The Great Climate Change Scam

Think about this for a minute.

The world as we know it is about to end, and the earth is about to be destroyed. If you have all the answers to avert this disaster, you would be justified in taking whatever actions you need to take if you were in control of the mechanisms that could avert the disaster, right.

That’s the klaimate schange scam right there. Oh, the klaimate is schanging. Make no mistake about that. No one denies it is. It always has. It always will.

If is especially noticeable in cities where there are tall buildings, heat trapping materials like asphalt, concrete, a lot of people running around Iike ants in a colony, factories, and other heat generating devices like cars etc.

However, the idea that we are all about to die in a Chicken Little panic from a heat vortex, because over the last century temperatures have risen by a small fraction higher than other periods in the history of the earth, is ludicrous.

No one should be afraid to say this.

The hysteria over climate change is a power play that governments, and elites use to take more control over the lives of citizens.

Don’t doubt that for one minute, and don’t forget to follow the money either. It is about corrupt politicians using a so called crisis to enrich themselves and their cronies, using the so called threat to humanity as an excuse to get away with actions that under normal circumstances they would not.

Look at the things they are doing, and what they want to do in the name of this fake emergency.

As a nation we can’t even exploit to the maximum extent the rich supply of natural energy sources that we have available to us.

We can literally be energy independent in the truest sense of the word if we were able to tap in to the abundant energy resources that we have, but we can’t…because the earth is dying, supposedly, and using these resources will quicken the process.

It’s a scam ladies and gentlemen.

It’s the reason our betters allow no discussion on the issue. It is why they even attempt to censor any kind of opposing view on the point. The debate is over they tell us.

When did we ever have the debate in the first place? They just say it repeat and then tell you to be quiet.

Taking care of the environment makes sense. We should be good stewards of our surroundings. We should not be wantonly polluting the atmosphere and poisoning our water sources. Littering our beaches and indiscriminately chopping down our forests is counterproductive. That only makes sense, but this hysteria over klaimate schange is just another tool of fear.

When has the klaimate ever not changed in all the years of the earth’s existence? Why does no one ever tell us what the specific goals of the science klaimate alarmists are?

How would we measure that we have the klaimate under control? How will the klaimate be different when it is fixed?

How many more of their gloom and doom predictions have to fail before these frauds are held to account?

They just continue to make more predictions of impending doom, making unrealistic demands of people without them asking any questions.

They scream the word science and expect you to shut up because they do. Then they call you a science denier because you dare to use your brain and point out the deficiencies in their arguments, their lies and failed predictions.

The answer to these maniacs is to keep calling them out at every opportunity. Don’t be afraid to point out the flaws in their arguments. Remind them of their failed predictions, and the fact that not one of their predictions has ever come true.

Ridicule and scorn is what they use to silence anyone who opposes them and their radical agenda, but speak louder when they use this tactic.

Remember that one of the big reasons we have gotten to this stage is because people have been silent while they were spreading their propaganda unopposed.

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