Misinformation, the Media and the Corona Virus

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. The establishment media claiming that they are worried about misinformation, is like a butcher claiming to be concerned about the lives of some farm animals hanging around his slaughter house. 

Do not forget after all that these are the people who knowingly pushed the Russia collusion ruse for two plus years, even as more and more information came out that it was not true. They downplayed evidence, and even went out of their way to hide information, and ridicule anyone who pointed to the mountain of evidence that unequivocally showed the Russia collusion nonesense was not only false, but that it was a completely made up story. 

Conspiracy theories, they screamed!

 These are the people who are now telling us that they are worried about misinformation as we deal with the Corona virus. If you need to be reminded further of who these people are, think of the Covington Catholic high school kids. Remember the media’s eagerness  to paint these young boys as evil racists. Remember how they lied viciously on these youths, all in the effort to drive a narrative. The boys main crime was that they are white and wore MAGA hats. 

The media that is telling you they are worried about Corona virus misinformation is the same media that is currently telling you that Trump called the Corana virus a hoax even though they know it is not true, and continue to be called out on the lie. Even Jake Tapper admitted it recently, as he gave a half baked reason as to  why he did not correct a guest on his show who repeated the lie. 

Even as they continue to lie and refuse to correct people who repeat the lie that Trump called Nazis fine people, they claim that they are worried about Trump giving out misinformation on the Corona virus.

Their latest hysterics demonstrate how Orwellian the media has become.

They are now on a campaign to stop covering President Trump’s press briefings on the Corona virus. He lies they tell us. They say that the press briefings have become a substitute for the rallies that he is unable to have since the virus hit.

Never mind that President Trump gives these briefings accompanied by a team of experts who can answer any one of the media’s questions and clear up any issue that may need to be clarified. Instead the media spends their time nit picking every word that Trump speaks in order to proclaim that he lied, and for those reasons, they should not cover the President of the United States addressing one of the most important issues that affects all Americans, and people around the world, at this moment in our history. 

It does not get any crazier that. The fake newsers have decided that over 320 million plus Americans who have been affected by this crisis do not deserve to hear from the President of the United States for themselves because the establishment media have deemed that the information he is giving out is not useful. 

What arrogance! What pure, unadulterated, narcissism! What an overblown sense of self importance! The audacity of these people to think that it is their duty to blackout the President of the United States because they regard what he says as misinformation. 

These tens of millions of Americans, as far as the media is concerned are too stupid to figure out for themselves what the President is saying. Trust our interpretation of the President’s words is their message to the American people. Just pretend that we, the media did not lie and say that the President was “muzzling his experts.” Just pretend that the media did not call the virus the Wuhan/Chinese virus for weeks, then suddenly decide that it was racist to call it by that name. 

The truth ladies and gentlemen is that if the fake news media says that you should expect the sun to rise in the east on any given morning like it has done for millennia, people should question whether or not that statement is true. 

That is how dangerous these people have become.





Random Comments on COVID-19 and the left

Trumps most important decision

Over a month ago when the Democrat Party was engaging in the all important business of impeaching the President because the disagreed with the way he conducted foreign policy, President Trump took what is being called the most important step that he took to combat COVID-19. He banned flights from China. 

Trump’s critics quickly descended like a flock of vultures getting ready to feast on a four day old carcass. Racist they cried! Politicians everywhere embarked on a massive campaigh of virtue signalling to show how inclusive and pure they are. Instead of concentrating all of their efforts on combatting the disease, their main concern was to engage in social justice warfare to ensure that evil Americans do not discriminate, and spread fear directed against people of Chinese descent. 

Even top officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) jumped on the virtue signalling band wagon in the attempt to show up the that awful, racist, troglodyte Trump. WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned “it would increase “fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.” 

Democrat Politicians everywhere claimed that Trump was inciting xenophobia. Some of them even introduced legislation to lift the travel ban when Trump expanded it to include countries where the virus had become firmly entrenched. Democrat Presidential candidates also made calls for Trump to get rid of the ban. 

Today, they and the world are singing a completely different song as they have to grudgingly admit that the travel ban makes sense. 

This is an example of what happens when Trump Derangemen Syndrome gets a hold of the mind, and politcal correctness runs amok. 

The media sees COVID-19 as an opportunity to get Trump

If you want to know what is going on in the battle to defeat the Corona virus, do yourself a favor, and do not…do not listen to or pay any attention to the fake news media. Their primary objective remains the same. Take out President Donald Trump by any means necessary!

