Another look at the Increase in Asian American Hate Crimes

Since finding out that there was a slate of attacks against Americans of Asian descent the media automatically blamed President Trump for this increase in hostility toward Asian Americans.

Trump is such a meanie they said. He is calling the CORONA Virus the Chinese Virus they said. No doubt he is trying to get Asian people killed. Americans, racist bastards that they are; will start turning their racist eyes toward all people of Asian descent to discrimiminate against them and do them harm. Trump is trying to incite violence agains our Asian community. 

Never mind that  many diseases have always been named after the places from where they originate. Take a look at diseases like the West Nile Virus, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Ebola (named after the Ebola river in Africa as examples of illnesses named after places. Who can forget the Spanish flu or the Hong Kong flu, and while you are at it, go ahead and drop the Spotty Mountain Fever in there for good measure. 

This naming of diseases has been standard practice for decades, but a few years ago in 2015 the World Health Organization (WHO) suddenly decided that naming diseases after the places from which they came is inappropriate. We all know that because WHO said it, then that is the way it is going to be right?. After all they have the…ah… em…the uh…the uh…the credibility of the United Nations behind them. 

Everyone knows the United Nations. It is that international organization of renown. They have been known to put nations like Iran, Cuba, Libya and other despotic nations as members of the U.N. “Human Rights” Council. Yes…yes, that United Nations, the one that can always muster the courage to condemn the State of Israel for its response to tattacks by Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, but can never seem to condemn the Palestinians with the same gusto. 

Anyhoo! Back to the original topic, everyone concluded that Trump’s sole purpose for calling the CORONA Virus the China Virus was because he absolutely hated Asians. Without even a micro fraction of curiousity, that soon became the mantra on the left, the Democrat Party and members of the victim patrol everywhere. Trump hates Asians and he’s using the CORANA virus to justify his hatred. 

The fake news industrial complex, being the true enemy of the people, were all to happy to lead the propaganda effort against Trump who insisted that people not forget that the disease originated in China. They attempted to hide it from the world. They failed to warn other countries and in time they even attempted to blame the disease on the United States Miitary. But here is the irony, in all of this. Before it became a crime to call the CORONA Virus the China Virus, the media was quite happy to call it the Wuhan Virus, after the specific area in China from where it originated. 

Fellow inhabitants, it is impossible to make up this stuff. No one has has an imagination that is so creative to just come up with any of this.  This stuff actually happened! No one made up any of it. When it became clear that this is another issue that they can use to smear Trump, it suddenly became a mortal sin to call the virus the China Virus.  

Some time after this, there was an increase in attacks against fellow citizens of Asian descent. (when you check out the data, you will see that though these attacks did in fact increase; the extent to which they have actually increased has been greatly exaggerated). These attacks were automatically blamed on Trump. The narrative was that Trump gave white supremacists everywhere the leeway to attack Asian Americans, and people just went with with the narrative. 

While it is true that the number of attacks on Asians have increased by a large percentage, the actual number of attacks is very small. According to Yahoo News and the New York Times, in 2020, the number of hate crime attacks on Asian Americans in New York spiked tenfold, from 3 cases in 2019 to 28 cases in 2020. The total numbers around the country showed an increase from 49 to 73. 

Now in a perfect world, the ideal number of hate crime attacks against any group of people is zero, but for crying out loud; we do not live in a perfect world and these numbers do not reflect any epidemic of attacks against Asian Americans. Sorry, it does not fit the narrative, but it is the truth.

Another element of the story that the media refuses to cover is that many of the high profile hate crime attacks on Asian Americans have not been committed by the evil white male. In fact there has been a series of video footage showing really brutal attacks by black perpetrators on Asian Americans, however none of these attacks have received the same amount of attention as the attacks motivated by so called white supremacy? 

One attack in Atlanta earlier in 2021 where six Asian Americans were killed in a mass shooting by a white shooter was not a hate crime, but was covered with morbid glee as a white supremacy hate crime. The fact that it was not a white supremacy hate crime does not make it less tragic, because eight people ended up dead nevertheless. There is nothing to celebrate, but that attack was contrary to the narrative that a white supremacist did it. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, the media continued to portray the killings as an anti Asian hate crime. They are invested in portraying everybody who is not white as a victim of the evil hateful white male.

