The inconvenient truth about crime, the police and black men

When will the media begin addressing the hard truths that a certain section of black America needs to hear? 

Here it is folks!

Police go where crime is. Crime is the problem in too many areas where black people live! Crime is the problem in too many areas where black people live! One more time. Crime is the problem in too many areas where black people live! 

Police have no choice but to go where crime is committed, and it so happens that a very big amount of violent crime takes place in black neighborhoods across the country. The problem is not racist police. The problem is crime in too many areas where black people live. The police are not the problem. Crime is the problem. Where crime is, the likelihood of things going wrong increases exponentially. 

This failure to take responsibility for actions is going to get more and more black people killed, then each time something tragic happens the police will get blamed, and that will trigger a race riot. 

As long as the media, politicians, celebrities, academia and other  dishonest people continue to tell black people that they bear no responsibility for any of the tragic outcomes in their interactions with the police, then the problem of police shooting black men will not go away. 

Stop being confrontational with the police. Stop needlessly escalating these police encounters. Cooperate with the police, be respectful and take up any legitimate complaint that you have with the police after your encounter with the cops. Stop this nonesense of being disrespectful, confrontational, non cooperative and aggressive toward the police. 

It is likely to go wrong with more black men coming out on the wrong side of the bargain. 

If as a society we do not wake up and acknowledge what is the very real proble of violent crime in many areas where black people live, then nothing will change. 

All over the TV there are white liberals and rich, privileged, black people telling black America that they are victims of the police and the white man’s system. They say that black men are getting killed for no other reason than being black. They talk about black people getting killed for wearing a hoodie and a lot of other nonesense. 

They repeat all of these lies over and over and over without ever giving the actual numbers. Absent from all of the rhetoric about the so called carnage of black people at the hands of the police is the raw, hard data. 

They just play on the emotions of black people when a black person is killed under tragic circumstances and they use it to continue the lie that black people are being mowed down in the streets. It is a lie!

The police go where crime is, and crime is rampant in many black neighborhoods where a handful of black people are terrorizing their community.

These white liberals who are constantly selling the black victim narrative to black people are not the friends of black people. They are only signaling their virtue at the expense of black men who are needlessly getting killed. 

White liberals who make themselves feel good by telling black people that it is racism and not crime, or their behavior towards the cops that are getting black people killed, are dangerous people.

Stop it!.

Trump hates the troops says the media

So the Atlantic in a story last week claimed that President Trump disparaged dead troops. They say he complained about having to visit a cemetery of fallen soldiers when he was on a visit to France. The story claimed that Trump did not think it was important to honor the American war dead and that Trump called the hundreds of dead Marines suckers for getting killed at the battle in Belleau Woods during World War One in France.

Believe the story if you wish. This is not to defend Trump. Lots of Trump surrogates have come to his defense and done a good job on his behalf.

Just keep in mind that this is the the deceitful lying media whose sworn purpose is to get rid of Donald Trump. They accuse Trump of lying when Trump is clearly using hyperbole to make a point, when Trump is joking, or when he gets information wrong.

These people actually fact checked Trump when he said that the White House served  hamburgers a mile high during one of the visits by a championship team to the White House. The media assured the American public that hamburgers at the Whit house were not high as a mile.

Their lying though is of epic proportions and Trump cannot hold a candle to the media when it comes to lying and propaganda.

The Covington Catholic high school kids can attest to how much the media lies.

Dont forget that the only time Robert Mueller commented during the Russian Investigation was to correct a media lie they were pushing.

Speaking of the Russia investigation, the media knew from the beginning that the whole basis of the investigation was not true. They had all of the details but they pushed the lie like a mother walking her baby in a stroller. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the media.

Here are a couple more examples. 

For anyone who needs to be reminded of how effective their propaganda is, all you have to do is observe that they never correct people who come on their networks and say that Trump called Nazis and white supremacists fine people.

