The white supremacy threat

Society shoud call out with a loud voice and identify white supremacy for the evil that it is, like any other evil ideology. It is unacceptable! It must be condemned wherever it rears its ugly head. 

That said, let’s be honest. The idea that white supremacy is a problem that is pervading American society is a ruse. It is ridiculous! This is not to say that racism does not exist. It surely does. One would have to be a fool to make such a statement. 

In a country as large as the United States of America, that is as diverse as America, it is impossible for there not to be racism. The idea that white supremacy is a major threat to American society  however is a tool that is used by politicians to scare people into voting for certain politicians, and turning away from others. 

For a large segment of the population, people do not have to actually do racist things in order to be considered racist. One simply needs to have certain political beliefs, and that is enough for people to label that individual as a racist. It is a sinister tactic that is part of an overall strategy designed to keep people’s minds off of real issues, and instead focus on the white supremacist bogeyman. 

Here is a couple examples of how it works. Charlie Rangel, a former black Congressman from New York once said, “it’s not sp** or ni***r anymore, Republicans just say cut taxes.” Another media commentator once said “Republicans are using [the IRS scandal as their latest weapon in the war against the black man. ‘IRS’ is the new ‘N****r.'” By labeling opponents as racists, for many; the conversation then shifted from tax cuts, and a really huge scandal that involved the IRS to making sure that the “scary evil racists” don’t attain, or are removed from power. 

During the reign of Barrack the great, this tactic of labeling every political disagreement as racist went into overdrive. Every criticism or mean word spoken against the great one was labeled as racist. Just the fact that his holiness was black and most of his detractors were white was sufficient grounds for his political opponents, or people who simply did not like him to be labeled as racist. It went like that for eight straight years. If you opposed Obamacare you were a racist who did not like that a black man was in charge etc. 

If people make a case for voter ID laws, they are immediately called racist and the topic of whether or not voter ID laws are a good idea is avoided because after all, everyone knows racist laws are bad, right. 

Over the years the bar to label someone as racist has been lowered to such an extent that racists acts are no longer required. No proof is ever necessary! All that is is needed is the assurance in one’s own mind that the accused is racist. 

This glib use of the word racism is only ever directed against one group…white people, and it does not matter how much improvement there continues to be in race relations. The charge of racism will be hurled at a person without hesitation despite how that person has lived his or her entire life. One slip of the tongue is all it takes and an individual’s reputation, career and life could be ruined by the charge of racism.

In America today a person could recover from being labeled a murderer faster than being labeled a racist, yet the refrain continues and the beat of the drum is constant. America is racist. White supremacy is a major threat in America. It is a lie!  It is a crafty device that is meant to shade certain people and policies from criticism. The constant cries of racism is meant to scare political opponents, and to destroy them if they dare to step out of line. 

Many white people walk around on egg shells, scared to death of being labeled as racist, and they fold up into the foetal position cowering in the corner at the mere idea of being labeled a racist. Many of them try to deflect negative attention by joining the chorus and labeling others as racist for no sound reason. These white saboteurs then get to pat themselves on the back for “telling it like it is,” or “speaking truth to power,” when in fact all they are doing is signaling their own virtue, and in the process continuing to tear the country apart based on a completely false narrative. 

Again, just to be completely clear, no one here is saying that racism does not exist. News flash! We will always have racism, just like we will always have other forms of evil. Let’s identify racism, confront it where and whenever it shows up and keep on moving, but the idea that racism and white supremacy is an integral part of  the American fabric is laughable. 

More people should stop being afraid to say so and treat it for the joke that it is.

Mass shootings!

Three mass killings over the course of a week! There is no way to make sense of this kind of violence and reconcile it with a civil society. What possible answers can there be to this kind of carnage taking place in our society?  It is natural to ask questions and seek answers to what triggers this kind of violence, and what society’s response should be, but people have to be careful about using these incidents to push political agendas. 

First of all, it is important to state unequivocally, any ideology that drives people to gun down their fellow citzens is evil. That goes without saying. The families of victims find themselves overcome by unconsolable grief and they ask the eternal question why. 

What do you say to someone who lost a father, a brother, a son, a daughter, a grandmother or a sister under such horrendous circumstances? 

The thought that a person would never see his or her loved one on this earth ever again is heart rending in itself, but add to that the absolute horror of knowing how that loved on died, and it is is so much harder to bear. It is impossible to imagine the pain that people go through under these circumstances. 