As more and more data suggests that a significant number of what may be hate crime attacks are committed by blacks, the media is is no longer covering the issue with breathtaking enthusiasm, and glee. When they do cover it, they refuse to highlight that aspect of the issue. Of course these attacks by black Americans do not suggest that most black people are out there targeting people of Asian descent. Again, perspective is important. The point is that news outlets have an agenda. There is a concerted effort to stir up conflict between the races in the effort to divide the country. 

People of Asian descent have not traditionally assumed the victim posture in America the way that many black Americas have. Asian Americans like other minorities have suffered discrimination in America, and like other minorities they have overcome a lot, but they have never engaged in the kind of grievance culture that is so prevalent in black America. Many people are bothered by that. They do not like that Americans of Asian descent have to a large extent quietly gone about their affairs in a business like manner, working hard, not complaining, and using the resources available to help them overcome their difficulties. 

In a very interesting article written by Jennifer Ho, Professor of Asian American Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, she blames the increased attacks by blacks on Asians on…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…she blames it on white supremacy. As noted before, it is impossible to make up this stuff…impossible. No one in this entire universe has such a rich imagination to come up with any of this stuff.

The left would love nothing more than to see an Asian Lives Matter group that agitates in the vein of the the Black Lives Matter hate group, in the effort to portray America as a racist cesspool, dominated by white supremacists.

The Cost of freedom

Freedom is not free. That is a nice sounding cliche that we will do well to ponder what it really means, and all that it entails.

Freedom costs!

The price of freedom is high. Many have willingly put aside their own personal ambitions, goals, desires, and needs to pay the ultimate price in the cause of freedom. They did it unselfishly and we reap the benefits of their sacrifice. Many take for granted the freedom that we enjoy as a nation, without ever stopping for one minute to consider what it costs to maintain this freedom.

People forget that until just a few centuries ago, the freedoms that we enjoy today was a strange concept in the world. People lived their lives under the thumb, and the whims of monarchs and tyrants. Whatever these rulers said was the law. That was the norm, and ordinary people did not have much room to object.

The American experiment in governance, influenced by the British Magna Carta, and the concept that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights was a foreign concept to the world.
Though the nation did not always live up to it’s ideals, America was always working on being a better nation to get to where we are today.

Much of the world eventually bought in to the idea, and freedombecame a goal of many around the world, but as noted earlier; freedom costs.

Whether it was on the battle fields of America’s civil war, in the trenches across Europe during WWI, facing off against Hitler’s formidable war machine in WWII, pushing back against the communist North Korean forces, battling the evil of terrorism, and the many other conflicts in between; freedom is not free.

There are always evil forces lying in wait, hoping to disrupt the lives we live, and the freedoms that we have come to cherish and enjoy as a nation, and in many other parts of the world. These evil forces will never rest in their effort against the the cause of freedom. They will never hesitate to use whatever means they have at their disposal in furtherance of their cause.

Many have stood in the way of these evil forces, and given their their lives to preserve the cause of freedom, and today we remember them.

Freedom is not free!

In memory of those who paid the ultimate price.

The brazen leftward tilt of the military

The military is becoming a leftist woke machine, and it is sad to observe. They are not completely gone as yet (they are almost there), so there may still be a small window to summon Delta Force or Seal Team Six to try and perform a rescue mission. It will be an extremely dangerous mission though, even for these formidable fighting forces.

When the left is in the ascendancy, they are hard to beat. They destroy everything in their path. Everything they touch turns to dirt.

As many look on in utter astonishment at the brazenly political posturing, and the embrace of leftist ideology by many in high leadership positions in he military, those who know the importance of the military remaining apolitical are becoming more and more concerned. The military must remain a politically neutral entity if the nation is to continue being a successful republic. If they do not, it is going to be a race to the bottom for the country, and it will definitely bring an end to the United States status as the most preeminent nation.

