Don’t make the black kids angry

Colin Flaherty is a white reporter/best selling author who highlights what he calls disproportionate black on white violence in America. He also sheds light on other claims that he makes, namely that blacks commit and get away with a disproportionate amount of crime against Asians, Latinos, Jews, Gays, and other groups, but because of political correctness people are afraid to broach the subject black violence.

Flaherty has a mantra that he often repeats. “Don’t make the black kids angry” is the watchword he repeats at the end of his videos that highlight his claims of black on white violence.

The saying is a spin on the words of Congressman Immanuel Cleaver who who once said ““All we are going to do is make a lot of black kids angry and they are going to take out their anger somewhere else.” Cleaver was responding to a question about local police response to black teen mob violence in Kansas Citiy a few years ago.

Since that infamous sentence by Cleaver, Flaherty has written a book called Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry about black on white violence all across the country. He has also written a book called White Girl Bleed a Lot.

Flaherty has been called racist for highlighting the problem of black on white violence, and has been banned from many social media platforms. His detractors say that he is unfairly making broad claims about blacks and playing in to stereo types, by portraying black men as violent criminals who white people need to fear.

In his defense, he says that he is simply highlighting a real problem that exists, and hardly anyone is honestly addressing.

Flaherty has made thousands of videos that feature brutal, graphic black on white violence and covers other stories that feature the same.

So is it racist of Mr. Flaherty to place such emphasis on the race of the perpetrators and the victims of the heinous crimes that he features? Some say yes it is because people of all races do commit and experience crime. Flaherty says not so fast, it is true that everyone experiences crime but not in the disproportionate numbers that white people experience crime at the hands of black victims.

He believes that by ignoring what he considers to be the obvious problem of black on white violence, the problem will only continue to grow worse.

Flaherty believes that the violence is to a large extent driven by a hatred of white people, and the narrative that blacks hear every day “blacks are relentless victims of white people, all the time and that explains everything.”

Another aspect of his videos highlights the light sentences that many perpetrators of the black on white, black on other violence often get from sympathetic judges and juries that see blacks as victims, and not the perpetrators of atrocious crimes.

Flaherty’s side of the story is one that is often ignored, but worth including in the sensitive topic of race.…

The continued harassment of President Donald Trump

The treatment of this President by the Democrat Party, the media and Washington insiders  is unlike anything that we have ever witnessed in the history of this country. The daily  attempts to sabotage the Presidency of Donald Trump is just stunning to behold. What is even more unbelievable is to see the media go along with these acts of sabotage all in the effort to take down a President they do not like. 

It is not unusual to oppose the party in power. That is standard operating procedure, but the hate towards this man, the personal attacks against him and his family, the non ending attempts to bring down his Presidency based on nothing but innuendo and wishful thinking is way outside the bounds of normal political gamesmanship. 

This is sick, this is evil! 

To watch the news media and their Democrat allies revel in the attempts to personally destroy Trump makes one wonder if these people even have souls. How is it possible to hate someone so much that these people are willing to say and do the things that they have engaged in for the last three years? 

These people actually started talk of impeachment before Trump even took took the oath of office. Since then they have called on members of the electoral college to not certify the election. They have baselessly called for Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment, and they have called for their supporters to harass members of Trump’s cabinet when these cabinet members are in public spaces. 

Celebrities and other prominent people joke about the prospect of violent acts being committed against the President, and they call the President the most vulgar names imaginable. All the while no one in the media makes the familiar “call for civility” that they often make if a Republican or conservative steps out of line. Every day there is a constant barrage of nothing but nasty, hostile coverage against the President without ever giving him credit for any of the things he has accomplished. 

One Congresswoman on the night she was elected shouted to her enthusiastic crowd of  supporters that “we’re gonna impeach the muther f*****,” but not even that comment was enough to cause the charlatan media alarm. And so it has gone since this guy has been elected.

 Again, it is normal for the party in power to face opposition, but this is just crazy. When Obama was elected the Republicans infamously said that they will do everyting in their power to make Obama a one term President. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that statement based on their stark policy differences. It is the job of the party in the opposition to highlight the differences between the two parties, and try to regain power based on the idea that their policies are better. That is the nature of politics. 

What we are seeing with Trump though is Democrats and the media trying to undermine the President at every turn, using the most underhanded tricks in their attempt to stage a soft coup. 

The President has been under investigation since he first came into office. Not one of these investigations is based on evidence of wrongdoing by by him, but simply in the effort to find dirt on him.  When have we seen a President treated this way before? 

The media and the Democrats hated President Ronald Reagan with a fiery passion, but not even Reagan experiesced this.

