Suffering and the message of Jesus

The question of suffering in the world is one that many people struggle with because there seems to be no good answers to why people suffer. 

If as Richard Dawkins says, human beings are present in the world with no design, no method, no meaning, or nothing special about us as human beings, then suffering is just something that happens. We are just random molecules occupying a position in space and time, “dancing to our DNA” as Dawkins puts it. We should just accept that we are here now until we are gone. Our present condition is the hand that we have be dealt by the invisible hand of pure chance, and there is not a thing that we can do about it. 

Others say that we are here for a divine purpose and whatever that purpose is we can only find it by connecting with the higher power that is responsible for us being here. On the other hand there are those who simply cannot accept the idea of a higher power because of all the injustices, pain and suffering in the world. 

Whereas however, some people cannot accept the idea of the higher power (God or whatever others call the being) because of all that they perceive to be wrong in the world, others say that because of all that is wrong in the world, they are drawn to the higher power. Then of course there is the question of, if there is indeed a higher power; how do we find our way to that higher power? 

Some look to the great religions of the world and say that they are all fundamentally the same so it does not matter, just pick one and try to reach the higher power through the means that you choose. Others say, no way; if there is indeed a higher power then we owe it to ourselves to find out what we must do to reach that higher power. 

Despite what people say, the great religions of the world are fundamentally different, but share some similarities at the surface. Every way cannot possibly lead to the entity that we call God because of the fundamental differences in what they each prescribe to know God. 

For some people, none of this matters. They say that they are only here for a time and whatever lies in the hereafter, or not, they will deal with when they depart this world. Whatever the answer to these questions are, everyone owes it to themselves to seriously search and find the answer that truly satisfies the spirit and the soul. The answer however cannot simply be based on how one feels, but it must be derived after a search that thoroughly investigates the evidence, and go wherever the evidence leads (if one is so inclined). 

One person who found the answer is a woman by the name of Annie Johnston Flynn. Hers is a very interesting story. Her life consisted of what many would describe as pain, misery and suffering, but she would say that it was only that way in one sense. She would describe her life as one that was filled with love, faith, hope and joy, despite her suffering which was real indeed. 

She was born as Annie Johnston and became an orphan as a small child. She was three years old when her mother died at age 23. She was adopted by her Foster parents (the Flints, hence her last name Flint) with whom she and her little sister then lived.  Her father gave them up for adoption. He too was terminally ill and he soon passed away after giving the children up for adoption. 

As a child living with the Flints she says that she came to understand the words of Jesus when he said “thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes” because she came to know personally the saving grace of Christ. She had a happy childhood and continued to grow in her personal faith, and it was this faith in Jesus that prepared her for the suffering that was ahead in her life. 

Her life was filled with promise but she developed arthritis that was so terrible as a young woman that she eventually became twisted up in bed for decades. Ms. Flint became incontinent, and she had to wear diapers for the rest of her life. She developed sores all over her body, and she began to go blind later in her life.  

These afflictions were only part of her story. She faced many trials in her life, but through them all, she took the words of Jesus to heart when he said to “come unto me all of you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest unto your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” 

Her life was an inspiration to many and she was dedicated to letting others know of the grace that she found in Jesus Christ to make it through this world, and her hope for the next.

Part of her legacy is one of the most beautiful hymns ever written. 

May you know the grace that she spoke of in this meaningful song.


Dystopian American cities

Like the beautiful and amazing Candace Owens says, show me a crime filled city with dilapidated buildings, rampant poverty and a sense of hopelessness among many black people, with a high drop out rate, and a failing education system, and I will show you a city run by a liberal Democrat politician.

Just as an aside, for those of you who may be wondering, Candace Owens is that dynamic, free, independent, black female thinker that some on the left has called a…are you ready for this…a black white supremacist.

Back to the topic!

If you want to know where the left and Democrats in general are in charge, just look for the cities where black people are suffering the most.

You doubt it?

Check it out for yourself: Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Compton, St. Louis, Oakland etc., etc., etc.
Even cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have gone to the dogs.

In San Francisco, used hypodermic needles are strewn all over the streets, human feces, and other bodily fluids is quite literally all over the streets, to the point where one could inadvertently step in it. The streets reek of urine, and medieval diseases have made a comeback in this once great cities, and others run by Democrat politicians.

Well, we know you’ll say that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. True, but hey; after numerous decades one would think that getting rid of the political party that has been in charge during the decline of these cities may at least be worth a shot.

Blacks are not the only ones being held hostage by their failing policies though. It is the same with Hispanics and other minority groups.

