Black victimhood in full swing

There is a common refrain in America that black people are slaughtered by the police for no other reason than because they are black. People everywhere sing the song, from the king of charlatans himself, Barrack Husseing O’, to all of the the other pimps in the black race hustler oligarchy. 

No matter where you go, these fomentors continue the propaganda that black people everywhere are being slaughtered by the numbers (no one ever gives you the actual numbers). The black victim class just laps it all up without an ounce of critical thinking. Without ever examining the data they just repeat the mantra. You can see them posting all over facebook, just basking in victimhood. “They are killing us, they are killing us.” “We have to walk the streets in fear of the police taking our lives for no reason,” and on and on they go. “Look at us, poor us everyone just hates us.” It’s sickening!

Larry Elder has a name for them. He calls them Victocrats, a nice play on the word victim and the political party that so many of these people mindlessly follow. How is it possible that in a year when a handful of unarmed black people died at the hands of the police that so many people think the numbers are exponentially higher, how is that even possible? Well the answer to that is simple. There is a well oiled political propaganda machine whose main purpose is to keep black people in a state of discontent and grievance. 

In 2019 the number of black unarmed people killed by the police was 27. The numbers are not out for 2020 as yet. Now 27 dead men are 27 too many, but all we have to do is add a little bit of context, and any blind bat could see that there is a lot more nuance to the story. One of the issues is that unarmed does not necessarily mean “undangerous.” Another issue is that police go where crime is, and the harsh simple truth is that many urban communities and neighborhoods where black people live are hotbeds of violence and crime. Where there is crime there is more potential for things to go wrong with the police. When things go wrong, it will go wrong with the inhabitants of the communities where crime is rampant, more often than not, black communities, but no one wants to talk about any of those issues. 

In the entire discussion of black men who suffer violent deaths, the main focus is the  handful of blacks killed by the police. The 7000 black men killed by other black men is a topic that is off limits. Who cares? Always remember no group of people slaughters members of those in their own communities like black people do. The number of murders in other groups do not even come close, Black lives matter should change their name to black lives matter only when killed by white men or cops. How’s that for an acronym?  BLMOWKBWMOC!  It has a nice ring to it. 

No one is willing to have the hard discussion about the absence of black fathers from the home and  what drives that culture. No one wants to talk about the many consequences that one important factor has on the lives of so many black people. There is never a discussion about encouraging black people to modify the behavior that often leads to the unfortunate situations that we have too often seen played out on YouTube in interactions between black people and the police. Instead it’s just a constant drum beat of whitey is out to get black people. On the rare occasions when there is legitimate polic brutality; the media, politicians, celebrities, and academics begin to jump for joy and do a jig because they get to point their finger and say “see we told you.”

Why do so many black people embrace this nonesense in a country where whatever racism does exist in 2021 is not enough to stop anyone or any group from accomplishing their dreams, objectives and goals. Why would anyone want to live in such a cage?

The machine that is so invested in promoting the myth of white supremacy as a major cause of problems for black people wouldn’t have it any other way. This machine does not wish to see black people as a whole rise to the level of prosperity that other groups have risen to in this nation that affords so many awesome opportunities to one and all. These provacateurs stand to lose a lot of prestige, and power in the race hustling industry if more  black people were to wake up and see themselves as victors and not victims. 

These manipulators would be crest fallen, and no longer able to present themselves as the saviors of helpless black people. They will be recognized for the absolute, shameless swindlers that they are, and they can’t have that. 

Quite frankly, encouraging the culture of black victimhood is good business, and a large percentage of the black people say “we loove it.”

Some more thoughts on the Ravi Zacharias Scandal

So what now? Now that all of the evidence suggests that Ravi Zacharias was not just a flawed man, but an outright fraud; how should the people who have been inspired and touched by his messages respond to this information? There is no doubt that this man knew the scriptures. His teachings were on point. He never twisted the Bible to say things it did not, neither did he use it to manipulate his audiences for money or gain. His reasoning was solid, and and his mind was a gold mine. He was sharp. This guy knew his stuff.