Now the latest act of sabotage is that some low level employee listening in on the President’s decided to snitch on the President’s conversation with another world leader, because that low level employee thinks he heard something fishy. Is this really what we have come to as a country? Think about this for one moment and let it sink in to the consciousness. A low level employee is second guessing the President’s discussion with another world leader because that low level employee thinks that the President is saying something inappropriate. 

Imagine during the Cuban Missile Crisis that some low level employee who has no idea of  what is going on behind the scenes, who has no idea of the back and forth negotions, the feeling out of each other that the two leaders are doing, or any of the intricate detalils that the President and his team knows. Imagine that low level employee listening in on a conversation between Kennedy and Kruschev and deciding that Kennedy is out of line in his negotions, and then goes snitching to Congress that he believes Kennedy has stepped out of line. 

Does anyone understand how ridiculous that would be. Folks the bar for anyone who is privy to the President’s conversations with wolrld leaders, discussing what he or she may have heard in those discussions with anyone must be very high. 

The President of the United States must be allowed a lot of leverage to discuss issues with world leaders without worrying that his conversations would be leaked. Are we saying that world leaders now have to worry about the conversations they have with the President of the United States being leaked, because as one person says, the very act of being President is now impeachable?

It does not matter who the President is. What we are witnessing at the moment with the so called whistle blower and members of the Democrat Party is just wrong, and the fact that people are willing to go along with this simply because they hate the man in the White House is so very troubling. 

This nonesense has to stop!

Greta and climate doomsayers

Oh oh! This time it is true. We know it is true because the 16 year old doomsayer from Sweden has declared it to be true. 

Humanity will do well to pay attention to this teenager who has clearly shown that she knows what she is talking about when she speaks of the impending doom that is about to befall all of mankind. 

Be careful now! She has been flinging about the word science in order validate her claims. Everyone knows that people are supposed to bow and do obeisance to the word “science” whenever some important person tosses it out, and make no mistake; lil miss Greta is important. 

So everyone, just go ahead and cast aside your ability to think, to read, to understand, to analyze and compare data, and arguments , etc. The all powerful word, “science” renders anything that you think as useless.  Deductive reasoning be damned! Inductive reasoning…psst…get outta here with that? Abductive reasoning what!?! SCIENCE!!! So there you go. Beat that! 

Having cleared that up (you’re welcome), let’s just go ahead and agree with the sixteen year old halo wearing kid from Sweden lecturing world leaders and citizens around the globe. If we do not stop using gasoline and other products that are derived from fossil fuels we’re all gonna die in…in…in 15 years, no in 25 years, make that…um…17 years. Ok lets just go ahead and play it safe…in one hundred years.

This child, wise beyond her years is undoubtedly humanity’s last hope. We must listen to her! After all the holy scriptures declare that “a child shall lead them.” Ladies and gentlemen, people everywhere, here in America, and across the globe, THIS IS THE CHILD! And besides, Hollywood says so. How’s that for an added layer of certainty. 

Greta has been sent by mother earth herself to bring the message to the world that we are all about to die if we do not pay heed to her prophetic message.  As she spreads her message of doom, her disciples demand that we all put aside our capacity to think, and like a bunch of sheep in need of a sixteen year old shepherd, just follow her lead. 

Do not pay any attention to those false prophets who have come before her. Forget that over the last six decades not one of her predecessors have ever made one prophecy that has been fulfilled (and there has been many). She is the real deal! Pay attention to her. She knows what she is talking about.  

The other doomsayers who predicted the end of the world in times past were also certain about their predictions of the perilous times ahead, but that’s another story. They do not need to explain themselves to anyone. Just know that this time…this time…this time, the end really is nigh, and if the world does not pay heed to the young know it all, Greta Thurnberg, it’s over. 

Yeah,  yeah, yeah, everyone hears the protestations. But…but…but you say, what about the fact that Paul Erhlich predicted that millions upon millions upon millions would die of starvation by the 1970s or 1980s because of “overpopulation,” and as a result the end of civilization would ensue? It don’t matter! 

Some remind that Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia said that “within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”. Well it depends on what within a few years means, but just in case anyone missed it the first time, here it is again for your benefit. It don’t matter! 

So what about when climate scientists said that if by the year 2000 the world did not get global warming (or was it climate change?) under control, it would be too late? That was then, this is now. It don’t matter!  

Did you not hear that 98 percent of scientists all over the world have formed a consensus that civilization is about to come to a  cataclysmic halt, and the earth as we know it will be destroyed in a cosmic vortex of CO2? 

