Race Baiting and the Democrat Party

Michelle Obama recently stated that when she attended the State of the Union she would notice that the Republican side were “all men all white,” she went on further to state that because of that “people don’t trust politics.” “We should be working actively to mix it up, so we’re getting a real broad range of perspectives on every issue,” (it is not possible for a group of white men to have different perspectives on an issue, because they all think alike).  So for anyone paying attention, Mrs. Obama is OK judging this group of Americans, not based on the content of their character, not based on the value of what they have to contribute, but she dismissed and disqualified them based on their race and their gender. Once more in her own words for anyone who missed it, because they are “all men, all white.” This is not the first time that Mrs. Obama has spoken this type of divisive talk, in fact; it is a staple on which she relies as she takes her message to the people who support her. These sentiments expressed by Mrs. Obama, spoken in a different setting would be classified as the standard definition of bigotry. If anyone argues with this then imagine a scenario in which a white woman, talking to a reporter, disqualifies the contributions or relevance of a group of black or Hispanic men based on nothing more than their race and gender. The media will have a field day, the story would be on the twenty four seven loop, and reporters would bring in panels to discuss the issue of white women promoting, and enforcing the ugly stereo type of black men. Mrs. Obama though has quite a few things in her favor. First of all she is a black woman, she is a leftist, she is a Democrat, and she is the wife of Barrack the Great. This is another classical example of the soft bigotry of low expectations. The media and their white liberal counterparts judge black people by a totally different set of standards, either because they believe that black people deserve to be excused simply because they are black, or because they believe black people are somehow incapable of doing better, so they do not expect better from black people (low expectations). Instead of calling out the kind of divisive thought espoused by Mrs. Obama, people excuse it because it is carefully wrapped in a veneer of sophistication. She spews her divisiveness with an air of distinction, and because she is a Democrat, the leftist media allows her to get away with it.

Mrs. Obama’s husband was the champion of this type of discourse. A quick Google search will bring up numerous results of Mr. Obama making similarly divisive statements during his tenure. We heard them constantly during his two terms as President. This man had such an incredible opportunity to unite this nation in a way that no one before him did, but his time if office will go down in history as the biggest waste of opportunity in American history. Throughout his eight years in office he never ceased talking the way that that his wife did in her recent interview. This dude had no problem just casually blaming racism for opposition to him and his policies. He accused white people in Southern States of having a different attitude toward his Presidency than whites in Northern States, and without breaking a stride he stated that people view him as “foreign” some type of “other.” He told Latinos to use their votes to “reward their friends and punish their enemies.” He had no problem taking the side of the narrative that portrayed police targeting black men in this country. After a vicious attack by a black nationalist who took the lives of five white policemen, Mr. Obama said “I think it is very hard to pinpoint the motives of the shooter,” when all of the evidence, including the man’s own words clearly showed that the killings were racially motivated. At the funeral of the murdered policemen, he continued his attacks on the police, unconcerned about the effect that his words could have on the climate that exists in the country. He once infamously said at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner, during a time when tensions were high in the country, and Americans needed a soothing voice of reason, “too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement-guilty of walking while black or driving while black, judged by stereotypes that fuel fear, and resentment and hopelessness.” As the President, he stated that most Americans believe the American Justice system suffers from institutional racism. During his awful eight year reign, he engaged in this type of discourse over and over again, and he never mounted as vigorous a defense of all that the country has done to advance the cause of civil rights and to fix what ails it. Mr. Obama, just like his wife, two peas in a pod, has this uncanny ability to speak poison with a silver tongue. They will have you applauding, cheering and rooting them on while they say some of the most outrageous things that could be said by anyone. It is an amazing gift. Mr. Obama, and the things he has said is on the record, and can be found by anyone doing a quick Google search, but to his worshippers it does not matter. It did not matter then, and it does not matter now. That is why his wife can say the nonsense that she said about white men without any blowback. Her enablers in the media have got her back.