Those nations that have been nipping at our heels trying o surpass the United States are waiting in the wings, ready to assume the role of the world’s leading nation. For those who think that this is a good thing, how does it sound to have the brutal, despotic, communist nation of China calling the shots around the world. Yes, that China. The country that terrorizes it’s own citizens in slave camps, persecutes anyone who does not tow the political line, forces women to have abortions, is constantly haranguing its neighbors in the South China Sea, recently subjugated the people of Hong Kong, and unleashed a deadly virus on the world.

Yup, that is the country that is lying in wait to usurp the role of the United States in the world. Right alongside them are our old friends, the Russians, while playing lesser roles as minions of these two powers are the Iranians, and other bad actors who would no longer have to worry about the “evil” imperialistic U.S. of A.

This is what we face if the left continues to gain a foothold in the military. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen quicker than you know it.

Look at how swiftly their destructive prowess wreak havoc:

It is a safe bet that 10 years ago no one thought that there’d be a serious discussions about whether a man could be a woman or a woman could be a man. No one thought that people would be called bigots if thy said that neither of these is possible. Did anyone think that in 2021, people would be called terrible human beings because they do not think that men having sex with men or women having sex with women is a good thing?

Who would have thought that anyone would be hated, and that there would be calls to ostracize fellow citizens because they did not support gay marriage.

The left runs education, and large numbers of children are graduating high school unable to read and do math at grade level. Universities are hotbeds of intolerance for anyone who opposes leftist ideology.

Whereas sports was once a unifier, today no one can turn on a basketball game for respite from the constant bombardment of leftist ideology.

Once great cities like San Francisco are now havens for homelessness, and drug addiction. Urban centers across America run by leftists are hotbeds for crime, poverty, and injustice.

The first amendment is under attack as people in power unabashedly declare their hostility against freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

As anti-police sentiment is now en vogue, we listen to calls to defund the police while, murder and other violent crime continues to increase.

The left is dangerous!

Given all of these examples of the left’s destructive ways, what do we suppose will happen to the military if these people manage to firmly sink their claws into this organization, and implement their destructive policies. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

All world powers eventually fall. It is not going to be any different for the United States. No one nation will be in the number one spot forever. Eventually the day will come when the United States gives up the number one spot in the world. That does not mean that Americans have to turn the military over to a bunch of crackpots, and watch the military become a place for leftist ideology, helping in the country’s decline. If this leftward shift of the military continues it could hasten what would be a meteoric decline of a great nation.

Ultimately, in the grand scheme, almighty God has so much in store for the world, and he will achieve his grand purpose as he weaves all of the chaos in the world to produce the finest tapestry anyone can imagine. In the meanwhile though, Americans should not stand by in silence, nor retreat as they witness another institution embark on a course that leads to self destruction.

Check out this story on Breitbart news:

Democrats’ evil immigration policy

If you ever doubted it, you must be convinced  now. The Democrat Party machine is evil to the core. The Democrat Party has a vested interest in keeping a permanent underclass of people whom they can continue to exploit in the politics of grievance. Why would they implement the policies that they continue to initiate knowing that these policies do not drive economic success? 

As we observe the chaos at the border, it is evident that the Biden Administration has no interest in pursuing policies that benefit the American people. Why this maniacal laser focus on policy that benefits people from other countries who enter the country illegally? As long as corrupt countries know that they can simply dump their poor on the United States, what incentive do these countrie have to make policies that benefit their own people? 

Make no mistake, the United States has a moral obligation to assist economically struggling countries and peoples, but the solution is not to  disregard the rule of law and simply allow people to flout America’s laws. 

The Democrat Party machine views many of these people as future Democrat voters. The formula is simple. Bring these people into the country. Get them dependent on government assistance. Give them just enough to keep them coming back, but never enough to become independent. In other words, give them handouts never a hand up. Place them in communities where they form enclaves, and the cycle is repeated, then blame racism for keeping them down. Give them citizenship a few years later, tell them that the Republican Party wants to take away all of their benefits, and does not want them to succeed. 

A new victim class is born.

Mission accomplished! 


