Is Diversity Really Our Strength

One of the biggest lies propagated as virtue in the United States of Wokelandia is the idea that diversity is our strength.

It’s not true. Not only is it not true, but it’s one of the biggest lies ever propagated and presented as virtue.

Diversity is not our strength. Unity is.

When the citizens of Wokelandia speak of diversity, they are usual talking about immutable physical characteristics like skin tone, eye color, hair texture, genitalia etc. Included in the Wokelandian diversity spectrum are those with internal characteristics like same sex attraction (sexual and emotional attraction), men who think they are women, and women who think they are men.

This diversity, or any similar kind of diversity has nothing to offer us just because the people who make up this group have all of these differences.

One could say many things about diversity. Diversity is interesting. Diversity is often beautiful. Diversity makes for interesting conversation. Diversity can seem scary to some. For others diversity is wonderful. Appreciating diversity can be a sign of strong character.

The one thing we can’t automatically say is that diversity is our strength, because there is some type of intrinsic value in these differences. There is no special value just in being diverse.

We are all special in the eyes of God, and there is something beautiful in the uniqueness of who we are, but minus a strong set of values that help to shape character; our individual makeup is not worth much.

Even diversity of opinion/ideas do not make diversity our strength. What does that statement mean? Well there are many great ideas that are out there, just wafting around in the ether, and no one is doing anything with them. In addition, not because ideas are diverse does it mean that they are good ideas. Bad ideas can be destructive if put into action, and good ideas are useless if no one acts on them.

However, If one has to make a choice between diverse opinions/ideas, and the diversity that the citizens of Wokelandia love to champion, then go with diversity of ideas/opinion every time. At least there is potential there for good things to come out of it. Good ideas hold world changing possibilities.

The diversity of Wokelandia is completely useless if you have a village full of the diversity they speak about, but they all have the same rotten ideas, which is often the case.

On the other hand, If people have shared values that are known to promote flourishing, prosperity, safety, security, happiness, building of character, and improving people’s lives in general, then they can unite around those values.

In America there is the idea that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If the citizens of Wokelandia united around this important principle in trying to find solutions to the problems that ail society, or if this idea drove them to try and be innovative, or to spark creativity, they would get a lot further than diversity for the sake of diversity will ever get them.

The idea that diversity is our strength may play well in Wokelandia. When put under a microscope though, those of us in the good ol’’ US of A know well that it is unity in the values that we share, and building off of all the things those values produce, that we have our strength, not some superficial idea about diversity.

The Left

The Left

Here’s an important qualifier when talking about the left. Its not necessarily referring to those with whom we share some different opinions on taxes, the role of Government, how big that role should be, health care, and many other traditional differences that we’ve had since the country’s founding.

When talking about the left, it is those rabid, hateful, wicked, scoundrels who attack their political opponents with virulent rhetoric, ad hominem attacks, and vicious insults, intimidation and violence because they can’t defend their ideology on the merits.

It is the people who are consciously trying to destroy the family as the institution that we have known it to be that is in mind.

They believe that boys can be girls and girls can be boys, that children should be given hormonal treatment, and mutilated to give credence to the transgender ideology.

The left has a laissez faire attitude about sex. They think that society should not make any judgments about any kind of sexual behavior. They believe that society should not have any norms about sexual behavior that are worth preserving . Anything goes with them, and no one should object or they will seek to destroy whoever does object.

The left includes the people who proudly walk around with images of Che Guevara on their T-shirts. They sing the praises of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, and other despots despite the destruction these leaders have wrought on their citizens.

The left believes that censorship is great and those who have an opinion differing from the status quo do not need to be heard. They insist that America as founded is a failure because the system is not perfect. They show disdain for the country and love to desecrate the flag to show how much they hate the country.

The left believes in dividing people into groups and judging everyone in those groups based on certain immutable and other characteristics.

They think that all disparities exist because a neboulous system is entrenched to ensure this purpose.

The left insists that abortion should have no restrictions and that a woman should be able to kill the life developing in her womb all the way up to the day of delivery, simply because nature made women the vessel through which life comes into the world.