If all you do is watch CNN, MSNBC or listen to NPR, you would never know that it is a lie. Trump never said it, but millions of uninformed Americans just “know” and insist that he did. 

Here is what makes it even more sad though. We live in the age of Google, youtube and yahoo videos. All one has to do is read the transcript or look at the video. If one did that one would know that Trump never said what Joe Biden and Democrat media enablers say he did, in fact; in the statement Trump condemned White supremacists and the Nazis. They persist nevertheless.

The same could be said about the claim that Trump told Americans to drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their veins. This one is even more crazy though. The news conference that Trump supposedly told people to drink and inject disinfectant only happened a few months ago. The lie took root immediately in the psyche of the anti Trump brigade. Now it is part of American folklore. 

Like with the so called Nazi, white supremacists statement, all one has to do is turn to Google, youtube, yahoo videos or any of the gazillion tools of modern technology. Everyone and anyone interested in the truth will see that Trump never advised, instructed, or told people that they should drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their veins, but that does not matter. Reporters and Trump critics still insist that Trump told Americans to drink bleach and infect disinfectant.

That is how sick the media is!

Again, this is not to get in an argument with anyone on any of these issues. That ship has sailed. 

This is just to remind people how dangerous the media is and let all the Trump haters know that incidents like these, and the countless of baseless, wicked attacks on this man is the reason why his supporters continue to back him. Each time they engage in this behavior, it strengthens their resolve.

Believe that story about Trump not wanting to visit dead loser service memebers for getting killed if you want.

The church, homosexuality and freedom

Does having the opinion in the attached video make one a bigot, and is it possible to hold this view without being a hateful homophobe?

This world view puts one in the crosshairs of those engaged in the other side of the culture wars. It is not popular to say the things that this preacher is saying. Holding this view could lead to being ostracized by many in our society. In fact, to openly espouse such a view can lead to outright hostility.Not only does holding this view lead to hostility against those who hold it, but people can find themselves in legal hot water for acting on this belief.

A couple of Bakers in Colorado were sued because they refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Not only were they sued by the people who demanded that the couple provide their service to the gay wedding, but they were also sued by the State.It is important to note the following. The bakers do not refuse service to gay people. In fact, they will tell you that to so discriminate against anyone goes against their very beliefs.

They serve all members of their community including the homosexual segment of the community. No one is refused any of the everyday services that this couple provides, but based on their religious conviction that the homosexual life style is sinful, they refuse to provide their service specifically to a gay wedding. It is no different than the muslim who sells meat but refuses to sell pork or the vegetarian who will not sell meat.

Does this couple have that right? Does their refusal to render this specific service mean that they have animosity toward gay people and in fact hate homosexuals?

People who follow traditional Christian values, and beliefs have always held very counter cultural views, especially in the arena of sexual morality. They have since time immemorial spoken about the sinfulness of various types of sexual behavior, not only homosexuality, and the power of Jesus Christ to make anyone into a new person.

Why is it that in present day America there is such a visceral response to anyone who holds these traditional values, and why the push to so drastically shift the culture into accepting this one particular sexual lifestyle?

People are free to live their lives however they please and no one has to accept the teachings of the traditional Christian church, but for many that is not enough. They not only want to live their lives, but they want coerced acceptance of their lifestyles without vocal disagreement. They demand silence and acquiescence.

To those people, please know that the message of the church is not condemnation, but a message of love, and that God stands with open arms welcoming all those who come to him in repentance through his son Jesus Christ.

It is still a free country and everyone…anyone is free to accept or reject this message of the church.John 3: 17, For God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.

The George Floyd narrative was another lie meant to stir up racial hysteria

It is been some weeks since it was released, and now that we have seen the entire George Floyd video, here is what is very likely to happen. Derek Chauvin and the three other officers who arrested Mr. Floyd are going to get off because the Attorney General of Minnosotta decided to fan the flames of racial discord and charged these men on charges that are not going to stick. 

