A Red Wave Is Not Inevitable

If you are a conservative and you think that a “red wave” is inevitable this coming November, you had better check yourself. Do not for one minute think that this thing is a given.

Now in any sane world that is correctly ordered, the Democrat Party machine would be chased out of town. But in the back to front, upside down world in which we live, they are currently running the country. That is the reality.

The Democrat Party machine is formidable. They are relentless. They are singularly focused on power, and they will do or say anything to gain or maintain power. Don’t ever forget that.

Apart from all of that, the Democrat Party machine is evil to the core! I do not say that as hyperbole. I mean that in the truest sense of the word. These people are Nazi level evil and crazy. It is only because we have the system of Government we do here that they have not been able to do the things that they are quite capable of doing.

Once again, look at our leftist neighbors to the north of the U.S. and see what steps they have been willing to take to keep their citizens in their place. Look at how the justice department is shamelessly and brazenly targeting, and going after political opponents. Lawyers for many of the 6 January 2021 prisoners are complaining about horrific conditions and treatment of their clients in jail. Some of them have even alleged that their clients are being tortured in what some are calling the American gulag.

This is happening in America, but that’s not all.

Observe the silence from the left in the face of all of this. Even if these allegations are not true, isn’t it at least worth looking into by the media? This would be an opportune moment to solidify your credentials as a journalist, if American citizens are really being tortured in American jails with the assent of the Justice Department, but no. That is not the case. These frauds are not even interested.

Keep in mind how these same people reacted over enemy combatants at Guantanamo bay some years ago. Remember that enemy combatants do not fall under the same rules as prisoners of war, so technically one can use enhanced interrogation techniques to gain life saving information from them.

The evil left came out with a vengeance to the defense of these terrorists, and the left refused to let the story die. They have no such interest in speaking out in defense of the January 6 prisoners. Even your run of the mill leftist will not speak out against the Justice Department and demand that the January 6 prisoners be treated the same way they demanded that the enemy combatants at Guantanamo be treated.

They get to justify it all by declaring that the rioters were insurrectionists trying to over throw the United States Government. Therefore they deserve whatever treatment they are getting. See how that works?

Keep in mind that many of the people who are currently being prosecuted for 6 January 2021 offenses did not participate in the riots. Many of them were caught loitering in the Capitol building etc.

Well this post is not about the “insurrectionist.” I only mention them to remind you of who we are dealing with here.

Don’t forget that this same justice department had the FBI swoop down on the home of the 72 year old Roger Stone, with over 25 FBI agents, helicopters, etc. in a pre dawn raid to arrest him because he supposedly on some charges for which no one generally gets prosecuted. The crimes for which Stone was arrested have not evoked the same response from the Justice Department, and the FBI when Democrats were the alleged offenders. Once again, the left was not alarmed by the country’s descent in to this kind of third world political targeting. They cheered. Yooohoo, get him! Get Trump!

Well, this not about Roger stone either. Once again, it is just to reinforce the point that the Democrat machine is unafraid to use the levers of power to remain in power. Look at the Steve Bannon case. Look at the January 6 hearings and the one sided clown show it has turned out to be.

These people do whatever they have to do to get their job done. They go down clawing, and scratching, gouging, and fighting with everything they have. Don’t ever expect them to not fight.

Do not forget too, the all powerful weapon they have in their back pocket, the media and big tech, who have become so brazen in their one sided coverage of the news; they simply do not care they have been exposed. Big tech uses their monopoly to bury dissenting opinions, and stories unfavorable to the Democrat Party, and anything that goes against the status quo.

Perhaps the biggest thing the Democrats have going for them, unwitting though it may be, is the stupidity of the Republican machine. Folks you cannot understate how stupid the Republican machine is. These people have been served a bevy of issues that should make them the favored Party for the next hundred years.

The Democrats are that awful!

As evil as the Democrat Party machine is however, to the same extent; the Republican Party machine is filled with idiots. Many of these people are just embarrassingly stupid.

That, more than anything should give any conservative pause, if they think that an automatic “red wave” is inevitable, they’d better think again.

Who knows? It is possible, but if the they are looking to the idiots who have mastered the art of snatching defeat out the hands of victory, they’d better prepare for anything.

The One Sided Coverage Of Abortion

Let’s get away for a minute from the question of whether or not abortion is wrong or right. 

Let’s discuss the issue of why the conversation in the mainstream is always limited to what Hollywood, academia, the media, politicians and others who support it has to say, and why those who oppose it are portrayed the way they are portrayed.

Why does the media cover the issue like there is only one side to the story? The way that the leftist media talks about abortion it is as though there are no solid arguments coming from the other side. The media relegates the whole conversation to the argument that you cannot tell a woman what to do with her body, or they use euphemisms like women’s health, or women’s reproductive care/health. No one in the legacy media wants to talk about the lives of the little girls developing in the womb of the women. No one wants to talk about the ethics of the issue, and why it is acceptable to just casually stop the developing human lives that need protection when they are at their most vulnerable state. 

It is all about the woman’s body. Why is there no discussion about the fact that women are the vessels, and the only means through which human beings enter into the world. Why do we as a society believe that the highest virtue in this discussion is that it is the woman’s body, and therefore that nullifies every other consideration? What effect does the casual dismissal of the lives developing in the womb have on the broader society in terms of how we view, and value human life in general? What other values will we be able to just as casually cast aside if we can so easily dismiss the value of lives developing in the womb, simply because those lives are dependent on the women who bear them?

The legacy news media treats the pro choice argument as though it is the default position of most Americans, and it is a settled issue that pro choice is the right position. They frame it like it is the only perspective that matters.  Many people set up the argument as a matter of convenience. The woman cannot afford to have a baby they say. It is just too difficult. She does does not want to deal with all of the physical trials that come with a pregnancy. It’s too emotionally taxing for some. When it comes to such an important issue as giving birth to a live kicking and screaming human being, some ask if convenience is the only, or the most important issue.

