The Sordid History of the Democratic Party

In an interview a couple of nights ago, Real Time host, Comedian Bill Maher who described himself as a “house ni****” when interviewing Republican Senator Benn Sasse, voiced his shock that the man who attempted to  massacre Republican politicians on a baseball field was a leftist. At that time conservatives all over the country who were looking at the show must have asked themselves if they heard right. Did Bill Maher just say that he is surprised that the shooter was a leftist? Was he being a troll? Was Justin Timberlake going to jump out of the corner in homes all across America, unable to contain himself laughing saying you’ve been punked? There is no way possible that Bill Maher really said said that right? Wrong! He did say it, with a straight face to boot. This is the extent of the delusion that exists on the left in America. This may not be a good time to interject, but it is worth pointing out that Bill Maher is still as popular as ever after calling himself a house ni*** on his show the other night. We always say that the left can do no wrong. There is your perfect example. So, as not to digress too far, let’s get back on topic. Why would Bill Maher be surprised that the shooter is a left winger? Perhaps it is not that people like Bill Maher are delusional. Maybe they are just propagandists who have to continue their narrative in the effort to continue painting a terrible mural of those they oppose politically. One would have to be extremely uninformed to believe that the left is incapable of this type of violence. Either that, or there exists an alternate reality vortex in which liberals live where truth is whatever one says it is.

Given the long history of violence on the left, and people in the Democratic Party, why do so many continue to believe and expect that political violence is primarily a right wing practice. As noted in an earlier article, no one is suggesting that the right does not or has never engaged in political violence, after all; Timothy Mc Veigh was not a leftist. The abortion clinic bomber in 1997 was not a left winger and the killer of the abortion provider Dr. George Tiller five years ago was not a left winger either. We do not even have to go that far back to identify right wing violence. Most recently a candidate running for office by the name of Greg Gianforte, a Republican, pled guilty to assaulting a journalist who he was accused of “body slamming. “So clearly, people on both ends of the political spectrum commit violence in for their cause. The claim was never that the right or those in the Republican Party do not, or has never committed violence. Human beings are flawed, born with the sinful nature, and are prone to wrongdoing. What these articles attempt to point out is not that one side is perfect and the other isn’t, but to show a pattern of behavior that incorporates hatred, vitriol, and violence as an integral part of a political strategy within one Party, and one side of the spectrum. The side that engages in this behavior is on the left, and in the Democratic Party. It is time to shatter and expose this fraudulent image that the Democrat Party, and the left has created of itself over a long period of time, while simultaneously engaging in some of the most insidious political shenanigans in American history. This claim, by no means is meant to implicate everyone in the Democratic Party and on the left. We are speaking of the Democratic Party apparatus.

This party has been on the wrong side of almost every major issue, has engaged in some of the most troublesome behavior since its founding, and today continues to divide the nation on race, class, social and other issues that it uses to distract the nation, as it attempts to fundamentally transform this country into something that the country’s founders never envisioned. Let us review the sordid history of the Democratic Party

Slavery, the Trail of Tears, Dredd Scott, the reign of terror by  the Klu Klux Klan in the eighteen hundreds, opposition to the civil rights bills of the eighteen sixties, opposition to reconstruction, opposition to the thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth and nineteenth Amendments of the American constitution, the rebirth of the Klu Klux Klan in the 1920s, lynchings, Jim Crow, Segregation, the Ocoee Massacre, the Rosewood massacre, the chain gangs of the 1930s, which some have described as worse than slavery, the internment of the Japanese, and other ethnic groups in prison camps during World War two, opposition to the civil rights act of 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and1968, opposing the first black man elected to serve on the Supreme Court, and many other shameful acts are all the legacy of the Democratic Party.

After being on the wrong side of all these major issues, after Democratic Governors signed and passed every single piece of segregation legislation in American history, enacted by their Democratic legislatures, after all of the atrocities committed by them since their founding, they claim that contrary to human nature, the big switch happened. The big switch is supposedly when, despite their sordid history, theu suddenly became “woke” in the seventies, and the bad guys switched parties. The Democrats became the good guys and the Republicans became the bad guys. Folks it is a lie! It never happened. Only one person switched parties. His name is Strum Thurmond. No other Democrat switched. What happened is that they embarked on a new strategy. In order to redeem themselves they implemented a new strategy to cover sordid their past. They then embarked on a brilliant scheme labeling everyone who opposed their big Government policies aimed at entrapping black people, and minorities in a cycle of dependency as racists. But we will cover that more extensively at another time.

Today violence is committed by their surrogates, and the Party often turns a blind eye to these acts. They deflect responsibility to others and pretend that they are the Party of virtue. They engage in name calling, character assassination, vitriol, and emotional arguments geared towards ginning up the masses because their ideas are unable to stand on their own merit.

Let us take a further look at the behavior, and the actions of this Party, and its supporters who deem themselves the arbiters of all that is good.

These examples tell you who they are:

The Left’s support for the leftist murdering cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

The left’s lionizing of the mass murderer Che Guevarra. They proudly walk around with T-shirts of his image emblazoned across the front.

The una bomber was a radical environmentalist who resorted to violence in the pursuit of his cause.

Though no one has died from their attacks, the leftist Earth Liberation Front was once labelled as the top domestic terror group by the FBI. They engaged in the destruction of property, and the use of arson in the “defense of the earth.”