Here is something people should ask themselves. Why did the Attorney General of Minnesota not reveal the full video earlier? Why did he not use his knowledge of the details to try and bring some calm to the situation. Instead the Democrat Attorney General who happens to be a former official of the Democrat National Committee added fuel to the fire by witholding the evidence from the public. 

When first writing about the George Floyd incident, one of the things said here is we do not know all of the facts. For saying that we do not know all of the facts a few people immediately took issue with the statement, and said that we do know all of the facts. One person even said that “you always take the side of the white man.” 

Of course it had nothing to do with that, but based on the history of how similar incidents in the past have unfolded; it seemed the best to wait until knew the full story. Now here we are, after months of hysteria, rioting, chaos, mayhem, violence, and several murders in the name of George Floyd, the full video of what led up to his death is now known. The video of the entire event was released. 

Guess what ladies and gentlemen? The video did not match the narrative of what happened to George Floyd. Now, this is not to suggest that the actions of officer Derek Chauvin towards George Floyd is justified. By no means. His actions were callous, but leading up to that incident George Floyd was high as a kite was. He was on edge, he resisted arrest, he was none cooperative and out of control.

The officers did everything in their power to get the situation under control, but Floyd continually refused to cooperate. When they attempted to put him into the car he screamed that he was claustrophobic and fought them to avoid going into the police vehicle. He shouted over and over I can’t breathe…before he got to the ground. This is before he was held down by the police officers. 

At one point Floyd even said that he would prefer to go on the ground. When he went to the floor he continued to kick and resist the police as the police continued to try and get control of him. At a certain point he stopped resisting and it was clearl that it was no longer necessary to apply the kind of force that they used to get him under control in the first place. 

At one point Floyd’s body seemed to go limp and another officer could be heard suggesting that officer Chauvin roll him on his side. Officer Chauvin kept his knee on his neck even as Floyd was evidently no longer a threat to himself or the officers. People in the crowd could be heard calling for the officer to lighten up on Floyd. One man was even telling Chauvin to get off his neck. 

In the end the ambulance that the police had called for because of Floyd’s erratic behavior arrived. One of the officers went into the ambulance and explained what occurred leading up to Floyd losing consciousness and assisted as the EMT team made a valiant effort to revive Mr. Floyd. The video that was over 30 minutes long added a lot of context to what happened, and what happened is not the story that the media had propagated. 

We can all agree that there was some bad police work as the officers executed their duties, but the idea of the racist, hateful, white supremacist, evil policeman was completely debunked. 

Now that we have seen the entire George Floyd video, here is what is very likely to happen. Derek Chauvin and the three other officers who arrested Mr. Floyd are going to get off because the Attorney General of Minnosotta decided to fan the flames of racial discord and charged these men on charges that are not going to stick. 

Here is something people should ask themselves. Why did the Attorney General of Minnesota not reveal the full video earlier? Why did he not use his knowledge of the details to try and bring some calm to the situation. Instead the Democrat Attorney General who happens to be a former official of the Democrat National Committee added fuel to the fire by witholding the evidence from the public. 

He poured gasolene on a fire then stood back and watched as Democrats cities all across the country took the cue and let loose their reign of terror. 

Death to America

Death to America! Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!

That’s the infamous chant that rings out from the squares in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the main State sponsor of terrorism around the globe.They oppress their people with a heavy hand and they are the main destabilizing force in the Middle East.

Death to America!

But just in case you are wondering, the latest sounds of the hateful anti-American slogan were not coming from voices of the imams and the people they usually lead in the chant all the way from Azadi square.

No sir, those latest chants of death to America were coming from the mouths of Black Lives Matter and their supporters on the enlightened streets of Oakland.Displaying hatred for their country and its institutions is how they hope to inspire people.

No one is surprised though. These are the same people who once chanted in the streets “what do you want…dead cops…when do you want em..,now!” Another time they waxed poetic and chanted “pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” The media, never once condemned their despicable rhetoric, in fact; members of the media made excuses for them.