Ravi’s chicanery was the way that he used his position to gain people’s trust, and then use that trust to manipulate them in pursuit of his own selfish desires. He used his position of power and trust to avoid accountability, and to groom and sexually exploit vulnerable women. There were red flags that in hindsight his organization is now recognizing should have alerted them. So manipulative was he that they believed in spite of those red flags, he was above reproach.

So the question stands, what now? Well as one popular YouTuber, Mike Winger pointed out, during Jesus’ ministry one of the disciples he appointed turned out to be a thief and a traitor. He was in charge of the funds that Jesus and the disciples had, and he used to steal from it.

As a disciple of Jesus, Judas was a full fledged participant in all that the disciples did. He was even granted the authority by Jesus to perform miracles. He broke bread with the master, sat close to him and knew him intimately, yet his heart was not in the right place with God. Those who were blessed by whateverJudas did still had reason to be grateful that God was merciful to them. The vessel through which the blessing came did not affect the message itself. So it is with Ravi Zacharias. We should be thankful to God for whatever we’ve learned from his teachings, and whatever we’ve gained. Separate the man from the message and keep on moving.

Jesus gave good advice when he dealt with the hypocrisy of the religious leaders in his day. He said ”The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, so practice and observe whatever they tell you–but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger. They do all their deeds to be seen by others. Lets followe Winger’s advice. He said now that we know who this man was, the church must separate itself from anything that has to do with his name.

As we process the utter shock and the disappointment over this scandal, remember his victims and all of the people directly affected by his alleged deception. the women he groomed to sexually exploit, the people close to him whose trust he took advantage of for years. Rememember his family who will be dealing with this for the rest of their lives. The man they loved and all thought they knew was a complete fraud. All of these people will need our prayers and the Grace of Almighty God to get past this massive betrayal and deception.

Jesus warned of stuff like this.

The stunning, colossal, meteoric post mortem fall of Ravi Zacharias

What do you say? How, where does one even begin to write on the following topic? It is so painfully disappointing that it is difficult to even begin. 

Here goes!

Ravi Zacharias was a staunch defender of the Christian faith. He was a man of supreme intellect who was never afraid to engage with opponents of his belief. Ravi espoused the idea that faith in Jesus Christ, and the account of his life, crucifixion, burial and resurrection was not just a matter of belief, but was based on sound evidence and reasoning. He argued that if God does indeed exist, it is not beyond God to make a divine intervention in human existence to demonstrate who he is in a powerful indisputable way.  

Zacharias spent his life making the case for Christ and his message. Many people came to faith in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Ravi Zacharias. Many others were strengthened or renewed in their faith because of Zacharias’ influence.

If you’ve ever heard Ravi Zacharias speak or seen him in any of his videos, he came across as a caring, honest, gentle man of quiet strength, character and integrity. As one person put it, his name was synonymous with integrity. Sadly however, it appears that Ravi’s life was a lie (it pains having to say this). Ravi occupied a place of high esteem and admiration as a disciple of Christ in a darkened world. 

After accusations of sexual impropriety came out about Zacharias after his death, the organization that he led launched an investigation into the claims made against him by numerous women. Findings of the investigation proved to be much worse than anyone could have ever imagined. The evidence strongly shows that the beloved and revered apologist lived a deceitful, secret doubld life all the way up to his passing almost a year ago. 

When revelations of Ravi’s secret life first started to get exposeed, many of his admirers immediately jumped to his defense, and his organization also defended him rigorously. There’s no way this could be true…right? Not Ravi! 

The revelation that “yes Ravi” has been so devastating, disappointing, and surreal that people are shell shocked. It is a shot to the heart, unlike any Christian scandal that has unfolded in decades. This is such a blow that some people are describing it as the worst Christian scandal ever. It is that bad.

Ravi Zacharias was not your run of the mill snake oil salesman, televangelist selling a gimmick. Ravi was the real deal for sure, a tower of light, earnest, sincere, truthful, a man of integrity, just doing God’s work, trying to enlighten people to the truth of Jesus Christ, using reason to bring them to faith. Ravi had gravitas.