Bull Connor, who can be seen in videos siccing German Shepard dogs on peaceful black protesters was a Democrat.

Lee Harvey Oswald who murdered JFK was a communist (the left has spent the last fifty years cooking up conspiracy theories saying that he did not).

Leon Czolgosz who murdered President William McKinley was a communist.

John Wilkes Booth who murdered President Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.

Giuseppe Zangara who tried to murder Franklin D. Roosevelt was a left winger who hated capitalism.

Squeaky Fromm who attempted to kill President Gerald Ford was a left wing environmentalist.

Sarah Jane Moore who also tried to kill President Ford was also a supporter of the Democratic Party, and known as a leftist.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega who fired a bullet at the Obama White House was a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement

At a Donald Trump Rally in San Jose, Donald Trump protesters holding signs that said F*** Donald Trump descended on Trump supporters threw eggs, punched, chased and bloodied Trump supporters. The next day, the San Jose Mayor blamed Donald Trump for the violence that was visited on Trump’s supporters by the leftist thugs.

Democrat supporters attacked a Trump motorcade in Minneapolis . Still later the GOP headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed. A middle schooler was brutally physically assaulted for wearing a Make America Great Again hat during a high school protest.

Who can forget four young thugs live streaming the torture of a disabled man as they shouted “f*** Donald Trump, f*** white people.”

Anti-Trump protesters burned, looted and attacked Trump supporters at the University of Berkley California because the protesters objected to a conservative speaker on their campus.

A few months ago a college Professor allegedly assaulted a Trump supporter with a bicycle lock at a demonstration

At one anti-Trump rally one young woman said “we can’t just do rallies we have to fight back, there will be casualties on both sides. There will be because people have to die to make a change in this world. They were protesting the election results.

This is Joe Biden: The press always asks me don’t I wish I were debating him. No I wish we were in high school, (is he advocating violence in high school as a way to settle differences of opinion) I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish (as the crowd cheered approvingly, and adoringly at the words of Uncle Joe.

Here is Jim Carrey: I had a dream the other night that I was playing golf with Donald Trump and I was standing beside him with a club in my hand, and I was considering my options, when I suddenly woke up. You know it was one of those dreams when you wanted to go back to sleep so you can finish it.

Heres is Mickey Rourke: He’s a bully and he’s a b**** and he can suck my ***** I’ll meet him in the hotel room anywhere any f****** day of the week and give him the Louisville slugger.

Here’s a reminder of what a few protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally were chanting at a rally protesting the police: What do we want, dead cops, when do we want them? Now.

Black Lives Matter March: Pigs in a blanket, fry’em like bacon.

This list is never ending, but here are just a few more

Joss Whedon: “I Want a Rhino to F*** Paul Ryan to Death

Madonna: I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.

Kathy Griffin ‘Beheads’ Trump in Graphic Photo

A former member of the Obama Administration and the Comedienne Sarah Silverman said they would like to see a military coup to get rid of Trump.

In this article, two men jump out of their car and brutally beat a Trump supporter for holding a Trump sign.

After President Obama used his platform as the most powerful man in the world, and some more ginning up of young black men by the Black Lives Matter movement, a couple of their supporters went on a murderous spree, killing ten police officers in a few mass shooting incidents killing five in Texas, three in Louisiana and two in Brooklyn.

A Bernie Sanders supporter allegedly harassed a woman on a bus, then killed one man, and stabbed another. He was an avid Trump hater.

Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on group of GOP congressmen.

It cannot be stressed enough that no one is saying there is no violence on the right, and that there are no bad people there. The intention here is to point out that the problem of violence and uncivil rhetoric is primarily from one side of the political spectrum, to show that prominent people on that side behave this way, and that the behavior has a platform on the left.  There is absolutely no equivalence between the two sides. Whereas political violence happens from time to time on the right, it is an integral part of leftist behavior. On one side there is a constant dehumanizing of the people with whom they disagree. There is a continuous effort to cast people as racist, Nazis, uncaring, misogynists etc. There is an endless effort to delegitimize the concerns of political opponents, and in that atmosphere, many see violence as a legitimate means to an end because the people on whom they visit violence deserve it. The media silence and the refusal by the Democratic Party to use their platform to discourage this behavior has created an atmosphere where the powder keg that they created is about to blow, and if we do not confront it, condemn it and call it out, there will be terrible results.

The Democrat Party Rage Machine

Today someone on the Radio said that the Democratic Party is the biggest hate group in America. No words more true have ever been spoken in current day American politics. It is time that the veneer in which these people have covered themselves for far too long is removed so that they are exposed for all to see. These people are constantly aggrieved, they are never happy about anything, they are never content. They are always on the lookout for the next victim group to “stand up” for, they never tire of constantly stirring up the masses with discontent. Their arguments are old, tired, unimaginative, lazy and vindictive. They go something like the following. Republicans and conservatives want dirty air, they want sick people to die so that insurance companies can profit. Republicans want to take us back to the nineteen fifties, they want to take the vote away from black people. According to Nancy Pelosi they want to starve babies.

