The Joy Of The Left Over A Black Man’s Death

I try to imagine what it must be like to be in a room filled with leftists when a black man is killed by the police.

Can you imagine the scene? They start hooting and hollering, pumping fists in the air, in excited, Tiger Woods style, after winning his first Masters title and screaming out an enthusiastic yassss!They start doing a jig, break dancing, and jumping around excitedly.

A black man just got killed by the police ah ah, a black man just got killed by the police ah ah, a black man got killed by the police ah ah, a black man got killed by the…sheer joy and celebration.

To anyone in the room unfamiliar with what may be going on, looking a bit confused and trying to figure out what the heck is happening; that person soon gets it.

Before long, one of the other leftists in the room walks over and says what’s wrong with you, didn’t you hear? Another black man’s been killed by the police. He turns around a bit annoyed that the rookie lefty in the room doesn’t quite get it, but he’s still excited and let’s out a big woohooo!

When the sheer joy and excitement of another black man losing his life at the hands of the police dissipates a bit, and they are still high fiving each other on the residue of the high from the “good” news, the rookie suddenly begins to get it.

The black man’s death is an opportunity to push leftist ideology further. The joy soon transforms into melancholy. The cause is the most important issue, but a man did die after all.

Oh well back to the order of business. As Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emmanuel said, never let a crisis go to waste. That dead black man, his family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and others do not matter as much as the cause. His death must be exploited for leftist gain.

Nevertheless they cant appear to be too callous. Soon everywhere, not just in the room, leftist joy is replaced by feigned, make believe outrage and concern over the truly grave situation that a human being lost his life in a very unfortunate situation.

The gravity of the black man’s death suddenly transforms them into creatures of obvious, showy outrage. They begin to fake sorrow and act concerned, but make no mistake, they do not care about the deaths of black men killed in these tragic circumstances as much as they care about pushing their agenda forward using the awful circumstance.

It would be impossible for them to care less.

A black man’s death only matters to them if he is killed by the police. That’s what they care about. If it’s a white policeman, then awesome. That’s a winner right there. They care alright.

They then proceed to sound the trumpet tu dut tu du du! Tu dut tu du du! Let the race baiting begin.

Then the white lefties at the helm of the movement together with the black bourgeoisie start pushing the same narrative. Black men are under siege in America, mthey begin to shout gleefully outraged.

Whether it’s a white cop, an orange cop, a purple cop or a black cop, they’ll find a way to turn the situation into a race issue.

If you want proof just look at the recent killing of Tyre Nichols. Somehow the white left, and the black left bourgeoisie managed to turn a terrible, terrible act of violence committed against this man by five black police officers, from a police force that is majority black, with black leaders all across the top, with a City Council led by a black man, plus six other black Council members on a 13 member board into, white supremacy.

One can only draw from what they are sayin, that black people are so incapable of critical thinking, the ability to reason, or to spot unfairness, and injustice, that even when they are in positions of leadership, they can’t help but unwittingly practice white supremacy on behalf of the evil white man, and his eeeeeevil system. That is how pathetic black people are in the eyes of these frauds.

Don’t believe for one second that these people are about police reform either. They welcome these abuses by the police because it presents opportunity.

What they want is to undermine the police. They want the public to see the police as incompetent, untrustworthy, and out of control. They want the chaos that would result from a police force that is broken and demoralized.

They can then present themselves as the heros who’ll rescue us from the chaos they themselves orchestrated and helped to create. They’ll rescue us by implementing policies and laws that under normal circumstances we the people would reject.

No sir don’t buy it for one second. What they care about is leftist ideology and the opportunity to ride the deaths of black men into their Marxist paradise.

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