Vice President Pence and his NFL Protest

Hurrah for Vice President Mike Pence! As the rich, privileged black men and their white liberal enablers who know first had the value of hard work, and being rewarded for it regardless of their color knelt during the playing of the National Anthem, the Vice President and his crew exited the stadium. As expected, the media lost its mind, and the response to the Vice President’s action was predictable. They all accused the Vice President of pulling a publicity stunt. Like clockwork the mantra ricocheted, and could be heard across the media sphere. If this was a publicity stunt, those Americans who are fed up of seeing the left attempt to portray the country in a negative light, and who are tired of seeing these rich, spoiled millionaires throw tantrums, are pleased with the stunt. There are some causes that are easy to support. These causes are evident to any one with their eyes half way closed, and the average American has no problem standing behind these causes, and supporting them. This is not one of those causes that the NFL players are protesting. In addition people do not go to these games to be bombarded on every side by the politics of those they pay to entertain them. These protests by the players are not a show of solidarity with the rest of the nation in response to some national tragedy. This is an attempt to push leftist politics down the throat of the country, by trampling on the traditions that have always been honored by the people of this country. It is great to see people fight back against the constant onslaught of the left. Thank you Vice President Pence for showing some leadership.

The same media that has been championing the free speech rights of the players, as a reason to bring their politics on the job, are now lamenting the right of the Vice President to protest. Players showing contempt for the country. Trampling traditions, and sticking their middle finger in the faces of their fan base is to be applauded as far as the media is concerned, on the other hand; the Vice President protesting their despicable actions…not so much.

Who can forget earlier in the year when the Vice President showed up to view a play, and the actors self-righteously stopped to lecture the Vice President telling him “We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights,… we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and to work on behalf of all of us.” Of course, those actors, like the NFL players had no reason to do what they did, but they did it nevertheless, and they too were praised by the media, but that same media has no tolerance for the Vice President of the United States using his platform to protest what he, and numerous other Americans see as an affront to the country, and the people who have fought and died in its defense.

In the meantime, forty-niners player Eric Reid decided to play the ever reliable race card. We know that when all else has failed, one thing that is as sure as the sun setting in the west, it is that people like these leftist NFL players will always play the victim game. This is what Mr. Reid had to say about the Vice President leaving the game: “He knew our team has had the most players protest, he knew that we were probably going to do it again. This is what systemic oppression looks like-a man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts. Again based on the information I have, that’s the assumption that I make.” Thank you Eric Reid for enlightening us what “systemic racism” is? To be clear, according to you, systemic racism is the Vice President of the United States using his platform to protest your contemptible behavior. To show that he is not a racist, and to remove his oppressor thumb from all those suffering from the systemic racism enforced by the likes of the himself, the Vice President should have simply sat through your display of disdain for the country, and everything would have been fine. Got it! Are these millionaire, cry baby brats serious? Unfortunately they are, and they will continue to get away with this type of nonsense as long as there is no push back, but this is a new era because people are pushing back. These NFL players who have probably never thought of an issue beyond the clichés that they have been fed, willingly offer themselves as pawns in the divide and conquer game played by those whose goal it is to create discord. The response by Vice President Pence is a welcome response to their petulant nonsense, and those Americans who do not share their views applaud him for it.

Carnage in Las Vegas

The atrocity that a vicious gunman committed against a group of innocent concert goers in Las Vegas on Sunday night is a really huge outrage. Each time an act like this occurs, it causes the anger that we feel to boil, and we question, how people could commit such heinous acts. There are no words to describe the anger, and the sadness that Americans feel about this type of absolutely senseless violence. The victims were simply enjoying a concert with their friends, family and other associates when they had their lives so brutally taken from them without warning, and over five hundred were injured by the gunman.