White Bashing, America’s new past time

One of the most hateful articles imaginable called whiteness is a pandemic, written by a guy named Damon Young who writes for the NY Times and the root was published. It is hard to believe the things that this man had to say about black, but these anti-white sentiments have been trending for few years now.

This stuff is now mainstream. The gentleman makes all kinds of claims about “whiteness” without providing any kind of data or proof for his sweeping statements. 

So why the emphasis coming from this facebook page on so called hostility to white people?  

Well we see how people react to racism against black people and other minorities. It is to the point that one needs only be suspected of being a racist, and that could lead to becoming an outcast from society.

In America there is nothing worse that being called a racist against black people. Nothing will get you more sympathy as “a person of color” than to be labelled a victim of racism. Many black people wear it as a badge of honor.

Though it is appropriate to abhorr by racism, politicians, academics, corporations, celebrities and other high profile people have gone off the rails, and baseless charges of racism are now used as a bludgeon to beat people into silence.

In the place of what we identify as traditional racism, the exploitation of our legitimate desire to not make the same mistakes of the past has given rise to a new attitude about racism.  It is an attitude that now accepts a new kind of racism. The definition of racism in this instance is changed. It is not considered as racism, and the prejudice directed against white Americans is now see as acceptable. 

The excuse is for accepting this new racism  is that white people have power, and no matter the circumstances of individuals in this group, everyone of them has a built in advantage over black people and people of color. The system is built to advantage white people we are told. Despite all of the laws and the mechanisms that we have in place to combat racism, none of that matters. 

The proof that people who charge racism use to show racism is the disproportionate numbers where blacks and people of color are under represented in situations that benefit them, and where they are over represented in situations that disadvantage them. As far as these race hustlers are concerned everything in life is now supposed to reflect the exact demographic make up of the country, and if it does not, then racism is the cause. It does not matter that this model has never ever been reflected anywhere at anytime in history. 

No one is giving the magic formula that shows how to make everything equal so that everything is equally proportioned to match America’s demographic make up. Our ruling class is now simply telling us that it is their job to ensure that everything in life affects every demographic to the exact same measure that is represented in the country. 

They have identified the primary source of all inequality, and it is white privilege. Eliminating that privilege is now a major endeavor of the elites, and it is being done through demonization, and policy that is aimed at excluding the group viewed as privileged.   

As a result, hostility towards this group is not treated the same way that hostility towards blacks and other minority groups is treated. 

In America, people can now say anything against white people. It is ok to make any accusation against them as a group, and dismiss their concerns, while actively discriminating against them in the name of correcting past wrongs. 

You see, it’s true when people use these broad stereotypes, and accusations to speak about white people.

We would not accept this kind of labeling against other groups because it is not good to paint any group of people with so wide a brush. With white people it’s different though because it is all true.


Meghan Markle the victim, Harry the white hero

Hey y’all!

Meghan Markle is a victime y’all. Whaaat! You didnt know? Whitey just wants to bring her down, and keep her in her rightful place. That place is underneath their privileged white feet. It is the only place for a black like her you see. 

The hype over this interview had all of the signs of what it was going to be all about, victim posturing and race pimping. All of the indicators suggested that this was going to be nothing more than a whine fest by a privileged 1 percenter black woman who is invested in proving, and showing the world that she too is a victim of the eeeeevil white devils. Next to her would be her rich, privileged 1 percenter, white husband, invested in proving to the world that he understands the plight of the poor helpless blacks (this is what they think of black people and too many black people see it as a virtue in them). He understands how evil his people are, but he…he is one of the good ones. He has virtue doggone it! And he wants the world to know. You see he is able to separate himself from the other white tormentors, and call it like it is.

Go ahead everybody, round of applause for Prince Harry. Go ahead, praise him, white savior that he is.

What better way to promulgate their race hysteria than having the ultimate one percenter, race  baiting, black female invested in pushing the narrative do the interview? Who better to guide these two fools along than the grand old dame of race baiting herself? The one, the only, the indefatigable race baiting champyon, Oprah Winfrey.  Each of them would just feed off each other and produce TV gold. Together they will push the collective narrative that the blacks, highlighted in the travails of the beautiful Duchess just can’t catch a break. 