If the misery index is high, then rest assured that city is most likely run by a Democrat politician. They entice the population with free stuff to make the people feel that they care, but these politicians never give them enough to become free and independent of government.

They give the people just what they think is enough to keep them coming back. They give hand outs and not hand ups. It is the politics of the rope as opposed to the politics of the ladder, as Dinesh DeSouza describes it.

They tell their constituents to grab on to the rope that Democrats let down so that these politicians can pull them up. Once their constituents grab onto the rope they are completely at the mercy of the charlatans who are holding the rope.

Many of the people eventually find themselves just dangling in the air, trying desperately to get to the top, but they are completely at the mercy of the Democrat politicians holding the rope.

These politicians convince their constituents that climbing the ladder is too hard because there is risk, but many of the people do not realize that the bigger risk is becoming entrapped in a system that seldom leads to self sufficiency.

As noted in a previous post, who cares? Orange man bad and Republicans are racist…so there!


The beauty of love


I told her! I finally told her…

I’ve wanted to tell her for a long time now, but I was afraid

I was scared she’d reject my profession of love

I’ve never been afraid to tell a woman how I feel

But I’ve never felt this way before

What I feel is not carnal, it is not driven by lust

I have no interest in a fling

What I feel is real it runs deep and I have to let it out

I LOVE HER!!!!! 

I love her and I want the whold world to know

Every time I see her my heart skips two beats

When she comes near me I turn into a nervous wreck 

When she looks at me I become enchanted

When she speaks I hear music

When she laughs I see sunshine

When she cries I see deep into her soul

And when I think of her nothing else matters

She overwhelms me with the force of her personality

I never thought someone could affect my heart this way

I had to tell her what I felt and so I did 

You know what happened? She told me that she loves me too

And then suddenly, it all made sense

I was born to love her!

She wins!

She makes my heart scream

Life with her is like a perpetual dream

She turns the mundane into excitement

My heart’s unruly from from love’s incitement

She makes my heart take flight on eagle’s wings

Gliding freely in the heavens as it sings

Yet my heart is a captive of her gorgeous smile

She amazes me with her mind, her unmistakeable style

One glimpse of her face fills me with delight

Thoughts of her sends my spirit into flight

She keeps me sailing on that famous cloud

When she’s away I can be lonely in the largest crowd

I merely existed before her but now I live

She’s the object of my devotion, for her my life I’d give

She unravels the mystery of this thing called love

My heart fits her perfectly like a hand in glove

I can no longer fight this feeling within

I give up! She wins.

Democrat’s air tight impeachment case

When the Democrats in the House decided to impeach President Trump, they stacked the deck to overflowing. The entire process was designed to give the Democrats every advantage they could squeeze out of the process. The Republicans on the House intel committee and the Judiciary Committee had absolutely no say in how the process would be run. 

The Democrats had complete control of the process…complete control. They were in control and they flaunted their power in the most audacious manner. They turned down  every one of the Republicans’ witness request. The Republicans had no subpoena power. They were banned from asking certain questions. They were often cut off during examination of witnesses. In fact it was such a raw display of their power, that the House did not even vote to authorize the impeachment inquiry. The speaker of the House was the one who authorized it by sole decree.  The so called whistle blower was not even allowed to testify and witnesses were even forbidden from uttering his name. If they did, they would be held in contempt of Congress. 

The Democrats did not follow any of the precedents of the Clinton impeachment, and they just continued to literally make up the rules as they went along, breaching them whenever they felt it served their cause. 

The impeachment proceedings in the house were so one sided that the Democrats called 17 witnesses to the republicans 0 witnesses. Just in case anyone is reading this thinks that is an exaggeration, please note that it is not. The Democrats called 17 witnesses, the Republicans 0 witnesses. 

Apart from that, of all the witnesses who were called, not one of them had any kind of first hand information to offer the committee about President Trump. Please note again that this is not an exaggeration. Literally none of them had any first hand information to give on President Trump. 

When questioned by committee members every single one of the witnesses admitted that they were giving their own personal opinions, or making assumptions. 

So after cooking the process to favor the Democrats, after calling their 17 witnesses  to the Republicans 0 witnesses, they impeached the President. They then triumphantly declared that the case against the President was water tight. They proclaimed that the evidence was overwhelming. It was an open and shut case that could not be denied. It was incontrovertible. Trump had committed high crimes and misdemeanors. 