With time these ungrateful, spoiled, anti American children only became more emboldened. At one time during one of their events they boldly, without fear of negative consequences told “journalists” “white reporters go to the back” to make space for reporters of color. And the white reporters dutifully obeyed.

For anyone who wants to know what this destructive poisonous movement is all about, simply go to their website and see. This Black Lives Matter none sense is a cancer that is only fomenting discord in the nation. The movement is based on lies and the most grand delusion ever perpetrated, that black men are under siege in America.

These are the people wreaking havoc in Democrat cities across the country. As they go along, they leave a trail of mayhem, violence, blood and death. Democrat politicians have refused to speak out against them.

In one of the most brazen, shameless displays ever, after encouraging the violence for over three months and refusing to call out the mob; Democrat politicians have flipped the script. They are now blaming Trump supporters for the chaos they have encouraged in their own Democrat cities.

This is Twilight Zone stuff. We must be living in some kind of alternate reality where up is down, in is out front is back and wrong is right.


Police Brutality, and crime in the black community

Almost 7000 men were killed at the battle of Iwo Jima During World War Two. It was one of the fiercest battles that U.S. Marines and Sailors fought against the mighty imperial Japanese Army over a 35 day period. If you would like to get a descriptive idea about the horrors of war, read about the battle of Iwo Jima.

In the United States every year the number of black men killed in homicides is close to the equivalent number of men who died at the battle of Iwo Jima. Over 90 percent of these black men killed, die at the hands of other black men. 

Whenever people point to the amount of violence amongst the black citizenry to show the hypocrisy of those who only seem to complain when a black person is killed by the police or a white person, those pushing the narrative of black oppression get offended. 

They say that pointing out the obvious that blacks are mostly killed by other blacks is a deflection. The deflection is a way of taking attention away from the obvious abuse of black people by others in the society. (In a facebook discussion recently, one person even angrily said that “there is no such thing as black on black crime”). Then they say people commit crimes in the communities where they live.

They then scream, nobody talks about white on white crime. Nobody talks about Asian on Asian crime. Nobody talks about Hispanic on Hispanic crime. Nobody talks about Native American on Native American crime. Why is it that every time people attempt to point out the obvious brutality of the police against black people, or the violence committed by white people against black people like we saw with George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery that everyone deflects to “so called black on black crime?”

Well the answer to that is simple. True, people commit crime in the communities wherever they live. Here is the difference though. When it comes to crime in any community, whether it be white on white crime, Hispanic on Hispanic crime or any other group, no ethnic group/race slaughters or commits violence against their own like black people do. When it comes to crimes committed against other ethnic groups, no other group is as prolific as blacks. The numbers are staggering. Now that statement is either true or it is not. It does not matter how one feels about that information. 

Is it a verifiable fact or is it a lie?

When it comes to unwarranted acts of violence by the police against black people, the numbers pale in comparison to the carnage that is taking place in the black community. They are not even minutely close. So pointing out the staggering number of blacks killed by other blacks is not to suggest that society should not be outraged when they point to the rare cases of outright police abuse. People should be outraged. 

They police have been entrusted with a huge responsibility in caring for it’s citizens. Balancing that care and protection with the authorization of the state to use violence against its citizens is a very sensitive issue. When that trust is betrayed it causes a sense of helplessness and sometimes people feel a need to lash out. It’s understandable.

These emotions however should never give way to the realities that are actually happening on the ground, and the truth is that over the last fifty years the killing of black citizens by the police have declined significantly to the point where it rarely happens. 

Yes this goes against the narrative and the propaganda put out by the Democrat Party and the media, but it is the truth. Now, acknowledging this does not mean that we should not strive to do even better, or be callous to the death of anyone, but the responsibility to do better lies with everyone, not just the police.