This following is not meant to minimize people’s pain and anger, only to state what is a hard ugly truth, and that is that evil exists in this sinful world. 

As human beings, as Americans we must be there for our fellow citizens in times like these and  despite what the mockers of prayer may say, offer a prayer on their behalf and let them know that you support them. Be a shoulder to cry on, be there just to listen, to just be present without saying anything, or to offer a comforting word when needed. In addition to all of this, as a nation; we must also look for ways to try and stop these incidets from recurring. 

In the search for answers leaders and citizens must keep in mind that external applications are not the only remedies to solving these deeply rooted societal problems. Sure, new laws may be neccessary as part of an overall approach to tackling these issues, but people bent on committing evil acts do not worry too much about breaking the law. By definition, these people are law breakers. If Americans were forced to turn in all of their guns, people would still find ways to commit murder, because the heart of the issue is not the tool that people use to kill. It is the individual!

Despite what you may hear in the media, these incidents are not happening more frequently today than they did in the last fifty years, neither are mass shootings unique to the United States. In fact America is not even in the top 10 among nations when it comes to mass shootings. 

That may be difficult to absorb and accept because of all the emotions that wrap people’s minds when they do happen, and because of the hypersensationalism that takes place in the media when these mass killings do occur. 

Today, because of the internet, news seems to travel at the speed of light, and in the age of the 24 hour news cycle, incidents like the mass shootings that took place over the last weekend appear to happen more frequently. 

Do not misunderstand the call to keep things in perspective. It is not an attempt to minimize these awful acts of violence that do occur. In an ideal, perfect world none of these acts of violence would take place, but we do not live in a perfect world. Bad things happen! Once again, that is the sad ugly truth.  

The best that we can hope to do this is keep  the occurence of these godawful incidents at a minimum, and as noted earlier, currently these acts are at the lowest they have been in decades. 

Pointing this out does not bring any comfort to those who have lost their loved ones, and society should never become callous and or lose sensitivity to these things. Data and statistics do not mean a thing to the mother whose daughter will never again be walking through the front door simply because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Society should not be comfortable even if only one of these incidents happened once every ten years because this behavior simply is not acceptable in a civil society. 

People should be putting their heads together to find ways to confront this issue. At the top of the list should be the question of evil and what needs to be done to stop people from lashing out in such a violent manner.

Michelle O, demagogue supreme

Michelle Obama in an interview a few weeks ago stated that people are now dismissive of the Presidency because a black man was recently the President. She went on to add, “I guess it’s kind of like if the black guy can do it, anybody can do it — and that’s not true. It’s a hard job.”

So according to Michelle, everyday Americans around the country were saying after the the reign of Barrack the great “oh that was easy…shoots and a black dude did it with such ease too…ah the Presidency must not be all it’s cracked up to be.”

Again, just to reiterate, this woman who told us that until her husband, the anointed one, Barrack Hussein Obama (praise be unto his name) was nominated to run for President, she had no reason to be proud of her country, is now telling the rest of the nation that because a black man was recently the President, people now dismiss the Presidency.

What do you say to that? How does a woman like this develop such disdain for her country, and such a low opinion of her fellow citizens. For people like Michelle Obama, no matter how far they go in life, no matter how much they achieve, no matter the opportunities they’ve been afforded, they can never rid themselves of the racist bogeyman. For them, lurking around every corner is a white man whose sole purpose in life is destroy them. Every shadow is a racist gun just waiting to open fire on them.

There is nothing that anyone can do that will ever convince them that generally speaking, people are not trying to do them harm. They believe that as long as this world remains imperfect, and as long as bad things sometimes happen there is no reason to be appreciative of all the good things that exist in their life.

Michelle Obama who polls tell us is the most admired woman in the world is a world class demagogue. She is a flame thrower, a gaslight who continues to add fuel to all the racial discord that exists in this country. It is because so many listen and give credence to people like her that black people continue to see themselves as second class citizens in America.

They refuse to live as free men and women because they believe what Michelle and her ilk says. They will have a cow over Donald Trump telling people that if they hate the country so much they can go back to their country fix it then come back and show us how it is done, but will have absolutely no problem with race hustlers like Michelle Obama making these awful statements. It is not that she said this about a few people who she believes think this way, but about tens and tens of millions of Americans.

Oh, she’s dignified alright. She’s has an air of sophistication that Donald Trump will never be able to match but she is dangerous precisely for this reason. She has credibility. So when she says that people dismiss the Presidency now because a black guy was recently President, intead of pushing back on such a divisive statement, people shake their head approvingly. In their minds its a fact, most Americans think that black people are stupid. After all if such a thoughtful, intelligent woman like Michell O is saying it, there must be something to it, right?