They had no choice but to impeach the bastard and they had to do it now doggone it! It was imperative that they not delay. It was so important to get it done during the short time frame that they did, that they told the nation they could not afford to await the results of the courts that were going to rule if Trump had to allow his people to testify before Congress, or if his claims of executive privilege were legit, and therefore they did not have to testify. That would take too long, and this was an emergency, so they just went ahead and impeached him for appealing to the courts. For the sake of the Republic they had to do it. It was a national emergency, but then something curious happened on the way to the Senate. 

The Democrats’ sense of urgency dissipated and they refused to deliver the articles to the Senate. They held on to them for 28 days, trying to bully the Senate, telling the Senate how to conduct the trial. 

After telling everyone that they proved their case beyond the shadow of any doubt, because the evidence was so strong, what did they spend the first day doing? Well, they spent most of the first day demanding that the Senate do the job of the House, and call more witnesses. They proceeded to then lie to the country saying there were no witnesses when in fact they had 17 witnesses, to the Republicans’ and the President’s ZERO witnesses. They needed an 18th witness for their airtight cas that proved beyond the shadow of any doubt that Trump is guilty.

Of course, the sycophantic fake news media was right there alsongside them, cheering them on every step of the way, playing their silly games, and holding not a single Democrat to account for their shenanigans.

What do you say about these people?

Some thoughts on the fake news media

Don Lemon and his chums laugh it up as they mock half the country

Check out this unabashed segment of unprofessionalism from America’s primary fake news network (FNN), and one of their main “news” anchors, the incurious and intellectually lazy Don Lemon.

Keep in mind that Don Lemon markets himself as a straight news journalist, not a liberal media commentator or an opinion presenter.

He is just a journalist who does not take sides.

He just tells it like it is!

Here is Mr. journalist and his colleagues engaging in some good ol’ elitist rib tickling, thigh slapping ridicule of the people they consider themselves to be better than, at least half of the country.

This is not the first time Mr. Lemon has engaged in this behavior. Ridicule and self righteous posturing is part of his schtick. This is how he caters to his crazy left wing audience of 7.

This is how he keeps them loyal. Red meat for the base as they love to say.

Now it’s quite ok for Mr. Lemon to engage in this kind of sophomoric behavior if he chooses. Just stop pretending to be an objective journalist whose main purpose it is to be objective as he dispenses information.

Could you imagine Brett Baier, Chris Wallace, Martha MacCallum, or Bill Hemmer of Fox News engaging in this kind of behavior. Well, can you…?

There is a place for what Lemon does in the Media information business.

He just needs to be honest about what he does.

That’s all people ask.

These clowns still do not get why so many people consider them to be fake news.

                                                                                                                                                                           The media fact checks Adam Schiff

Whaaat!?! MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and the New York times are fact checking Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler to see how many lies they told during their long speeches during the impeachment trial today.

They are examining how many straw men they summoned, how much outright lies, how mischaracterizations, and even how much hateful rhetoric they both spewed.

Whaaat!?! It can’t be true. I must be deceived.

Well actually it’s not true, that only happened in a dream. These networks are too busy right now doing obeisance to Schiff to do any such thing.

Before I awoke from the dream, a reality checker reassured me that it was just a dream, and also reassured me that that kind of scrutiny is reserved exclusively for President Trump.

We do not scrutinize Democrats and go through with a fine tooth comb everything they say like we do for Trump, the fact checker said.

Man…It seemed so real though, shoulda known betta…

More white supremacy hysteria by the media

The media did everything in their power to portray the second amendment supporters hosting a rally in Virginia a few days ago as white supremacists.

In their coverage of the rally they actually had people saying that it is going to be a white supremacist rally and not a second amendment rally.

This actually happened.

They said it over and over, and over again to anyone listening. White supremacist rally, white supremacist rally, white supremacist rally…

In fact looking at the coverage of the rally, one would have thought it was a rejuvenation of the Klu Klux Klan and not just average Americans protesting their government.

White supremacist rally, white suremacist rally was the refrain. Expect violence. Militias looking to stir up trouble…rah…rah…rah!

Just like the days of the Tea Party, the rally was peaceful, uneventful for the most part and people participating in the Democratic process. The people let their voices be heard, the rally was over and everyone went back home.


It was anything but a white supremacist rally!

The damage was done though and they did not spend the same amount of effort correcting their blatant false coverage.

Just another example of the Fake News media doing what they do best.


This is why they are not trusted.

What if the media still had their monopoly?

Can anyone imagine if Breitbart news did not exist, or Fox News (even though Fox has their Trump haters too). What if there was no Newsbusters, or no Daily Wire, or if the Daily Caller did not exist? Imagine if the Fake news media still had their monopoly and all that we were seeing is coverage with their spin. Is it any wonder they hate Breitbart and all the other alternative sites that give us the news?

