Is Diversity Really Our Strength

One of the biggest lies propagated as virtue in the United States of Wokelandia is the idea that diversity is our strength.

It’s not true. Not only is it not true, but it’s one of the biggest lies ever propagated and presented as virtue.

Diversity is not our strength. Unity is.

When the citizens of Wokelandia speak of diversity, they are usual talking about immutable physical characteristics like skin tone, eye color, hair texture, genitalia etc. Included in the Wokelandian diversity spectrum are those with internal characteristics like same sex attraction (sexual and emotional attraction), men who think they are women, and women who think they are men.

This diversity, or any similar kind of diversity has nothing to offer us just because the people who make up this group have all of these differences.

One could say many things about diversity. Diversity is interesting. Diversity is often beautiful. Diversity makes for interesting conversation. Diversity can seem scary to some. For others diversity is wonderful. Appreciating diversity can be a sign of strong character.

The one thing we can’t automatically say is that diversity is our strength, because there is some type of intrinsic value in these differences. There is no special value just in being diverse.

We are all special in the eyes of God, and there is something beautiful in the uniqueness of who we are, but minus a strong set of values that help to shape character; our individual makeup is not worth much.

Even diversity of opinion/ideas do not make diversity our strength. What does that statement mean? Well there are many great ideas that are out there, just wafting around in the ether, and no one is doing anything with them. In addition, not because ideas are diverse does it mean that they are good ideas. Bad ideas can be destructive if put into action, and good ideas are useless if no one acts on them.

However, If one has to make a choice between diverse opinions/ideas, and the diversity that the citizens of Wokelandia love to champion, then go with diversity of ideas/opinion every time. At least there is potential there for good things to come out of it. Good ideas hold world changing possibilities.

The diversity of Wokelandia is completely useless if you have a village full of the diversity they speak about, but they all have the same rotten ideas, which is often the case.

On the other hand, If people have shared values that are known to promote flourishing, prosperity, safety, security, happiness, building of character, and improving people’s lives in general, then they can unite around those values.

In America there is the idea that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If the citizens of Wokelandia united around this important principle in trying to find solutions to the problems that ail society, or if this idea drove them to try and be innovative, or to spark creativity, they would get a lot further than diversity for the sake of diversity will ever get them.

The idea that diversity is our strength may play well in Wokelandia. When put under a microscope though, those of us in the good ol’’ US of A know well that it is unity in the values that we share, and building off of all the things those values produce, that we have our strength, not some superficial idea about diversity.

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