Their hatred of Donald Trump is all consuming and it has rendered them incapable doing the work of journalism. 

President Trump has been giving an extensive press briefing daily, informing the public of what the administration is doing to combat the virus. He is usually surrounded by the team he has assembled for the specific task of defeating COVID-19. 

Reporters get to ask questions of the President and the team of experts, and address any concerns, or issues they may think that needs some clarification. In the midst of the Trump hating, the reporters manage to ask serious, tough, questions in the attempt to get some candid answers, and insight into what is going on in the continuing COVID-19 battle. 

People can go on to Youtube and view the entire press briefings for themselves. Do not rely on the fake news media to give you an accurat account of what is happening.

Dog whistles

The media is obsessed with labelling Trump a racist. They cannot find any substantial reason to  call the guy a racist, so they rely on “dog whistles.” They claim that these dog whistles are coded racist messaging designed to catch the attention of a certain audience who is capable of decoding the racist message, when they hear the “dog whistle. 

Just as white racists need to be in tune to decode the racist message, the media must also possess a really special skill (namely mind reading) to detect these so called dog whistles. Here are a couple examples of dog whistles…ready? MAGA! You’ll have to do the research for yourself to find out why a term that literally means Make America Great again is a racist dog whistle. 

Here’s another dog whistle “what the hell do you have to lose?” Trump asked that question of black voters while making an appeal to them to vote for him, and he highlighted the awful state of many communities where black people live, asking them the question. 

The media always jumps in to this mind reading mode in order to point out what Trump and other politicians who do not lean left “really mean” when they say certain things that the media calls dog whistles. 

As the nation struggles with COVID-19 Trump continues to address it as the Chinese virus so that people would not forget where it came from as the Chinese Government attempts to spread propagand that it was started by the U.S. Military. 

The same media that for weeks addressed the virus as the Wuhan Virus, and the Chinese virus, jumped in to mind reading mode one more time. They tell us that even though the entire fake news media cabal are on record referring to the virus as the Chines virus and the Wuhan virus, when Trump uses the term; he is sending racist dog whistles to his white racist base. 

Nuff said on that issue!

F**k a national day of prayer

The tolerant left and their mockery of traditional values continues. In the last decade or so they have become emboldened by a Democrat Party that continues to veer more and more to the left, and in the era of Trump, they have become even more emboldened. 

The charming David Hogg, one of the young up and coming leftist champions sent out a tweet the other night. He lectured “don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic. For emphasis and to hammer through the point, he continued “F**k a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action.”  

It’s sad to see that the country has come to this, but it did not happen overnight. The country has been on a slow creep in this direction for decades, bringing us to this point. Though it is sad to see this, it is also quite useful that we get to see these people for who they truly are. 

Remember people like Hogg who engage in this behavior are not random trolls. They are prominent mainstream leftists, praised and adored by the media. 

No one should try to censor them, demand that they apologize or any such thing. As they continue to lecture the rest of the population about civility, tone, tolerance, and the other virtues that they so love to claim they posses, let’s call them out for sure, but let’s give them the mike and let them speak. 

Let them show themselves for all to see. 

Impeachment, Democrats, Panic and Corona

As the nation continues to deal with the Corona virus outbreak, one of the things to keep in mind is that during the early days of the outbreak, Democrat politicians were engaged in the impeachment farce.

Do not forget that!

They had a choice of conducting the nation’s business and pushing ahead with the impeachment buffoonery. They chose impeachment.

Like so many problems that arise in life, this is one that needed to be tackled in it’s infancy in order to better deal with it in a successful manner, but the Democrat party could not be bothered with it. They were consumed by impeachment.

As far as they were concerned, it was the most serious issue of the day. They told us as much. Donald Trump was a clear and Present danger, and for the good of the country they had to proceed with the important business of impeaching the President because they disagreed with his foreign policy.

That Corona virus stuff can wait.

Thank God that President Trump is a man who despite the daily onslaught against him, somehow manages to stay on target, and confront the issues that face the country.

While the Democrats were engaging in impeachment palooza, President Trump met the threat posed by the virus, head on, and he did what he needed to do at the time. He initiated a ban on travel from China.

Trump was called xenophobic for taking this obvious step to protect the American people. Trump also called for U.S. citizens, and residents returning from certain areas in China to undergo some measure of quarantine.

In the meantime, impeachment continued.

The Democrats did absolutely nothing for almost three weeks while the Trump administration was already dealing with the outbreak to prevent it from overtaking the United States.