Initial thoughts were that the interview would just be a platform for Ms. Markle to spout that no one has ever had it as hard as she, and it is all because she is black. People were mean to her you see, and that can only be because she is black. People need to understand that. Not even her husband’s mother, Princess Diana, had it as hard as she.  Despite all of Markle’s beauty, prestige, accomplishments and stature, she is just a poor black woman, hated for her skin color. 

True to form and as expected, Meghan and her white victim enabler, cheered on by the race baiting black female one percenter, flung out charges of racism, providing absolutely nothing to back up their highly charged accusations. Hey! Who cares? Proof of racism against black people is never necessary. As long as you feel it, it is. So there! The only reason bad things ever happen to black people is because of racism. 

In the meanwhile many black people from all around the world are just lapping it all up, without an ounce of curiousity. 

Why in heaven’s name would any group of people choose to live with such a defeatest aproach to life, especially black people who have so much to gain by abandoning this foolish way of thinking, and throwing it into the garbage heap of history.

Truth be told, there is racism in the world, but people are also mean to black people for other reasons (by the way, racism is not exclusive to white people. Despite what you may hear). Sometimes it is because the people being mean are just jerks. Sometimes they are stupid. Sometimes they are having a bad day. They could just be insensitive or ignorant. Sometimes they say things to hurt because they feel hurt. Sometimes the person to whom they are being mean is the jerk, or just unlikeable, or for other reasons. In addition not every act of racism needs to be treated like a national emergency. Sometimes it just needs to be waved off like you wave off the nasty clerk at the DMV office. Other times you deal with it like you dealt with the dude who tried to cut in front of the line at the grocery store. 

The thing is people do not have to retreat into the victim posture every single time something bad happens to them. It’s called life. Bad things happen from time to time.

In the end all the suspicions of what this interview would be about were spot on.

Nailed it!

Some thoughts on the evil Democrat Party Machine

Cumo, Democrats and the media

Check out the media frauds extolling the leadership prowess of Andrew Cuomo in the video in this article. Now here’s the thing. Way back then when they would gladly eat off Cuomo’s shoe sole, the things that we are “finding out now” were known. The media knew what was going on! It was no secret. Other alternative media outlets like Breitbart and others were already asking questions about Cuomo’s mishandling of the nursing home patients, the thousands of deaths that ensued, and the possible covering up of the data to protect himself. This stuff has been out there in the ether for a long time, but you see Andrew had one thing going for him.

Cuomo is a Democrat and Democrats are held to a completely different standard than their political opponents. They can get away with almost anything. In addition the Democrats were on the destroy Trump campaign, so they were glad to pump up Cuomo while dumping on Trump.

Now that Cuomo’s aide has gone public about what happened during the nursing home mishandling, and some women have simultaneously brought sexual harassment accusations against him, Cuomo has become a liability, and his allies are flushing him down the toilet. He is no longer useful to them. In addition, keep in mind; whenever Democrats are distracting with the right hand, always pay attention to what the left hand is doing. Cuomo may just be a convenient distraction at the time as Democrats try to move ahead with their radical, destructive agenda. While everyone is paying attention to Cuomo, Democrats are just moving along.

Ask yourself this question now. Do you trust that these people who were singing the praises of Andrew when they knew that everything they were saying were all lies, were also giving you the truth about President Trump?What frauds these people are! Make sure that you stand absolutely still when they tell you to run, and you’d better hightail it whenever they tell you to stand still.

Texas, COVID, and illegal immigration

So according to Larry Elder, The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart News and a few other outlets where you get stories you can hardly find on the mainstream media, the Biden Administration has allowed a number of COVID-19 positive illegal immigrants into Texas without any requirement that they be quarantined. It has been reported that in Texas over the last couple of days the authorities have run into 108 COVID positive illegal immigrants allowed to come in to the country because of Biden/Harris immigration policy.Why would they do this?

Cages at the border?