Well, all the indicators suggest that Ravi Zacharias lived a duplicitous life and did everything in his power to conceal it. 

Ravi Zacharias was not the man whom so many people thought he was.

It would be easy to address this by simply saying that Ravi was just a man, and that no man deserves the adulation that people poured on him. That may be worth examining, but is it simply about that, and saying that Jesus should always be the main focus, and not sinful men? While all of that may be true, the truth is that followers of Jesus Christ have an obligation to live their lives in a manner that reflects who Jesus is. Paul the apostle in addressing sexual immorality, and some other issues, in one of the early churches where one person was messing around with his stepmother said something note worthy in his letter to that church. Paul said to the people, be imitators of me as I am of Christ. Jesus himself said to let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and know that you are my disciples.

Think of the crushing blow it is to the many who were inspired by the life they believed Ravi Zacharias lived. Think about the wreckage to his family and what they are going through in the aftermath of the investigation’s findings. Think of the many people who will forever turn their backs on the to the message of th Jesus Christ. Think of the many women who Ravi allegedly used his power to prey on for his own sexual gratification. 

It is true that Jesus is the one to whom we all should look as the ultimate example, because it is he who never fails. People understand that human beings fail, but people must be able to look at followers of Christ, and leaders in the church as examples to the church and the world. It is always disappointing when the followers of Christ, especially the people like Ravi Zacharias do not live up to their calling.

Don’t apologize for anything Trumpers

In these dangerous times that we live, do not let the violent left intimidate you into silence.

If you were one of the none violent people who showed up to the “stop the steal” rally a few weeks ago do not apologize for anything. 

You did nothing wrong!

Americans have the right to protest their government when they have reasons to believe that they have been aggrieved.

Once again, if you were one of the tens of thousands of peaceful protesters who showed up at the “stop the steal rally” don’t you dare apologize for anything.

If you have concerns about election integrity, you have the right to draw attention to your concerns. If people keep dismissing your concerns, you have the right to speak louder. If you think that the elections were stolen you have the right to say that you think the elections were stolen. That is your right, guaranteed under the first amendment of the United States constitution, and do not let anyone tell you anything different. Do not hang your head in shame because some thugs misrepresented your concerns.

The same media that gave us Nicholas Sandman, Jessie Smollet, the Russia Hoax, Trump said there are good Nazis, Trump told people to drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their veins…that same media is the media that is telling the world that President Trump incited a crowd to violence. These people are liars of the highest order. 

As the Democrat Party continues their vindictive, vengeful campaign against Trump, even as he has left office, as they continue to use the power of the state to target political opponents and use big tech to erase people, the need to fight is more important than ever.

Keep fighting!

Continue to say no to violence as the movement has consistently done, but fight on for the cause. The thugs who committed the violent acts on the Capitol do not represent who you are. 

Remember it is the left who has the history of violence. It is the left and the Democrat Party that has consistently used violence for decades. It is the left that ramped it up a few notches over the the last four years against their political opponents. It is Trump supporters who have consistently been attacked for wearing MAGA hats, chased on the streets, harassed at public spaces and intimidated just for having the “wrong” political view. All the while, the media has looked the othe way. Do not let these people intimidate you into silence.

In the end, America may be permanently shifting leftwards. Who knows if there is any coming back from what the Democrats have in store? Maybe like with the Israelites of old, God is allowing America to self destruct because the country has forsaken his ways. We do not know what the future has in store. 

Despite all of these factors, people must never stop speaking out against evil though, and make no mistake; the left and the Democrat machine is evil to the core.

Politics, people and God

 Yesterday in church one of the pastors gave a very potent, timely reminder during his prayer that Jesus admonished his followers to pray for their enemies. As the pastor prayed, everything that happened in the last week across the country came to mind. The pastor and one other leader also said a pray on behalf of the nation asking for wisdom, guidance and for God to remind his people  that even when things do not go the way that they expect them to go, God is still in control.   

The anger over what has been happening in the country, not just this week but over the last four years has led many to get into the political arena and do battle pitting ideas against ideas. So many people think that all one has to do is convince the other side that their political views are wrong and once people are convinced they will change their political views. Political differences over the last few years have led to enmity between neighbors, friends, acquaintainces, and families. Everyone thinks that they are correct. 