They run cities like San Francisco and despite the obvious toll their policies have had, they double down on them.

They think that overt racism against white people is cool and they see blacks as perpetual victims who just can’t get ahead without a handout. They hold black people to a completely different standard of accountability, and they see themselves as virtuous because of it.

Violence and intimidation are major tools they employ to spread their ideology. They think the Ferguson riots, the Baltimore riots, and the riots all across the country in 2020 were righteous acts.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. What makes them particularly dangerous is that they are not just a fringe movement. They are, but they have major support in the media, academia, Hollywood, big tech and other institutions of influence.

They seldom face consequences for their actions, and so they often continue with business as usual, unafraid that they will ever pay the price for their behavior.

That is who is in mind when talking about the left, not just your Democrat neighbor who thinks that the openly Marxist Party they support is not who the Party says they are.

They still have nostalgia for the days of JFK. They think that we are dealing with the same differences we’ve always had.

Who, what comes to mind when you think of the left?

The Joy Of The Left Over A Black Man’s Death

I try to imagine what it must be like to be in a room filled with leftists when a black man is killed by the police.

Can you imagine the scene? They start hooting and hollering, pumping fists in the air, in excited, Tiger Woods style, after winning his first Masters title and screaming out an enthusiastic yassss!They start doing a jig, break dancing, and jumping around excitedly.

A black man just got killed by the police ah ah, a black man just got killed by the police ah ah, a black man got killed by the police ah ah, a black man got killed by the…sheer joy and celebration.

To anyone in the room unfamiliar with what may be going on, looking a bit confused and trying to figure out what the heck is happening; that person soon gets it.

Before long, one of the other leftists in the room walks over and says what’s wrong with you, didn’t you hear? Another black man’s been killed by the police. He turns around a bit annoyed that the rookie lefty in the room doesn’t quite get it, but he’s still excited and let’s out a big woohooo!

When the sheer joy and excitement of another black man losing his life at the hands of the police dissipates a bit, and they are still high fiving each other on the residue of the high from the “good” news, the rookie suddenly begins to get it.

The black man’s death is an opportunity to push leftist ideology further. The joy soon transforms into melancholy. The cause is the most important issue, but a man did die after all.

Oh well back to the order of business. As Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emmanuel said, never let a crisis go to waste. That dead black man, his family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others do not matter as much as the cause. His death must be exploited for leftist gain.

Nevertheless they cant appear to be too callous. Soon everywhere, not just in the room, leftist joy is replaced by feigned, make believe outrage and concern over the truly grave situation that a human being lost his life in a very unfortunate situation.

The gravity of the black man’s death suddenly transforms them into creatures of obvious, showy outrage. They begin to fake sorrow and act concerned, but make no mistake, they do not care about the deaths of black men killed in these tragic circumstances as much as they care about pushing their agenda forward using the awful circumstance.

It would be impossible for them to care less.

A black man’s death only matters to them if he is killed by the police. That’s what they care about. If it’s a white policeman, then awesome. That’s a winner right there. They care alright.

They then proceed to sound the trumpet tu dut tu du du! Tu dut tu du du! Let the race baiting begin.

Then the white lefties at the helm of the movement together with the black bourgeoisie start pushing the same narrative. Black men are under siege in America, mthey begin to shout gleefully outraged.

Whether it’s a white cop, an orange cop, a purple cop or a black cop, they’ll find a way to turn the situation into a race issue.

If you want proof just look at the recent killing of Tyre Nichols. Somehow the white left, and the black left bourgeoisie managed to turn a terrible, terrible act of violence committed against this man by five black police officers, from a police force that is majority black, with black leaders all across the top, with a City Council led by a black man, plus six other black Council members on a 13 member board into, white supremacy.

One can only draw from what they are sayin, that black people are so incapable of critical thinking, the ability to reason, or to spot unfairness, and injustice, that even when they are in positions of leadership, they can’t help but unwittingly practice white supremacy on behalf of the evil white man, and his eeeeeevil system. That is how pathetic black people are in the eyes of these frauds.