When Democrats are not spreading demagoguery they are spitting vitriol. Why are these people always so enraged to the point where they are willing to say the nastiest things, while pointing their fingers at everyone else? Maxine Waters has been acting like a bonafide crazy woman in her response to the election of Donald Trump calling for his impeachment before the man even took the oath of office. All of Trumps cabinet nominees were held up as some of the most insidious accusations flew out the mouths of Democrats against them. These people are so filled and blinded by hatred that they continue to dig themselves deeper, and deeper into a large hole.  During the confirmation hearings of Judge Gorsuch, he was accused of siding with corporations at the expense of the “little guy.” There was no mention or interest in whether or not he upheld the constitution. Their only interest was in maintaining class warfare. Trumps labor secretary was “an enemy of workers’ rights,” they predicted “a war on seniors” was coming with the confirmation of the Health and Human Services Secretary. Trump’s Education Secretary Nominee was about to “single-handedly decimate our public education system. Jeff Sessions was warned by Elizabeth Warren about “taking his “racism, sexism and bigotry” to the Justice Department. While sessions was awaiting his confirmation with his grandchild who happened to be Asian American sitting on his lap, an MTV reporter told him to “take that toy back to toys are us.”

One week after an insane hate filled Democratic supporter tried to take out Republican members of Congress, we have crazy Uncle Bernie telling a supporter to “fight back in an unprecedented way” assuring the supporter that because of the Health care bill that Republicans are currenly working on “Thousands of people will die! He said, “There’s no question in my mind. What kind of crazy world is it?”  Is it any wonder that people are going out there shooting Republicans? After all if Republicans are responsible for the deaths of thousands, isn’t violence justified against them.

What is wrong with these people? How long will they continue to get away with this type of behavior?  They are always in a state of perpetual outrage. They refuse to enforce immigration law and call the people who want to protect the borders racist. They are heavily invested in the race industry and pit American’s against each other; white against black, women against men, rich against poor.  Who can forget the words of Hillary Clinton when she called millions of her countrymen a basket of deplorables as she went on to quite casually, without any proof, label them as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic. She said that they are un-American an irredeemable, for no other reason than that they do not agree with her agenda. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats actually promoted the notion that with Donald Trump having the nuclear codes, it is be actually conceivable that he could get us into a nuclear war because…wait for it…wait for it, because someone may get under his thin skin. Did you get that? Donald Trump would take us to nuclear war if somebody offends him! She said that, in all seriousness. These people have to be rejected. On and on they go, decade after decade, year after year, month after month, week after week, day after day… you get the point. This is a hate group that is not interested in ideas, only character assassination, vitriol and propaganda. Reject them! Look around, observe their behavior and categorically, utterly and unequivocally reject them until they change their methods.

Violence and Misbehavior on the Left

Let’s be clear up front! Bernie Sanders was not responsible for the actions of the shooter who opened fire at law makers on the Capitol this yesterday. He did the right thing by voicing a strong condemnation of the shooter. The shooter alone bears responsibility for his actions. What happened yesterday was a major catastrophe, and the nation should be concerned by such events taking place in our country regardless of the political inclinations of the perpetrator, however, to ignore the political leanings of the assailant would be the same as pretending that there is not a big elephant standing in the middle of the kitchen floor. What we saw unfold yesterday may just be the first step in taking the rabid hatred for the President and conservatives in general to the next level. Make no mistake about what we are witnessing in the country,  the violence that has been on the upscale since the election of Donald Trump is linked to the absolute loathing of the President that has been encouraged in the press, and goaded by the Democratic Party. No one should be surprised by this, it is a natural consequence of the Democratic Party preaching a message of hate against anyone who disagrees with their agenda to take the country down the proven failing socialist path. Once again, it must be said that people are responsible for their own actions, and the man who committed the unspeakable act is alone responsible for his action attacking Senators and Congressmen for being Republicans. We cannot ignore though that this is one more episode in a string of many that demonstrates the depravity of the Democratic Party, and the left in general.

For as far back as we can go, the left has embraced the culture of violence. From the murdering of Presidents, to the lionizing of mass murderers like Che Guevara, and celebrities being chums with the dictator Hugo Chavez, and most recently at the Puerto Rican day parade in New York, honoring a convicted terrorist who was responsible for over a hundred bombings in the United States, and in the process killed five people. We saw it during the Baltimore riots when the Mayor declared that they must give rioters “space to destroy.” We saw it when his majesty Barrack Obama targeted the police, playing in to the narrative that the police are actively engaged in the violent targeting of black men. Even after one incident where five police officers were killed by a murderous anti-white thug who bought into the “the police are out to get us story line,”  the President of the United States showed up at the funeral service of these men and continued with his rhetoric, railing against the police. The whole Black Lives Matter movement was built on a lie that the police shot a black man who pleaded “hands up don’t shoot.” The fact that the man was a thug who attacked the police does not matter even to this day. Today Bill Ayers is an honored professor at one of the nation’s well known institutions of higher learning, though he has never apologized for his actions in the past, and he openly states that he cannot say whether he will ever take up violence as a means of resistance again. This is the American left and the Democrat Party. This has been their modus operandi for a very long time. Because the media shares their agenda, their actions have been excused and ignored over the decades, while doing everything in their power to tarnish those who do not share their vision.

