The Left

The Left

Here’s an important qualifier when talking about the left. Its not necessarily referring to those with whom we share some different opinions on taxes, the role of Government, how big that role should be, health care, and many other traditional differences that we’ve had since the country’s founding.

When talking about the left, it is those rabid, hateful, wicked, scoundrels who attack their political opponents with virulent rhetoric, ad hominem attacks, and vicious insults, intimidation and violence because they can’t defend their ideology on the merits.

It is the people who are consciously trying to destroy the family as the institution that we have known it to be that is in mind.

They believe that boys can be girls and girls can be boys, that children should be given hormonal treatment, and mutilated to give credence to the transgender ideology.

The left has a laissez faire attitude about sex. They think that society should not make any judgments about any kind of sexual behavior. They believe that society should not have any norms about sexual behavior that are worth preserving . Anything goes with them, and no one should object or they will seek to destroy whoever does object.

The left includes the people who proudly walk around with images of Che Guevara on their T-shirts. They sing the praises of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, and other despots despite the destruction these leaders have wrought on their citizens.

The left believes that censorship is great and those who have an opinion differing from the status quo do not need to be heard. They insist that America as founded is a failure because the system is not perfect. They show disdain for the country and love to desecrate the flag to show how much they hate the country.

The left believes in dividing people into groups and judging everyone in those groups based on certain immutable and other characteristics.

They think that all disparities exist because a neboulous system is entrenched to ensure this purpose.

The left insists that abortion should have no restrictions and that a woman should be able to kill the life developing in her womb all the way up to the day of delivery, simply because nature made women the vessel through which life comes into the world.

They run cities like San Francisco and despite the obvious toll their policies have had, they double down on them.

They think that overt racism against white people is cool and they see blacks as perpetual victims who just can’t get ahead without a handout. They hold black people to a completely different standard of accountability, and they see themselves as virtuous because of it.

Violence and intimidation are major tools they employ to spread their ideology. They think the Ferguson riots, the Baltimore riots, and the riots all across the country in 2020 were righteous acts.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. What makes them particularly dangerous is that they are not just a fringe movement. They are, but they have major support in the media, academia, Hollywood, big tech and other institutions of influence.

They seldom face consequences for their actions, and so they often continue with business as usual, unafraid that they will ever pay the price for their behavior.

That is who is in mind when talking about the left, not just your Democrat neighbor who thinks that the openly Marxist Party they support is not who the Party says they are.

They still have nostalgia for the days of JFK. They think that we are dealing with the same differences we’ve always had.

Who, what comes to mind when you think of the left?

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