Reflecting On The Reign Of Barrack The Great, And The Trump Years

I recently found myself reflecting on the good old days when our country was ruled by Barrack the munificent (bow your head in honor to him now wherever you are). It was a very, very long time ago, but let us harken back to those glorious days in American history.

When Barrack rode in on his white horse (or was it a black horse?) so long ago, and became the President of the United States, there was euphoria all over America and the world.

Though not a fan of his from the very beginning, it was good to see a black man finally elected to the White House.

America had finally put aside its shameful past and recognized all it’s citizens as Americans first, and the racial prejudice that had defined us as a country for so long was clearly defeated…or so we thought.

The nation was on a constant upward trajectory of improvement. We always recognized that did not live up to the highest ideals of our founding and the constitution, but we were always making improvements and making restitution where possible.

The election of Barrack the magnificent epitomized all that was good about America…not flawless, not perfect but always striving for better…warts and all, as the saying goes.

His majesty’s ascension to the highest seat in America and the world was the one glass ceiling that blacks were unable to crack. The great one shattered it!

Martin Luther King was so encouraged and pleased by the progress he was seeing during his fight for civil rights that he said it’s possible a black man would be President in 25 years. It happened in 44 years. It did not happen 19 years later than King predicted because “Americans were not ready for a black President, but because until Obama, there were not any black candidates with the total packet that Obama had.

Obama was celebrated when he burst onto the scene. He could do no wrong.

Then he got to Governing and it became even more clear that he was a leftist radical who had a lot of disdain for the country he sought to lead.

Those of us who were paying attention were not surprised. If you were paying any attention at all, you knew Obama loved big Government, had contempt for America as it was founded, and in his own words…his own words, wanted to fundamentally transform America.

The honeymoon period did not last long and once it became even clearer what the Obama agenda was, Mitch Mc Connell famously said his main focus would be to make Obama a one term President.

That was a totally legitimate expression by the leader of the Party in the opposition. There was nothing strange about that sentiment spoken by Mc Connell. After all Democrats wanted to make Bush a one term President. Republicans wanted to make Clinton a one term President etc. That’s just the way it is. The Party not in power wants to politically beat the Party in power, and get the guy at the helm voted out.

With Obama though it was different. The media, the Democrat Party, and all the usual suspects had a field day because of what Mc Connell said.

They treated Mc Connell’s comments like those comments were violent threats that came out the mouth of a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

How dare McConnell!?!

Doesn’t he know Obama is black? How dare he treat Obama like he would any white Democrat? They clutched their purses and they held on to their pearls, lamenting the racist Republicans who only wanted to see Obama fail.

Another big time Republican, Rush Limbaugh, famously uttered around the same time that he wanted to see Obama fail, and that sent the whole leftist media cabal and their allies into a headless chicken like frenzy. Oh the racist Limbaugh (pearls intensely held between the fingers)! Limbaugh did not just make an open statement that expressed his desire for Obam failure. He qualified the statement.

He was very particular and detailed about what failure would look like, and what he meant by he wanted Obama to fail at, but none of that mattered. Why should it when there is a race card to play?

The fact he said those words were all they needed. Limbaugh is a racist and although over 500 counties voted for Obama, overwhelmingly securing the white vote and being celebrated here and around the world, from those early days, everything was about Obama’s race.

Rising among his peers as a black man no longer was the accomplishment that showed America had overcome its racist past. If Americans really wanted to show that it was not the same country it was just a few decades earlier, they would refrain from ever criticizing, mocking, or being nasty and unkind to him (as was sometimes the case with every President before him).

For those on the left, and propagated by the fraudulent media, no opposition to Obama and his policies was not attributed to race.

Never mind that just a few years earlier the famed Democrat strategist James Carville, had expressed the same sentiment that he wanted George Bush the younger to fail, period. Carville did not give any qualifiers like Limbaugh did. He just straight up said he wanted Bush to fail. Didn’t matter though. Carville’s sentiment was totally legit, Limbaugh’s was racist.

When a Republican Congressman shouted “you lie,” during Obama’s first SOTU address, the race pimps and the ethnic hustlers swooped in on the guy. Hollywood, academia, the leftist media, and Democrats all labeled the Congressman a racist who just hated the fact that a black sheriff was now running the town.