Life is not always about convenience, or having it easy. In life, people are often called to do difficult things, make difficult decisions. The idea of self sacrifice is old as time itself, because some things are simply bigger than comfort or convenience. Human beings are often called on to “do the right thing” for the sake of the right thing, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, or regardless of the consequences. It is a part of the human experience. So the question is, in all of the back and forth about abortion; do any of these issues come into play, or is the argument really only about the woman’s body. 

The idea that because it is the woman’s body, she must have the complete autonomy to destroy the body developing inside of her is also questionable, because in a civil society the state often over rides individual autonomy, especially when others are negatively affected. We’ve seen in the last two years the extremes to which the state will go to deny individual bodily autonomy, despite many arguing that they did not meet the burden of justifying their actions. We witnessed that  the government has no problems threatening the bodily autonomy of both men and women. 

The almighty state has refused to discuss the concerns of citizens in an honest and open way about vaccinations, and has even gone out of it’s way to silence voices that challenged what many have called Government over reach. The Government has insisted that in order to enjoy many of the normal, regular functions of life, people must exercise blind faith in the government and comply with vaccine mandates, despite the many questions, and concerns that have gone unanswered and unaddressed. Bodily autonomy be damned. 

This piece is not about vaccines. The point is just to draw a parallel about bodily autonomy.  

Once again put aside the question of whether or not abortion is right. Let’s drop the raw emotions that often accompany this sensitive issue. In fact, let’s pretend this is the first time we are dealing with it. Can someone answer why the public discussion is so one sided, and all of the issues raised here are not given the same respect as the other side of the argument. Is the reasoning of the other side not legitimate and therefore not even worth giving attention?


Margaret Sanger’s And The KKK’s Delight

Margaret Sanger must be doing backflips in her grave, high fiving her Klu Klux Klan fellow corpses. They have done the Democrat Party proud. 

Not in Sanger’s wildest dreams did good ol’ Maggie imagine she would have such success in stifling the growth of black citizens in America, 

Not only has she achieved her goal of slowing the growth of the black population. She has done it on the backs of the 20 million dead babies who have never gotten to see the light of day, but on top of that; she has convinced many black people that it’s a good thing to snuff out the life of their innocent babies. 

The black population has hovered around the same numbers for decades, while other minority groups continue to grow and even surpass their numbers, much of it, in addition to abortion,  is through illegal immigration (that’s something else worth discussing at another time).The great replacement is not just about displacing whites.

Back to the topic, blacks make up about 14 percent of the population, but account for about 40 percent of all abortions, with a disproportionate number of abortion clinics in black neighborhoods. 

Don’t let anyone fool you, only a minuscule amount of those abortions were because of rape or incest…a very tiny minuscule. Most of them are because white leftists, the Democrat machine, and the black bourgeoisie have convinced black people that killing their own offspring before they even get to see the light of day is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. Yippeeee!Just get rid of those inconvenient annoyances growing inside their mothers wombs. 

Frame the entire discussion as “women’s health,” “women’s reproductive healthcare,” or “telling women what to do with their own bodies,” and the barbarism can continue, and be excused. 

Not a darn thing wrong with that. It is the people who say there is something wrong with it who are the immoral ones. Those 20 million black lives do not matter to lefties, the black bourgeoisie, and the black people they have convinced that it is no big deal to slaughter their own.  

Add that to the fact that the Democrat machine, and the left has helped to utterly destroy a large percentage of the black family, by convincing them that black Americans do not need the black man in the home. The state will take care of black women and their families (the children they do not abort). 

When the forthright Democrat Senator Moynihan presented his findings years ago in his famous Moynihan report, on the dangers of Government policy on the black family, his paper had to be buried and vilified.

Now we have homes all across America with black fathers absent in 72 percent of them. Many of the children in these homes will never have meaningful relationships with their fathers, with negative consequences that will affect them for the rest of their lives, and will also take its toll on society.

Yes indeed, Magaret Sanger, and the despisers of black people everywhere must be loving it.

Can you imagine members of the Klu Klux Klan today, watching all of these white lefties, the black bourgeoisie, and the many black people they have convinced that these destructive policies are in their best interest. 

The Klan must be beside themselves even as their numbers continue to dwindle. We do not need to do a thing they must be saying. Let them destroy themselves.

And many black people say, they love us. The really, really loves us. Then they look at those of us who refuse to participate in the destruction, and want to see black people as a whole live up to their potential, and they spit racist garbage like all skin folk ain’t kin folk.

Go figure!

Politicizing Mass Shootings

The people who politicize these mass shootings make it sound like they have all the answers, and they are the only ones who care. The people who disagree with them have no valid reasons to disagree with them. 

You hear people Like President Biden in the immediate aftermath of shootings blaming others who had nothing to do with the killings. He, and those of his ilk have no hesitation about playing on the raw naked emotions of people, and playing on theirs fears, to drive their anti gun agenda. 

When they do what they do, it is all all for the good of everyone. They are not fear mongers. They are the noble ones. Everyone who disagrees are villains.  Then then go on these political campaigns using the deaths of innocents to shamelessly push their agenda. 

They blame the gun lobby for the deaths of the people killed. They blame the NRA and they go on these vicious tirades against anyone who does not share their views on guns. 

They have no problem dancing on the graves of these victims whose lives have been so mercilessly, needlessly, senselessly, and violently snuffed out. They think that their point of view is all that matters.

What if after every shooting, those on the other side of the argument were to run to the closest camera, and declare that it is the people who insist on gun free zones who are to blame for the deaths of those killed in these mass shootings. Imagine it for one moment. Think about this hypothetical case. Here’s the scenario. A shooting takes place somewhere, then immediately after the shooting, Ted Cruz runs out to the closest microphone to declare that the politicians or authorities who made the place a gun free zone where the people were shot are responsible for the deaths of the people killed. He then continues, all of these gun free zones are getting people killed. If we had more good people armed this gunman never would have gotten away with this. You are responsible for these people’s deaths. Your gun free zones did this. Would that be acceptable? 

Imagine that immediately after a shooting that Sean Hannity goes on his show, and begins to rant that every year thousands of people have had their lives saved because other people owned guns and used those guns to save lives. Their is no reason for all these senseless gun laws that continue to get people killed because only the criminal madmen had guns. Then Hannity looks into the screen, ranting, raving and declares, Governor Democrat, you are responsible for these deaths. You have blood on your hands. 