When it comes to violence, the left talks a good game, they say all the right things, and they project their propensity for violence on their opponents to distract from their own violent behavior. We saw this tendency of theirs to paint their opponents with a brush that is more representative of who they are during the last elections. While it is true that Donald Trump did encourage people to get physical with agitators who showed up at  some of his rallies, and there were some minor incidents, he was roundly condemned for it by members of his own party, the media and politicians of every stripe and decent people in general. It was wrong for him to do it, but it ended quickly. On the other hand violence against Trump supporters increased, and it was near impossible to walk the street in a Make America Great Again hat without being physically attacked for it. As the violence increased, the media ignored it, and continued to blame Trump supporters even when it became clear that the violence was perpetrated against the Trump supporters. The media and the Democratic party refused to denounce the violence for the duration of the campaign with the same kind of gusto that they reserved for the few incidents that had occurred at some Trump rallies earlier in the campaign. They became vanguards of the narrative that Democrat supporters were the victims of political violence by the right, even though it was plain for anyone looking on to see that the violence was by and large coming from Democratic supporters.

For eight years the media demonized the Tea Party who conducted themselves with honor in their opposition to Barrack Obama (they even cleaned up after their rallies), but the media and Democrats harangued them nonstop nevertheless for the duration of those eight years, accusing them of all manner of evil, glowing with delight on the rare occasions when something untoward really did happen, so they could say I told you so. These same people who have set themselves up as the guardians of virtue have been silent in light of the unrelenting barrage of hate directed at Donald Trump since his election. They have cheered it on, hoping to see the downfall of the Trump Presidency. To this day none of the major players in the Democratic Party has unequivocally, and vociferously denounced the despicable behavior that has been on display by their supporters for the last few months, and it must be said again that the media has been complicit throughout the entire affair. Recently in Portland a man who harassed a Moslem woman on a bus, took the life of a man who confronted him for harassing the woman, and he wounded two other men who also confronted him stabbing them both. The media quickly jumped to blame Trump supporters. They found out that the Man was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and the story died a quick death without any further hoopla.

We have seen a spate of hoax “hate crimes” committed by people on the left since the election of Donald Trump, all in an attempt to cast a dark cloud of disgrace on them. The most high profile cases of these “hate crimes” that have been featured in the news have proven to be hoaxes, but that fact has never been addressed by the media nor the Democratic Party. In one instance, one left wing reporter alone was responsible for a number of threats to Jewish centers across the country. In another case a young Jewish man and his father was arrested for over one hundred and twenty threats to Jewish centers and synagogues. When President Trump suggested that some of the anti-Semitic “hate crimes” could be hoaxes, the Huffington Post claimed he was being the parrot of “white nationalists and far-right conspiracy theorists.” Anti-Semitism by the left is nothing new, this is another where they excel, but they also successfully manage to project that on their opponents. They have gotten away with all of these things for a very long time, and are held to a completely different standard than those on the right, and it is why they continue to feel emboldened to behave the way they do.

Ladies and gentlemen, Republicans, conservatives, those on the right in general are not innocent of wrong doing. They also have their malevolence. The big difference is that on the right, they do not embrace their mischief makers. They come out strongly and condemn violence, and inappropriate behavior. Their villains generally become outcasts. There is no mainstreaming of the behavior that we see by prominent people on the left. Go onto any website and one will find trolls of every stripe. In the Democratic Party however; many of the people who engage in unbridled hatred and vitriol are people who have a large platform in the Democratic Party. Though the right is not perfect, and the idea is not to cast them in that light; the simple truth is that the unadulterated hatred, the nastiness, the sheer vitriol, and the propensity to violence is overwhelmingly on the left. It does not even come close to what we see on the right. In the end, the scripture says that “the heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” To see change in our country we need a remedy for the heart. Though we all need to be introspective and strive to be better people by the grace of God; we have to be honest though about where many of the problems are coming from, purely in terms of behavior.

Supporters of the Democratic Party must ask themselves, if their ideas are so superior, why does the party always have to resort to name calling, character assassination, and the demonization of decent people in order to further their cause. Why do they not stand on the strength of their message and rely on its merit? The answer is simple. It is because when held under the light of intense scrutiny, their ideas are found wanting in spite of their good intentions. If they can successfully cast their opponents as ogres whose intent is to do others harm, violence and other despicable behavior becomes justified. No one is saying that everyone on the left or in the Democratic party are bad people, but the Democratic Party is definitely the place where violence, vitriol and hysteria has a welcome home.

James Comey, the Disgruntled Former Employee and the Teflon Don

James Comey is a man with an axe to grind. He is one in a long line of people who do not like the President of the United States. His goal in his testimony today was to make the President look badly. It is very likely that he did accomplish that, but that in itself is no major accomplishment because many people have already succeeded in that area, and if we are to be honest; the President has on occasion managed to make himself look badly also. Mr. Comey however has not done enough to sway the Presidents followers away from him, and in fact; Comey’s actions may have served to steel the resolve of the President’s supporters. They are happy to embrace the mixed bag that is Donald Trump because while there are many things to personally despise about him, the people who voted for him, and closely follow the issues are pleased that Mr. Trump is the rare politician who at least tries to keep his word. They are happy about Judge Gorsuch being selected to serve on the Supreme Court. They see Trump taking a knife to, and slashing stifling regulations on business. They are happy about the President opening up the Keystone pipeline, the Dakota Pipeline, and withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate agreement. When Barrack Obama was running for President the first time, he actually threatened to bankrupt the coal industry, and he followed through on his promise by imposing regulations that were so onerous, he successfully broke the back of the coal industry. President Trump promised to be “a friend of the coal industry,” and so far has kept his word in that regard and he has withdrawn funding from countries that use the money to support abortion. There are other reasons that the people look to Trump and see a man who is at least willing to put an effort in following through on his campaign promises, and that gives them hope that he will do more of what he promised.