Don’t believe for one second that these people are about police reform either. They welcome these abuses by the police because it presents opportunity.

What they want is to undermine the police. They want the public to see the police as incompetent, untrustworthy, and out of control. They want the chaos that would result from a police force that is broken and demoralized.

They can then present themselves as the heros who’ll rescue us from the chaos they themselves orchestrated and helped to create. They’ll rescue us by implementing policies and laws that under normal circumstances we the people would reject.

No sir don’t buy it for one second. What they care about is leftist ideology and the opportunity to ride the deaths of black men into their Marxist paradise.

Reflecting On The Reign Of Barrack The Great, And The Trump Years

I recently found myself reflecting on the good old days when our country was ruled by Barrack the munificent (bow your head in honor to him now wherever you are). It was a very, very long time ago, but let us harken back to those glorious days in American history.

When Barrack rode in on his white horse (or was it a black horse?) so long ago, and became the President of the United States, there was euphoria all over America and the world.

Though not a fan of his from the very beginning, it was good to see a black man finally elected to the White House.

America had finally put aside its shameful past and recognized all it’s citizens as Americans first, and the racial prejudice that had defined us as a country for so long was clearly defeated…or so we thought.

The nation was on a constant upward trajectory of improvement. We always recognized that did not live up to the highest ideals of our founding and the constitution, but we were always making improvements and making restitution where possible.

The election of Barrack the magnificent epitomized all that was good about America…not flawless, not perfect but always striving for better…warts and all, as the saying goes.

His majesty’s ascension to the highest seat in America and the world was the one glass ceiling that blacks were unable to crack. The great one shattered it!

Martin Luther King was so encouraged and pleased by the progress he was seeing during his fight for civil rights that he said it’s possible a black man would be President in 25 years. It happened in 44 years. It did not happen 19 years later than King predicted because “Americans were not ready for a black President, but because until Obama, there were not any black candidates with the total packet that Obama had.

Obama was celebrated when he burst onto the scene. He could do no wrong.

Then he got to Governing and it became even more clear that he was a leftist radical who had a lot of disdain for the country he sought to lead.

Those of us who were paying attention were not surprised. If you were paying any attention at all, you knew Obama loved big Government, had contempt for America as it was founded, and in his own words…his own words, wanted to fundamentally transform America.

The honeymoon period did not last long and once it became even clearer what the Obama agenda was, Mitch Mc Connell famously said his main focus would be to make Obama a one term President.

That was a totally legitimate expression by the leader of the Party in the opposition. There was nothing strange about that sentiment spoken by Mc Connell. After all Democrats wanted to make Bush a one term President. Republicans wanted to make Clinton a one term President etc. That’s just the way it is. The Party not in power wants to politically beat the Party in power, and get the guy at the helm voted out.

With Obama though it was different. The media, the Democrat Party, and all the usual suspects had a field day because of what Mc Connell said.

They treated Mc Connell’s comments like those comments were violent threats that came out the mouth of a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

How dare McConnell!?!

Doesn’t he know Obama is black? How dare he treat Obama like he would any white Democrat? They clutched their purses and they held on to their pearls, lamenting the racist Republicans who only wanted to see Obama fail.

Another big time Republican, Rush Limbaugh, famously uttered around the same time that he wanted to see Obama fail, and that sent the whole leftist media cabal and their allies into a headless chicken like frenzy. Oh the racist Limbaugh (pearls intensely held between the fingers)! Limbaugh did not just make an open statement that expressed his desire for Obam failure. He qualified the statement.

He was very particular and detailed about what failure would look like, and what he meant by he wanted Obama to fail at, but none of that mattered. Why should it when there is a race card to play?

The fact he said those words were all they needed. Limbaugh is a racist and although over 500 counties voted for Obama, overwhelmingly securing the white vote and being celebrated here and around the world, from those early days, everything was about Obama’s race.

