because in addition to diverting everyone’s eyes away from policy, Democrat misbehavior is never featured and given the spotlight that it deserves. Everything that they do is then measured in light of the the “Nazi” who is running the country.
An example of this would be Bill Maher on his popular show openly wishing for a recession so that Trump’s chances of getting re-elected would be diminished. When people point out to Maher that a recession will affect the lives of real people in some really painful ways, Maher casually dismisses their concerns by saying we could survive a recession, but our Democracy would not survive if Trump is re-elected.
This is what Democrat politicians have done for decades. They demonize everyone who opposes their destructive policies so that the discussion is never about the issues, but about personalities. People do not have to pay attention to Democrat policies if they are channeling all of their energy toward someone they consider to be the Anti-Christ.
When Democrats step out of line all they have to do is apologize, then look at who the nearest varmint nearby is and compare themselves to whoever that person may be. The Democrats are always the good guys in comparison. This is what they have done with Donald Trump. They simply deflect attention away from themselves and their awful policies, start screaming hysterically and pointing their fingers at Trump as they accuse him of genocide, terrorism, or some other really evil deed.
In the mean while as Nancy Pelosi moves forward with her awful Coronavirus relief bill with all kinds of poison pills that have nothing to do with the Corona virus, no one bats an eye. Once again policy takes a back seat because Trump is worse than Hitler and the Republicans in Congress are his storm troopers.
Democrat politicians and their media allies have convinced enough people that Trump really is worse than Hitler. He despises women, he hates gays, browns, blacks, and women. He eats children, drowns old people, tortures transgenders, and terrorizes the disabled. It is nothing but a constant barrage of name calling, insults, character assasination, and demonization of Trump and all those who support him.
Many people in return look at the Democrats and say, they can’t be that bad compared to this evil monster, and they just continue rolling along, accepting all of the garbage that the Democrat Party throws at them because after all, they have to be better than that vampire living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ravi Zacharias is gone, but his legacy lives

After being rescued by the hand of Jesus Christ from a suicide bed at the age 17, Dr. Ravi Zacharias spent the next 57 years of his life telling as many people that would listen, about his experience on what could have been his death bed.

He read the words of Jesus from the Bible that said because I live you also would live. He believed it. He accepted it. He says that Jesus Christ regenerated him and his life was never the same after that. He became a follower of Jesus Christ, a defender of Christianity, and approached the whole endeavor not just as a matter of faith, but also as an intellectual pursuit. He believed as a follower of Jesus Christ that it is important to engage the mind as much as it was to engage the spirit.

He never avoided the tough issues, in fact he seemed to relish discussion of them. He always gave thoughtful answers to the difficult questions that people enquired of him, and he tackled the objections to Christianity with intellectual rigor and a sharp analytical mind. No one who ever listened to Dr. Zacharias speak ever walked away thinking that the man was an intellectual fraud, or a charlatan.

He espoused a biblical worldview and spoke extensively on the importance of each individual finding purpose and meaning in life. He believed that Jesus Christ was the one who could give to any searching soul a purpose for living. His message that Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life was uncompromising, but he always spoke it in love.

He was a compassionate man who was always respectful toward his audience no matter of whom it was comprised. He understood that his worldview on Jesus Christ being the only way to God conflicted greatly with other popular philosophical outlooks on life, but he was always ready to defend it. He knew that people would disagree with his message. He never took it personally, but he gladly offered the message to all who would receive it.

He once said “in certain strands of evangelicalism, we sometimes think it is necessary to so humiliate someone of a different worldview, that we think unless we destroy everything he holds valuable, we cannot preach to him the gospel of Christ…what I am saying is this, when you are trying to reach someone, please be sensitive to what he holds valuable.”

Ravi Zacharias passed on from this world a couple of days ago, and for some reason his passing feels like a personal loss.

Christianity has lost one of its staunchest defenders and a man who from all indication lived the life he preached.

To anyone who has questions about what Ravi called the basic questions of life “Where do I come from? Why am I here? How should I treat people? Where am I going? Origin, meaning, morality, destiny, then check him out on YouTube to learn more.

Rest in peace Dr. Ravi Zacharias.

See Ravi’s interview with Dave Rubin:

The hunting of black people?

