Weaponization of the word science

Ever notice how people use the word science like a bludgeon to silence others? People get all haughty and they repeat the mantra, well we are just following the science, and the science says X or the science says Y, so shut up fool. Or they may say, I listen to the experts. Well, one should go with the science. One should listen to the experts, but it’s as though the word science or expert automatically negates another person’s ability to think.

It does not matter how much garbage someone might be spewing in the name of science or expertize, one is just supposed to listen and never question anything because oooooohhhh the science.

The word science has now been elevated to God like status, and to question anything that some expert renders as science is now considered to be a conspiracy theory or worse, blasphemy. People are afraid to question anything that is now called science for fear of being mocked, while others take on an air of sophistication when they utter the word, sticking their chin up in the air, and twitching their head as they repeat the word: SCIENCE! 

Dr. John Lennox is a brilliant man. He is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, and an Emeritus Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford University. He once made a very profound statement. He said that science does not tell us anything, scientists do. In other words it takes human beings to look at science, interpret the data determine what it says.  

Do not think for one minute that scientists are robotic automatons in white cloaks, who operate like computers, only capable of giving straight data with no biases. If you believe that, you had better think again. These people are just as capable as any politician, of cooking data to reflect their own biases. They don’t get a pass simply because they throw out the word science to shut up anyone who challenges them. 

No one would argue that gravity exists. We see gravity in action all around us everday. That is science! If however the most brilliant physicist in the world was to start spewing non sense based on models developed on a computer, or his opinion and tells the world that the law of gravity is capable of creating matter, like the great Stephen Hawking once did, then in the words of Dr. John Lennox; “foolishness is foolishness even when spoken by brilliant scientists.” It does not matter that Hawkings was the world’s premier physicist. His statement was a garbace statement on its face and no one needed a degree in physics to kow that. 

People should stop genuflecting to use of the word science. No one shoul ever be afraid to challenge nonesense simply because someone utters the word science or because a so called expert says something that is obviously stupid. People must refuse to give up their capacity to think and analyze data. 

Trust your doctor but get a second and third opinion if you have doubts about something the doctor says. There are times when it is necessary for people to do their own homework, research, ask questions of experts with differing opinions, then compare all of the information and come to one’s own conclusion. This does not mean that one knows more than the experts, or that science is useless. 

Do ever forget that scientists, and experts are no different than other human beings and they have often been wrong throughout history. How often has anyone ever heard the phrase “in a new study,” or “new research has shown” and the statement goes on to contradict some long held idea that scientists/experts swore by before? 

Scientists and experts can be just as ethically challenged, they can be enticed by money, they can be compromised by the desire for adulation as other human beings. It’s not only bankers, insurance salesmen, stock brokers, lawyers or any of the regular suspects that people have been told to be suspicious of who are capable of deceit.

Sure some professions are more prone to chicanery that others, but don’t ever think that so called experts and scientist are always being straight when they put out their interpretation of data, or give you their computer models. Trust but verify could also apply to the experts. One does not have to be intimidated by the word science. 

Having said all of that, none of this means that you just go with what your neighbor Fitzroy or your aunt Gertrude has to say on an issue simply because either of them read a newspaper article, heard something on TV, or got some information on a conspiracy website or podcast. It is ok to trust the experts when they have shown themselves to be honest brokers, and earned the place of trust they hold, but never ever be afraid of someone simply because they wear the tag of expert, or use the word science like a weapon. Do not cede your mind to anyone, whether that person be a cult leader, a dishonest expert, or quack. 

Why China’s record of abuse does not matter

Ladies and gentlemen if you want to know how back to front our world is, look no further than the way the media treats China. China is a totalitarian state run by the despot leader of the China Communist Party.

China continues to intimidate it’s neighbors, and is constantly stirring up trouble in the South China sea. In the most brazen manner, China disregards the parameters of international law that nations have agreed and adhered to for decades. They do it in such a brazen display of defiance, that many of their neighbors are worried about China’s Militarism, power grabbing, and exhibitionism.

In China the Government represses their people when the people openly dissent and protest their government. People literally disappear and are never seen again for defying the Chinese Government.

During the initial stages of the Corona virus outbreak in China, a couple of doctors who attempted to alert the world to what was going on, disappeared never to be seen or heard from again.