When the people who support Donald Trump hear demagogues like this woman talk, and they hear people defend statements like what she made, make excuses for her, their support for Trump grows. Whereas with Trump, a lot of mind reading and interpretation is required to come up with one’s opinion of him, people like Michelle Obama tell the country over and over who they are and what they think.

These are really sick people who hide behind a veneer of sophistication to spread their bilge.

People can support them if they wish while ignoring the substance of what they say and believe. But please save the lectures, the fake selective outrage and the posturing for another day. No one on the other side wants to hear it.


Y. T. McWhitey speaks (and you better listen)

Hi, my name is Y. T. McWhitey. Friends and enemies alike call me Y. T. I have a confession to make. I have white privilege! Not because there is anything special about me or anything. Given the color of my skin it’s a no brainer that I have white privilege. But of course you already knew that. I am white after all. Ahh…it feels so liberating to say that. It’s kind of strange…it also gives me a feeling of…of…of virtue…a feeling of…superiority even.

I know what you are thinking. As a white person, I need to be careful about feelings of superiority, after all did I not just confess that I have white privilege…a touch of racism even. You don’t understand. I feel superior to other white people who do not understand their own white priviege and racist tendencies. That’s the difference.

This puts me a in position to lecture fellow white people, while gaining browning poin…uh…credibility in the black community. Whenever I get the opportunity, I love to point out the racism of other white racists, who loves to hate, hate, hate.

Many times my confrere white brethren would protest and tell me that they are not racist. They point to the way they actually treat people as evidence that they are not racist. That is when I point out to them that it does not matter how they treat people. They must be aware of their unconscious racism. That is when they get really confused.

All that nonesense spoken by the great Dr. Marting Luther King about judging people by the content of their character does not apply to white people. White people must be assessed as a group.

Let me explain how white privilege works.

One time, a black colleague and a white colleague of mine were arguing about something none work related. My white colleague got so frustrated with my black colleague that he told him he is ignorant and needs to shut up. I had to step in and remind my white colleague that as a privileged white male he should not be calling people of colour ignorant, neither should he tell them to shut up. Who was he to deny that black man his truth? To be honest that black colleague is a real jerk and half the time he opens his mouth, he really does not know what the heck he is talking about, but that is beside the point. Because we possess white privilege we cannot treat black people as equals. They must be treated with kids gloves.

In another instance, I had to explain to a young executive how white privilege works. He was telling me how hard he worked and how much he sacrificed to get where he is. I, Y. T. McWhitey had to bring him down a notch by explaining to him that he should not feel to proud of his so called “accomplishments.”

You see, his great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather once owned slaves. As a descendant of these evil slave owners, it did not matter that he had to work two jobs, survive on a diet of Ramen Noodles, and struggle to pay his rent while he was in college. The many nights he spent burning the midnight oil studying hard had very little to do with his success in life. He needed to understand that he was the recipient of white privilege, and it was my privilege…(heh heh, get it? Privilege!) to let him know.

White people also need to understand that it is never ok to laugh at people of color…ok? It does not matter how funny you might think it is. It…is…not…cool! One more time, as a white person, you do not make fun of people of color.

One time I had to pull my BFF aside and chastize him for laughing at a black man’s hear style. True, it was a god awful hair style that made the black dude look like he was straight out of a 1860s circus side show, but that’s his culture. It really upset me to see how insensitive my BFF could be, but I let him know, it was not ok. No one has the right to chuckle at that, especially a privileged white male.

I do this from a pure heart, and besides it also helps to keep unfavorable attention away from me…but that’s not why I do it…really.

Sometimes I even have to speak truth to black people who do not understand how white privilege works. I have no problem telling black people who do not think the way that I do that they are race traitors. They have to understand that nothing is ever their own fault…whatever the problem may be. It is my job to let black people know that the bank loans they have been denied, the police stops, the disparate incaceration rate and every other problem they face in society is never their fault. It is the system’s fault. They have to understand this. It is for their own good.

Any black person who does not accept this way of thinking, thinks differently, and has an independent mind is just an Uncle Tom who lives in the sunken place. They must understand that they are victims of the system and they need me, Y. T. McWhitey to be their hero.

Don’t you just love me?