While it is true that a lot of politics is clearly a matter of opinion, interpretation, or based strictly on the way people feel about a particular subject, on the other hand; truth, right and wrong is also existent in politics. There are some issues that are not simply a matter of opinion.  When it comes to these issues some people become very passionate and they believe that they have to speak out on them. They think that all they have to do is show others in no uncertain terms the truth of a matter, or the virtue of a matter, and that should be enough to convince others. When others cannot see, or refuse to see what is clearly the truth or what is clearly right or wrong, it often leads to frustration for those trying enlighten others.  Those trying to convince others think that they just have to continue showing people why truth, right and wrong matter, and why a particular issue falls into one of those categories. 

Though it is important to engage politically, it is also important to remember that in the end, people are people, and even political opponents are made in the image and likeness of God. Because our politics are so divisive today many people take it personally when they cannot convince their political opponents over to the side they advocate. Some take it so personally that they begin to view those on the oter side of the political spectrum, not simply as political opponents, but as real enemies. The effort to convince political opponents then intensifies, and frustrations grow, sometimes even turning into anger. Some then begin to see political opponents not as neighbors, friends, acquaintances, family etc. but simply as opposing vessels who need to be convinced about the error of their ways.. 

Jesus said “you have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy, but I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,that you may be children of your heavenly Father, for He makes His sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust. For if you love only those who love you, what recompense will you have? Dont  the tax collectors do the same? 

Thank you to our pastor whose words resonated beyond more that he probably imagined. He prayed a very meaningful prayer. It gave a timely reminder that politics is not simply about trying to convince people, and  thanks to our technical director for his prayer that reminded us to pray for our political leaders. 

As Jesus’ words ring through time, let’s remember to apply them to our political opponents. Continue to speak truth in the face of lies, but remember to pray for poliitacl opponents. Don’t hold back from engaging in the market place of ideas, don’t back down when you ar right, but remember to see people as people. Pray for those in authority even if your candidate loses and remember these other words of Jesus to “set your affections on things above.” This world will pass away, but eyes have not seen nor ears heard what God has prepared for those who love him. 

Be blessed even in this toxic political climate.  

No entity lies and wages war on the truth like the American mainstream media and the left

The new model of the left is not just to spread propaganda, but they have zoned in on portraying the truth as a lie and lies as truth. This is evil like we have not seen in the United States before. Make no mistake lies and propaganda have always been around, but in the United States there has always been an emphasis on Judaeo Christian values. Unlike many nations before, the United States emphasizes truth. This is not to say that the United States is perfect, in fact, far from it. Like individuals, no country is perfect and the United States certainly is not, but the United States has always been a nation of laws and a nation that values truth. 

Even if the country never fully achieves it because we live in an imperfect world; truth is an American value. The attacks on truth by the left and the media in the current day United States is brazen and evil. These people are not even trying to hide their deception. It is a two pronged attack of propaganda where they spread lies in the effort to push an evil agenda, but even worse is the attacks on truth. Don’t believe your lying eyes says the media. Pay no attention to your lying ears. It is we who are telling the truth says the media and the left. 

What is most amazing though is that the lies they tell are big lies, huge gargantuan lies that are obvious lies. How is it possible that in the wake of the last elections the media could repeatedly says there is no evidence of fraud or irregularities. They are not saying that the evidence is weak. They are not saying that it is too late after the elections to raise all of these issues. They are not saying that that the case has too many holes. They are not presenting counter arguments. They are telling everyone that there is no evidence…none. These are the same people who told us that Trump is a Russian Spy. He is compromised by Vladimir Putin. Keep in mind that the only time that the Robert Mueller investigation team made any public comment during the whole Russia investigation fiasco was to correct media misinformation. 