Who can forget the savage suppression of the 1989 peaceful uprising in 1989 in China. The images are burnished on the minds of the Chinese who saw it and lived through it. Prior to that about 40 million Chinese citizens were brutally killed, many of them starved to death by the crazed communist leader, the mad man, Mao Tse Tung during his sadistic reign.

Forced abortions have been a common practice in China for decades and families who somehow managed to defy the Communist regime’s one child policy would pay a heavy price when the regime found out about their defiance.

Freedom of religion is a dream in Communist China, and people are hounded and persecuted relentlessly for their religious beliefs.

People do not have free access to information in China. Chinese citizens who express themselves too freely by speaking against the government on facebook or any kind of social media are routinely put in jail.

China forces companies like Google, facebook, Apple and other international corporations to censor content and news that comes from the rest of the world, so that the Chinese people would continue to be kept in the dark about what is happening around the world.

In short, people are not free in China. In China people can be tortured and killed for any reason that the Chinese Government deems punishable. China is run by a vicious regime that treats it’s citizens with contempt.

For years the Chinese Government has engaged in intellectual property theft of American and other international companies, and disregarded the rules of international law and trade with wanton indifference.

But ah, in a world where Donald Trump is the President of the United States, none of China’s indiscretions, intimidatory practices against it neighbors and citizens, or crimes and human rights abuses matter. In fact China gets the benefit of the doubt on every issue.

Some liberal commentators even let us know a couple of nights ago that the Chinese are “the new scary non-white people.” That’s why there is so much negative attention on China. It has nothing to do with their record.

Guess why! The answer is simple.

Orange man baaaaaahhhhhhd!

The Democrats and the fawning media’s double standards

How is it that we never hear Democrat politicians questioned and put through the ringer like Republican politicians get put through the ringer? No one has any problem holding truth to power, but can we at least see a fraction of the fierceness that journalists display when they are dealing with Republicans, directed toward a Democrat politician?

Is it that Democrat policies are not controversial and embraced by an overwhelming number of Americans? Are their policies so blameless that reporters have no choice but to swoon in their presence?

Is Maxine Waters not a controversial figure? Is she a prime example of virtue? Does she not deserve any kind of scrutiny for her past comments on race, or when serving as a member of the finance committee? After admonishing her followers to literally harass in public people she disagrees with politically, s that not worthy of the Trump treatment? She engages in this behavior all the time, yet she is treated as a celebrity and worshipped whenever the media interviews her.

Why is it that Rashida Tlaib gets away with saying that we are going to impeach the mother****** two seconds after she won the seat for her district in the last election, and she continues to take a adversarial, vitriolic approach to politics?

Nancy Pelosi recently held up two bills meant to bring relief to people affected by the shut down caused by the Corona Virus. She held up the bills to include some of he favorite pet projects, and other pork that had absolutely nothing to do with bringing relief to the people, but not even that was enough for the media to get tough with Nancy. Then she did it again a few weeks later, she held up for no good reason another bill meant to bring more relief to the people.

She slurs her speech, she fumbles her words, she forgets what she is saying when talking to the press, and utters so many nonsensical and contradictory statements during her press conferences, yet still this woman is never pressed by journalists. She is revered by them! No one interrupts her while she is talking, there are no gotcha questions and she is an absolute goddess in the eye of the fawning media.

Why does this blatant double standard persist?

Bernie Sanders campaign workers are on video praising gulags and espousing the value of violent revolution should their candidate lose, and the media buries the story.

There have been so many reports and videos of people getting harassed in the streets, getting chased out of restaurants or getting violently attacked for the sin of wearing a hat with the MAGA slogan. The media has never called on Democrats to renounce the behavior of their supporters or asked if they agree with it.

Yet in the midst of all of this we never cease hearing about how awful Donald Trump his supporters, Republicans and conservatives are in general. All the while the Democrats, their awful policies, and their despicable behavior continues to be ignored by the same people who tell us that it is their job to hold truth to power.

What is this?

To the caregivers and the healthcare workers

Kudos, plaudits, a round of applause, however one might choose to express it, as long as we say it. Nuff respect to the caregivers, and the health care workers working on the frontlines of the battle against the Corona virus.

They are not doing anything unusual. This is what they do. It’s who they are.

The Corona virus only helped to highlight and bring notice to the work that they do, and they do it well. Like so many in our society, health care workers go about their business in a professional manner, performing the vital service that they do, while many in the society frequently take their jobs and the services that they provide for granted.