What’s that, Joe Biden is locking children up in cages at the border? No way! What’s that, they are not in cages? Oh…oh….riiiiight. They are influx facilities. Got it. They are illegally flooding the borders in large numbers, accompanied by adults, and because of this illegal activity; USCIS has to detain them. Now we understand. Hold on, what? Oh…because USCIS cannot legally detain children and adults together, they must separate the children from the adults with whom they arrive. I guess this was not the case during the Trump administration. Thanks for the clarification. That has to be the reason that the media is silent on the issue. It is not because they are corrupted to the core. Ok thanks media. What would we do without you?

Who’s in charge at the White House?

Joe Biden at the end of his Zoom meeting: “And uh I’ll be happy to take questions now if that is what I am supposed to do.” White House: Cuts the Zoom feed without any warning, or word, and Biden disappears. No explanation. Only Democrats could get away with this stuff.

The nasty left and the Democrat Party Machine

Why is it that the most vicious, hateful, downright nasty people could so confidently walk around behaving as the examples of virtue? Any objective observer witnessing the behavior of the left and the Democrat Party over the last few years can see the unhinged, virulent, despicable and at times often violent way these people have behaved in pursuit of their agenda. They think that because they disagree politically with their opponents that gives them the right to say anything about people, make any accusations, tarnish people’s character, and just behave in the most despicable manner that we have witnessed over the last few years.

They have justified all of this because of their raw, unadulterated hatred of their political opponents. Yet these very people present themselves as the salt of the earth, and lights to the world. How do you look at people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and others who have been some of the most nasty people to ever hold political office and use them as examples of goodness and character? You are morally outraged by Donald Trump, but Joe Biden is your example of integrity? How does one look at Alexander Ocasio Cortez, an absolutely mean spirited woman who is constantly demeaning people and accusing her political opponents of all kinds of wrong doing, lying and casting aspersions on people’s character in the attempt to destroy them politically, and then use her as an example of decency? How does one look at people like Rashida Tlaib, and Elan Omar with admiration, two women who have shown their disdain for the people of Israel, but stay silent on atrocities committed by the Palestinians, advocate for socialist policies and try to paint their opponents in the most unflattering colors?

How does one look at the Democrat Party and their culture of death, as they champion the cause of abortion up to the last day of pregnancy, and say yes; this is the Party for me? How does one look at the constant attacks on people’s freedom to worship, the attacks on free speech, the pernicious cancel culture, and the pushing of the warped transgender agenda ideology even on little children, and say this is preferable?

This has to be a joke, but sadly it is not. These people and their followers are so motivated and governed by hate that that they have lost their capacity to discern right from wrong, and we are all worse off for it. Good is now called evil, right is wrong, up is down, in is out, and back is front. These people all walk around without any clothes on as their admirers lavish them with praise for their beautiful, fashionable outfits. This is madness.

Black victimhood in full swing

There is a common refrain in America that black people are slaughtered by the police for no other reason than because they are black. People everywhere sing the song, from the king of charlatans himself, Barrack Husseing O’, to all of the the other pimps in the black race hustler oligarchy. 

No matter where you go, these fomentors continue the propaganda that black people everywhere are being slaughtered by the numbers (no one ever gives you the actual numbers). The black victim class just laps it all up without an ounce of critical thinking. Without ever examining the data they just repeat the mantra. You can see them posting all over facebook, just basking in victimhood. “They are killing us, they are killing us.” “We have to walk the streets in fear of the police taking our lives for no reason,” and on and on they go. “Look at us, poor us everyone just hates us.” It’s sickening!

Larry Elder has a name for them. He calls them Victocrats, a nice play on the word victim and the political party that so many of these people mindlessly follow. How is it possible that in a year when a handful of unarmed black people died at the hands of the police that so many people think the numbers are exponentially higher, how is that even possible? Well the answer to that is simple. There is a well oiled political propaganda machine whose main purpose is to keep black people in a state of discontent and grievance. 