Rising among his peers as a black man no longer was the accomplishment that showed America had overcome its racist past. If Americans really wanted to show that it was not the same country it was just a few decades earlier, they would refrain from ever criticizing, mocking, or being nasty and unkind to him (as was sometimes the case with every President before him).

For those on the left, and propagated by the fraudulent media, no opposition to Obama and his policies was not attributed to race.

Never mind that just a few years earlier the famed Democrat strategist James Carville, had expressed the same sentiment that he wanted George Bush the younger to fail, period. Carville did not give any qualifiers like Limbaugh did. He just straight up said he wanted Bush to fail. Didn’t matter though. Carville’s sentiment was totally legit, Limbaugh’s was racist.

When a Republican Congressman shouted “you lie,” during Obama’s first SOTU address, the race pimps and the ethnic hustlers swooped in on the guy. Hollywood, academia, the leftist media, and Democrats all labeled the Congressman a racist who just hated the fact that a black sheriff was now running the town.

It was impossible to oppose Obama for any other reason than his half blackness. Poor Congressman Walsh had to do penance for the rest of his term. He went on a virtual apology tour, begging forgiveness of anyone who would listen, and explaining that no, he is not a racist.

That became the trend during the entire two terms of his highness Barrack. After that outburst by Congressman Walsh, everyone went back to the regular Protocols of sitting dignified and behaving respectfully during the President’s SOTU address. During pauses in Obama’s speeches when they weren’t on their feet applauding, screaming, and bowing in worship; you could hear a pin drop.

Every President is ridiculed, especially Republican Presidents, and opposed for their policies. Don’t forget George Bush. He was called a dummy in a million different ways every single day during his time in office. The media never gave him a break. They were relentless with their attacks. Bush lied people died. Bush is a war criminal. Bush hates black people. Bush wanted black people to die during hurricane Katrina. The man was attacked on every front, in every way, every single day. They never let up about the war, constantly undermining him in the middle of the conflict. They were merciless.

Criticizing Obama on the other hand to even a very minute degree automatically rendered you a racist.

There was one time a rodeo clown put on an Obama mask and made some light fun of the then President. Well! Who told him to do that?

Now it was not the first time the rodeo clown had worn a mask attacking a sitting President. It was part of his schtick during the rodeo!

He did not get the memo about Obama though. You do not make fun of the black President. It was to be the clown’s undoing. The media treated the act of a rodeo clown mocking Obama like it was bigger than the terrorist accacks on the United States in 2001. It was rough.

The State of Wisconsin changed their policy about people participating in their state fare. They now had to do sensitivity training prior to participating in the fare because a rodeo clown had the temerity to mock the first black President, Barrack Hussein O the great.

That was the charmed life Obama lived as Predident. Thinking about it now those days may have been the genesis of the current aggressive anti free speech movement that is now in over drive.

Nevertheless, at every turn, the media let us know that Barrack Obama was DE MOHST DISS – REE- SPEKKTED PRESIDENT EVVAH. You know why…racism and stuff.

Then came Trump, and the rules on how to treat a sitting President changed again. Any kind of disrespect directed at the President was acceptable again. In fact, the more vile you were towards Trump the more the media adored you. Hollywood and academia was all about that life.

Here’s just a smattering of what became acceptable when Trump became President:

Sixty seven Congressmen boycotted his inauguration. No problem.

The media and Maxine Waters called for his impeachment before he was even sworn in. Who cares? He’d better put on his big boy pants and deal with it.

People like John Lewis and Hillary Clinton calling him an illegitimate President became acceptable. Well it’s the truth ain’t it?

He was accused of being a Russian asset.

Well we know that one is true.

Fashion designers promised not to design for his wife. Cut it out, nothing wrong with that.

Democrat Party leaders, with Nancy Pelosi and Obama official Hilda Solis standing close by and looking on approvingly, lead a crowd in chants of F $$$ Donald Trump, F$$$. Oh that’s perfectly legit.

A former member of the Obama Administration called for a military coup against Trump. No problem, that’s normal stuff.

Nothing was off limits.