Imagine an NRA spokesman immediately after a shooting, running out to the closest camera to shamelessly declare, once again we see how these foolish gun laws, and the politicians who make them continue to endanger Americans. It’s time to give Americans their rights back so that we can have more armed citizens who can protect themselves and people who need protecting. 

All of these gun advocates are just as passionate as Beto O’Rourke, and they shamelessly appeal to the atrocity that took place five minutes ago to push their pro gun agenda. More of them come out and they saturate the conservative airwaves with gun advocacy to the same extent, with the same immediacy, playing the same blame game, and just talking about why we need more guns not less. 

They and their Democrat counterparts spout their cliches, but they do it in favor of guns instead. We’ve got to do something about this now. The data is clear. Gun laws don’t stop those intent on committing mayhem. They just make law abiding citizens defenseless victims. 

If that were to happen immediately after everyone of these shootings, would that be acceptable? Why not? They are just as emotional. They have as much data to back up their claims. In fact they are convinced that the data is more clearly on their side, and that barring the emotion there is no reason to go down the road of more gun control. 

Then there are those who believe that a lack of values are the problem.  Do they have the go ahead to run before the cameras five minutes after a shooting, to rant an rave as they blame others who had nothing to do with the killings?

They declare that guns are just a symptom of a bigger problem. More gun laws will not help because the problem is a matter of the human condition. We have to get to the heart of the problem, and by concentrating all our efforts on an inanimate object that does not have the capacity to conceive evil or commit evil, authorities are bathing in the blood of the victims. 

Cultural rot, where seemingly nothing is objectively right or wrong is responsible for what we are experiencing. A culture that devalues human life as displayed in the cavalier attitude toward abortion, euthanasia, plus many other social issues lead to these killings. Guns are just a symptom of deeper problems in our society. That’s what we need to tackle.

Does anyone approve of politicians, celebrities, preachers, or other high profile people running to the closest microphone to spout their agenda, when the tears have not even dried on the faces of those who have lost loved one. Is it ok for them to start blaming those they see as responsible for the cultural rot they think is responsible?  

These people are convinced that in a culture where anything goes, and there is no objective right or wrong, these things are bound to happen. 

Do the gun grabbers care more, and get free reign to behave the way they do every time one of these shootings occur? Do others have the right to exploit misfortune to get their way? Are the gun grabbers more righteous than everyone else?

Why Are Leftist So Bitter Against America, But LoveThe Democrat Party

To the America hating left who love to talk of America’s past sins, here is a question for you. How come you can’t get over America’s past sins despite all the country has done to correct mistakes of the past, yet you adore the Democrat Party?

Why this willingness to forgive the Democrat Party, but hold on to a grudge against America?

Why do I ask this question?  Well, one more time here is a long list of evil, and atrocities that can directly be attributed to Democrats, and or the Democrat Party.

As you go over this list, ask yourself why you are so bitter against your country, but so loving and gracious toward the Party that is responsible so much horror? 

While America endeavors to deal with problems of race your party currently engaged in the pernicious Critical Race Theory. But not only that, you defend them and make excuses for this evil, plus their open hostility and antagonism against the white male? Just as in the past, they think that their racism is righteous because the group that is the object of their hatred deserves it. Anyway that’s for another discussion. We don’t have to get into that right now.

Back to your disdain for America, but your love for the Democrat Party, the Party that is affiliated with, and had strong ties to all of the following:

Here they are:


The Trail Of Tears


Breaking away from the Union and inciting the Civil war to preserve slavery.

Voting against 40 acres and a mule, a law that was meant to pay reparations to slaves who were alive to receive it.

Voted against the:

13th Amendment 

15th Amendment

15 Amendment 

19 Amendment 

Dredd vs Scott

Jim Crow

After the KKK was defeated, they were reborn when progressive hero Woodrow Wilson showed the “The Birth Of A Nation” at the White House giving new life to the terrorist group to wreak havoc on black citizens and others.


The Ocoee massacre

The Rosewood massacre

The Helen massacre

The Oklahoma (black Wall Street) massacre 

There are more but that’s all I’ll name for now.

Peonage (those were the infamous prison camps of the South. Some survivors say they were so terrible they were worse than slavery.

They Democrats virulently opposed desegregation.

When a Democrat did do something of worth, like when Truman desegregated the Military, it was not until Eisenhower came into power that it began to be enforced and take hold.

Whenever you see old videos of the vicious Bull Connor siccing  the dogs on innocent  black marchers, remember that Bill Connor was a Democrat, whose actions were sanctioned by Democrats higher up the chain of power.

Governor George Walllace who uttered the infamous words segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation tomorrow was a Democrat. He was insistent on his segregation forever stance. Eisenhower had to send in troops to stop him from preventing school integration.

Now God bless McGovern. He became truly repentant over his racism, and appears to have made a genuine change in his life. Many black people would vouch for his changed heart. Good for him, but purely as a matter of history segregation was also a part of his record. It’s the same for Storm Thurman and Robert Byrd. Good that they both corrected themselves but they to have a racist history. Thurman became a Republican and Byrd remained a Democrat. It’s noteworthy that the same hatred Democrats harbor toward America, they continued toward Thurmond. They never forgave him for his evil racist, past when he was a Democrat, but they revered Byrd. They even have a highway named after Byrd.

It is because of Democrats that we had the watered down civil rights bills of 1957 and 1960. It was a Democrat who initiated the longest filibuster in American history when they tried to block the civil rights bill of 1964, and many of them were not fond of the subsequent bills in 1965 and 1968 either.

Now some of you will go with the good old reliable “the parties switched theory,” and that’s fine. You say the Dems realized the error of their ways, and turned a new leaf, then the other party started fighting for the votes of the racists in the south. In other words the police just ceased being police after fighting on the side of the law, and suddenly became the bank robbers and murderers. In the meanwhile the murderers and the bank robbers just became the good guys pursuing justice. They became the guardians of justice and took over the job of the police, just like that. Voila! No explanation. 