For Mr. Comey or anyone else to have the desired effect on Trump voters, he will have to do much better that he did at his Senate appearance today. No doubt many of Mr. Trump’s detractors are pleased with Mr. Comey’s showing before the Senate committee today, but they’ll have to contain their glee because what Mr. Comey delivered was a very large triple decker (to use the words of Hillary) nothing burger. Prior to Comey’s appearance the Democrats and their allies in the media were doing somersaults in expectation of the bombshell that would finally lead to the impeachment, and fall of the Trump Presidency, instead they got nothing. We did however learn more about Mr. Comey. The man who exalts himself as the paragon of virtue and integrity informed us that he was behind leaks that were given to the New York Times a few weeks ago about his meeting with the President. Mr. Comey justified his action by stating that he wanted to prompt the appointment of a special counsel.  How noble of the gentleman. That action by Mr. Comey would be applauded by Trump’s opponents, but it should give everyone pause. With the extensive leaks that have been coming out of the White House, what else has Mr. Comey been willing to expose in his effort to get at the President? As one person pointed out, it is interesting that Mr. Comey never let the word get out that Mr. Trump was not under investigation, despite President Trump saying over and over again that Comey told him that he was not. Today we found out that Trump was right, but the bastion of uprightness, James Comey, did not see it as necessary to also reveal that. What a man of honor!

In addition to President Trump not being under investigation, the case for obstruction of justice that leftists, the Democratic party and their media sycophants were hoping to make disappeared with a poof. Of course nothing phases Rachel Maddow. She will now doubt be encouraged by everything that went on today, and continue to make her case. She is an expert at finding evidence where no one else can or does. Back in the real world the case fell apart. Mr. Comey did express that though Mr. Trump did not expressly try to get him to drop the case against Michael Flynn, he Comey took it that way. So there you go. That’s obstruction of justice for you. Something else that Mr. Comey said was that he felt he lost his job because of the Russia Collusion investigation. There is another gem for you. He “felt” that is the reason he was fired. Another big revelation today was that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email. In case anyone forgets, Hillary Clinton is the lady Comey stated had broken several laws, but because she never intended to do so “no reasonable prosecutor would would bring a case against her,” but that is a whole other story.

By the time Mr. Comey had finished testifying he had nothing concrete to offer in the investigation looking into the alleged Russia collusion. He did express how he felt, and what he “took” out of his meeting with the President. There was a lot of innuendo, but no substance, and the investigation into Russian collusion continues nevertheless. Once more it is really important to point out that the whole Russian investigation is based on nothing. There is no reason to believe that Donald Trump or anyone ever colluded with a foreign power to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign. There is absolutely nothing that anyone has shown as reason to come to that conclusion, but here we are, six months into the Trump Presidency and the charade continues. It is amazing to watch, to see how this will all play out. One does not have to like Donald Trump or even agree with him, but his opponents need to seek help for the serious case of Trump Derangement syndrome that they all seem to have acquired. They really have to do better in making a case against him, because, as he has proven again today; he just may be the second coming of the Teflon Don.

Kathy Griffin, Victimology and the Left

Yesterday Kathy Griffin gave us a cogent lesson in, and a very clear picture of victimology 101. After pulling off one of the most offensive and outrageous stunts that the left has concocted to date, since the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, she rushed to play the victim. This is their tried, tested and proven method of operation.  Think about it for a while! Barrack Obama was often cast as the victim of racism. It is said that he was hated by people who did not want to see a black man as President. Despite being on an eight year honeymoon with the press, late night comedians, Hollywood, academia and almost every major institution in America, he and his supporters played the victim at every turn. The say he was “the most disrespected President evvah.” He had a super majority in Congress for two years where he could have gotten anything done, he got a bigger portion of his agenda passed than any president in the last few decades. The Senate shut Republicans out of meetings and negotiations, they refused to bring over three hundred  Republican Bills to the Senate floor, they changed the rules to elect judges to the high court, and if anyone said anything slightly untoward about President Obama, that person was roundly criticized in the press and raked over the coals. Despite all of this, the most powerful man in the world basked in the role victim at every opportunity. It was never that people simply did not agree with his policies. They had to be racists.

Hillary Clinton is currently on her loser, cast the blame, I am victim tour. She blames everyone for her loss. The Russians are responsible, the New York Times coverage of her email scandal, she blames James Comey,  and Bernie Sanders. She even blamed the Democratic Party itself, casting aside the fact that they rigged the process, and cheated Bernie Sanders to get her elected. Among the chief Reasons for her loss, she blames sexism. It could not possible be her own fault or that people rejected her ideas

Lebron James the other night, despite having the police on the trail of a racist incident at his multimillion dollar mansion. Despite all of his privilege and access, despite his dominance in a league of mostly black multimillionaires, and numerous opportunities that continue to be open to him, seized the opportunity to present himself as a victim despite everything in his life that says differently. He too is victim.