In 2019 the number of black unarmed people killed by the police was 27. The numbers are not out for 2020 as yet. Now 27 dead men are 27 too many, but all we have to do is add a little bit of context, and any blind bat could see that there is a lot more nuance to the story. One of the issues is that unarmed does not necessarily mean “undangerous.” Another issue is that police go where crime is, and the harsh simple truth is that many urban communities and neighborhoods where black people live are hotbeds of violence and crime. Where there is crime there is more potential for things to go wrong with the police. When things go wrong, it will go wrong with the inhabitants of the communities where crime is rampant, more often than not, black communities, but no one wants to talk about any of those issues. 

In the entire discussion of black men who suffer violent deaths, the main focus is the  handful of blacks killed by the police. The 7000 black men killed by other black men is a topic that is off limits. Who cares? Always remember no group of people slaughters members of those in their own communities like black people do. The number of murders in other groups do not even come close, Black lives matter should change their name to black lives matter only when killed by white men or cops. How’s that for an acronym?  BLMOWKBWMOC!  It has a nice ring to it. 

No one is willing to have the hard discussion about the absence of black fathers from the home and  what drives that culture. No one wants to talk about the many consequences that one important factor has on the lives of so many black people. There is never a discussion about encouraging black people to modify the behavior that often leads to the unfortunate situations that we have too often seen played out on YouTube in interactions between black people and the police. Instead it’s just a constant drum beat of whitey is out to get black people. On the rare occasions when there is legitimate polic brutality; the media, politicians, celebrities, and academics begin to jump for joy and do a jig because they get to point their finger and say “see we told you.”

Why do so many black people embrace this nonesense in a country where whatever racism does exist in 2021 is not enough to stop anyone or any group from accomplishing their dreams, objectives and goals. Why would anyone want to live in such a cage?

The machine that is so invested in promoting the myth of white supremacy as a major cause of problems for black people wouldn’t have it any other way. This machine does not wish to see black people as a whole rise to the level of prosperity that other groups have risen to in this nation that affords so many awesome opportunities to one and all. These provacateurs stand to lose a lot of prestige, and power in the race hustling industry if more  black people were to wake up and see themselves as victors and not victims. 

These manipulators would be crest fallen, and no longer able to present themselves as the saviors of helpless black people. They will be recognized for the absolute, shameless swindlers that they are, and they can’t have that. 

Quite frankly, encouraging the culture of black victimhood is good business, and a large percentage of the black people say “we loove it.”

Some more thoughts on the Ravi Zacharias Scandal

So what now? Now that all of the evidence suggests that Ravi Zacharias was not just a flawed man, but an outright fraud; how should the people who have been inspired and touched by his messages respond to this information? There is no doubt that this man knew the scriptures. His teachings were on point. He never twisted the Bible to say things it did not, neither did he use it to manipulate his audiences for money or gain. His reasoning was solid, and and his mind was a gold mine. He was sharp. This guy knew his stuff.

Ravi’s chicanery was the way that he used his position to gain people’s trust, and then use that trust to manipulate them in pursuit of his own selfish desires. He used his position of power and trust to avoid accountability, and to groom and sexually exploit vulnerable women. There were red flags that in hindsight his organization is now recognizing should have alerted them. So manipulative was he that they believed in spite of those red flags, he was above reproach.

So the question stands, what now? Well as one popular YouTuber, Mike Winger pointed out, during Jesus’ ministry one of the disciples he appointed turned out to be a thief and a traitor. He was in charge of the funds that Jesus and the disciples had, and he used to steal from it.

As a disciple of Jesus, Judas was a full fledged participant in all that the disciples did. He was even granted the authority by Jesus to perform miracles. He broke bread with the master, sat close to him and knew him intimately, yet his heart was not in the right place with God. Those who were blessed by whateverJudas did still had reason to be grateful that God was merciful to them. The vessel through which the blessing came did not affect the message itself. So it is with Ravi Zacharias. We should be thankful to God for whatever we’ve learned from his teachings, and whatever we’ve gained. Separate the man from the message and keep on moving.

Jesus gave good advice when he dealt with the hypocrisy of the religious leaders in his day. He said ”The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, so practice and observe whatever they tell you–but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to move them with their finger. They do all their deeds to be seen by others. Lets followe Winger’s advice. He said now that we know who this man was, the church must separate itself from anything that has to do with his name.