The nurse working the graveyard shift may have to provide a soothing word to a frightened patient. The nurses who are asked to put their human emotions aside, many times have to be stoic, yet provide a measure of comfort to relatives and friends worried or grieving over their loved ones.

Despite the admonition to nurses that they must never get emotionally involved, they often form tight bonds with their patients and they hurt and grieve for them. They have to be patient when dealing with the obnoxious patients and overbearing family members.

Doctors not only have to worry about providing quality care to patients, but the threat of being sued is something they have to deal with all the time.

When we hear politicians talk about doctors it is often in a derogatory manner and in the attempt to make themselves look good as politicians. Often times we hear politicians say that doctors are only trying to make a profit off the back of the sick and that is all they care about, profit.

Like so many other issues in our society, people tend to emphasize the negative in health care, but the people in this service do yeoman’s work every single day.

They not only perform the physical aspects of the job, but they do much much more. They are expected to perform miracles, and offer hope. When there is no hope they are expected to show empathy.

In addition to the doctors and the nurses, there are the surgical technicians, the pharmacists, the phlebotomists, the x-ray technicians, and all of the other unsung heroes who help to make up this important body. They all have to be on target every day as they help to keep the whole system together and running in top shape.

Mistakes can literally be deadly.

Let’s be keep them in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our prayers, and let them know how much we appreciate them as they go about their business helping the country to deal with and overcome the Corona virus.

The Easter message

All of Christianity hinges on the premise that Jesus Christ died and raised himself from the dead. If Jesus did not get up from the dead, Christianity is based on a farce. It is the  biggest deceptions that ever occured in all of human history. Paul the apostle, in one of his letters to members of the early church said that if Christ is not raised from the dead that “we are of all men most miserable.” So confident was he that Jesus Christ had defied death, he said that if Christ is not raised from the dead the faith of all believers in Jesus is futile. 

Of course, on it’s face; the idea that a person could come out of a state of death…after being dead for three days days, is fantastical. People don’t just walk out of the grave after truly being dead. That is the truth, but Christians have for centuries maintained that Jesus Christ is the one person who defied the finality of death. 

If you are to believe the gospels, Jesus predicted his own death, and he assured his followers that it would not be the last time that people would hear of him. Unlike other spiritual sages before him, Jesus did not promise to come back from the dead in some sort of mystical, spiritual sense, that would be left up to peoples individual imagination to recognize. He said that he would physically come back from the dead. That’s as verifiable as it gets! 

How audacious is that? 

Well Jesust died just like he had predicted. He suffered the most horrible, excruciating, painful, humiliating death imanginable. Jesus’ crucifixion has been described as an act of sheer brutality and barbarism. Some medical doctors have attempted to give an account of Jesus suffering and death, and the horror of it is beyond what most have ever imagined it to be. 

His death was an utterly jarring blow to the psychology of his followers. All of a sudden the man who had changed their lives so radically, who had offered them so much hope, and given such meaning to their lives, was no longer with them. It was an absolutely shocking blow. So there they were a few days later, weeping and mourning, uncertain about what’s next for them, afraid, uncertain, and wondering how they would be able to face the world and continue living. When the news of his resurrection came they were dismissive of it. 

The first person to give account of his resurrection was a woman of ill repute, and the disciples also did not believe the other women who also brought the news. The word of women did not mean much in those days, and did not count in a court of law, yet it was women who first brought the news to them. Luke’s account says that the women’s words seemed to the disciples as idle tales. After a series of events Jesus disciples gave their report of meeting who they claimed to be the risen Jesus. 

They did not give stories of brief apparitions by Jesus, or catching a glimpse of him here or there. Instead, they said that they talked to him, they touched him, they ate with him, fished with him, and did other things with him. What’s also interesting is that in Matthew’s account, it says that even after seeing Jesus, some of his disciples worshipped him, but others continued to doubt, despite seeing him with their own eyes. 

Many of the people who do not believe in the premise or the message of Christianity understand that Christianity stands or falls on whether or not Jesus Christ really was raised from death. They look at the idea of resurrection from the dead as something that is so obviously foolish that it is not something worth even discussing. Others think that it is important enough and worth the discussion, if only to destroy once and for all the credibility of the Christian message; a philosophy and ideology that many deem to be backwards and destructive  

In the attempt to do this skeptics have come up with all kinds of theories to once and for all, put an end to the idea that such nonsense as resurrection from the dead could have occurred. Some have claimed that Jesus never even existed, that he is just a mythical figure, but that has fallen flat on it’s face more and more in the last few decades. Others have claimed that Jesus did not really die, but that argument also does not have much legs or surface on which to stand. 