One young rapper on Twitter boldly declared “Hey Trump you better shut your mouth before I pimp your wife.” Another popular rapper made a song featuring a Melania look alike doing a sexually provocative dance on a desk. Another rapper did a Trump simulated execution in his music video. All good, who cares!?!

One congresswoman openly called for the public to harass members of the President’s cabinet.

She infamously said “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. She also gave us this gem “The people are going to turn on them. They’re going to protest. They’re going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they’re going to tell the President, ‘No, I can’t hang with you.’”

That’s just barely touching the surface of what was allowable by the left against a sitting President when the country returned to the 1930s era when lynching black people was no big deal (that’s how much America was upset they were led by a black man for eight years in two major election victories).

That’s the Democrat Party for you ladies and gentlemen. These people are craaazy. That’s why it was so unreal listening to Hakim Jeffries the other night complaining about Republicans behavior during Biden’s SOTU address.

Don’t worry about their projection though. If we are going to lose the country to these maniacs then it can’t be without a fight. Go down kicking and screaming, scratching, and clawing all the way.

The Idolatrous Worship Of The Left

Human beings are born to worship. It is an innate quality that we all possess, and that need finds expression in some way or the other, even if worship is not given to the one true God. One has to stifle that desire, and bury it in order to deny it. 

We know the left generally hates God and anyone who tends to reference or appeal to God, but that does not mean they lose their innate need to worship. 

They fill that void with a bunch of substitutes. They willingly bend their knees to a pantheon of idols that come in the form of “worthy causes.” environmentalism, racial idolatry, LGBTQIA+++++++ ideology, and so called social justice, are just some of the movement deities that come to mind. 

Perhaps nothing demonstrated it as clearly as their recent devotion to anti COVTRSCAM-19 measures by the Government, and the left’s insistence on getting everyone to indulge in the sacraments of vaccines, mask wearing and lockdowns.

Remember when the left used to be suspicious of big pharma? I mean, they absolutely hated big pharma. They’d talk about special interests, the pharmaceutical lobby etc. with absolute scorn. All of that changed and they became unwavering devotees of big pharma in their devotion to big Government anti COVRUSE-19 measures.  Not just big pharma but the conglomerate that claimed exclusivity to the science relating to COVRACKET-19.

The left became worshippers of big pharma, proselytizing on behalf of the industry. They looked to their prophets like Anthony Grauci and other oracles like the mainstream media for guidance, and instructions on what they needed to do to show their devotion. 

They unquestionably followed any word decreed by their prophets, their oracles and scribes, obediently indulging all of the sacraments with a religious fervor that rivals any modern day cult.

With nauseating self righteous pomposity, many of them willingly cut off relationships with family members, lifelong friends, neighbors and anyone who dared to question what their religious leaders espoused during the lock downs. 

Like true Branch Davidians they obeyed every word to the letter, never wavering to the right or left. 

They had no problem stoning any heretic who refused to do obeisance to their false Gods. As they persecuted the unfaithful, they emulsified their consciences by screaming the words science, or conspiracy theorist as the rocks flew from their hands at the heads of the persecuted. 

They chanted those magic words to ward off any evil spirit that tempted them to think or listen to other voices. Any threat of an independent thought was warded off by those all powerful words. SCIENCE, CONSPIRACY! And all was well again. 

Confident that they defeated the evil spirits, they were free to indulge in the sacraments of masking their two year olds, or vaccccinating their 10 year olds, while telling anyone who opted not to go that route that they were evil sinners, worse than Hitler and going straight to hell. 

They possessed the monopoly on the scientific data you see. 

They preached their fire and brimstone message with the zealotry of a middle aged monk demanding that the poor soul he is about to burn at the stake recant and beg forgiveness. 

No one questions their monopoly on science. Don’t you even dare.

As they go about their business, masked up as they drive alone in their vehicles, or while going for a walk in the neighborhood, on the hiking trail, or on the beach; they refuse to believe what is now so clear as it stares them in the face. 

