The Destructive Evil Left And The Democrat Party

Societies change over time, and it usually happens over a slow, gradual, natural process.

The left has worked over a hundred years to take over most of the institutions in our society, so in that sense the process has been slow, but then they woke up one morning and just decided that everyone must now accept their radical agenda and those who oppose it must be destroyed.

In the end, they’ll probably end up winning because they’ve laid the groundwork for their takeover, and they are on the ascent.

Like everywhere else, their policies will lead to collapse in America, and a once great nation will just be another among many. Their policies simply do not work. We have the proof all around the world that it does not.

They have no success stories of their own. They usually come in after countries have built themselves into successful national entities, then they take over, begin implementing their radical agenda, destroy all the mechanisms that led to success, and drag the country down.

They expect in all of this that people just lie back and accept what they are doing.

If their is one successful nation that was built from the ground up based on leftist systems someone needs to identify it.

Well they may end up in control, but in the meanwhile there are no apologies for calling out their evil agenda.

If doing so makes is unhinged, then so be it.

The following are things that need to continue being highlighted in the effort to keep pointing out how dangerous, destructive and evil this ideology propagated by the Democrat Party is.

This is not even a comprehensive list:

The abandonment of patriotism.

Hatred of country for sins of the past (while loving the Party that was behind them).

Abandonment of our religious traditions.

Open attacks on Christianity, the way that has changed the lives of people and transformed civilizations for the better like nothing before it or since (as they tell us it’s only happening in our mind).

Men in women’s sports.

Men in women’s bathrooms.

The mutilation of children.

The forcing of transgender ideology.

The open sexualization of children (while gaslighting that it’s only in the imagination of right wingers).

Attacks on the foundational institution of society that has been the building block of Western civilization for over a thousand years, the nuclear family.


The demonization of white men.

The casting of black men as victims.

Now they have openly adopted race based policies that they justify because white people are the targets.

The constant appeal to race and blaming everything on white supremacy.

The first amendment of the constitution under constant attack with blatant open attempts on censorship, freedom of the press, trying to force religious organizations to bow to the new lais sez faire attitudes on sex.

The heavy hand of government in the name of safety.

The constant attacks on the second amendment.

Cancel culture in full swing affecting mostly people of one political persuasion.

No cash bail.

Releasing criminals in the name of equity.

Violent crime like we have no seen in decades as a direct result of liberal policies.

The open abuse and targeting of political opponents affecting mostly people of one political persuasion.

Radical abortion that includes up to the week of birth.

The politicization of medicine.

The open embrace of the evil ideology of Marxism that we know has led to the violent and/or poverty stricken demise of millions.

The machine promoting all of this is evil to the core. Sorry, words have meaning.

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