There is just one issue. All of the Dixiecrats stayed in the Democrat Party except for Storm Thurmond, and a  couple Governors switched from Democrat to Republican. In addition, the South never became Republican until the 1990s, so there is that. 

By that time racism was all a matter of mind reading, like it is today. If you don’t like someone, or a policy, then scream racist. The policy does not actually have to be racist, all you have to do is find a way to frame it as racist and you are golden. That is when the South became Republican.

Sorry for the diversion. Back to the main point, and this is the main point. Don’t miss it please. 

Let’s say the Democrat Party did suddenly, out of nowhere, unexpectedly wake up one morning and say, you know what; it is true we’ve been the Party of every segregationist law. Every one of those racist laws were signed by a Democrat Governor and passed by a Democrat state legislature. That is true. We’ve been the Party of oppression for over 165 years, but we woke up one morning and “the parties switched.” We became the good guys and they became the bad guys.

Even if that is true lefties, how come you are so forgiving of the Democrat Party despite their horrible past, but you are so hard and bitter towards America, despite all af the progress the country has made, and all the effort it continues to make to be a better nation for all? 

What’s up with that lefties?

Is It All By Design, In Other Words Is All Of This On Purpose?

Rush Limbaugh used to say that the left wants to destroy the country at the core, to rebuild it into the image they have in their mind. His reasoning was that all of the economic turmoil that happens for the most part when they are in charge is on purpose. 

For instance, he used to say that all of the Democrats knew that Obama care would not work the way they said it would. They knew it would drive competition out of the market, cause costs to go up and send the whole thing into chaos. They had to sell it like they think it is a good thing, knowing it would fail. They wanted it to fail because single payer was the ultimate goal, in other words total government control.

Listening to that, the thought would come to mind that Rush is way too suspicious, and cynical of their intentions. They are just terrible at what they do. They are not purposely trying to destroy the country.

Today many conservatives repeat the mantra that everything the left is pushing is with the intent of destroying the economy, cause despair and destroying the social fabric. 

Why would they continue with the energy policy they pursue. Look at inflation, the disruption of the supply chain, the constant outrage, the incessant complaints about racism, pushing all of these legitimately crazy ideas like CRT, transgendenderism, abortion on demand with no limits. It must be on purpose they insist.

It always sounded crazy to these ears, but maybe its true. Remember that the left loves Government control. They believe that the Government is the be all and the end all. To them Government is everything. The Government is the great rescuer, the great equalizer. Every problem can be solved by uncle Govvy.

When chaos reigns, almighty Government can always roll in like a hero to rescue the suffering, taking whatever actions they deem necessary to get control of the situation (that very often they create). We saw it with our neighbors north of our border. Trudeau expressed his love for the Chinese communists. One time when he was asked “Which nation, besides Canada, which nation’s administration do you most admire and why?” Trudeau responded “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China,”  The aspiring dictator continued “Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and saying ‘We need to go greenest fastest, we need to start, you know, investing in solar.’”

“There is a flexibility that I know [former Conservative Prime Minister] Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he can do everything he wanted, that I find quite interesting,”

We saw how Trudeau responded with an iron fist to his citizens who were protesting the hard COVTRIP-62 measures he had implemented. He did not hesitate to use some bonafide tyrannical measures to beat down his people in a manner that would make Kim Jeung Un jealous. 

How did he manage to do and get away with this? He declared a state of emergency. In an emergency the Government is forced to take any action neccesary to get control of the situation right? So what did he do? He created conditions that were so overbearing, so oppressive, so unheard of in a modern Democracy, that the people felt they had to respond. When their actions became just a little outside of the line, it was then time to call in the Governments goons. Wave in the storm troopers. It’s an emergency after all (he largely helped create it but who cares?) 

When people feel like the have no way to get redress from their Government and their government responds with a heavy hand, it could lead to more frustration, helplessnes, and eventually fear. When a people fear their government, and their government is willing to use the power of the state to trample on the rights of citizens, it leads to more oppression. Scared people will often do anything to be safe.

On our own soil, the question is, was Rush right? We see some of the same shennanigans. The leftist regime in power is trying to create conditions that lead to frustration and chaos.  It seems like they want to create an atmosphere of desperation and frustration that would eventually lead to them grabbing on to more, and more power, in the effort to limit the power of the people. 

Implement measures that ultimately lead to “emergencies,” then in the effort to quell the emergencies, the Government assumes more and more power. It’s brilliant! We saw it with COVRACKET-37 didn’t we? They used COVRACKET to trample on the rights of citizens in the most brazen fashion, that we never thought possible in America. 

All the leftist drones shook their heads in approval as they willingly acquiesced to the heavy hand of government in the name of safety. My body my choice did not exist during COVESCAM-56. Well not when you are hurting other other people they would santimoniously claim, as they failed to show who you were hurting, while displaying a total lack of self awareness. 

In all of human history it has always been health policy to kwar-ran-teen the sick while those who are well cautiously go about their business and their lives. This time around they caged healthy people, and infringed on their civil liberties of people like they were taking lessons from Stalin himself. They did not hesitate to take people’s jobs, deny the sick medical attention, ban people from public spaces etc. all in the effort to keep us “safe.”

During COVEIDIOCY-72 social media banned anyone with an opinion that contradicted the status quo. It did not matter what the qualifications were of the people they banned. Their history did not matter. Their record did not matter. All that mattered was the messaging. People were only permitted to utter what the government approved. The Government and leftist “fact checker” will be the arbiters of all truth. They would be the only ones to determine what qualifies as disinformation. And all the leftist sheep cheered! Yeah, that’s awesome.

The power players have now been emboldened like never before, and their audacity is absolutely stunning. As they print trillions and trillions of dollars out of thin air, they tell us that is needed to fight inflation. As they spend, spend, spend they tell us that will stimulate the economy to get us where we need to be. They close a blind eye to China. The border is ove run by illegal aliens as they tell us their is no problem at the border. Human trafficking and illegal drugs is flourishing as a result of a lax border policy. 

Their district attorneys refuse to prosecute criminals. They are have implemented no cash bill in many of their cities, leading to a revolving door of criminals terrorizing citizens. Organized retail crime is now a consequence of their crazy policy to not prosecute shoplifting. As a result of all this nonesense, their cities are ridden with crime even more. Homelessness is the new status symbol, to which many in their cities now aspire. 