It was impossible to oppose Obama for any other reason than his half blackness. Poor Congressman Walsh had to do penance for the rest of his term. He went on a virtual apology tour, begging forgiveness of anyone who would listen, and explaining that no, he is not a racist.

That became the trend during the entire two terms of his highness Barrack. After that outburst by Congressman Walsh, everyone went back to the regular Protocols of sitting dignified and behaving respectfully during the President’s SOTU address. During pauses in Obama’s speeches when they weren’t on their feet applauding, screaming, and bowing in worship; you could hear a pin drop.

Every President is ridiculed, especially Republican Presidents, and opposed for their policies. Don’t forget George Bush. He was called a dummy in a million different ways every single day during his time in office. The media never gave him a break. They were relentless with their attacks. Bush lied people died. Bush is a war criminal. Bush hates black people. Bush wanted black people to die during hurricane Katrina. The man was attacked on every front, in every way, every single day. They never let up about the war, constantly undermining him in the middle of the conflict. They were merciless.

Criticizing Obama on the other hand to even a very minute degree automatically rendered you a racist.

There was one time a rodeo clown put on an Obama mask and made some light fun of the then President. Well! Who told him to do that?

Now it was not the first time the rodeo clown had worn a mask attacking a sitting President. It was part of his schtick during the rodeo!

He did not get the memo about Obama though. You do not make fun of the black President. It was to be the clown’s undoing. The media treated the act of a rodeo clown mocking Obama like it was bigger than the terrorist accacks on the United States in 2001. It was rough.

The State of Wisconsin changed their policy about people participating in their state fare. They now had to do sensitivity training prior to participating in the fare because a rodeo clown had the temerity to mock the first black President, Barrack Hussein O the great.

That was the charmed life Obama lived as Predident. Thinking about it now those days may have been the genesis of the current aggressive anti free speech movement that is now in over drive.

Nevertheless, at every turn, the media let us know that Barrack Obama was DE MOHST DISS – REE- SPEKKTED PRESIDENT EVVAH. You know why…racism and stuff.

Then came Trump, and the rules on how to treat a sitting President changed again. Any kind of disrespect directed at the President was acceptable again. In fact, the more vile you were towards Trump the more the media adored you. Hollywood and academia was all about that life.

Here’s just a smattering of what became acceptable when Trump became President:

Sixty seven Congressmen boycotted his inauguration. No problem.

The media and Maxine Waters called for his impeachment before he was even sworn in. Who cares? He’d better put on his big boy pants and deal with it.

People like John Lewis and Hillary Clinton calling him an illegitimate President became acceptable. Well it’s the truth ain’t it?

He was accused of being a Russian asset.

Well we know that one is true.

Fashion designers promised not to design for his wife. Cut it out, nothing wrong with that.

Democrat Party leaders, with Nancy Pelosi and Obama official Hilda Solis standing close by and looking on approvingly, lead a crowd in chants of F $$$ Donald Trump, F$$$. Oh that’s perfectly legit.

A former member of the Obama Administration called for a military coup against Trump. No problem, that’s normal stuff.

Nothing was off limits.

One young rapper on Twitter boldly declared “Hey Trump you better shut your mouth before I pimp your wife.” Another popular rapper made a song featuring a Melania look alike doing a sexually provocative dance on a desk. Another rapper did a Trump simulated execution in his music video. All good, who cares!?!

One congresswoman openly called for the public to harass members of the President’s cabinet.

She infamously said “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. She also gave us this gem “The people are going to turn on them. They’re going to protest. They’re going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they’re going to tell the President, ‘No, I can’t hang with you.’”

That’s just barely touching the surface of what was allowable by the left against a sitting President when the country returned to the 1930s era when lynching black people was no big deal (that’s how much America was upset they were led by a black man for eight years in two major election victories).

That’s the Democrat Party for you ladies and gentlemen. These people are craaazy. That’s why it was so unreal listening to Hakim Jeffries the other night complaining about Republicans behavior during Biden’s SOTU address.

Don’t worry about their projection though. If we are going to lose the country to these maniacs then it can’t be without a fight. Go down kicking and screaming, scratching, and clawing all the way.

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