For many, the easiest thing to discredit is the ridiculous claim that Jesus cheated death by coming back to life. Some have presented what is known as the swoon theory, the idea that the disciples were in some sort of trance, hallucinating, and thought they had seen Jesus, but really did not. Some claim that Jesus’ disciples stole his body. Others claimed that the story of Christ resurrection developed a long time after his death. Recently one critic claimed that dogs ate the body of Christ. Many of these arguments though seemingly credible have been dissected by defenders of the faith who have presented strong arguments that show these theories are at best. 

Bart Ehrman, who is a preeminent new testament scholar and critic says that there is enough evidence to show that something major happened that caused the disciples to believe that Jesus really came back to life, even though Ehrman himself does not believe that this is possible, and has gone out of his way to show that Christ did not in fact come back to life. 

We know that after his death, Jesus body could not be found in his grave a few days later. That in itself does not prove he resurrected, but that, together with all of the other accounts have to be considered. Perhaps the biggest, and strongest argument agains Jesus resurrection, is the resurrection itself. 

People simply do not walk out of the grave after being dead, no matter what the evidence may shows; there has to be some other logical explanation. Well Jesus’ disciples believed what they say they and five hundred others had seen with their own eyes and experienced for themselves, and based on that, they turned the world upside down. The world has never been the same since Jesus first came on the scene and the message of his resurrection went out to the rest of the world. 

Today, despite the many efforts across the centuries to rid the world of his memory, and the effort to eradicate his message, Jesus Christ continues to be the central figure in all of human history. Christians readily admit that the discussion of Jesus’ resurrection sounds foolish to the rational thinking individual, in fact; the scriptures say that the gospel message is foolishness to the unbeliever. The claim that Jesus resurrected from the dead is the biggest obstacle to overcome in Christianity, but for believers; it is the highlight of their faith. 

The founder of every religion in the world followed the same human pathway that ultimately led to the grave, but Christians claim that their founder, their savior Jesus Christ lives. Because he lives, they too will live. Christians believe that the main reason Jesus came to earth was to point the way to God so that sinners everywhere would find their way to him. During his lifetime Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the fahter but by me. He gave himself as a ransome for all of mankind, then to prove that he was who he claimed to be, and that he has the power over death; he raised himelf back to life. 

When he finally got his disciples to overcome their doubt, Jesus told them to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every nation, baptizing them in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit. What is the gospel message? It is that God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son so that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Paul in one of his letters said that the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. 

No one has to believe or accept any of this, but this is the message of Easter.

Christians will tell you however that if you do believe and accept it, it is a revolutionary, life changing message based on its veracity.

Please share this if you find it to be worthwhile.


The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel

The Case for Faith, by Lee Strobel

Cold Case Christianity  (A homicide detective investigates the claims of the gospesl), by Jay Warner Wallace

Beware the white self righteous liberal and his moral preening

Below is a quote from Michael Moore:

“Two-thirds of all white guys voted for Trump,” he continued. “That means anytime you see three white guys walking at you, down the street toward you, two of them voted for Trump. You need to move over to the other sidewalk because these are not good people that are walking toward you. You should be afraid of them.”

Moore thinks that he is woke because he talks this way about the ethnic group to which he belongs, but this not woeness though; this is dangerous rhetoric. Michael Moore thinks that because he has a poor opinion of Trump…which he is entitled to have by the way, that all White people should have the same opinion of Trump.

Donald Trump has never said or done anything that is so terrible that it demands people everywhere treat him like the plague. Trump has said uncomfortable things. He has said unpopular things. He has been uncouth and on occasion he has even been a jerk, but the idea that Trump is such a monster that people who vote for him are also monsters is ludicrous.

The idea that a certain race of people must reject Trump because some members of that race do not like him, and have a low opinion of him is the kind of thinking that continues keep this country divided. Michael Moore is a dangerous man because he thinks it is a virtue to judge people by the color of their skin, and not the content of their character.

He is willing to deem tens of millions of Americans as villains because they voted for a man wants low taxes, to control the borders, confront China on trade, and move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Michael Moore thinks that if you are white you are supposed to love socialism, an ideology that we have proof has failed and caused death and misery everywhere it has been tried.