We see this blame the other, poor me attitude prevalent among the left, and it is mind blowing that these people get away with it over and over again. Yesterday, it was Miss Griffin’s turn to play the victim. There is no need to discuss the act in itself that got her to that point, and all the reasons it was wrong. That has been discussed ad nausem. The horrificness of it screams out loud, and gives testimony of the abject hatred that she harbors for the President of the United States. After feigning the violent act, and apologizing a day earlier, she then went into full victim mode, while simultaneously casting herself as the brave defiant artist standing up to the bully President. That right there is the essence of leftism! The status of victim is important, and it is a major part of leftist strategy. After all if they are the persecuted, the downtrodden, the oppressed, then their actions become justified, and the implementation of policies that otherwise would not stand a chance of being enacted becomes justified.

After the appropriate response by many on the right and left, Miss Griffin called a news conference and went on to blame Trump and his family for the backlash that she was receiving for her actions. In her sick mind, it could not possibly be that people were sickened by her actions. The reason for the backlash had to be because, the Trumps, as she opined, are trying to ruin her. They want to destroy her career for mocking him since he’s been elected. She pretends to understand why people would be upset by her actions, but by the same token acts like the response to her actions are unwarranted.

What is happening to Kathy Griffin is a strange phenomenon for folks like her. This is territory to which they are unaccustomed tho treading. They are not supposed to be treated this way. They often behave in the vilest manner without any blow back. Kathy Griffin thought about making, and posting the video because she knew that those of her ilk are always held to a different standard. She thought she’d be portrayed as brave and “edgy.” Despite the response to her, observe that no journalist has asked any of the Democrats for whom she campaigns if they approve of her actions of if they denounce her. Those questions are reserved for politicians on the right when “journalists” are pulling out David Duke or some obscure racist they are attempting to attach to conservatives.

The actions and the ensuing smugness of Kathy Griffin is par for the course by the left. This is not a one off incident. We have seen this type of behavior over and over again by prominent people who support the Democrat Party. The response to this type of behavior is usually a big yawn. We need only look at the way that politicians, Hollywood and the other high profile people on the left have behaved in the last few months as proof positive that as long as a Republican/conservative is the target of ridicule, and vitriol; the hatred that we see on display is ok. Despite the response to Kathy Griffin, rest assured that she will be ok. A couple of rounds on the late night talk show circuit, and she’ll be back. She will probably raise her stature in the eyes of her admirers. To be honest the wish here is that Kathy Griffin, and her ilk would have the biggest platform possible where they can showcase exactly who they are. That way the people in turn get to see exactly who they are in return and respond appropriately.

People should really start questioning their allegiance to leftist ideology. If these ideas are so superior, why do proponents always have to rely on character assassination, insults, ridicule and vitriol as the main tools at their disposal to convince people? Why are they not secure in the strength of their ideas? It is because in the face of scrutiny, void of emotional paraphernalia, they are unable to trade in the market place of ideas.

More on Race

Lebron James was recently the recipient of racial targeting at his home. Someone painted the word ni**er on his front gate, and the police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. There is no one who would receive this kind of treatment, and not be negatively affected by it, especially parents of young children. How does a parent explain these expressions of what may be unwarranted hate directed at ones family explain this to their children? It is not an easy thing to digest, but it is the reality of the world that we live in. It is an imperfect world, and bad things do happen, including racist acts. Lebron James was clearly affected by this act. In a subdued and heartfelt interview he expressed how difficult it was for him to be away from his family during this difficult time, and you got a sense that Mr. James is a really committed family man who wants to protect, and be there for his family to comfort them.

As difficult as these things are to absorb, it is important to keep the big picture in mind. Perspective is important, and it was disappointing to hear him talk about difficult it is to be a black man in America. Why does it always have to come to that? Unlike many people on the left who seem to rejoice so they could say I told you so whenever something like this happens, Lebron James appears to be genuinely disturbed by this incident, and it is difficult to believe that he is just riding the “oppressed black man” train. His view of America though has no doubt been colored by the negative brush that many who thrive in the race industry have used to paint a picture of the country.

How refreshing would it have been to hear LeBron James talk of how blessed he is to live in a country like this where he is allowed to thrive, be successful, that despite setbacks, obstacles, trials, and tribulations, America is a place where people by and large respect each other and do not behave this way. It would have been great to hear him say that the life he lives, the stature he has gained and enjoys in his profession, the respect he has garnered in his community, and the many opportunities that continue to be opened to him is more indicative of America than one racist incident directed against him and his family. It would have been pleasant to hear him say that his opinion of the country would not be swayed by the foolish actions of any one individual or group of people. Instead of pointing to the testimony of his life that speaks volumes, he pointed to the action of an individual(s) whose motive for committing the act, and whose identity we do not know as the example of what America is. It is immediately assumed that this act was committed by a white person who hates black people. Are white people the only ones who call black people the N word? Listen to one of LeBron’s friends: “It’s ignorance, that’s what it is.” “Unfortunately in 2017 people still think the way they do. I can’t say it’s surprising given what’s happened in this country the last eight months.” He went on to say “You can be a titan of industry, you can be a community leader, you can be the best at what you do, and they can cut you down to just, ‘You’re black.”