When the Democrats did talk about the Corona virus it was to criticize Trump. Of course they called him a racist for the action that he took to ban travel from China. They did nothing else.

Now, despite their past obsession with impeachmnt, and doing absolutey nothing to tackle the problem, they now salivate about the prospect of taking down Trump using the Corona virus as the instrument of his destruction.

The Democrat Party machine is more dangerous that any tweet Donald Trump has ever sent out on Twitter.

It’s not hard to imagine Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in a backroom somewhere exchanging hugs and high fiving each other.

The Democrat, Trump and Corona Panic

It’s not hard to imagine Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in a backroom somewhere exchanging hugs and high fiving each other.

It’s not hard to imagine them in a state of uncontrollable glee shouting we got him, we got him, we finally got him. This Corona Virus is a god send. We finally got the (fill in the missing description).

Don’t forget it was Rahm Immanuel who once said “never let a crisis go to waste.”

The Democrat Party machine is following his advice and using this situation to advance their political agenda. That’s it, and their main political agenda is destroy Donald Trump.

One would think that in a situation like this, our leaders could at least put their political differences aside for the good of the country and work with the administration in combatting this disease.

Do not doubt for on minute that the Democrat Party hates Trump more than they love America.

Their hatred of all things Trump is all consuming and it renders them incapable of functioning in a normal manner.

You will not be getting any advice here on how to deal with the Corona virus. That is a job for the experts, but if keeping your sanity in the midst of this is important to you, it will do you well to take everything the media is telling you with a pinch of salt.

Do not trust these people. There are many sources of information out there. Do the research for your own and come to the right conclusion.

Do not be driven by fear, and avoid the panic. You will be playing into the hands of CNN and the rest of the fake news media if you do that.

Don’t get played by Don Lemon or Chuck Todd.

As with everything else we have seen in the last three plus years, the main goal in the coverage of this issue is, how can we destroy Donald Trump.

Don’t doubt it!

Orange man bad and that’s all that matters

Looking out for women

If there ever was an important women’s issue that is worth championing on the behalf of women, it is the issue of men who claim to be women competing against biological females in sports.

One would think that this is an issue that would be easy for Americans to show solidarity. But when it comes to the left and the Democrat Party, nothing is a sure thing.

After all this is the same party that cannot find it in them to vote on a bill that protects the life of babies that survive an abortion.

No one should be surprised that this party that claims to hold the interests of women as a top priority is not on the side of women in the so called transgender debate.

Paying lip service on the issues is something that they have down to a science. This is the party of science after all isn’t it?

But hey, policies be damned.

Orange man bad!

Bernie and his love affair with tyrannical countries

Is there anyone who has observed that Bernie Sanders has often praised what he perceives to be good policy in despotic nations. He has spoken of Cuba and Fidel Castro’s so called literacy program. He has praised art and food lines in the Soviet Union. He has applauded The Venezuelan government, but Mr. Sanders never ever speaks fondly about the good America has done in the world.                                                                                              

But hey, orange man bad!                                                                                                                         

Castro and his great illieteracy program (according to Bernie Sanders)

Imagine you get kidnapped by a psycho neighbor. He has you in a cage in his dungeon. He tortures you, and abuses you sexually. He plays all kinds of sick psychological games with your mind, all in the even sicker effort to control you, but he is your neighbor. You did share some good times before you discovered that he is a psycho.

Because of your previous relationship, your psychotic neighbor knows that you like to read a good James Clancy novel. He knows that you enjoy Popeyes chicken and you love to work on cross word puzzles to keep your mind sharp. So he provides these things for you as a way to keep you occupied and control you.

Here you are trapped in his cellar with seemingly no way out. Everyday the nightmare grows worse, but it is particularly unnerving because you know that members of your family and friends are looking for you, and they are just a stones throw away, but there is nothing that you could do about it.

Now imagine that the police discover where you are and they break down the doors of your psycho former friend and they rescue you. You are relieved to be free again, and later on as you tell your story, one person keeps talking about how considerate the psycho was because he always made sure that you had Popeyes chicken, and provided you with the latest Tom Clancy Novels, plus he always ensured that you had crossword puzzles to solve, and keep your mind occupied.

After the person talks about your kidnapper’s kindness for the third time you’ve had enough. You shout, I was kidnapped, raped and tortured everyday for six months! What are you talking about?!?