In Michael Moore’s world view, if you are white and you support the changes Trump promised to bring to the VA that have improved the life of veterans, or if you support the right to try for sick patients then you are a bad whitey. If you are a caucasian who is against the radical transgender agenda, if you support the second amendment, or stand apologetically for the first amendment, then a person should walk to the other side of the street if approaching three of you on the street.

This is is the kind of nonesense that passes for wokeness. People hearing this drivel should be in awe because it is such forward thinking. Really! The truth is that this is nothing more than moral self aggrandizement. This is supposed to show that even though all of these evil white people voted for Trump, I Michael Moore am not one of them. I am enlightened!

It is also meant to pander to black people by encouraging them to have a negative attitude against white people, not based on the content of these white people’s character, but because Michael Moore thinks all white people should have the same opinion of Donald Trump.

Hidden in this backward way of thinking is the dirty little secret that Michael Moore believes all black people should feel the same way about Donald Trump the way that he Moore does, and as long as they do, he could pat he considers them as good blacks. He even gets to pat himself on the shoulder and present himself as some kind of hero to the black man. That way he Moore gets a pass and escapes any scrutiny of his life because he is one of the good whiteys.

Make no mistake the white liberal like Michael Moore is a dangerous fellow.

Malcolm X and the white liberal

Malcolm X:

The worst enemy that the Negro has is the white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have.

If the Negro wasn’t takeN, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems.

I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.


Sage words spoken by Malcolm X decades ago. Nothing much has changed since he uttered these words. White liberals continue running around telling black people that they need to be rescued, they need people looking out for them, fighting the power on their behalf.

They refuse to treat black people with the respect of holding them to the same standards they hold everyone else to. Every problem that the black man has is blamed on some “other.”

To a large extent because of this, we never address the real problems that affect many in black America. After all if everything wrong in our lives is to blame on someone else, then there is nothing for us to fix, right.

The shameless Democrat Party continues to politicize the Corona virus

These are truly, truly sick people! These people cannot stop politicizing the Corona virus for one minute. They can’t find it in them to say one good word about the response to this tragedy. It does not matter which direction you look, left, right, center, up, or down…no matter where these people are, they are incapable of giving a word of encouragement or give credit where credit is due in the midst of the epic response to dealing with this virus.

Trump and his team has been innovative, resourceful, and relentless in the pursuit of finding a remedy to this thing but that does not matter to them.

The only thing the impeachment Democrats know how to do is tell us how terrible the response has been. Trump is going to get people killed, millions will die because of Trump. Trump is incompetent, gloom, gloom, gloom, gloom, gloom, gloom, doom, doom, doom, doom, gloom, gloom, doom, doom, gloom. That is the message of the Democrats.

Staying true to their agenda and sticking with their modus operandi, they are doing their best to stir discontent, and cause despair. It is in their interest to have a perpetual constituency of malcontents in pursuit of moving their agenda forward.

Now they want to launch an investigation into Trump’s response to the Corona virus. The people who told the rest of the nation that Trump was a racist for banning flights from China, now have the nerve to lecture the Trump administration.

While they were firmly entrenched in their impeachment farce and Trump was already dealing with the problem they were grandstanding.

These are truly sick people. There is a level of evil in play in this anti Trump movement that is fascinating to watch. As these people engage in some of the most despicable behavior ever seen, they have the audacity to preach to people who support this President…while they engage in some of the most despicable behavior we have ever witnessed. Trump’s supporters are supposed to ignore all of that.

People are just supposed to pretend that the combination of the Trump haters horrible actions and their really awful policies don’t matter as long as Trump is the President.

Well sorry, no can do!

The people who support Donald Trump are well aware of his pettiness and his many other flaws, but they see his actions and the results of his policies, but even more; they see what the alternative is and they fear that more than they hate his tweets.

The Corona virus, an opportunity that cannot be wasted

One would think that in a time of crisis, even Democrats could put aside partisan bickering, and their nasty brand of politics for one millisecond, but no.

The Democrat machine is made up of some really horrible human beings…these are just really awful people. To clarify one more time, no one is talking about average Americans who happen to believe for whatever reason that the Democrat Party is better suited to run the country. It is the people who we see day and night, using every opportunity to advance the cause of the left, and turn the country into a socialist hell hole.