Lebron James: “We’re literally hunted EVERYDAY/EVERYTIME we step foot outside the comfort of our homes! Can’t even go for a damn jog man! Like WTF man are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!? No man fr ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! I’m sorry Ahmaud(Rest In Paradise) and my prayers and blessings sent to the….. heavens above to your family!!”

Could you imagine if someone with a powerful voice like Lebron James was to use that voice as a megaphone that encouraged young black men to take more responsibility for their actions and their lives?

What if he was to use that voice to call on more black men to follow his example of dedication, hard work, and commitment for their own lives?

What if Lebron was to assume the posture of a victor and not a victim, and encourage other young black men to do the same?

Could you imagine if Lebron was to use his voice as a voice of reason in situations like these, calling for justice but simultaneously using his very powerful voice as a soothing, healing balm?

There is so much to be admired about Lebron James, but when it comes to this important issue, all he does is add fuel to the fire on the discussion about race in this country…what a shame.

The tragic death of Ahmaud Arbery and the question of race

Why is it that the murder of a black man only seems to matter to so many black Americans, and white liberals if the victim was killed by the police or a white person under dubious circumstances? What is the reason for this? The carnage of black men at the hands of other black men never seems to generate an equal outcry like we see when a black man is killed at the hands of a cop (especially a white cop) or white citizen? We are seeing the same nonesense this time with the recent killing of a young man in Georgia by the name of Ahmaud Arbery. 

Now, make no mistake, people have the right to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery if he was indeed gunned down like an animal with for no just cause. Even if all the unsavory reports coming out about him are true, and he does indeed have a shady history he should not have lost his life in the manner that he did, and that is a topic worthy of discussion. 

What do you say to his family? There are no comforting words to offer his mother or father who will have to carry the grief of losing their son for the rest of their lives. It is a heartbreaking inconsolable loss, but for crying out loud, is it at all possible to seek justice without adding fuel to the fire by turning the whole incident in to an issue about race?

Let’s find out what happened, let’s get to the bottom of it. Let’s hold people accountable, including officials, for any wrong doing they may have committed, but goodness, stop trampling all over this man’s grave to further the victim narrative. This is not about black people being persecuted. This is about the three men involved.

If in the end it does come out that this about race (yes racism does still exist), then let’s confront it, deal with it honestly and make sure that the perpetrators pay the full penalty. Let’s make sure that they do not get to spread their hate any more in society, then keep on moving. 

Again, just to reiterate, no one is saying that there is no racism. It is impossible to get rid of racism in an imperfect world, but there is absolutely no need to use this unfortunate incident as a reason for large numbers of black people to turn attention on themselves, and wallow around in the mud of victimhood. The chances of any black man being killed by some random white dude who hates black men jogging in a white neighborhood is really small. 

It is difficult to understand why pushing the victim narrative is so important to so many black Americans who seem to relish the death of black man, just to keep pushing the ridiculous idea that black people are under siege in America? Stop using the unfortunate circumstaces of these men’s deaths to push this divisive foolishness.

People should demand that authorities seek the truth and pursue justice, but  could we stop pretending tht everything is about race though. It is possible for people to be jerks without them being racist jerks. 

How about this, if we must have the discussion about the killing of black men, or murder in general, can we at least have an honest discussion? Does it always have to be so one sided? Can we at least once talk about the fact that black men have to worry more about being killed by other black men more than by anyone else? 

When it comes to violent crime, each group suffers at the hands of those in their own group. Whites are mostly the victims of other whites. Asians are victims of other Asians. Hispanics are the victims of other Hispanics etc., but  black Americans  kill and violently attack more of their own than any other group, in America and the gap is very wide. That is just reality. It is a harsh reality, but reality nevertheless. 

Addressing these truths do not mean that black Americans are prone to violence because of their race. It does not mean that blacks are defected or that there is anything intrinsically wrong with the race. Black people are not different than any other group. People are people, but acknowledging these real problems will help to put black American in a winning position when confronting them. The first step to resolving a problem is acknowledging that a problem exists. 

Black Americans who continue to use these genuinely awful events as a reason to indulge in group self pity need to stop.  Stop getting excited about these “opportunities” to keep crying poor us. Stop turning everything that happens to individual black citizens into  an issue about the persecution of the group as a whole.