Oh oh, there’s that word again…or at least a variation of it…scientists. Please throw all thinking out the window now! Thank you. 

We all know that scientists are incapable of bias right? They are pure as the wind driven snow. They are incapable of promoting political agendas, and whatever they say goes, especially those scientists from that august body called the United Nations. No leftist agendas being driven from there, none whatsoever! 

Most important though, Bill Nye says that we are all about to die if we don’t stop driving SUVs. Bill Nye is the “Science guy” who once upon a time used to hold to the stupid notion that boys are boys and girls are girls. Ok ok…must focus. That’s a whole other issue.  

Anyway, thing is most Americans think that it is important to protect the environment. They want clean air, clean water, they don’t want the forests to disappear, or the land to become a huge dump. That’s why as a country, America has so many laws and mechanisms in place to protect the environment. 

Americans are not against keeping the environment clean at all. They are just against environment worshippers using the environment as an excuse for the government to make more and more laws that impose on people’s freedom, and to push political agendas. 

They also do not buy in to the idea that the world is about to end because of climate change, because in the last 150 years of the earth’s entire existence, the temperature has risen by .08 degrees.

These stupid Americans are just a bunch of science/climate deniers.

The Democrat Party’s exciting agenda

To all Americans everywhere. Our message to you is we will not allow any border walls to be built in any attempt to stop people from flooding our borders. We will put a moratorium on deportations all across the country, and our policy of sanctuary cities will continue. You can bet on it! 

Every undocumented worker who is in our country will receive free health care, free education and other welfare benefits at the a cost to the American taxpayer, and a path to citizenship after breaking our laws.

We believe that as long as an adult has a child in tow while illegally crossing the border, the adult should not be apprehended, in order to avoid separation of the adult and the child. 

They should be allowed to enter the country in the hopes that they will show up for their court appointment whenever their case gets called.

We believe that illegally crossing our borders should not be a felony offense.

In addition to the above, if you elect us; you can be certain that you will never ever have to spend any of your own money on health care. The government will completely cover the cost of all health care for everyone because no one should not be monetarily invested in any way for their own healt care needs,  and while we are at it, we will take steps to eliminate all private health insurance in America. 

Make no mistake people will have to pay more in taxes to cover the cost of of our Santa Claus agenda.

As staunch supporters of Roe v Wade, we guarantee that no one woman who ever needs to have an abortion will pay for it out of her own pocket. The government’s got that covered also. Tax payers will cover that too.

You know our stance on gun control! It is well documented and we do not apologize. Law abiding citizens will continue to have more of their second amendments rights revoked, and we will hold out the hope that criminals will by abide by the gun laws that we do pass. 

When it comes to taxes, we will tax businesses up to 70 percent. That money will be better put to use if it is the hands of Government bureaucrats.  

Put us in control and students will no longer have to worry about bearing any cost for their education. As an example of how much we care, we will ensure that all student debt is cancelled. We will provide free college education, free books, and free student housing. No one need for them to have a stake in their own welfare and future.

We will take the profits that businesses have earned through the strength of their own ideas, effort, dedication, and hard work, and use it towards paying off student debt. 

We will do this because we believe that businesses have too much money. We believe that it is the government’s right to take this money away. We will force them to give up more of it for charitable cases that we deem to be worthy.

Put us in control and we will impose a climate change tax on citizens because we are certain that after billions of years, we are all doomed. The world is about to end because in the last hundred and fifty years out of billions because the temperature has risen by .06 percent. 

We will put an end to plastic straws, even though America is only responsible for a very small percentage of plastic waste in the world. We will get rid of SUVs and farm cows, and the earth will be saved from destruction.

Vote for us and we will pack the Supreme Court with liberal judges by increasing from 9 to 15 the number of judges that sit on the court.

We are seriously considering lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 years and we will make getting rid of the electoral college a priority.

These are just a few of the policies we present to you the American people. 

Vote for us!

Life as a social justice warrior

Can you imagine living the life of a social justice warrior? imagine that your every breath is drawn in a state of anger and you are constantly offended by the most meaningless words or gestures.

Every single morning you wake up and you brace yourself for the battles that you think you must fight. Some of your biggest skirmishes are are against words. You fight hard to eliminate these words from everyday usage. Every moment of your day is spent in a state of readiness to do combat because at any moment some word could trigger you and send you dashing for a safe space where you do not have to hear the offensive expression.

Often times the words that offend are words that have been in use since the beginning of time. If there is no safe space to run to, then as a social justice warrior you feel the need to lash out at the perpetrator guilty of speaking the unapproved locution. What must it be like to roam college campuses in search of forbidden opinions, and trying to police the speech of others?