Here is the big difference though. Trump’s supporters know what they say on the Fake New networks because they have to point out the unfairness of their coverage and expose them for their fakery.

The people who watch the Fake news on the other hand do not know what is being covered on Fox etc. because they simply dismiss them as Fake news also. They do not have anything to measure against what they hear.

This is why things that Fox and Breitbart were reporting three years ago is now being reported in the NY Times and CNN like it is breaking news and their readers do not even know the difference.

Do Democrats ever lie or do anything that deserves the type of negative coverage that Trump gets?

We hear all the time how much Trump lies. How come we never hear anything about any Democrat’s lies. Where are the statistics on how much Adam Schiff’s lies? Why is there no fact checking of Adam Schiff? Why is it that we never see long features looking into the Democrat’s methods and the things that they say? Is there anyone who can point to one single reporter interrupting Nancy Pelosi while she is speaking to correct her on anythings that she is saying? Why is it that all of the news coverage of President Trump and the Republicans are so one sided in terms of negative coverage? Is it that the Democrats are such paragons of virtue that they never have to be fact checked? All questions that Democrat supporters will never answer?

When Trump is engaging in obvious exaggeration and braggadocio, the media deciphers every word to point out that he told an untruth. It is so bad that when Trump said that there were burgers a mile high at one of his functions, the media fact checked the statement to point out there was not a mile high pile of burgers. Trump lied! We never see this kind of scrutiny when it comes to Democrats. Why is that? We know that the number of Trump’s lies is now officially up to 15000. How many lies has Nancy Pelosi, Gerald Nadler, Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats told? But no one!  Only Trump deserves the scrutiny.

These people have no credibility. They do not deserve Americas’s trust. They don’t even do investigative journalism anymore. They are the most mindless, incurious, Democrat sycophants who do not care one iota that their profession is now in utter disrepute.

They themselves keep being caught in lie after lie. They destroy peoples lives like they did with the Covington Catholic School boys, or like they did with the whole Russian collusion ruse, and they never apologize. The country is now squarely divided into two camps that harbor genuine animosity toward each other, and it is in large part due to the media abandoning its role as watch dogs, but instead have assumed the role of advocates for the Democrat Party.

These people spent three three years pushing a story that they knew to be a lie from the beginning, and they milked it for everything that it was worth, in the process dividing the country further and further apart, but the truth never mattered to them. Getting Trump did! Even now many of them persist with the Russian collusion hoax. So much pertinent news that could give context, cool tensions, or promote unity goes unreported because the news media is so crooked.

A Democrat could say we are going to impeach the MFer in a public forum, minutes after being declared the winner in an election, and the wrath of the media does not get kindled the way that it is when Trump sends out a tweet they do not like. The Democrats have been so emboldened by the news media that a branch of the party could lead a crowd of people in a chant of f*** Donald Trump, with Nancy Pelosi standing right there smiling, and not worry about ever being called out by the corrupt media.

One candidate running to be the Democrat President could talk about his desire to punch the President, and all we hear is the sound of crickets in the night because the media does not think that is worth even a small fraction of the coverage if it it was a right winger who said something like that about some prominent Democrat.

They have Joe Biden on record saying with his own mouth…on record…saying with his own mouth that he threatened to, and withheld aid from Ukraine unless they did his bidding, but to the despicable media that is not a story that is worth digging into to find out more. What do they do? They make excuses for him.

Maxine Waters is on record instructing her supporters to harass her political opponents. The woman is on camera literally telling her supporters to harass people in public places like movie theaters, gas stations and other places, telling them to “create a crowd, push back on them and tell them that they are not welcome anymore, anywhere,” but no one in the media has ever gone after Maxine Waters with the type of aggression that we see when they go after. In fact the response to Waters by her media allies was so tepid, that she boldly doubled and tripled down on her comments, confident that she would never be held to the same standard as any conservative or Republican. That was not the last of her controversial statements but she remains a hero to the media.

One half of the country looks at this stuff going on everyday and they wonder how they could ever get their message out with any fair coverage by the media.

The media has always leaned left, but what we have been witnessing since the election of Donald Trump is unlike anything that we have ever seen in this country. This is why citizens have to take matters up for themselves and speak out so their message can be heard. They have to become engaged and actively combat the lying media. They must not allow themselves to be cowered into silence by the virulent left.

These people have been getting away with this nonesense for far too long. It will only get worse if no one confronts them.