This demonstrates one more time how fragile life can be. We say it all the time like a worn-out cliché, that we do not know which day will be our last. It is a truth that each of us should consider each day that we open our eyes, and commit to live our lives with a renewed sense of purpose. No one can predict something like this happening. Indications so far are that this massacre was well thought out and planned. The gunman was intent on carrying out his carnage, and causing mayhem to the maximum possibility, and he was able sadly to accomplish his plan. Some people believe that more gun laws are what we need, but it is foolhardy to think that the answers are simply creating more laws, without knowing all of the facts, and all of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Politicians will shamelessly use these tragic events to gain traction, as they attempt to use it to move their agendas forward. Some of them have already begun to do this. We know that this is how they operate as we recall the words of one famous politician who once said to “never let a tragedy go to waste.” Instead of capitalizing on this atrocity to move political careers forward, it would be great if Americans take the time to be truly there for the people affected by this monstrous act, to offer comfort, to empathize, to provide a shoulder to lean on, and yes, to pray on their behalf. The surviving victims, their families, and friends will be most affected by this tragedy, but these incidents end up affecting us all. There are tough questions that we will have to ask ourselves, and in the end there may be no easy answers. The people who are already pretending to have the answers need to pause for a while, and reassess how they respond to incidents like this one. In the end this act may be nothing more than an act of pure evil. There is a bible verse that says that the heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Contrary to what many believe, human beings are not basically good. To our credit, in our society we have been civilized to the point where most of us strive to live good lives, and we do for the most part, but the fight to keep our baser proclivities at bay are a daily struggle. Some people simply choose not to battle these tendencies, or some just throw their hands up and give in to them after a while. Man is capable of unspeakable evil. When some people become hell bent on, and commit to carrying out evil, there is often nothing that anyone can do to stop it. That does not mean that we should not try, it simply means that the answers are not always as simple as some people make them out to be.

Those of us who today are still blessed to be in the land of the living should take a moment to be thankful for the blessing of life. Take the time to reflect on the things that are really important. Think about the things that we take for granted, the people closest to us, and who mean the most to us. Though in the aftermath of terrifying events like these it is difficult to make sense of life, it helps to think that God has a plan for each of our lives. He is willing to reveal it to all who seek after him. When we live into that plan, the time spent on this earth could be infinitely more meaningful, no matter how short. Take the time to appreciate life and the gifts that we have been given.

Being Unpatriotic is the New Cool

When and how did it become cool to be unpatriotic? All across America people seem to be competing against each other to see who could show the most contempt for their country. What is so terrible about the United States of America that makes so many of its own citizens feel the need to show so much disdain to the country that offers them so much? The ingratitude that so many people who live and prosper here have towards the country is a phenomenon that is truly perplexing. The sheer disdain that so many people have towards the country is absolutely mind boggling. All across the country in college campuses students are burning the American flag because they say it is a symbol of hate, racism, and bigotry. They have slogans like “America was never great,” F**** your flag, some symbolically use the flag as a toilet rag, and others state that they have no reason to be proud of the America.

How is it that people born in the freest country ever, where people have the opportunity to do so much for themselves to make their dreams become a reality, could have so much scorn for their country? These people cite all that is wrong with the country, and they point to all that they perceive to be unjust as reasons to deride the nation that has been so blessed by God, and in which they have the privilege to live.  All across the country there are people embracing the status of victim, and assuming the mantle of the aggrieved so that they can then say what an awful country America is. Being a victim is now a badge of honor to many. This stuff is absolutely amazing to watch. Even some people who come here from other countries and live lives they never would have dreamed possible in their own homelands get in on the America bashing game. Despite the fact that America is always working to improve, and make the country a better place for all of its residents and citizens, all that you ever hear about from some citizens is how terrible a country this is. It seems that for many, the only way to appreciate their country is for it to be perfect. Many of them have been fed a steady diet of anti-American sentiment from their earliest days, and on colleges campuses, to the point that America hatred is firmly entrenched in their hearts. Even as they breathe the air of the freest country in the history of the world, and they reap the benefits of being Americans, they complain that they are oppressed, and deprived. So many refuse to celebrate what they do have, but complain incessantly about what they don’t have. Instead of being thankful for all of the mechanisms that are in place to address injustice, people complain that injustice exists. Instead of celebrating the many opportunities that there are for people to climb out of poverty, they complain that there is poverty. This pattern can be seen in the way that many of them talk about America’s past. When they talk about slavery it is always in the context of how evil America was, but they always fail to give America any credit for being one of the first nations to abolish the institution of slavery. They remain cynical and refuse to see the tremendous good that America has done in the world. So many people have no knowledge of what the world was like before the American experiment. They think that the version of the world that we have today always existed, but what they fail to realize is that before America the world was a totally different place.