A real, unfortunate, deadly disease was used as an opportunistic power grab by the diocese, using the priesthood to gain more power and control in the lives of the faithful, and those they attempted to drag unwilling to the altar to worship.

As the diocese casually admits to a lot of what many of those they persecuted were saying from early on, the faith of the believers is steadfast. 

They have to worship after all. That need does not disappear simply because you are a Godless leftist.

The Greatest Scam Ever In American History

The greatest scam in the history of America.

Not COVID-19, but the response to COVID-19, or COVRUSE-19, or COVSCAM-19, or COVTRICK-19 etc. A low down dirty abuse of citizens based on all kinds misinformation, censorship, and a false claim to exclusive access to the science by a bunch of quacks and dishonest people.

In the history of the world, has there ever been a response of quarantining the healthy the way we did? The response has always been to quarantine the sick and everyone else go about their lives while taking necessary precautions.

There is a reason many indigenous tribes succumbed to diseases brought in by Europeans when they first came to the Americas. They were never exposed to the diseases the Europeans brought with them. As a result they never had a chance to build any resistance, so when they were infected they died out like flies; so much so that to this day people say the Europeans did it on purpose to committed genocide.

For some reason the smart sciency types told us that staying tucked away for our own good, so that our exposure to the disease would be kept at a minimum, was the way to go.

Thousands of elder people died lonely deaths deprived of the sense of touch and their loved ones’ comfort. Thousands of them died because some governors mishandled the crisis from the beginning, and people died directly because of their asinine policies.

Think about that for one moment, sick and dying, or just experiencing your last days on earth, and some bureaucrat says to you, and your family sorry no can do. You can’t spend these last days with grandma.

By the way take this shot in your arm or lose your job. Take it or you can’t go to a restaurant, but if you want to protest and rage in the streets over a false narrative, that’s allowed. If you are crossing the border illegally no vaccines are necessary. And don’t you question the safety or the efficacy of the vaccines either…science deniers.

Americans live such lives of luxury and are so spoiled, and privileged; they think that they can be protected from all the natural consequences of just being alive. They think there is some kind of magic bullet possessed by the government that could make everything alright, so they just went along with all of this nonsense.

They say hind sight is 20/20 but a lot of this did not have to happen. Many experts were sounding the alarm from early on and saying this is an overreaction. Rethink these measures., but they were shut out of the discussion. Everything they had to say was shut down and they were rejected when they offered solutions based on their expertise.

Now the guy in the White House who boastfully declared a few days ago that “half the women in my cabinet are women,” is telling us that they’ll officially declare the pandemic over in a few months.

Thanks guy with half the women in your cabinet who are women. We feel better now. Now that you said it must be true.

It still makes the blood boil.

Only Parents Should Be Talking To Their Children About Sex

  ·   · 

To the extent that any school should be teaching children about sex, it should not extend beyond teaching about the biological processes necessary for children to be created… nothing more nothing less.

It is not the responsibility of any party outside of the home to teach children about sexual morality, how to do it safely, what type of sex is acceptable or anything like that. That is not anyone’s business but the parents.’

Go check out California and see what they teach children about sex, and as a parent and you’ll hold your head in utter disbelief. As a parent you cannot eve opt your children out of the classes.

It’s a sick world we are living in, and it’s all brought to you by the left and the Democrat Part.

Everyone of you older generation who bought in to Democratic Party lies over the years, this is the country you have helped to create.

No one is saying that the Republican Party is pure, but it’s precisely because they get judged by a different set of standards that they have been forced to for the most part, watch their behavior. It’s not that there is anything better than them because they are Republicans. They just can’t get away with stuff the same way. That’s a good thing.

But these issues go a lot deeper than merely Democrat and Republican. At the core of all this is the question of the heart.

Human beings default to bad behavior whenever they forsake the values that have been established by Almighty God. These values are evident in nature. In addition, we know how success springs from them when we embrace them.

The country was founded and built on biblical principles, and the further we move away from them, the further down into the abyss we sink.