Sure you are grateful for whatever positive situation you held on to and gave you hope in the midst of a bad situation. You are a positive person, but that in no way compensates for your loss of freedom, the abuse and the torture. Given a choice you would have given up Popeyes chicken, Tom Clancy Novels, and crossword puzzles to be free and with your family and friends.

Well ladies and gentlemen, this purely fictional saga is analogous to Bernie Sanders, Fidel Castro and the people of Cuba. Sanders loves to praise the murderous, socialist/communist thug Castro, who jailed, persecuted, tortured, and killed many of his people for decades.

Castro had a great literacy program though, and the people got free helt cyar. Bernie Sanders seems to think the literacy program and the free helt cyar is worth the price of socialism in Cuba.

All of that kidnapping, jailing, torturing, raping, religious persecution, and murdering is just a minor side effect of the system. Can’t we just acknowledge the good that the awful Castro did?

Thanks for giving us some perspective Bernie. Now, where is that Che Guevarra t-shirt

The sad truth of abortion and black America                                                                           

20 million black babies never got to even see the light of day, that’s twenty million, since Roe vs Wade.

Like so many issues that negatively affect black people, this is perhaps one of the most insidious issues pushed by Democrat politicians.

In the meantime, since the carnage of so many black babies in the womb, the black population has stagnated, as Planned Parenthood has flooded black neighborhoods with their clinics of death.

Black women, despite being such a small percent of women, account for about 35 percent of all abortions.

We know that controlling the growth of the black population was the original intent of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. So far they have succeeded perhaps beyond their wildest dreams.

Today as the black population hovers around 14 percent, the population of illegal aliens has exploded, creating a demographic change that has greatly affected blacks in this country. The changes that are taking place have a particularly negative effect on black Americans.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with demographic shift that occurs naturally, but it appears that much of the displacement in the black community has occurred through abortion and illegal immigration.

Once again, as in the case with so many of the destructive policies that have been pushed in this country’s history, the Democrat Party is at the forefront, leading the charge.

Suffering and the message of Jesus

The question of suffering in the world is one that many people struggle with because there seems to be no good answers to why people suffer. 

If as Richard Dawkins says, human beings are present in the world with no design, no method, no meaning, or nothing special about us as human beings, then suffering is just something that happens. We are just random molecules occupying a position in space and time, “dancing to our DNA” as Dawkins puts it. We should just accept that we are here now until we are gone. Our present condition is the hand that we have be dealt by the invisible hand of pure chance, and there is not a thing that we can do about it. 

Others say that we are here for a divine purpose and whatever that purpose is we can only find it by connecting with the higher power that is responsible for us being here. On the other hand there are those who simply cannot accept the idea of a higher power because of all the injustices, pain and suffering in the world. 

Whereas however, some people cannot accept the idea of the higher power (God or whatever others call the being) because of all that they perceive to be wrong in the world, others say that because of all that is wrong in the world, they are drawn to the higher power. Then of course there is the question of, if there is indeed a higher power; how do we find our way to that higher power? 

Some look to the great religions of the world and say that they are all fundamentally the same so it does not matter, just pick one and try to reach the higher power through the means that you choose. Others say, no way; if there is indeed a higher power then we owe it to ourselves to find out what we must do to reach that higher power. 

Despite what people say, the great religions of the world are fundamentally different, but share some similarities at the surface. Every way cannot possibly lead to the entity that we call God because of the fundamental differences in what they each prescribe to know God. 

For some people, none of this matters. They say that they are only here for a time and whatever lies in the hereafter, or not, they will deal with when they depart this world. Whatever the answer to these questions are, everyone owes it to themselves to seriously search and find the answer that truly satisfies the spirit and the soul. The answer however cannot simply be based on how one feels, but it must be derived after a search that thoroughly investigates the evidence, and go wherever the evidence leads (if one is so inclined). 

One person who found the answer is a woman by the name of Annie Johnston Flynn. Hers is a very interesting story. Her life consisted of what many would describe as pain, misery and suffering, but she would say that it was only that way in one sense. She would describe her life as one that was filled with love, faith, hope and joy, despite her suffering which was real indeed. 

She was born as Annie Johnston and became an orphan as a small child. She was three years old when her mother died at age 23. She was adopted by her Foster parents (the Flints, hence her last name Flint) with whom she and her little sister then lived.  Her father gave them up for adoption. He too was terminally ill and he soon passed away after giving the children up for adoption. 

As a child living with the Flints she says that she came to understand the words of Jesus when he said “thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes” because she came to know personally the saving grace of Christ. She had a happy childhood and continued to grow in her personal faith, and it was this faith in Jesus that prepared her for the suffering that was ahead in her life. 