The police are often called to operate in a dark seedy world where the worst of human nature is often on display. In that world, violence and intimidation are common tools that are used to fulfill desires. The acts of brutality, the disregard for human life and the depths of depravity that people go to in the criminal world are unimaginable.

It so happens that a large number of the people who operate in this world are black. It is a natural consequence that the police would have more encounters and interactions with black people as a result of this reality, and because of it; there is more opportunity for things to go wrong between the police and black citizens.

Lets honestly address the issue of police brutality, rare as it is in the black community whenever it does happen, but we also have to address the issue of criminal behavior by a section of black citizens.

So, it’s not that police brutality does not matter, the point is that their is a much bigger problem that needs attention. It is the rhinoceros in the room. 

Montrell Harrell and Luka Doncic…the double standard

Well everybody is talking about Montrezl Harrell and Luka Doncic, two NBA players who were involved in a little back and forth during a game the other night. Basketball is a game where people talk trash to each other. Everybody knows that. If you played a pickup game at anytime in your life you know that it is almost as much a part of the game as dribbling the basketball. 

The other night there was some good old fashioned trashing talking on the court between Messieurs Harrell and Doncic. During the heat of the game some words were exchanged, and after making another play Harrell let Doncic know what he thought of him. “B***h a** white boy” said Harrell to Doncic. What! Did he really just say that? Well he did! 

In the woke era of the NBA when SJWs reign and standing up against racism is the cause supreme, you would expect that the NBA and players like Lebron James to be outraged would speak out loudly against Harrell’s bigoted insult, as commissioner Adam Silver comes down hard on Harrell right? Only one thing! Harrell is the right color and Doncic is the wrong color. Harrell gets a pass. Doncic needs to understand his privilege, and just take it. 

Now we all know that people say things when they are angry, sometimes people say things just to get under another person’s skin. In the heat of the moment the goal might be to gain a psychological advantage in saying something really offensive. People understand that. The truth is that Harrell may be a cool dude. Who knows? The fact that he said what he said to Doncic does not prove that he is a racist black man who just hates white people. 

He apologized to Doncic after the game and Doncic says that he was not even bothered by the insult. Good on the both of them. Here is the issue though. If this issue was the other way around, and Luka Doncic had called Montrezl Harrell a b***c a** black boy, the story would have been quite different. The story would be the lead sports story for days, and there would be an extensive discussion on race in America. 

Doncic would be fined, suspended and perhaps even thrown in a lake of fire where he would be tormented, not forever, but at least for about six months. He would have to go on an apology tour, do outreach in the black community and then have to walk on pins and needles for the rest of his NBA career, Montrezl Harrell on the other hand…? 

The question is why the double standard on these issues? We could refer to a few recent incidents and ask that same question. We saw it recently when a prominent black player from the Philadelphia Eagles by the name of DeSean Jackson thought he was being cute and posted some fake Hitler quotes to his instagram page. After an immediate backlash, but no major outcry like we see if a prominent white person was to do something like that, Jackson apologized and all was forgiven. 

Another prominent former athlete by the name of Stephen Jackson who played in the NBA came to DeSean Jackson’s defense and said that DeSean was only “speaking truth” with his fake Hitler quotes. When people called out Stephen Jackson on defending the other Jackson, he doubled down on what he said until he too eventually went on to “explain” what he meant, and he too apologized. All’s forgiven! End of story. 

There are many more similar examples, not only in sports, but across the culture. Remember Nick Cannon anyone? We had a University of Georgia professor say some time last year that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”(saying this type of stuff in academia is almost as common as writing assignments). When confronted on his controversial statement, the professor said he did not understand what all of the controversy was about. The University defended the professor and he kept his job.

Back in 2017, black students at Evergreen State University designated a no whites day at the campus. One white professor showed up because he refused to participate in the blatant show of bigotry, and he had hell to pay for defying the no whites day mandate given by the students. 