Trumps Iran response

The last thing that America needs at this time is to get involved in another protracted war in the Middle East, whether it is against Iran or any other nation anywhere in the world. We’ve seen how costly these ill advised campaigns can be to the U.S. Today Afghanistan stands as a prime example of becoming bogged down in a conflict with no apparent exit strategy.  This conflict continues to bleed the nation of it’s treasure, and it’s most precious resources, in the lives of the men and women who end up paying the unltimate price in these  endless wars. 

President Trump has been very clear about his desire to keep America out of any more protracted wars that continue to maintain the status quo, while at the same time recognizing the importance of projecting a posture of strength to America’s enemies around the world. This desire to keep the nation out of war, and the promise to bring an end to America’s involvement in conflicts that we have needlessly been entangled in is one of the reasons that Trump was elected. 

Fulfilling this desire in a complex world where nations with competing interests seeking to establish or reestablish themselves as power players, and influencers can be a precarious balancing act. On the one hand the United States must make it clear through its actions that the country is not pursuing a policy of intimidation and aggression, or regime change with any other nation. On the other hand America must also be clear, and perhaps even more so, that it will always put, and have measures in place to defend itself and its allies from those who wish to do them harm. No one should ever mistake the U.S. desire to avoid conflict as a sign that America will shrink in the face of threats or challenges to its security. 

President Trump’s decision to strike at the Iranian regime by targeting and taking out the country’s top  General is meant to send a strong, unambiguous message that America will respond forcefully, defending itself in the face of threats or when attacked. As can be expected, the news media and their allies in the Democrat Party are giving the predictable response to Trump’s decision to take out Iran’s top General, Qassem Soleimani, in a precision, surgical strike. 

To listen to the media and Democrats respond to Trump’s decision, one would think that Trump attacked a NATO ally or that he perhaps invaded Canada. The hatred of President Trump is so intense that his critics are unable to look beyond it even for a millisecond.  They cannot do it even in moments like these that demand a careful, thoughtful, measured assessment of the facts, and the response to them. Listening to the leftist media and Democrats everywhere scold President Trump for taking out Soleimani, one could be forgiven for thinking that Soleimani was a mentor to Mother Teresa, or that he was the reincarnation of Mahatma Ghandi, and not the murderous thug that the entire world knew him to be. 

No one disputes that Soleimani was the main figure behind what has been rightly termed Iran’s decades long proxy war against the United states. His blood trail can be traced in terrorist attacks all around the world, from the desert sands of the Middle East, to the idyllic shores of beautiful Argentina. He was the big cahouna behind most of these attacks. Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. No none disputes this! 

Soleimani has been on the U.S. terror watch list for over a decade. His reign of terror has been brutal. Just over a week ago his forces killed an American contractor, wounded American troops, and also wounded Iraqi personnel in a rocket attack that targeted a military base in Nothern Iraq. Last week  supporters of a militia force linked to Soleimani staged a bold attack on the American Embassy in Iraq in another provacative act of aggression toward the United States. This may be a good time to remind people that an attack on an American Embassy anywhere in the world is an attack on sovereign American territory.

Do not forget that this man was also the mastermind behind the high tech IED attacks that killed several hundred U.S. Militay service members during the Iraq war. In the last year they even shot down a U.S. Military drone in international airspace over the strait of Hormuz where Iran has been accosting international shipping vessels using the passageway for commercial purposes. 

What is the United States to do in the face of all of this? 

Trump hating pundits across the media are saying that Trump’s actions are an unnecessary escalatory move. They say that because they reason Iran will no doubt retaliate with more acts of terrorism. No one is saying though what America’s response to Iran’s decades long aggression toward the United States should be. The argument seems to be that America should not defend itself for fear of more aggression by its enemy. 

Some are even saying that America needs to bring home all of it’s troops from that part of the world, and surely then, the United States will no longer have to worry about all of these attacks. The peope who take this position ignore the fact that Iran’s aggression is based on an ideology aimed at spreading their brand of Islam all across the globe, and they see it as their duty to do this by any means they deem necessary. 

There may be legitimat arguments for America to relook it’s foreign policy, especially when it it comes to that part of the world, but it is perhaps understating the obvious to call it naive thinking that appeasement or a simple withdrawal of U.S. troops will bring an end to the problems with Iran or other terrorist organizations for that matter. There is no simple solution to many of these problems that plague our world. Since the beginning of time nations have been in conflict with one another, and the answers to solving the problems that exist between them have often been complicated. Quite simply put, the answers are seldom as “black and white” as people make them out to be.

Once again the Democrat Party and the media have shown that they have no desire to rid themselves of Trump derangement syndrome, even as the disease continues to cloud their thinking, and voraciously eat away at the few remaining brain cells they have left.