Even as they flagrantly aim at the innocence of children, sexualizing them and grooming them in the process, they say that we who protest are in the wrong for protesting. We are pushing fear. 

While pushing pernicious racist ideology and openly pursuing racist policies, they call you racist for pointing out their racist policies. They openly attack free speech, and religion. Institutions like the family are now focused in their cross hairs. One of their radical organizations explicitly told us that it was their goal to destroy the nuclear family.

It does not matter where you turn, where you look, what you do. Leftist ideology has weaved itself into into the fabric of society in a  way that we never would have imagined a short while ago. The chaos is all around us.

On top of all of that they tell us that the earth is dying because of climate change, and as a result we have to give more control to the Government to get control of this “existential threat.” It’s not just a message that we should take better care of our environment, which no one objects to doing, no that’s not it. We are killing the earth and we are all about to die, so give them more power. 

Considering all of this, maybe Rush was right. Maybe all of the conspiracy theorists who publicly voice their proposition that this is all by design are right. After all, how many times have we heard them say to “tear it all down” and remake it in their image?

Chaos is their friend. Are they really doing all of this on purpose?

The NFL’s Latest Racial Playbook

Why is it so important to have more blacks and minority coaches in the NFL? 

This is garbage. Garbage, garbage, garbage!

Ladies and gentlemen, the left destroys everything that it touches. Leftism is a cancer that eats away at the soul. It is now eating away the soul of the NFL with  wokeness run amok.

They have now mandated that every team must now hire a minority offensive coordinator. They can do whatever they want, but this is race baiting to the highest level. 

How about this: white leftist America, black bourgeoisie, Democrat machine, stop it! Stop helping black people for crying out loud.

Do these clowns really want diversity? They do not. If they did, they’d be looking at the disproportionate number of black and minority players in the league, and demanding that there be more white people. 

Blacks make up 14 percent of the population, but they are over 50 percent of the league. If racial equity is what these people really want, they’d be working to ensure that the number of black and white players in the league be proportionate to the number of blacks and whites in the population. 

Blacks make millions and millions of dollars. One guy recently signed a half billion dollar contract, but that is not enough. 

It is all fabulous that black athletes make all this money and dominate the league . Why? Because they are the best. They have earned it.

Now a bunch of white lefties are convincing a significant number of black people that despite all of their success, they are victims. 

There are not enough black coaches and owners is now the grievance of choice. What is wrong with these people? The left continues to push the grievance, and victim culture, and so many black people just continue to embrace it willingly.

Again, why would so many people want to live their lives this way. 

If more black people want to become coaches and owners, then all they have to do is put in the same hard work, and dedication that they put in to become players.

Instead you have these grown men constantly griping about the lack of black coaches and owners.

Black people, we can do better than this. There is no difference between blacks and any other group of people. Blacks can achieve the same level of success as any other group in America. All they have to do is apply the tools of success that  have been known to work, and we will succeed. We will succeed…for good measure, one more time…we will succeed.

We do not need white lefties who do not have our interest at hand to pretend they are our protectors, our saviors, our heroes.

Let’s send these people where they belong…anywhere that that is a far, far, far away from black people where the cannot continue wreaking the destruction they have inflicted on black America.

Break off the chains of mental slavery, and live as free men black America. You are indeed free. Those enslaved by leftist ideology and proponents of leftist ideology, remember that these masters are your masters by choice. These white leftists and their black bourgeoisie allies do not have your best interest at heart.

Remember that!

God, Justice, Right, Wrong?

On talking about the issue of suffering, Professor John Lennox pointed out that most people never get justice in the world. He referenced Adolph Hitler and spoke of how Hitler simply put a bullet to his own head after he had committed the atrocity of killing so many millions of people. If atheism is correct, that is the end of the story for Hitler. No reflecting, no recompense, no justice, no anything, tough! Hitler did what he thought he had to do because he was convinced that it was necessary to achieve his purposes. Who is anyone to say that what he did was wrong? 

It definitely was not good for the people who suffered under his hand, but…wrong?… Who makes that call about right and wrong? Something can be painful. Something can be distressful. A person can find it inconvenient, annoying, hurtful, offensive, or anger inducing when they are personally affected by the inconsiderate actions of others, but in a world where there is no absolute standard by which we judge right and wrong, nothing is right or wrong. If it is all up to human beings to determine what is wrong, then anything goes. 

Some people would be sophisticated enough to come to a common understanding and agree on set rules to govern the society in which they live, but for those who chose to not live by those rules, is that not their choice? If the rule breakers are prepared to deal with the consequences of their actions, whatever those consequences may be, in pursuit of their own desires, why should they not do that? 

One of the most repulsive acts that anyone can commit is the sexual abuse of a child. Nothing stirs the emotions like this act of savage depravity. It certainly evokes raw emotions that make people recoil in absolute horror, and a desire to punish the offenders, but why is it wrong for those who choose not to follow the rules? 

If as some say, human beings are just sophisticated animals, then maybe it really does not matter that some people treat others like animals. They think it does not matter. After all, look at how human beings use animals. We kill animals for meat. We use them to entertain us in zoos. We use them as beasts of burden etc. So what’s the big deal if humans treat other humans like they really are just animals, sophisticated as they may be? 

Some people say that because humans are more cognizant, and they have the ability to reflect and consider their behavior, they have an obligation to behave morally. Is that true though, in a world that has no absolute point of reference to determine right and wrong? Is human cognizance really a good point of reference for morality? What about if one feels compelled to overcome whatever reservations he or she feels about certain behaviors in order to achieve whatever goals that person sets out to accomplish? A person may consider his goals to be so lofty that overcoming conscience may be a price he is willing to pay. If there is no absolute standard or reference to determine right or wrong, one is at liberty to do whatever one pleases.

So lets go back to animals for a minute…in Germany, it only became illegal to have sex with animals about eight years ago. There were actual brothels where people entertained their sexual fantasies with animals. In Northern Columbia, it’s a right of passage for young pubescent boys to have sex with donkeys. Many of the people there talk about it like it is the most natural thing in the world. In an interview, one man even talked about the cultural aspect of the practice, and he stressed that no one should try to impose their beliefs on their community. In a world where human beings are the be all and end all, then these matters really do boil down to what societies are willing to accept at any given time. 