These biblical principles are what set the nation on a constant trajectory of improvement, so that even though we did not always live up to them; there were always people holding the nation to account. They were always confronting leaders for their failure to live up to them, forcing them to work on improving who we are as a nation.

Today as we forsake these principles, we are moving in the opposite direction.

It’s a shame, and heartbreaking to watch as the nation self destructs, while everyone whistles a happy tune in the midst of societal collapse.

What a shame indeed.

What To Do About Representative George Santos

Rep George Santos

This Rep. George Santos dude. I don’t want to say I’m conflicted about him . He comes across as just another dishonest grifter with a lust for power, and will do anything to attain it. He’s a shame and an utter embarrassment to himself to his party and his constituents. These are not the kind of people that you want in Congress.

What else is this man willing to lie about to achieve his political ambitions. He’s the perfect example of why people despise politicians so much. Most jarring is how defiant he is in the face of all that

has come out about him.

Once upon a time this man would have disappeared and run away for the shame of being exposed the way he has been. In our current time though, the God given gift of shame has been relegated to just an inconvenient emotion to make people feel bad about themselves. It is not seen as a tool for people to be introspective in order to do some self examination and make appropriate corrections to behavior.

This man should not be in Congress. The GOP should have put pressure on him to resign, then go on a campaign accepting culpability for not vetting him the way they should have, then wage an unparalleled campaign to show people that they will do better, and find a candidate who would be worthy of the candidacy, and hard to beat.

Then again, they may be feeling that in the current position he is an evil that they have to deal with in the light of all that is taking place in the country. They may have looked at everything he did, and concluded that his misdoings are not serious enough to go and risk their slight majority in the Congress. Maybe they think they can control him and can minimize any potential damage he can cause for the next two years.

Considers that we very likely have a man with dementia running the country. Look at men like Adam Schiff ( Russia collusion lies he told knowing they were lies, but thinking it was ok in order to get rid of a President he did not like, Twitter files etc.). Consider Eric Swalwell (a man who literally had a reputed Chinese spy as his girlfriend for three years). Then there’s Elizabeth Warren (Poca han tas), and Danang Dick Blumenthal (committing a form a stolen valor). They are all heros in the Democrat Party.

Put them side by side with this Santos guy, then compare their lies and the things we know they have done with each other, then ask why one standard for Democrats, and another for Republicans.

Now the point is not to say that Santos does not deserve the pressure he has faced since his lies have been discovered. He does, but when the double standard is so flagrantly obvious, it seems clear why the Republicans may have made their evaluation under the circumstances and decided to go with this guy, let him serve out his term, then let his constituents decide in two years time.

Apart from the fact that Democrats are happy to have a man displaying so many signs of dementia running the country, this same guy has told some really large falsehoods over the years. And none of that seems to matter.

Here are some of the Predident’s lies all in the attempt to embellish himself:

He once claimed that he was arrested decades ago in South Africa for attempting to meet with then-imprisoned Nelson Mandela.

He claimed he used to drive an 18 wheeler.

He claimed he went to law cschool on a full academic scholarship (the only one in his class).

He claimed he was a top student but was actually at the lower bottom of his class, and was known to plagiarize a paper when he was in law school and years later, another time when he ran for President he plagiarized a British politician.

None of this is to say that truth does not matter for an individual if everyone else around him is lying.

The truth is that none of the aforementioned charlatans deserves to sit in the place their voters have given them the honor of sitting, but in a country that is in such rapid moral decline, sometimes you have to put everything in the balance and go with the measure you have.

It’s a shame that this man gets to represent anyone, but then again he did apologize. Maybe he meant it and will do better moving forward…or not.

The point is that this is how it usually works for Democrats, so the thinking may be that the same principles should apply to Rep Santos.

Let’s see how the GOP deals with this guy going forward.

The LGBTQI+ Ideology And Those Who Refuse To Conform

Philadelphia Flyers Player Boycotts His Woke Team’s “Pride Night,” Refuses To Wear Their LGBTQ Warm Up Jersey. That was a recent headline in the news media.