These people told us that the protests we saw during the summer were mostly peaceful, even as all across the country we witnessed burning cities, rioting and looting. Just as sinister as their attacks on truth, and the spreading of propaganda lies, is what they withhold from the public. The media refuses to tell the truth about Michael Flynn and what really happened to him. They celebrate that this patriot was a political target of the FBI, and the media refuses to highlight the corruption of the judge who oversaw his case. The torrent of violence against supporters of Donald Trump does not matter to our betters in the media. As people get attacked for wearing MAGA hats, the media could care less. They have no interest in those stories because they go against the set narrative 

They made excuses for Joe Biden even as we saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears as Joe Biden boasted that he threatened to withold aid if from Ukraine if they did not fire a prosecutor he did not like. We read the transcript with our own eyes of Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President. Yet despite what we heard with our own ears, that they told us that Trump asked the Ukraine President of Ukraine to interfere in the Presidential elections. Then in the weeks leading up to the elections, as stories of corruption broke about Biden family corruption, the media told us it was Russian disinformation, only now to admit that it was true after all. The media smeared anyone who dared attempt to get out the story. 

For crying out loud, these people told us that Trump advised Americans to drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their systems to fight the Corona virus. They told us, and continue to tell us up to this day that Trump said there are good Nazis. Not one reporter ever dares to interrupt Joe Biden whenever he repeats that lie to say the President never said that. This is despite anyone being able to go unto YouTube or other streaming service and view videos of what Trump actually said, but it does not matter. 

They told us that Trump called the Corona virus a hoax when they know that he never did that. All you have to do is go and look at what he said during the rally when he used the word hoax in reference to the corona virus, and you would see that he was attacking the Democrats attempts to politicize the Corona Virus. He called what they were doing a hoax, but none of that matters. Don’t believe your lying eyes and your lying ears.

There are many more stories like this. It is now a pattern of behavior by the media to engage in outright lies, propaganda, and attacking the truth. The  fake news media in this country is the enemy of the people.

You’ve heard of white privilege, here’s Democrat privilege

Oh to be a Democrat! It must be nice.

The spy who…

Representative Eric Swall dated Chinese honeypot for 4 years, a beautiful alleged Chinese spy. Nancy Pelosi knew about it. When questioned about it Nancy Pelosi claimed that Republicans were focused on Swallwell’s relationship with a spy to distract from QANON. What the…Are these people serious. Anyway, dum dee dum dee dee dum dee dee dum dum dum, and she went away humming and whistling along as the media stood in awe at her brilliant answer.

Nothing to see here folks, go on bout your b’ness.   

When he was asked about his relationship with the Chinese honeypot  a couple days ago, instead of addressing the seriousness of the issue, Swallwell just casually blamed President Trump for leaking the information to the media. The media did not ask any probing questions to dig deeper, and find out more. They just let him speak without interrupting him. 

Who cares about a Chinese honeypot possibly compromising a sitting Congressman when you could blame Trump for leaking that information to the press, then treat that as the bigger story. 

Notice how he called it leaking. That person is a leaker, not a sacred whistleblower whom Democrats love to love, and protect.  Thank God for alternative media though. 

The story is not going away. Let’s see what we find out about him and his honeypot.

The powerful Democrat and the spy who drove her

Dianne Feinstein had another alleged Chinee spy as her driver for 20 years…while they were persecuting Trump for the Russian hoax. Folks it is impossible to make this stuff up. When it was revealed that Feinstein had a spy on her staff for 20 years, the media could not care any less. Who cares about an actual Chines spy when we could pushing the Russian hoax. Despite this story being taken up by alternative media, it never gained the kind of traction that needed to gain, too busy pushing hoaxes. That’s the important stuff. No time to address issues about real espionage from America’s greatest foreign threat possibly infiltrating the halls of power via a powerful Senator.

Democrat legislator threatens Trump voters

A sitting Detroit Democrat legislator had a warning to Trump supporters she gave notice:

This is just a warning to you Trumpers.  Be careful! Walk lightly! We aint playing with you. Enough of the shennanigans. Enough is enough! And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.

She was stripped from her legislative committee membership by the GOP Detroit leaders.