Let’s ask the question again. Is it really wrong when those who do not agree with society’s rules break them? Back to the issue of child sex molestation. There is a whole underground industry dedicated to providing children for sexual exploitation. The people who provide these children to fulfill the sexual desires and fantasies of those willing to pay for them see themselves as simply providing a service. They cater to an elite clientele who does not agree with society’s rules, and are willing to break those rules to fulfill their desires. Sure, it is distressing and traumatizing for the children who are abused, but just like Hitler, those predators too will die, and in the end it really would not matter. The end is the same for all in other words, abusers and the abused. When it is all over, consciousness ceases and there is no memory of anything that has ever transpired during a lifetime. What does it really matter? 

Apart from that innate sense from deep down inside of us that says that these things are wrong, some argue that nothing is objectively wrong. Many are willing to bury that sense of right and wrong in the pursuit of fulflling their desires. Then there are those who, for whatever reason do not have a sense of right or wrong at all. They are fascinated by the idea of breaking the rules. Some experience a high from it. Others get ecstatic joy. Who ultimately decides on what is wrong?  

In a universe where world famous atheist Richard Dawking says we are just random molecules, dancing to our DNA, shouldn’t it be that anything goes? May the fittest survive. Human beings have shown throughout history, that left to their own devices there is no depth to which they are not willing to sink in pursuit of fulfilling their darkest inclinations. Kim Jeong Un feels justified committing the actis of inhumanity that he executes against his people. Isis, the Taliban, Boko Haram and the Mexican Drug Cartel can all give you their justification for the atrocities that they commit. Many of them have seared their consciences, and they feel no remorse for their actions. Most of them will go to their graves without ever facing justice. To reference Dawkins again, he said “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.” If Dawkins is right, who can blame anyone for living an individual life however one sees fit, consequences be damned? 

On the other hand Lennox and others like him believe that there is a superior being to whom human beings are accountable. This being is the ultimate point of reference for morality. If he does not exist then Dawkins is right. We are just molecules without purpose, passing through our universe with no ultimate purpose. For all the acts of injustice, inhumanity, and evil that exist in the world, that is just the way it is. There is no hope for anything better when at death’s door for the pitiful soul who lived a life of suffering, misery and distress. For those who endured the brutality of tyrants, and the cruelty of evil men, there is nothing to look forward to beyond their existence on this earth. But if John Lennox is right, and this superior being that we call God does exist; there is reason for people to hope. Is that true though? 

Does the mere existence of God give reason to hope? There are so many more issues to address on that thought. It is not as simple as it seems. Acknowledging that God exists, if it is true does not answer a lot of questions. What does this God have to say about everything taking place in our world? How do we reach him. Is he him or is he her? David Hume once said “Epicurus’s old questions are still unanswered: Is  God willing to prevent evil, but not able? then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then again, perhaps God is exactly as the Bible describes him in the Hebrew scriptures that say “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways. 

Maybe human beings are expected to place their faith in God and trust that he is working everything out with a grand ending in store for those who trust him and have faith in him. Taking that on it’s face leads to other issues. Why the Bible, why the Christian God? Others could make similar claims about Vishnu, Lakshmi, Mohammed, Zeuss or some other deity. Well Christianity makes several truth claims. The people who hold to belief in these other deities also make truth claims. They all have their sacred texts. They have their disciples. They have their messengers. They have their prophets. They all make claims of metaphysical truth. How do we know which God to look to for the true revelation of truth. How do we know what this God is saying to the world. What is his message? how does he expect us to behave to towards one another, and how are human beings supposed to respond to him. 

Bible believers claim that they do not simply proclaim metaphysical truth. They say that anyone can claim to have truth gotten from God, without having any proof to verify their claims. Bible believers say that the Judaeo scriptures contain many verifiable truths. They say that many of the Bible prophets have prophesied world events with a stunning rate of precision and accuracy. This is unlike any other figure who has ever claimed to prophesy in the name of God or otherwise. One of the prophets from the Bible has been so on point with the prophecies that he foretold, scholars and historians have sought to discredit that he actually made those prophecies. Skeptics now claim that he really did not make these prophesies. They say that after many of the world events believers had already happened when he wrote about them, but wrote about them in a way that made it look as though he foretold them. That is how accurate these Bible prophecies are, if indeed they are prophecies.

Bible believers also claim that archaeology backs up many of the things, places, and events the Bible talks about. If fact they say that the Bible is so accurate when it comes to archaeological findings archaeologists use the Bible as a major tool when conducting many of their digs. Many claims that the Bible make, which people once laughed at, have now been verified by archaeologists. Voddie Baucham, a Christian apologist claims that thousands of archaeological digs have confirmed names, places, and events in the Bible. He say that not one of these archaeological findings has ever contradicted the Biblical account on the things to which they pertain. 

Bible believers say that the historicity of the Bible and the characters featured in it are accurate. It is not a history book they say, but the history that it does record is accurate, and much of it can be verified. There are many other claims of veracity that Bible believes make, but perhaps the most audacious one is the claim about the central character in all of scripture, Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ was a real historical figure who was also mentioned by extra biblical sources like Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny the younger and other ancient historians.  Followers of Christ say that he was brutally, mercilessly beaten and crucified, but raised himself to life again, and promised to return to the earth one day to judge all of humanity, past and present.

Let us go back to the original point about suffering, right and wrong, what the standard, and ultimate reference point of morality is. If there is a God who does exist, if he is the standard and ultimate reference point for morality; human beings would do well to find out what this God has to say to them. The God of the Bible invites everyone who wants to know about him to seek after him. The says God will reveal himself to them. He promises that those who suffer injustice will receive justice, those who committed injustice will pay. Those who followed him in faith will be rewarded. So what exactly is the point of highlighting all of this?

In the search to discover what God is saying, the search must be real. It cannot be half hearted. It must be sincere. As in any other search for truth, the search for metaphysical truth, must involve a careful consideration of all the evidence, the faith to believe that God indeed can be found, and the willingness to go wherever the evidence leads. 