Okay, so after digressing, back to the original story. It is sufficient that after the game, Harrell went up to Doncic and apologized like a man. That should be the end of it, but in the current environment where precedent has been set, everyone should be treated the same way. One wonders why the gracious attitude extended to Montrezl Harrell is selodom meted out to white people who slip up like Harrell did. What is good for one should be good for the other. 

There should be no skin color privilege one way or the other.

Some thoughts on the Democrats, race and Trump

The Democrats dim view of their country

Last week the Democrats laid out their dystopian views, and their socialist vision and agenda for America. They trotted out their most desperate and uninspiring prophets of doom to tell us how terrible of a country the United States of America is. 

One by one they came, dripping with raw condescension, self righteous smugness, and as bleak a disposition they could muster. They played the race card to the hilt, and they pushed the victim narrative to all within the sound of their voice. This time though, they did not just play the race card. They brought along their high powered race car, shifted it into high gear, put their feet on the gas, and it was pedal to the metal. 

This is par for the course with this political party. Usually by this time with the help of the media, they roll out David Duke and start trying to connect him to the Republican candidate, but they did not go that route this time. 

What, with all of the race chaos that they’ve stirred up since the death of George Floyd, who needs David Duke? They’ve got all of the ammunition that they need. Cities burning, race riots, BLM terrorizing people in their neighborhoods, the Democrats are loving it all. 

Best of all, they get to blame it all on one Donald Trump. OOOHH boy! On top of all of that their is a pandemic and economic fallout from it. 

This is a Democrat politician’s dream. They are in hog heaven with this dim outlook of misery. 

The media and their Democrat political allies still do not get why people voted for Trump

When the announcement that Donald Trump was running for President was first made, the response here was the same as it was all across the nation. Laughter!  Literally! There was not just laughter though, but peals of rib tickling, thigh slapping, belly aching, reverberating laughter. What an idiot! Rich though he is, but what an idiot. Donald Trump, Mr. birther himself? The thought was this should be interesting. 

Then his campaign began. Surely he’ll self destruct in about two minutes. Then he started talking! Wow, this guy is going to bury himself real quick. We all knew that it was not going to last. There’s no way anyone would take this clown seriously. 

But then something happened. The guy started addressing real issues that were affecting everyday Americans. He was not spitting platitudes, neither did he pander to any group. Sure he was brash. He was uncouth. He was often petty and other times he was mean spirited. Despite all of that though he was addressing real issues and people started evaluating what he said. 

He talked about immigration, America’s endless wars, China, NAFTA, and a bunch of other issues in a way that no politician had addresed these issues before. Soon his message started to resonate with more and more Americans. This man might be a jerk but he is making sense. The more that people listened to him the more sense he seemed to  make. 

He asked black people “what do you have to lose” by voting for him, and when the media and Democrats went to their playbook and pulled out the pulled out the race card, he did not stick his thumb in his mouth, go into the fetal position, start rocking back and forth, feeling sorry for himself because the were trying to pin the race card on him. He continued to address the issues. He told black people the truth, pointing out that life for a large section of black America has not improved despite them voting Democrat for decades. He fought back against the attacks. He called out the media and he promised that he would be a different kind of President. Add to all of that he was running against a candidate by the name of Hillary Rodham-Clinton. 

Millions of Americans were willing to look past his flaws, listen more and perhaps take a chance on him. They forgave his personal attacks on John McCain. They called him out on it and they move on, keeping the bigger picture in mind. When he encouraged people get physical with those disrupters at his rallies, they called him out on it. He modified his behavior and they move on, still keeping in mind the bigger picture, remembering who his opponent was and the policies she espoused. 

No matter what the media threw at him, he fought back and he pointed out  their willingness to turn a blind eye all the wrong doings, and moral failures of Democrats over decades. 

As Trump vanquished his foes one at a time, he kept a laser focus on his message. Despite the obvious fact that his message was creating an impact on the electorate, none of the other candidates addressed in a meaningful way any of the issues that he raised. 