These are some of the most obnoxious self righteous people that you will ever come across in your life. They show up at private events with the express purpose of implementing the heckler’s veto, interupting others from even discussing opposing points of view.

SJWs are constantantly organizing protests and boycotts. One can only imagine how tedious it must be to live life denying basic truths like the fact that a man is a man, a woman is a woman and neither can be the other, then pretending that you are truly offended some do not share their views. To follow through on their denial, SJWs then go to extremes to prove that they really believe the lies that they tell themselves everyday.

Showing dedication to their cause, many social justice warriors willingly cut themselves off from their families who do not share their political views, and they have no problem ruining a good thanksgiving or Christmas meal with their politics. They will unfriend themselves on facebook from someone they have known since childhood because the friend expressed solidarity with Trump or his policies. They then wallow in their smugness with a feeling of superiority, convinced of their own virtue.

This bunch is always on the warpath and they are incapable of exercising the same tolerance that they demand of others. They are angry, hostile, petulant, offensive, aggressive, belligerent, insultive, and confrontational even as they castigate others for daring to have an opinion that is different from their own. Their lack of self awareness is unparalleled, and hey seem to think that their view of the world is the only outlook that matters. As far as they are concerned they have the right, through the use of intimidatory tactics to try and dissuade others from disagreeing with them. 

One can only imagine that this must be a life that is absent of any joy or fulfillment. 

Because almost everything offends the social justice warrior they never have time to savor any of the blessings in their lives because they are always preoccupied with the the next battle. How tiresome must that be? 

For those who don’t not live their lives preoccupied with looking for things to be offended about, the life of a social justice warrior is soul destroying, but the social justice warrior finds meaning in his misery. She is convinced that her cause is just, and perhaps it is that self assured attitude above all that makes her dangerous. 

Because they regard themselves as the final authority on what words mean, they can arbitrarily switch the meaning of them to mean whatever they want them to mean. When that happens they can then justify their behavior in response to these words. In this world of “words are whatever I deem them to be” anything goes. They tar and feather opponents for wrong doing and no proof is ever necessary. They then justify their despicable behavior by convincing themselves they are fighting evil. Feeling justified, they wage unrelenting efforts to end people’s careers, shame some, ostracize others, physically try to intimidate yet more, and even violently attack people whose only crime is that they said something offensive or hold the wrong political opinion. 

Visitors from the past

Imagine if Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. Dubois, Harriet Tubman and other black freedom fighters, civil rights leaders and educators from from the past were to somehow transmit themselves in to 21st Century America.

They were informed about Barrack Obama, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and other black Americans who are in, or have been in positions of power and influence all across the country.

They find out about the major cities that are dominated and run by black Americans and they can’t believe it. They look at the military where blacks are respected and have an equal chance of climbing the Military ranks and it brings a smile to their face. Imagine their surprise when these honorable people find out that a black four star general is in charge of the U.S. Military and international forces in the strategic contingency theater of Korea.

In addition to all of this they learn about affirmative action, and all of the programs that many well intentioned politicians and others have put in place to help lift black people out of poverty and in the effort move them forward.

As these stalwarts of history continue to learn about the modern world, they learn about Brown vs Board of education. They learn that the KKK has been neutered and holds no political sway in the country. Everyone of them is pleased to know that even though white supremacy still exist, whenever these bigots attempt to have a rally or some public display of their evil philosophy, they are always outnumbered by protesters at least ten to one. Our group of visitors are delighted when they discover that lynchings are a thing of the past, and the Civil Rights Act was passed decades ago.

It brings a smile to their face when they realize all of the laws that are in place to protect the rights of all citizens. They find out that the government and businesses can, has, and is often sued for racial discrimination. Human Resouces departments all across the country have rigid anti-discrimination rules in place, not only to deal with dicrimination when it happens, but to avoid it from happening in the first place. Everywhere diversity programs are in place to create an atmosphere of tolerance.

This noble group from our past then finds out about zero tolerance policies and they are truly impressed.

While surfing the internet they find out that one of the easiest ways for a white person to be shamed and ostracized is to be labeled as a racist. In this regard they read about people like Paula Dean and Rosanne Barr, George Allen and others who are now treated as castaways because of their perceived racism.

As these great black leaders continue on their modern sojourn, they continue to be enlightened about life in current day America. Each passing moment, they are more and more astonished. They simply cannot believe that black people can travel anywhere they choose, or live anywhere they wish.
They become overwhelmed with what they see and are in shock when they learn about business moguls like Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, Michael Jordan and successful businessmen like Herman Cain.