Undeterred, doubling down and defiantly she said: 

“I’m good, I’m ok, I’m not worried. I’m not changing my f*** phone. I’m not going under ground. I’M NOT DOING NONNA DAT. Mind you, I never called anyone out of their names of course unless they’re liars or dumb a****.”

Cynthia Johnson ladies and gentlemen. Democrat! 

The crossed up world of the media and the left

We are living in a truly back to front, upside down world. As the nation becomes more Godless, truth is called lies, lies truth, evil good, and good evil. 

If we do not get a grip as a nation, downhill is the only direction to travel. Only in the warped world of the evil left is it possible to ignore all of the anomalies, irregularities and problems in the last elections and at the same time accuse  President Trump of trying to steal the elections because he is exercising his legal right…his legal right to challenge all of the issues that they say went wrong during the elections. 

The media has blacked out all of the complaints by President Trump and his team, and they repeat in unison that there were no problems with the elections. 

One of the big differences between conservatives and the left is that conservatives know what the left believes. They know their arguments. They are very familiar with how they do business and what their core beliefs are. The left generally does not have the same knowledge of conservatives. They just do not. They know what Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper tells them about conservatives. 

So do not be surprised if after all of these weeks since the elections, the drones  who sit, and without a bit of intellectual curiousity listen to Maddow et al speak, still do not know what the specific claims are that the Trump administration is making. 

For those of you who still have the capability to muster just a little bit of independent thinking and a little bit of inquisitiveness. Here is just a little information for you. 

These things are either true or they are not. If they are true, what should we do? This is just in one of the contested states…just one. 

Here it is:

2,506 felons illegally voted

66,248 under 18 registered to vote

2,423 weren’t registered at all

1,043 used a PO Box

4,926 voted past the registration date

10,315 died before the election

395 voted in two states

15,700 moved out of state before the election

40,279 changed county and didn’t re-register to vote

You may not be convince, but can we please stop with the there is no evidence nonesense? 

The medias is just awful

What President Elect

News Flash!

We do not have a President elect…we may, but we do not as yet. What we have are two Presidential candidates, one the current President of the United States, and the other, the former Vice President/Senator.Love it or hate it, that information provided at absolutely no cost is what we call a fact of life.Thank you!

Attacks on Democracy?

Those many questioning President Trump for contesting the elections, claiming that it is a threat to democracy; it is you who are the danger to democracy. Once again, like you did for the last four years, you are guilty of every bit of malfeasance that you have accused your political opponents of doing. With a complete lack of self awareness you continue to project your own sickening, hatred and intolerance onto others. You then attempt to justify your despicable behavior by claiming that the objects of your scorn are racist, fascist, intolerant etc.

Now here you are, one more time piping up the hysteria over President Trump’s legal right to challenge an election that he claims was rigged. Without an iota of curiosity, you dismiss all of the claims his campaign makes. You are not even interested in looking at the evidence they claim to have. You simply repeat the media mantra of the day…whatever it is.

You are so driven by your hatred that you willingly give up your capacity to think and form an independent thought. You had noproblem claiming that President Trump was a Russian spy, and sabotaging his Presidency when you knew all along that the charge was based on nothing. When the FBI lied to the FISA courts on at least four separate occasions to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign you were ok with that. You had no problem when personnel were leaking to the press the President’s conversations with world leaders. You even managed to perform some intellectual gymnastics and claim that all of these acts were meant to protect democracy.

As the FBI targeted private citizens for political reasons you cheered because it was all in the attempt to get Trump. All’s fair in love and getting rid of Trump! As the media lied about the President day after day you clapped your hands in approval. When they gave life to every rumor, and accentuated every negative story, as they simultaneously censored favorable reports and good news; you had no problems with any of that.

Your concerns about the institutions of democracy were conspicuously absent as big tech and the media censored stories of Joe Biden corruption. You had no interest as conservative voices were shut out of public discourse, in fact; you encouraged it. Now you dare lecture people about attacks on Democracy because the President is exercising his right under the constitution of the United States to contest what he says was an election fraught with fraud and irregularities.