When it came time to choose a President the people had a clear choice. Vote for the jerk who is addressing real issues and policies, or vote for the candidate with the most destructive policies of any candidate running for President. 

It was never any more complicated than that. 

Gaslighting on racial discord

When it comes to gas lighting on race, no one does it like the Obamas.

Michelle Obama and her husband Barrack Hussein Obama the great engage in some of the most shameless race hustling that is even imaginable. These people continue to stoke fear among black citizens, constantly telling them that life in the United States is a hellish, dystopian cesspool. 

The question is, why would these people continue to do this. Why would they continue telling black people that the world is against them, America hates them, and to get ahead blacks must remember that they are starting 20 paces behind? 

What is the motivation behind this dark message they keep preaching to black people? 

Yes there is racism that exists because we live in a an imperfect world. People do bad things to each other. That is just the world that we live in, but the idea that black people cannot get ahead because of racism is just nonesense. Why are they constantly stoking this unreasonable fear among black people, how is this helpful? 

Black people in this country need to wake up and stop buying into this foolishness. Blacks are being played by people with an evil agenda meant to keep them in the bondage of fear. 

Perched from their million dollar mansion, with their multi-million dollar Netflix contract, with their children attending the best schools, their high level security, and all of their privileges; Michelle Obama, Barrack Obama, and their Democrat political allies continue to tell black people that in America blacks cannot expect good to happen the black population. The system is designed to keep black people down for no other reason than that they are black.  

This is wrong what they are doing and it is getting people killed.

Wake up black America. These people do not have the best interest of black people at heart.  

Barrack Obama race baiter supreme at his absolute worst

Barrack Obama showed up at the funeral of John Lewis and held a political rally where he called for the elimination of the filibuster, calling it a relic of the Jim Crow past. Anyone who knows how the filibuster works understands that it is a check on unfettered power by any political party. Even in a Democracy, power can corrupt, and the filibuster was created so that no one party would be able to pass any kind of law without accountability. Obama calls it a relic of the Jim Crow past.

He said that Bull Connor is gone (dont ever forget that by the way, Bull Connor was a Democrat), but today we witness police kneeling on the necks of black Americans. Kneeling on the necks of black Americans, really? This guy…no Mr. Obama! We saw a bad policeman kneel on the neck of a U.S. citizen in an incident of bad police work that no one thinks was right. The citizen happened to  to be black. This is not standard operating procedure for the police, and Obama knows this. What the police man did was bad, but it does not automatically make him a racist. Barrack Obama knows this, but there is no political leverage to gain by acknowledging this. This guy…

Obama continued, George Wallace may be gone, but the Federal Government is using tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators. Here we have Obama comparing federal agents doing their job enforcing the law against violent mobs, to George Wallace. People trying to burn down federal buildings, leaving a trail of blood, mayhem and destruction are portrayed as innocent protesters, while the law enforcement officers are villified. This guy… And the crowd that was there to celebrate the life of John Lewis while simultaneously mourning his passing applauded. No one found this kind this kind of talk at a funeral in 2020 America to be repulsive, because as long as the liberal agenda is advanced that is all that matters. 

Obama claimed that political opponents are targeting minorities with restrictive ID laws and “attacking our voting laws with surgical precision,” today, in 2020 America. And the crowd stood up to applaud the messiah as he talked about the United States in 2020 like it’s 1956. This guy… 

The truth is that Barrack Obama and his lefty allies infantilize black people by talking about them like they are helpless children, in order to continue pushing the victim narrative. Obama and his band of demonizers talk about ID card laws like these laws are crippling obstacles for black people. 