America introduced to the world the concept of Government of, for and by the people. America instituted a form Government that stated our rights come from God and not Governments. It is only as America became a nation, that the freedoms we know, and enjoy today eventually became commonplace around the world. It took time to get to the place where we are today, socially, and politically. From the birth of the nation to today, America has always worked to improve itself, and as the country has become more enlightened it has embraced the principles of an enlightened society. She is still not perfect, but the truth is that no country in the world is perfect, just as there are no perfect individuals. Society will always reflect the people who make it up. The imperfections that do exist in any society are not necessarily what defines the society, but what and how they address these imperfections to become better is the mark of a really decent society.

Has there ever been a nation so blessed, where such a large number of its people quite frankly are not grateful for, neither do they know or understand what they have?

A Political Party Obsessed by Race

Ladies and gentlemen, do not doubt for one moment that the Democrat Party, and the left in general sees everything through the prism of race colored lenses, in addition to all of the other grievances that they have; they are absolutely obsessed by race. In their warped thinking, nothing happens without race being a factor, especially if something goes wrong. Could it be that after being on the wrong side of every major civil rights issue since the country’s founding that they are now stuck in a vortex where they are constantly trying to compensate for their past sins, and therefore have to paint themselves as heroes in their race obsessed world? Part of their effort involves showing how “woke” they are, and in so doing they find race monsters everywhere. Under every rock lies a race demon, in every closet is the race bogeyman, and under every bed lies a race vampire. Over, and over, and over again, they pull the race card to counter every disagreement, to embarrass people and to shut them up. They threaten careers and livelihoods with made up charges of racism, and they just do not cease with the baseless charges of racism.

What is wrong with these people? At what point will Americans say enough of this, and demand that they stop playing this insidious game? It is absolutely stunning to observe these people hurl out the term white supremacist, and anti Antisemitism at public officials when no one in public office pushes nor endorses white supremacy as public policy. It is so ludicrous that one reporter accused the President of the United State of only wanting people from England, and Australia as immigrants when the President said that people who wish to migrate to the United States should learn to speak English.

It seems very clear what the goal of the Democrat Party is. Riding the race horse with such fervor is meant to shame people into silence. They understand very well that once the term racist sticks on someone, it is very difficult to recover from the stigma of it.The race pimping hysteria includes labeling people racist for wanting to fix the problem of illegal immigration. The latest example of the madness is accusing the President of not caring about the people of Puerto Rico who have been ravaged by Hurricane Irma and Maria, because they are brown people. It is literally impossible to make up this stuff.

No one in the corrupt media bats an eye when these ridiculous claims are made, and in some quarters they are even applauded. No one ever stops to ask the all-important question of how do you know what’s in someone’s heart? Do people’s track records on how they are known to actually treat their fellow citizens mean nothing to these race hustlers? What is more important to them is to just throw the term out there, and get it stick somewhere. The extent of the madness knows no bounds, and just when one thinks that these people can sink no lower, they go and do one worse. It is maddening to witness.

Here is how the latest hoopla currently taking place in the NFL began. A young multi-million dollar black athlete by the name of Colin Kaepernick, in a league made up of other multi million dollar black athletes who know firsthand the benefit of hard work, and how it pays off in America, decided that he will not stand for the playing of the national anthem. He made this incredible charge: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that that oppresses black people and people of color…There are bodies in the streets and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. A country that oppresses black people? People getting paid leave and getting away with murder? Are you serious Mr. Kaepernick!?!? Are you kidding? Are there not laws on the books that protect black people,  can’t black people sue for discrimination, do businesses all over the country not have diversity programs to ensure that discriminatory practices are not a part of their modus operandi. Don’t colleges, government contractors, and other institutions not have affirmative action programs that give black people a hand up? How exactly are black people getting oppressed, where is the data, what are the numbers? Where is the proof?