The media has no boundaries when it comes Trump

The establishment media is a garbage dump on fire. These people are the most shameless, agenda driven snake oil salespeople that anyone can encounter. The media is filled with a whole bunch of commentators opinion peddlers masquerading as journalists. These people have allowed the left and the Democrat Party to get away with so much over the last few years, it is hard to imagine that they really think they are fooling people.

They demonstrated their contempt for half the nation again two weeks ago. There they were calling people who showed up to a Trump rally “far right.” There was nothing far right about the people who showed up for the rally. They are patriots, they clean up up after their rallies, they are law and order citizens, but the media does not care.

The media goes hunting for rogues in the crowd. They jump for joy when they find somebody with a crazy sign, or otherwise behaving badly, and they point their fingers in glee. See, see a Trump extremist. The media is more interested in incidents of bad behavior by Trump supporters than they are about patterns of violence by the left and the supporters of the Democrat Party, for whom violence and unhinged behavior is par for the course.

The media goes out of the way to identify and label the whole Trump movement as violent, while they make excuses for leftists burning rioting, burning and causing mayhem for over a hundred days in cities all across America.

Couple weekends ago Trump’s supporters turned out for a rally in the nation’s Capitol, and as sure as the sun sets in the west, leftist agitators were there stirring up trouble and violently attacking people whose only crime is that they support Donald Trump. And the media, as they have been for the last four years, has been silent.

Hatred for Donald Trump justifies anything. These are truly, truly sick people!

Fight on Mr. President, says Trump supporters, it aint over yet

So after accusing President Donald Trump of being a Russian spy, a stooge of Vladimir Putin, and then sabotaging his Presidency for three years, based on one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated, Trump is just supposed to trust these people. He is just supposed to accept that he lost the elections, be the bigger man, congratulate Joe Biden and move on into the sunset. 

For as much as the media talks about Trump’s lies, the talking heads who represent the media are some of the biggest liars ever known. It is not just that they lie either. They lie to our faces, telling gargantuan sized, most easily provable lies. We are talking about the sky is green, the grass is blue, Trump told people to drink bleach kind of lies. 

Now as they try to prematurely crown Joe Biden the winner of the Presidential stakes, these lying liars who lie like lying is a drug just expect people to take their word. Everyone is just supposed to accept that their coverage of the election has been fair and above board. Even as people see with their own eyes how pollsters and the media brazenly lied with their polling data, people are just supposed to forget all of that like it never happened.

You have a major Presidential candidate for President of the United States complaining about voter fraud and election interference, but the media is completely uninterested in even looking in to it. The same media that propagated the Russian hoax is now wagging their fingers at Trump for not conceding to Joe Biden. 

Now, let’s be clear. When this is all over Joe Biden may very well be the President of the United States, but that the media would just dismiss the claims of the President simply because they do not like him is just wild. Unlike the Russia Hoax that everyone knew was a hoax from the beginning, Trump and his lawyers are actually presenting what they call evidence of voter fraud. They have affidavits, whistle blowers, evidence of dead people voting, none citizens voting, and a lot of other evidence, but no one is even interested in looking in to it. 

Whether or not the claims of voter fraud is enough to turn the tables and elect Trump is another issue. The major scandal is that news organizations, journalists, people who are supposed to “speak truth to power” have no interest in even looking in to the charges of voter fraud in the world’s oldest Republic. They simply repeat that their is no evidence. 

These people are journalists, which means that they simply sit back and wait expectantly for someone to bring them evidence. They have absolutely no interest in the art and science of investigative journalism because they hate Donald Trump with a passionate visceral hatred. 

This stuff is unbelievable to behold. The media that was silent as people took to the streets and rioted, blocked highways and screamed not my President because these people refused to accept that Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, now expect him to just accept the media’s declaration that Joe Biden is the President Elect. 

The people who were silent as Democrats impeached the President based on a lie that he asked Ukraine to interfere with the Presidential elections now want the President to “do the right thing.” They had the transcripts of the call, and even as the rest of the country could read the entire transcript with their own eyes, they nevertheless told us not to believe our lying eyes. Believe them! Yes, these people now say that President Trump should accept the will of the people even though at least five States are still in dispute. 