Let’s examine the latter statement first. Is someone painting the word ni**er all it takes to cut someone of Lebron James stature down size? If that is the case then I’m afraid that Mr. James has bigger deeper internal issues to worry about. Second, just as he said; “it is ignorance, he is a titan of industry, a community leader, and he is the best at what he does.” By painting such a fragile picture of Lebron, casting him as some type of victim who is immediately cut down to size by some idiot who painted the word ni**er on a gate, he is not doing his friend any favors. Are you kidding? The man is a rich, privileged, black man of influence who has access to people, places and things that most of us can only dream of. Please spear us the river. On the first statement, yes people still think that way in 2017. It is unreasonable to expect that in a country of almost four hundred million people of so many races, cultures and attitudes that we could somehow get rid of racism. It will never happen! And no one group in this country has a monopoly on racism. Last of all, when his friend talks about what has been happening in the country for the last eight months, have civil rights been rolled back? Are black people the victims of predominantly white violence? do they no longer have access to the courts? Have they lost the franchise? Can businesses no longer be sued for discrimination? are human resources departments no longer protecting the rights of black workers? do they not have access to loans if they show they have the means to pay? Have the whites only sign gone back up.  This is not to meant to minimize what happened or to Mr. James or anyone else who has experienced something similar. Perspective is important. What exactly has been happening the last eight months?

Black people in America who insist on playing this silly game, trying to cast yourself as the most oppressed people in the world, it is time to free yourselves of these chains that you have used to fetter yourselves. Emancipate yourselves from the prison of your own making. Stop seeing yourselves as victims supreme and walk as free men. Pay attention to this enlightening statement from Mr. James himself (though he did not intend for it to be enlightening in this way) when he said “It just goes to show that racism will always be a part of the world, a part of America. Hate in America, especially for African Americans, is with them every day. Even though it’s concealed most of the time, people hide their faces, say things about you. When they see you, they smile in your face. It’s alive every single day.” Observe that he said that it is concealed most of the time. In other words he has no proof, but he does not believe what he sees and experiences. So there is either one of two things going on here. Either Lebron James, and the others who think the way he does have the mind of God, and know what is in the hearts of men when it comes to racism despite what they actually experience everyday, or maybe there nothing that is being concealed, and what most black people experience every day in real terms is the true manifestation of the type of country we are. Maybe, just maybe,  the incidents like that happened to him are really the exception of the way people feel.

Combatting Islamic Terrorism

As Christianity rapidly spread and gained influence through much of the world, it became the major philosophical, religious and cultural ideology of its day, and that the world had ever known. Christianity, with much of its Judaeo traditions spread like wildfire, and completely changed the world, introducing people to a brand new way of life. Despite getting diluted, and corrupted with the passage of time, Christianity’s influence continued to remain strong. The true adherents of Christianity as thought by Jesus, the Apostles, and the early church have always been few, but the effect that it had on the way of life, and cultures around the world in general was immense.

There are some passages of scripture that are difficult, and are used as examples that show Christianity is oppressive and brutal. Many Christian people sometimes struggle to explain these difficulties. The truth however is that nowhere in the bible does it advocate the wanton killing of anyone by the faithful as the means of convincing the unbelieving. Though some people would vehemently dispute that, there are several issues of context, and deep doctrinal exegesis to consider in explaining these issues, but that discussion would be more appropriate for another forum. But all of this is beyond the point, and what can be unequivocally stated is that with the advent of Jesus Christ and the birth of Christianity, a brand new concept in the way people worshiped, and human relations was born. Nowhere in Jesus’ message did he ever advocate the kind of violence that we have ever seen committed in his name at any point in our history.

People point to the Crusades as examples of Christians waging war in the name of Christianity to spread the faith, but this is not correct. The Crusades were the result of a political alliance to drive back the forces of Islamic invaders, and conquerors who had waged a brutal campaign of war and plunder over hundreds of years against the people in lands across the Middle East, Northern Africa and parts of Europe. They displaced the inhabitants of the lands where they wished to spread their faith and their rule. They enslaved many in the process (especially Jews and Christians), murdered tens of millions, and treated any who refused to convert to Islam as second class citizens while brutally enforcing their rule. There was a religious dimension to the Crusades, but the Crusades were primarily a military response to turn back the Islamic marauders who were bent on conquering Europe as they continued to spread their ideology across the world. It was well over four hundred years of conquest and plunder by Islamic forces before the Crusades were marshalled as a response to combat them. The Crusades were not launched as a religious war to conquer Moslem lands and convert them to Christianity. People should remember that it is totally legitimate for nations to respond with force to powers that threaten their sovereignty. Though religious fervor was a strong motivation behind the response to Muslim invaders, it is not what inspired the Crusades four hundred years after the first incursion into other lands by the Moslem forces.

None of the atrocities that have taken place in the name of Christianity can be attributed to anything taught by Jesus or the early church, nevertheless Christianity has acknowledged that these atrocities were committed in its name, and the true followers of Christ have always confronted the demons that many have attached to their faith, and have always endeavored to live according to the precepts of the Christian Gospel. Though there are blotches in the history of Christianity, Christians always denounce the behavior of others who commit violence in their name, today and at any time in history. The true essence of the faith has changed the world for the better, like no other philosophy or worldview in all of human history, and advanced the cause of civilization (particularly in the western world) like never before. The value system at the core of Western civilization that has caused it to thrive and institute freedom as a way of life, and justice, is the direct result of the Judaeo-Christian influence on the world.