Seeing Race

How did we get to the point where the notion of a color blind society is now seen as a bad thing. You see it everywhere in the woke media. Any white person who says they do not look at color is mocked and somehow viewed to be racist. A few years ago Tomi Lahren appeared on Trevor Noah’s nightly show and the discussion was about race. Somewhere in interview Lahren mentioned that she does not see race when she interacts with people. The woke audience groaned in disapproval, and Noah challenged her on the notion that she does not see color. She is not the only one who is mocked for her point of view. That is where we are today in America. 

Whereas once upon a time it was considered as something noble to aim for a colorblind society, today the woke machine does not regard it as noble. They say that in striving to be color blind, those who do so ignore the lived experience of marginalized ethnic groups in our society. Those who talk the most about striving to be color blind can afford that luxury they say.  They do not have to bear the scars, stigma or any of the indignities that people of color have suffered in the past. 

As far as striving for a color blind society is concerned, that notion is the white man’s idea. They can afford to be that way. Besides, by doing so they do not have to acknowledge the past injustices inflicted by white people on every other ethnic group since the beginning of the country. A color blind society is helpful to them. It’s convenient. That way they get to sweep the country’s evil past under the rug of so called color blindness. The wokeratti tell us that getting to the point where people do not see color is racist because it denies the effects of racism that still exists in certain communities. The wokeratti insists that being color blind causes people to ignore the racism that still exists in America today.  

So how do we address this? First of all, it is impossible to not see color when one individual looks at another individual of a different color. In personal encounters that human beings have with each other, It is impossible to not see the distinguishing physical characteristics and features that each person has. Some people are tall, others short. Some people are fat others are thin, and their is a very wide spectrum that lies in between. We love to pretend that everybody is beautiful, but some people are attractive and others are not. That is just the reality of life (whatever the standard of beauty we may hold). We can pretend all day long, but that does not change the facts. 

We see all of these distinct physical characteristics and features each time we step foot out of our doors. We see them in the streets, at the ball park, the DMV, at school, in church (yes even in church), at the store, at the council meeting, at the community center, and every place where human beings gather, or frequent.  

One cannot help but notice these characteristics. It is the same for race. A person interacting with others cannot help but notice that one individual is black, one brown, one white, one has straight hair, course hair, curly hair, slanted eyes, blue eyes, and all of the the other features that contribute in making the races unique. 

Ok, so having said all of this and making it clear that it is impossible to not see race, this might be an appropriate time for an English lesson. 

Hearken back to your middle school days if you don’t mind. All the way back to the sixth or seventh grade. Remember when miss Molly taught you for the first time about idioms and you learned that idioms are meant to convey a certain idea that may not be clearly identified in the literal meaning of the words. Take for instance if someone says “geeze Fitzroy shuddup will ya. Ya talking me to death.” Here is another example: maybe you are taking to long to complete a task, and your team mate says “what’s wrong Jimmy? You are moving slower that pond water.” 

In both instances we know that both Fitzroy and Jimmy are not literally doing what the words of the sentence addressed to them literally mean. It may not be impossible, but it is highly improbable that Fitzroy or anyone for that matter will talk another person to death. In the case of Jimmy, if Jimmy is literally moving slower than pond water we know that he is actually standing still. You get the point. 

So it is when people say that they do not see race. As noted earlier, it is truly impossible to not see race if a person takes the words literally. The statement is meant to convey a certain meaning that the individual saying it is trying to convey. By saying that they do not see race, people mean that when they come in contact with anyone, they do not allow the person’s race to determine how they treat the individual. It is that simple and once upon a time everyone knew that is what the statement meant. 

It meant that you treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless the race of the people with whom you come into contact. To not see race is to see people as human beings first and foremost. Whatever there physical characteristics may be mean absolutely nothing to you. 

You understand that people in certain demographics may have some unique experiences, and circumstances in their lives, but you make no assumptions about them based strictly on their race. Not seeing race means having a governing set of principles about how a person treats everyone that he or she comes into contact with whenever it happens. Not seeing race means that you treat everyone based on the content of their character. You make no judgements about people’s character based on their race because you “do not see race.” 

It is true that there may be some negative circumstances, stereo types, problems and other issues that are more common in some groups than in others, but those things should only matter after you have some familiarity with a person, or have gotten to know an individual really well. In other words, if a white human being comes into contact with a black human being the white human being has never met before; the white human should make absolutely no assumptions or judgements about the black human. The only thing they owe each other is to treat each other with dignity and respect. This is how we should treat whoever we come in contact with for the first time regardless of color. The black person should do it.  The white person should do it. 

If as time goes by, they get to know each other better, and they need to react to unique circumstances in each other’s life; it is only then that they should react to those circumstances whatever they may be. Once again, the white person coming in contact with a black person should not jump to the conclusion that the black person is at a disadvantage in life. He should not assume that the black person is a victim of relentless racism. He should not assume that the black person needs him as an advocate to fight injustice that he believes the black man suffers as a result of the black man’s skin color. 

To reiterate, if after getting to know the black man, the white man finds out that these really are some circumstances in the black man’s life, only then should the white man offer to help in any way that he can. 

The black man on the other hand should not automatically assume that the white guy has all of the advantages of life going his way. He should not assume that the white guy holds animus toward black people. The black man should not think that because the man is white everything in life for him is honky dory, simply because of the color of his skin. If they become more acquainted with each other or they become friends, the black person can make adjustments in his dealings with the white based on the unique circumstances in the white man’s life. He can make those adjustments based on the type of  person the white guy shows himself to be. 

In other words neither of them should see race when dealing with each other. That is the only thing “not seeing race” means. Don’t be fooled by the wokeratti. They know that this is what it means also, but they live in a world that is defined by identity politics. They view everything through the lens of race, and they have a morbid committment to their worldview. 

Those Americans who understand Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of living in a world where people are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character should strive to not see race. See human beings instead. Appreciate the differences in people. Celebrate those differences when appropriate, but do not ever think that you are doing anything wrong by refusing to see color.