Elections are held every two years. In the case of Presidential elections, they are held every four years. Barrack Obama and the Democrat Party cabal wants all Americans to know that between these two year and four year timelines, black people are so stupid, they are so incapable of doing for themselves, they are so under served and down on their luck, that they cannot get themselves an ID card. This guy…

He pushed mail in ballots and every other leftist dream. This man of privilege who rode that wave of privilege, opportunity and euphoria, from all the way across the Pacific in the exotic land of Indonesia, to his private school on the beautiful shores of Hawii, to Occidental College, to the Harvard law review board, to the Senate, all the way to the White House, to his multimillion dollar mansion; he continues to tell everyone else that while life was dandy for him, it is hell for everyone else, especially “the blacks.” This guy…

But who is really surprised by Obama? This is the same guy who showed up at the funeral of five slain police officers a few years ago, and right there during the funerall; he accused the police of waging all out war on black men. He did this at the funeral of police officers killed by a black man who felt that he had the right to execute police officers ,because he believed that the police wantonly kill black men. That is the Obama we are talking about after all. 

Tell you what folks, Jesus Christ said that no one is good, because we all are imbued with the sinful nature…but this guy…this fellow called Barrack Obama… For all the talk about Trump, this Obama guy is the worst kind of awful. No one willingly opens up their homes to vipers, cobras, or any other kind of snake, but dress a snake up in a suit and teach that snake to act in a dignified manner, that snake is still a snake. By the time people realize it, it’s to late. 

This is a dangerous, dangerous man. 

Trump aint got nothin on this dude!

Blacks, hard work and sports entertainment

Think about all of the black athletes who dominate the major league sports in America. Even in many of the sports that black people do not traditionally play, we have seen black athletes come to dominate these sports. It is a testament to the hard work that they put in to be successful at their chosen endeavor.

Tiger Woods rose to dominate the world of golf and in doing so inspired other young black boys to get involved in the sport. The Williams sisters ascended to the top of the tennis world. They too have inspired many young black girls and boys to get involved in the sport, and achieve success. Bubba Wallace worked hard and he broke through to become a favorite driver in Nascar.

Most of the super stars in the NBA are black. The league is about 70 percent black even though blacks make up about 13 percent of the population. Lebron James has mastered his craft and reaped the benefits of his dedication. The top quarterback in the NFL just signed the first half a billion dollar contract in the world of sport. He is a black, man and one heck of a football player. He was rewarded for his skill and hard work.
To make it in the world of sport and earn a living doing it is extremely difficult. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, talent, and timing. It is really, really difficult to make it it the world of sport.

For many young black men, they see sports as the only way to make it out of their difficult circumstances and though the percentage of people who earn their living playing sports is very low, of the number who do make it, the percentage of black people who do make it is quite significant.
They are successful because they put in the hours to harness their skills. They make the sacrifices necessary to improve their skills. They put in the long hours of practice. They spent countless hours practicing free throws, throwing the football, hitting the baseball, running the tracks, doing what ever it takes to be successful.

When clubs see the value that these dedicated men and women can add to their organizations, these clubs do not hesitate to make them a part of their team. Color does not matter because of what they bring to the organization.
The Los Angeles Lakers is a valued franchise because of the long list of talented players who have been a part of their organization, a larger number of these players being black. Lebron James is the top basketball player in the world and his sheer presence on the Los Lakers, together with a group of other really talented players makes the team’s games must see exhibitions.

Nobody cares that there are so many black men on the teamare. When people come to see them play the fans just want to see great basketball. Lebron James, his top compeer Anthony Davis, and the rest of their cohorts seldom fail to deliver.

They have dedicated themselves to their craft. They have put in the hard work to get where they are, and have earned all of the rewards that they reap. Because they are so good at what they do, many other opportunities have automatically opened to them. They now traverse worlds that otherwise, they may not have known. They are reaping what they have sown.

Now with all of the talk that we hear about how terrible and hard it is for black people to make it in America, imagine a world in which many young black people demonstrated the same dedication to becoming engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, computer programmers, teachers, entrepreneurs, public servants and other professions.

Would these black people not have the same measure of success, and the opportunities that come in their chosen fields of endeavor? Or does America hate black people so much that the only place black people can be successful is in the field of entertainment where they fit a certain stereotype?