Never forget the statement of the former Mayor of Chicago, Rah Emmanuel, when he served as the Chief of Staff for the magnificent Barrack the great. Emmanuel said you should never let a crisis go to waste, but that you can use crises to do things that you would not usually be able to do.

That was clearly demonstrated over a week ago when Nancy used the occasion of passing the relief package, to hold the country hostage to the holy sacrament of abortion and other progressive causes that she knows would never get passed under normal circumstances. Ms. Pelosi disrupted the negotiations, and in classic Democrat Party fashion, put the country second to the Democrat agenda.

She tried to include in the relief package, hundreds of millions of the public’s dollars to Planned Parenthood, the organization dedicated to ending the lives of millions of babies, especially black babies, before these children can even see the light of day. She tried to include Green New Deal legislation as part of a package meant to bring economic relief to Americans, and in the meanwhile delayed the process by a week, insisting that some other arbitrary things totally non related to the Corona virus be included.

For one of the those rare occasions, the Republicans held their ground…for the most part, and refused to give in to Pelosi’s ludicrous demands, and finally got the relief bill passed.

Did the media hold Ms. Pelosi’s feet to the fire for her attempted act of sabotage? Did they find that her act was as offensive as they thought it offensive when Trump went off on a reporter who asked him a question to make him look bad?

No sir, in the eyes of the establishment media, holding the country hostage in the name of progressive ideology is a much nobler cause than Trump fighting back against the corrupt media.

This is truly sick stuff.

Who cares though? Orange man bahhhd.

Misinformation, the Media and the Corona Virus

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. The establishment media claiming that they are worried about misinformation, is like a butcher claiming to be concerned about the lives of some farm animals hanging around his slaughter house. 

Do not forget after all that these are the people who knowingly pushed the Russia collusion ruse for two plus years, even as more and more information came out that it was not true. They downplayed evidence, and even went out of their way to hide information, and ridicule anyone who pointed to the mountain of evidence that unequivocally showed the Russia collusion nonesense was not only false, but that it was a completely made up story. 

Conspiracy theories, they screamed!

 These are the people who are now telling us that they are worried about misinformation as we deal with the Corona virus. If you need to be reminded further of who these people are, think of the Covington Catholic high school kids. Remember the media’s eagerness  to paint these young boys as evil racists. Remember how they lied viciously on these youths, all in the effort to drive a narrative. The boys main crime was that they are white and wore MAGA hats. 

The media that is telling you they are worried about Corona virus misinformation is the same media that is currently telling you that Trump called the Corana virus a hoax even though they know it is not true, and continue to be called out on the lie. Even Jake Tapper admitted it recently, as he gave a half baked reason as to  why he did not correct a guest on his show who repeated the lie. 

Even as they continue to lie and refuse to correct people who repeat the lie that Trump called Nazis fine people, they claim that they are worried about Trump giving out misinformation on the Corona virus.

Their latest hysterics demonstrate how Orwellian the media has become.

They are now on a campaign to stop covering President Trump’s press briefings on the Corona virus. He lies they tell us. They say that the press briefings have become a substitute for the rallies that he is unable to have since the virus hit.

Never mind that President Trump gives these briefings accompanied by a team of experts who can answer any one of the media’s questions and clear up any issue that may need to be clarified. Instead the media spends their time nit picking every word that Trump speaks in order to proclaim that he lied, and for those reasons, they should not cover the President of the United States addressing one of the most important issues that affects all Americans, and people around the world, at this moment in our history. 

It does not get any crazier that. The fake newsers have decided that over 320 million plus Americans who have been affected by this crisis do not deserve to hear from the President of the United States for themselves because the establishment media have deemed that the information he is giving out is not useful. 

What arrogance! What pure, unadulterated, narcissism! What an overblown sense of self importance! The audacity of these people to think that it is their duty to blackout the President of the United States because they regard what he says as misinformation. 

These tens of millions of Americans, as far as the media is concerned are too stupid to figure out for themselves what the President is saying. Trust our interpretation of the President’s words is their message to the American people. Just pretend that we, the media did not lie and say that the President was “muzzling his experts.” Just pretend that the media did not call the virus the Wuhan/Chinese virus for weeks, then suddenly decide that it was racist to call it by that name. 

The truth ladies and gentlemen is that if the fake news media says that you should expect the sun to rise in the east on any given morning like it has done for millennia, people should question whether or not that statement is true. 

That is how dangerous these people have become.