The only place there are bodies lying in the streets are on the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, South Central LA, and many other urban war zones where black men kill other black men. Of course this happens in every community, but no other group of people is as prolific at killing their own as black people are, and the numbers are staggeringly higher in the black community. They have mastered killing their own to an art form. Sadly Kaepernick and his ilk are not interested in dealing with that serious problem because it does not fit the narrative that he has bought into. He would much rather use the unfortunate rare instances of police brutality to push the narrative that America is a terrible, rotten, country that brutally oppresses its citizens of color. Of course, one death or instance of police brutality of an innocent black man or anyone for that matter getting killed at the hands of the police, is one too many, and in the rare instances when it does happen, all the resources of the law must be used to ensure that justice is done, but the idea that the system is targeting black people, and people of color is a strategic ploy that is used by those on the left for political gain. The claim is sheer nonsense.

No country is perfect, but America addresses its issues, and when problems are identified the country puts systems in place to fix them. It is the reason why we no longer have slavery as an institution, Jim Crow has been abolished, and women can vote, the Ku Klux Klan has been rendered a toothless tiger, civil rights have been enacted, and a host of other remedies applied to fix the country’s ills.

Unfortunately none of this matters to the people who cry racism at every turn. It is now being said that the reason the President, and others are upset by protests across the NFL  at players who disrespect the flag, and the national anthem is not really about the flag or the anthem. Are you ready for this? They say that the real reason the President is angry at the protesters is because he is upset at the idea of black people protesting. All over the world people show respect for their country’s’ national anthem and flag. There is not a country in the world where this principle does not apply.  Some countries take it so seriously that people go to jail if they show disrespect to their flag or anthem. All of a sudden these spoiled, rich, privileged athletes who know know first hand what is to be rewarded on merit expect that people in the country would just turn a blind eye to their affront. As they blatantly trample for a dubious cause what is and has always been a very solemn tradition, they cannot understand the repulsion that people have toward their actions. After kicking sand in the faces of their fans and customers for over a year by bringing their leftist political views into a game that people watch for a brief respite, they accuse the President of being divisive.  We are truly living in an upside down world.

Alejandro Villanueva Disappoints

After heaping praise on Mr. Alejandro Villanueva for defying his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates, and congratulating him on showing that respect for the national anthem, and the American flag is a time honored tradition that should continue to be honored; Mr. Villanueva disappointed us the very next day. He apologized for “throwing his teammates under the bus.” We were wrong, he doesn’t get, neither does he understand why doing what he did was the right thing to do. What more can we say about current day America folks, that a combat veteran with three tours to Afghanistan under his belt, felt the need to apologize for being present during the playing of the national anthem and responding appropriately.

Alejandro Villanueva and the Pittsburgh Steelers

Yesterday during the day of protest across the NFL, there stood out a very bright spot that that deserves to be mentioned. As the Pittsburgh Steelers chose to not show for the rendition of the national anthem, a young team member by the name of Alejandro Villanueva broke with the rest of his teammates, showed up and stood for the anthem. In a remarkable display of patriotism, Mr. Villanueva demonstrated that love of country is not something for which one needs to apologize or be ashamed. He took a stand, and went against the tide with a clear understanding that respect for traditions is an honorable thing. He understood that standing for the national anthem is a symbol of respect for this nation that offers so much hope and opportunity to its people. He recognized that in standing, he is showing his respect to all those who believe in the promise of America, and all that in stands for, and in doing so; he is paying homage to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in honor of this country. In standing, he also understands that America does not have to be perfect in order for him to be grateful for all that America is. Equally important though, is that in standing; he made the decision to not bring his personal politics onto the football field, and throw his personal political beliefs in the faces of the many fans, and customers who may not agree with his position on what are very controversial issues. Mr. Villanueva’s actions on its own are nothing out of the ordinary, but in an environment where people seem to be tripping over each other to see who could demonstrate the most disdain towards their own country that has given so much to the world and its citizens; his actions are commendable. So let’s put our hands together and give this young man a round of applause for doing what should be the most routine response when the national anthem is played in those circumstances, in fact let us do one better. Let’s give him a standing ovation. Well done young man!