In an age when the full court press is on to make others feel guilty, or like bad people because of their stance on the LGBTQIA+ ideology and agenda, it is good to see people stand on their principles. This player refused to give in to the pressure and stood on his convictions and refused to celebrate Pride Night with the rest of his team. That is something that should be admired and applauded

There is a tendency to equate sexual preference and behavior with race, and the two could not be further apart from each other. The LGBTQIA+ proponents say that to oppose the LGBTQIA+ ideology is the same as treating someone different because of the person’s race. But this comparison of the two groups is way off base. First of all, sexual feelings, emotions, and genital activity are not the same as the immutable characteristics of race, color, national origin etc.

People have the right to say that they do not want to be a part of any activity that promotes behavior they do not agree with or condone. Their belief is that human beings are not simply creatures who should just base their lives on feelings. As human beings we are often called to bring our emotions/feelings under control for many different reasons. And the idea that society simply has to accept all kinds of  sexual behavior outside the norm of a man and a woman joined in marriage is a bad idea.

They believer that any society with a laissez faire attitude towards sexual behavior is a society that will eventually accept all kinds unthinkable sexual behavior. There was a time when premarital sex was frowned on, and though people did engage in the practice it was a healthy boundary that served to avoid many societal issues that we deal with today that can be attributed to the removal of that boundary (fatherless homes and the many consequences that spring from that being one example). Once certain sexual boundaries are removed, this then paves the way to the acceptance of other behaviors that inevitably lead to the crumbling, and disintegration of society where practically anything goes.

There have always been people who practiced sex outside the boundary, and norm of man and wife. This is not new. What is new is the idea that society must be coerced into accepting many of these behaviors, and those who do not, must be tarred, feathered and shamed for the refusal to conform this attitude about sex. We are at a point in our history when the members of a small but powerful lobby insist that in order to be considered a good person, one has to conform to the idea that men having sex with men, and women having sex with women is a beautiful thing.

People have the right to live their lives however they wish. Human beings are free psychological agents. When it comes to sex, it is an individual’s right to make personal decisions on their own sexual behavior. No one should be treated as less than human because of their sexual choices, but by the same token; others have the right to reject certain sexual practices, and not want anything to do with promoting them. 

A religious organization that cares for orphaned children should have the right to say they will only allow traditional husband and wife teams to adopt children. A baker who is uncomfortable baking a cake for a gay wedding should have the right to refuse to do it without being harassed by people who believe that individual should not have a choice to cater to a gay wedding. Sexual behavior is not the same as the immutable characteristic of race. People can modify behavior, they cannot do anything about race.

Again, the argument is not that people’s feelings or sexual proclivities are not real. The argument is that human beings are called to a higher standard than just feelings. The very nature of sex, no matter how much we try to trivialize it, and relegate it to just another physical activity, or biological drive, is different than any other  human behavior. It is a deeply personal, intimate act. It can be the most beautiful experience in the world with all kinds of wonderful positive outcomes that are physically, psychologically beneficial, and more. On the other hand, the opposite can also be true when there is a laissez faire approach to sex, with all kinds of negative long term ramifications. 

There are many feelings and sexual inclinations human beings have which they do not generally engage simply because they have them, and for the minority that do engage them, they do it in the shadows. These people do not have the right to demand that society drop all of its standards and norms to accommodate their inclinations. Others maintain the right to say they do not condone or support certain sexual behaviors. 

They have the right to believe that maintaining sexual boundaries is important to a thriving society. They have the right to believe that once removed, other pivotal boundaries will also inevitably, eventually fall, and lead to societal decline. Since the beginning of time, people have held strong convictions about sexual behavior. This is nothing new, but the idea that those who hold to traditional values about sex should be bullied into accepting an anything goes attitude attitude about sex certainly is new. 

No one should bow to this kind of pressure.

A Second Chance

This is a really interesting story about someone getting a second chance and making use of it. The most interesting thing in this interview is the way she takes full responsibility for what she did.

Hopefully this lady finds her way and gets to live a fruitful successful life.