They say he should do it “for the good of the country. He should to it to help the country heal, to bring people together. Just go away and accept your fate says the people who waged one of the biggest propaganda campaigns in the history of mankind against a man simply because they did not like him.

They just expect him to go away without a fight. They had nothing to say when just a few weeks ago Hillary Clinton told Biden that he should not under any circumstances concede to Donald Trump. She said that it could probably take a whole month before we know who actually won the Presidency. The dishonest, lying media who for weeks repeated leftist talking points, saying that it could be months before we know who won the elections, are now telling Trump to conceding to Joe Biden. 

Well Mr. President your supporters are saying to fight with everything that you have. Fight with every weapon in your arsenal and when you have exhausted all of your legal options move on in which ever direction that may be. 

Walk with your heads high Trump voters

If you are a Trump supporter you’d better not be walking around with your head down. Keep your head up! The world has not come to an end. This is important also, remember this; you have nothing to be ashamed of so do not be. Do not let the bullies on the left cower you into silence. In fact this is a time to be even more vocal and begin mobilizing for whatever is next. Again, remember you have nothing to be ashamed of so do not be.

You did not riot on the streets of Democrat cities for the last few months, burning businesses, and violently attacking those you disagree with politically. You are not the ones who incessantly used violence as a tool over the last four year to intimidate your political opponents. It is not one of your Congress people who openly called for her supporters to harass people at theaters, gas stations and supermarkets as the media stood by in silence. Do not give in to the notion that you should walk with your head down because you supported President Trump.

If anyone should be ashamed it is the people who openly support the evil agenda of the radical left. It is the left that has called for defunding the police. It is the left who supports the killing of babies in the womb up to the day before delivery. It is the Left who cannot agree that a baby who survives an abortion should receive the care that any other baby receives at a health care facility. Don’t you dare walk around feeling ashamed and don’t allow people to shame you either.

Let them explain themselves. Let them explain their anti police sentiments. Let them explain sanctuary cities. Let them explain their bail policy that allows criminals back on the streets to terrorize their victims. Let them explain their support for Antifa and the evil racist organization that is black lives matter.

No sir, walk with your head raised high, your shoulders square, and some pep in your step. It is they who have the explaining to do. They hate Donald Trump because of how they feel. They hate Trump because they think they know what’s in his heart. They see themselves as mind readers.

You on the other hand love Trump because of his actions, the things he has actually done to improve the lives of Americans. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you support the emphasis Trump has placed on human/child sex trafficking. If you believe that people should come into the country legally then stand tall. Do you like the deal that Trump negotiated to repeal NAFTA, then why are you letting the bullies on the left intimidate you? America is energy independent for the first time in over 75 years. The VA is fixed! Right to try has been a God sent for many sick people across the country.

Actions speak louder than silly Tweets. Don’t forget that it is Trump who confronted China on their theft of intellectual property, and on trade. It is Trump who has negotiated at least four peace deals, three of them in the Middle East. Whereas Barrack Obama called ISIS a JV team as they wreaked havoc across the Middle East, it was Trump who defeated ISIS. Trump took out the menace Qassem Suleiman as Democrats criticized him for doing it. It is Trump who got NATO to increase their budget by over 400 million dollars and insisted that partner countries continue to meet their obligations. 

Trump’s accomplishments are many. Unemployment dropped to the lowest ever among black, Hispanic and other minorities under this President. Manufacturing has made a comeback in the United States and on and on we could go.

So no! Do not let these vindictive, self-righteous bullies make you think that you have anything to be ashamed of at all. You do not. They are the ones who accuse every one of facism and being Nazis, yet they openly embrace socialism, an ideology under which tens of millions of lives have been slaughtered. They lionize men like Che Guevarra. Let them explain. 

These people have the nerve…

Most audacious however is that while they claim to be morally outraged by Donald Trump, they embrace Joe Biden, a man who makes Donald Trump look like mother Teresa. These people are fakes, hypocrites of the highest order.

So once again Trump supporters, hold your head high. It is you who are on the right side. 

The Democrat machine and their media allies is a wicked apparatus.