Unlike Christianity, Islam was given birth on the edge of a Sword, and its message was spread on the tip of a dagger. This statement is not meant to disparage the religion. It is simply meant to give historical context, and as a statement of accuracy. It is only because of the unprecedented rise of Western military powers, and economic might, that the conquering goals of Islamic fundamentalists were eventually quelled. As the Barbary Pirates terrorized the Mediterranean Seas for hundreds of years, demanded tribute from nations, and enslaved over a million people in the process. The new nation called the United States of America soon found itself in their cross hairs. American ships were captured routinely, and American sailors were often held for ransom. After attempting to resolve these issues diplomatically, Thomas Jefferson asked a representative from one of the Moslem nations the reason for their aggression to nations that mean them no harm. The representative replied that “all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet (Mohammad) were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave.” This was the reason why for twelve hundred years they looted, plundered, enslaved, ravaged, waged war, terrorized the high seas, and demanded tribute in exchange for peace.

The short version of the story is that America decided that she would no longer give in to the threat, and the demands of the nations of thugs that became more emboldened with each attempt to appease them. Through the aggressive use of force and a resolute campaign to defeat the enemy, America was victorious. Today, there are no Islamic nations invading other lands and forcing people to convert or die. Many in the Islamic world are just like the rest of us. They want to live their life, and provide for their families without worrying about threats to their safety. They are not interested in conquest and the violence associated with it. They are decent people just conducting their business and going about their daily lives, but make no mistake; the Islam that was born in violence, sought to conquer the world and convert their enemies is alive and well today. It is what groups like ISIS subscribe to, it is what motivates the mullahs of Iran, groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other radical Islamic extremist groups and individuals. Pretending that it is not so will not remove the threat that is posed by these radical Islamists.

After the 911 Attacks Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza celebrated, handing out sweets to one another as they cheered the work of the 19 men who orchestrated the heinous attacks on America. The Palestinian Authority rewards the families of suicide bombers, Arab nations refuse to accept the right of Israel to exist, ethnic and religious minorities suffer at the hands of Islamic oppressors, and even moderate Muslims who do not subscribe to their version of Islam are not spared their brutality. In Saudi Arabia women live as second class citizens and do not enjoy many of the rights that men enjoy. Women are not allowed to drive, they cannot be out in public unless they are accompanied by a male relative, and if they are raped; it must be verified by at least four male witnesses for authorities to take action. The women often end up facing repercussions for being promiscuous instead of the men who violated them getting punished. Female genital mutilation is a common practice in many of these countries, and people live under a dark cloud of fear. The freedom that we enjoy in the United States, Western Countries and other democracies around the globe cannot even be imagined by the people who live in many of these Islamic countries. Many of them live lives that are a daily grind of hopelessness wrapped up in despair and fear. The value system in many of these countries is completely foreign to anything that we can imagine in the United States.

Though it may be true that many Muslims do not share the goals and vision of groups like Boko Haram, Isis, Islamic Jihad or Hamas, that does not mean that violence committed in the name of Islam is not real. There is a very real problem that must be addressed within Islam, and confronted by society or we will continue to suffer and see more and more incidents like the Manchester bombing that happened a few days ago. There needs to a powerful rebuke from within the Islamic world condemning the actions of those who commit the dreadful, evil acts that are being perpetrated against those the attackers believe deserve it because they are considered as infidels. The time for silence and appeasement is over. Muslin leaders who do not share the views of the extremists must preach it from their Mosques that violence committed in God’s name is unacceptable and demand that those who cling to the ancient barbaric traditions of the religion must stop.

There are two ways to make this problem go away. First it must be confronted in the same way that Thomas Jefferson did, with a strong resolution and action to defeat it militarily. Secondly, everyone must work to create a climate where the abhorrent behavior that is still endorsed by too many in the Muslim world becomes a repugnant, and inconceivable thought. People have to stop making excuses, and making statements aimed at appeasement after each attack by Radical Muslim extremists. After the attacks in Manchester, Katy Perry assured us that we just need to co-exist, get rid of barriers, borders and love on each other” for the problem to go away. After Muslim extremists attack little girls at concerts with nail bombs, the appropriate response is not to worry aloud about so-called “Islamophobia.” The appropriate response is to direct any anger at the ideology that promotes this primitive type of inhumanity. We are a tolerant society and most people can make the distinction between the radical elements of the religion and those Muslims who are equally appalled by such actions. The Fort Hood Terrorist, the San Bernadino Terrorists, the Orlando Gay night club shooter, the Paris attackers and the Manchester Bomber all gave signals that should have spurred authorities to action to prevent the carnage the perpetrators eventually wreaked. Many of these cases could have been stopped if people were not worried about appearing to be “Islamophobic.” After each terrorist attack, celebrities, politicians, academics and leftists in general go out of their way to denounce people who identify the problem as Islamic terrorism, and highlight it. They blame everyone  else for the acts committed by these losers, and express more outrage at the those who identify the problem than they do against the actual people who commit them.

The truth is that these people do not attack us because we are imperialists, because of poverty, lack of opportunity or any of the other reasons that have been floated as the cause of their animus toward us. The reason they attack us is simple. They are holding on to the primitive, rudimentary tenets of their religion. We need to develop a smart cogent strategy to combat this menace to civilized people everywhere. This threat cannot be appeased. It will not go away on its own. If we do not confront it head on, we will regret it beyond measure as we reap the consequences of neglecting to deal with what is a very clear and present danger.