Now completely flabbergasted by all that they have seen, they find out about sports leagues like the NBA, NFL and even the MLB that are dominated by black people and other minorities. Upon further inquiry they learn out about Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Simone Biles and others. They just cannot get over all of the opportunities that black people have to improve their lives, and they stop to take in all in.

As they try to absorb it all, along comes Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, Kamala Harris, and other black victocrats with their white liberal enablers to enlighten these black champions.

These victocrats and their white liberal enablers’ sole purpose is to let these giants know that they should not get it twisted and be confused by all of these deceitful signs of progress because black people are still suffering at the hands of the white man in America, and that the whole system is geared to keep the black man subjugated.

Beto O’Rourke emphasizes to them that the system is unjust as it ever was for black people in America, and he brings along Colin Kaepernick to help him reinforce the point.

In the ensuing next few hours Kamala, Al and company proceed to give to our distinguished guests from the past, all the examples that show what a horrible nation America is in 2019 because there are evil people and bad things sometimes happen.

What do you suppose the response of Mr. Douglass, Mr. Washington, Mr. Dubois, Ms. Tubman and the whole group of heroes would be?

Let’s talk climate change!

It’s time to ask an important question! When people talk of climate change, what does that contrast with,  in terms of the ideal? Is it climate constant? 

Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty once said in an interview that “every fifth grader could tell you that climate change refers to unpredictable weather patterns.” What she did not tell everyone is what predictable weather patterns that indicate a normal climate looks like. Let’s go one step further and say that perhaps every third grader knows that climate change refers to unpredictable weather patterns, that still leaves a lot of unanswered questions concerning climate change. 

Once upon a time global warming was promulgated as the major threat to the world, then without any explanation, the danger switched from global warming to climate change. Today climate change stands as the only field of scientific study that is not open to criticism or reexamination. The science is settled they tell us. No dissenting voices are allowed. It does not matter what the credentials of anyone who questions the dogma of climate change as an existential threat to humanity and the earth may be. That person is to be banished from the halls of academia, and the labs of scientific research. That individual is rendered as persona non grata for daring to question the certitude that humanity is in danger of extinction, and that the world is about to be destroyed by climate change. 

So let us go back to the question asked earlier on, climate change as opposed to what, climate constant? If every modern day weather extreme that we experience is a sign that the world is about to end, the experts have to tell us what the specifics are of a climate that is not experiencing change, or a climate that is normal. How do citizens identify normal climate? 

Instead of laying out broad vague terms like “fix the climate,” or “getting the climate under control,” they have to tell the world what the standard will be to determine that the climate has indeed been fixed if all of the recommended remedies are applied.

To be more specific, the experts will have to let everyone know exactly how many hurricanes per year they sonsider as a sign of a climate under control. Will it be the same for the different locations around the world that do experience hurricanes. They will also have to let us know what constant is for the amount, and  category strength of hurricanes that are acceptable during particulars years, but that is not all. They will have to do the same and give specific numbers for tornadoes in each of the states where these spectacular, dangerous wonders of nature take place every year. What is the acceptable margin of error? 

That will still not be enough though. Someone will need to explain approximately what temperature range would be considered as normal during different times of the year. What exactly would be the acceptable constant temperature patterns in the summer months? How high should the temperature be during each month, and exactly how much  seasonal overlap into the other months and seasons is acceptable. 

In the last few years, there has been some really unusual weather in the winter months, with some places across the U.S. experiencing some extremely cold weather while in other places at other times it has been unusually mild. If all of these weather phenomena are signs of the scourge of climate change, then the climate pundits would need to articulate what the goal should be in terms of a climate that has been tamed. What is the constant that indicates winters are no longer experiencing climate change?

It is not sufficient to say that the world needs to stop climate change. To reiterate the point, there must be clear indicators that will help to define a climate that is not changing, and on the way to good health. These professionals will have to give the details for every state, and as they collaborate with other countries, they will have to give us the details for every country. Based on their calculations they will then have to let everyone know what the average climate for the world should be every year going forward.

After achieving the desired temperature range during the winter months, it will be important to highlight the amount of years that these patterns should continue before anything outside of the model is considered as just an aberration, and not a return to a stare of climate distress. 

For the unlearned, the ignorant and the skeptical, these specifics are needed so that they would have a clear understanding of what a world free of climate change looks like. While the pros are at it, perhaps they will also explainthe the details of how to apply their measurments to drought, floods, sea level, and the many other natural occurences that are the result of adverse climate. 

Tell the world exactly what the indicators of predictable weather patterns are so that there is no confusion, so that nothing would be left to chance, and people would know exactly what they are working to achieve.