As we process the utter shock and the disappointment over this scandal, remember his victims and all of the people directly affected by his alleged deception. the women he groomed to sexually exploit, the people close to him whose trust he took advantage of for years. Rememember his family who will be dealing with this for the rest of their lives. The man they loved and all thought they knew was a complete fraud. All of these people will need our prayers and the Grace of Almighty God to get past this massive betrayal and deception.

Jesus warned of stuff like this.

The stunning, colossal, meteoric post mortem fall of Ravi Zacharias

What do you say? How, where does one even begin to write on the following topic? It is so painfully disappointing that it is difficult to even begin. 

Here goes!

Ravi Zacharias was a staunch defender of the Christian faith. He was a man of supreme intellect who was never afraid to engage with opponents of his belief. Ravi espoused the idea that faith in Jesus Christ, and the account of his life, crucifixion, burial and resurrection was not just a matter of belief, but was based on sound evidence and reasoning. He argued that if God does indeed exist, it is not beyond God to make a divine intervention in human existence to demonstrate who he is in a powerful indisputable way.  

Zacharias spent his life making the case for Christ and his message. Many people came to faith in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Ravi Zacharias. Many others were strengthened or renewed in their faith because of Zacharias’ influence.

If you’ve ever heard Ravi Zacharias speak or seen him in any of his videos, he came across as a caring, honest, gentle man of quiet strength, character and integrity. As one person put it, his name was synonymous with integrity. Sadly however, it appears that Ravi’s life was a lie (it pains having to say this). Ravi occupied a place of high esteem and admiration as a disciple of Christ in a darkened world. 

After accusations of sexual impropriety came out about Zacharias after his death, the organization that he led launched an investigation into the claims made against him by numerous women. Findings of the investigation proved to be much worse than anyone could have ever imagined. The evidence strongly shows that the beloved and revered apologist lived a deceitful, secret doubld life all the way up to his passing almost a year ago. 

When revelations of Ravi’s secret life first started to get exposeed, many of his admirers immediately jumped to his defense, and his organization also defended him rigorously. There’s no way this could be true…right? Not Ravi! 

The revelation that “yes Ravi” has been so devastating, disappointing, and surreal that people are shell shocked. It is a shot to the heart, unlike any Christian scandal that has unfolded in decades. This is such a blow that some people are describing it as the worst Christian scandal ever. It is that bad.

Ravi Zacharias was not your run of the mill snake oil salesman, televangelist selling a gimmick. Ravi was the real deal for sure, a tower of light, earnest, sincere, truthful, a man of integrity, just doing God’s work, trying to enlighten people to the truth of Jesus Christ, using reason to bring them to faith. Ravi had gravitas.

Well, all the indicators suggest that Ravi Zacharias lived a duplicitous life and did everything in his power to conceal it. 

Ravi Zacharias was not the man whom so many people thought he was.

It would be easy to address this by simply saying that Ravi was just a man, and that no man deserves the adulation that people poured on him. That may be worth examining, but is it simply about that, and saying that Jesus should always be the main focus, and not sinful men? While all of that may be true, the truth is that followers of Jesus Christ have an obligation to live their lives in a manner that reflects who Jesus is. Paul the apostle in addressing sexual immorality, and some other issues, in one of the early churches where one person was messing around with his stepmother said something note worthy in his letter to that church. Paul said to the people, be imitators of me as I am of Christ. Jesus himself said to let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and know that you are my disciples.

Think of the crushing blow it is to the many who were inspired by the life they believed Ravi Zacharias lived. Think about the wreckage to his family and what they are going through in the aftermath of the investigation’s findings. Think of the many people who will forever turn their backs on the to the message of th Jesus Christ. Think of the many women who Ravi allegedly used his power to prey on for his own sexual gratification. 

It is true that Jesus is the one to whom we all should look as the ultimate example, because it is he who never fails. People understand that human beings fail, but people must be able to look at followers of Christ, and leaders in the church as examples to the church and the world. It is always disappointing when the followers of Christ, especially the people like Ravi Zacharias do not live up to their calling.