Her life was filled with promise but she developed arthritis that was so terrible as a young woman that she eventually became twisted up in bed for decades. Ms. Flint became incontinent, and she had to wear diapers for the rest of her life. She developed sores all over her body, and she began to go blind later in her life.  

These afflictions were only part of her story. She faced many trials in her life, but through them all, she took the words of Jesus to heart when he said to “come unto me all of you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest unto your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 

Her life was an inspiration to many and she was dedicated to letting others know of the grace that she found in Jesus Christ to make it through this world, and her hope for the next.

Part of her legacy is one of the most beautiful hymns ever written. 

May you know the grace that she spoke of in this meaningful song.


Dystopian American cities

Like the beautiful and amazing Candace Owens says, show me a crime filled city with dilapidated buildings, rampant poverty and a sense of hopelessness among many black people, with a high drop out rate, and a failing education system, and I will show you a city run by a liberal Democrat politician.

Just as an aside, for those of you who may be wondering, Candace Owens is that dynamic, free, independent, black female thinker that some on the left has called a…are you ready for this…a black white supremacist.

Back to the topic!

If you want to know where the left and Democrats in general are in charge, just look for the cities where black people are suffering the most.

You doubt it?

Check it out for yourself: Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Compton, St. Louis, Oakland etc., etc., etc.
Even cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have gone to the dogs.

In San Francisco, used hypodermic needles are strewn all over the streets, human feces, and other bodily fluids is quite literally all over the streets, to the point where one could inadvertently step in it. The streets reek of urine, and medieval diseases have made a comeback in this once great cities, and others run by Democrat politicians.

Well, we know you’ll say that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. True, but hey; after numerous decades one would think that getting rid of the political party that has been in charge during the decline of these cities may at least be worth a shot.

Blacks are not the only ones being held hostage by their failing policies though. It is the same with Hispanics and other minority groups.

If the misery index is high, then rest assured that city is most likely run by a Democrat politician. They entice the population with free stuff to make the people feel that they care, but these politicians never give them enough to become free and independent of government.

They give the people just what they think is enough to keep them coming back. They give hand outs and not hand ups. It is the politics of the rope as opposed to the politics of the ladder, as Dinesh DeSouza describes it.

They tell their constituents to grab on to the rope that Democrats let down so that these politicians can pull them up. Once their constituents grab onto the rope they are completely at the mercy of the charlatans who are holding the rope.

Many of the people eventually find themselves just dangling in the air, trying desperately to get to the top, but they are completely at the mercy of the Democrat politicians holding the rope.

These politicians convince their constituents that climbing the ladder is too hard because there is risk, but many of the people do not realize that the bigger risk is becoming entrapped in a system that seldom leads to self sufficiency.

As noted in a previous post, who cares? Orange man bad and Republicans are racist…so there!


The beauty of love


I told her! I finally told her…

I’ve wanted to tell her for a long time now, but I was afraid

I was scared she’d reject my profession of love

I’ve never been afraid to tell a woman how I feel

But I’ve never felt this way before

What I feel is not carnal, it is not driven by lust

I have no interest in a fling

What I feel is real it runs deep and I have to let it out

I LOVE HER!!!!! 

I love her and I want the whold world to know

Every time I see her my heart skips two beats

When she comes near me I turn into a nervous wreck 

When she looks at me I become enchanted

When she speaks I hear music

When she laughs I see sunshine

When she cries I see deep into her soul

And when I think of her nothing else matters

She overwhelms me with the force of her personality

I never thought someone could affect my heart this way

I had to tell her what I felt and so I did 

You know what happened? She told me that she loves me too

And then suddenly, it all made sense

I was born to love her!

She wins!

She makes my heart scream

Life with her is like a perpetual dream

She turns the mundane into excitement

My heart’s unruly from from love’s incitement

She makes my heart take flight on eagle’s wings

Gliding freely in the heavens as it sings

Yet my heart is a captive of her gorgeous smile

She amazes me with her mind, her unmistakeable style

One glimpse of her face fills me with delight

Thoughts of her sends my spirit into flight

She keeps me sailing on that famous cloud

When she’s away I can be lonely in the largest crowd

I merely existed before her but now I live

She’s the object of my devotion, for her my life I’d give

She unravels the mystery of this thing called love

My heart fits her perfectly like a hand in glove

I can no longer fight this feeling within

I give up! She wins.