Democrats And CRT

When you consider CRT and the howls of denial from the left, Democrats, and the media, are you surprised? They tell you that it is the latest Republican ploy to distract you. They tell you that what they are really teaching is “all of American history,” as if we were no already teaching all of American history.

In the meantime when you read what they are actually teaching in many of these schools, it is very simple. It boils down to this, white people baaaaad, white people oppressor, white people have privilege. Black people victims, black people are starting every venture in their life ten paces behind. Black people can’t get ahead because white people baaad! No matter who you are, what your circumstances are; if you are white, you fit into one neat little category. If you are black, no matter what your circumstances are; you fit into one neat little category. 

After many parents (black and white parents), found out what the left is teaching their children in schools, many of them were rightfully outraged. Watching the left wing media go into overdrive defensive mode was stunning to behold. None of these organizations came out and said this is destructive. Not one of them did. Not one! They found a way instead to turn it around on the people opposing the destructive ideology that they are passing on to children. 

Republicans have found a new bogeyman they declared. Republicans are trying to distract you from their racism and white supremacy. Republicans are lying about critical race theory? Critical race theory is not what Republicans say it is? Critical race theory is a nuanced philosophy that is only taught in law schools. In the meanwhile parents are reading on schools’ websites what the schools are actually teaching their children. They are hearing teachers defend it. As parents read it, the left tells parents do not believe your lying eyes. Doubt your untruthful ears. It’s a Republican trick. As parents complain that they have to explain to their 7 year olds that they are not bad people because they are white, lefties shout “you are lying.” It is not really happening. 

So if for instance you are a parent in Cupertino California and your 7 old came home and said “mom guess what we did in school today?” Then she proceeds to tell you that the teacher made the class identify certain things about themselves that were either privileged or oppressed, based on nothing but the child’s immutable identity, as a parent you are just supposed to say; “how inspiring. Good for you kiddo.” If Tucker Carlson takes up the issue on Fox News, or the Gateway Pundit features it, the problems is not what they are actually teaching in said school in Cupertino California or other places. The problem is white supremacy. The problem is white privilege. The problem is Tucker Carlson. The issue is that Republicans pounced on the opportunity to scare people. You understand how that works?

What you really want as a white supremacist is to not teach the truth about systemic racism and American history. If as a parent you complain that in Seattle, schools want to teach that math is racist, you are not supposed to open your eyes wide in disbelief and scream out “whaaaat!” What you are supposed to do is hold up the back of your hand to check your pigmentation. If your pigmentation happens to be what we call white, you then proceed to check your privilege. That’s how it goes. 

Don’t be alarmed if a school in New York asks parents to “reflect on their whiteness,” the parents are supposed to dutifully comply. If you complain that this is not healthy nor is it right, Joy Reid will call you out on her nightly program, complaining about the KKK and white supremacy, and wanting to go back to the 1950s. You’ll either be shamed into accepting the premise of what they are teaching in the schools, or ostracized by the woke brigade. 

If you happen to be a state like Virginia and elect a Governor and Lieutenant Governor, who ran a campaign opposing CRT, the problem is not CRT. The problem is you. You see, teaching identify politics to six year olds is not a bad thing. It does not bad nor does it matter how many schools are teaching this divisive ideology. What is bad and matters most is that “Republicans seized” on the opportunity to fear monger. 

It runs a lot deeper that critical race theory. For instance, if black students are getting disciplined at a higher rate than white and Asian students, you do not look to see why that may be and try to fix it. You do not ask what the reason is if there is an actual discrepancy in bad behavior between the black students, the white students and the Asian students. Should that matter? Nope! All that matters is that there is a discrepancy. Just blame the discrepancy on racism, drop the disciplinary standards for everyone at the school so that you can have a more “even playing field,” with more equitable results. You then watch the school deteriorate as teachers become helpless to do anything. That’s how it goes. 

There is so much more to say on this and other issues that it would require a tome to write on all of them. The problem is never the problem. It is always some nefarious other, like a Republican pouncing, a Republican bogey man, white supremacy, the KKK, or some other nefarious monster to blame. No proof is ever necessary. Just say it. The media runs with it. It becomes the narrative. Voila!

The question is who is surprised by all of this? This is the Democrat Party after all. This is the left. This is who they are. Why stop now? No need to be ashamed. It’s time to double down. If you can’t deny it, triple down, then throw the blame on Republicans.

Do not ever forget that this is the party of the trail of tears, slavery, and the KKK. This is the party that opposed the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th amendments. This is the party of Jim Crow and the revived KKK when their beloved progressive President Woodrow Wilson showed The Death of A Nation at the White House in 1921. This is the party of lynchings. This is the party that resegregated the Federal Government under Wilson. This is the party of peonage, (a system that many have described as worse than slavery. This is the party of Japanese internment camps. This is the party of the Rosewood massacre, the Ocoee massacre, the Black Wall Street masacre, the Helen massacre and others. This is the party whose legislatures, and Governors have passed almost every single segregationist law in the country (I say almost because someone may find a law or two passed by Republicans and say this is a lie). This is the party whose members vehemently spoke out against Brown vs Board of Education. This is the Party of Bull Connor. This is the party of George Wallace. This is the party that sicced the dogs on peaceful black marchers who were only asking to be treated equally. This is the Party that opposed the first black man selected to the Supreme court. This is the Party that did not support the 1957, and 1960 civil rights bills. This is the party that filibustered the 1964 civil rights bill for 75 days. They’ll gladly tell you that Strom Thurmond became a Republican after that, but they’ll leave out that Robert Byrd, Al Gore Senior, J. William Fullbright, and other Dixiecrats remained Democrats. Only Democrats get forgiveness.

So what is the  purpose of rehashing all of this? It is to stress that you should not be surprised by their staunch defense of CRT, and then trying to blame the fallout from it on Republicans. Remember, that up until today, 18 January 2021, the Democrats have never, ever, apologized for their terrible past. They will be quick to blame America, but they will never point an accusatory finger at themselves. They simply say the parties switched, then they’ll accuse anyone who opposes their policies of being racist, or scream white supremacy at the top of their lungs. 

Ahhh, the life of a Democrat politician!