Trump the Racisss-ciss-ciss-ciss

Oh boy! Here we go again. So the “issss” of the day is the absolute favorite of the left and the Democrat Party. Rahrahrahracisss.
So apparently President Trump tweeted out the following today to some of the people who always speak ill of the country: “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.”
It is necessary to say that the President is only inviting his critics when he sends out tweets like this. He could get his point across in a less incendiary manner, but by the same token one could understand what would drive him to say this. So many people come to this country, and refuse to assimilate. They reap the benefits of living in America, and experience lives that they can only imagine in their original countries. Every time they open their mouths to talk about this country, they speak as though is America is the most terrible place in the world. Listening to these people talk, one would think that we live in 1980s South Africa.
It is just unbelievable to imagine a people more ungrateful that Americans, many of whom claim this as their adopted country. They measure the country against the standard of perfection, and because it is not perfect, they constantly bash the country, and the only words that they ever speak of it, are to speak ill of it. They refuse to acknowledge how the American system of Government has allowed America to continually work and fix unfairness, injustice and the legitimate problems that we have. But we will never be perfect. That is particularly so in a country that places such a premium on freedom. With freedom comes a lot of issues that naturally ride along with it.
So when President Trump says to people like Representative Ilhan Omar to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” though unnecessary; one could understand the place of frustration from which it comes. That statement has been uttered by many frustrated Americans who hear these people and their Democrat enablers verbally rip the country that has been so good to them over and over again.
President Trump’s supporters are mindful of his faults, but they like that he loves his country and he stands up in it’s defense. If fact after the very predictable response to his tweet, this is what he said: “So sad to see the Democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our Country and who, in addition, hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion,” Trump wrote. “Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, ‘RACIST.’”
So go ahead and call President Trump a racist for uttering his frustration at these ingrates if you want to do that. Please understand that for many, your wanton use of the “r” word has been put in the same category as the word “wolf,” as in; “the boy who cried wolf.”
Once again, for those of you who do not get it; the reason that President Trump’s supporters back him is not because they agree with everything that he says or does. In fact many times Trump’s supporters recoil when he sometimes opens his mouth, but they are excited by his policies and the fact that he actually works to implement the things he says he would.
Trump’s deplorables also remember the way you treated George W. Bush. He too, was a rabid racist. You accused him letting the levees in New Orleans burst in order to rid the city of black people. One of your congressmen called him “our Bull Connor. “You hated George H. W. Bush also, you hated Ronald Reagan with a visceral hatred. You accused Romney of all types of inhumanity. He too was a racist, and he wanted to throw old people off the cliff. In other words, Trump’s supporters have seen this movie before.
The only difference is that this time your hatred is even more deep seated and palpable because Trump is an upstart who does not play by the same rules. Trump fights back, and in doing so he sometimes steps in it. But rest assured his supporters are not going to abandon him unless he really does something that is worthy of it.

Anti-Americanism reigns on the left and the Democrat Party

Folks, how do you reconcile that a significant number of people in one of the major parties in this country gets offended by displays of patriotism? What do you say that? These people get offended by chants of USA, USA, they fret over saying the pledge of allegiance, and the United States flag is a symbol of oppression to them. They cheer for people who burn and desecrate the flag, they jeer at those who show reverence for that which the flag symbolizes. 

This is your modern Democrat party ladies and gentlemen. The alarming thing though is that a lot of the madness that we witness in the Democrat party every day comes from leaders in the Party. It is crazy to think that in America today, love of country is now controversial to so many people. 

You have people like Congresswoman Ilan Omar who as a refugee was rescued by this country, but everytime she opens her mouth to speak about America she speaks with contempt about it. You’ll be hard pressed to hear her say a good thing about the country that has offered her so much, and has been so good to her, ironically though this is what makes her attractive to many of the people in the Democrat Party. 

Apart from all of this, members of the Democrat Party constantly proclaim a message of gloom and doom, and speak as though nothing good ever happens in America.

So it is confirmed! To be a good Democrat, one has to hate the country. To hear Democrat politicians and their minions speak, one would think that we are living in the middle ages under the tyrannic rule of some feudal lord.

My goodness, do these people appreciate anything about this place? Just listen to the Democrat debate from a couple of weeks ago. All 20 of them told us over and over and over again how terrible life in America is. Nothing is going right if you ask these people. It was just a constant barrage of of negativity coming out the mouths of every single one of them.

It is unbelievable to watch people so privileged and blessed to live in a country like this do nothing but bash their country. Those Democrats on the debate stage tell us that nothing good is happening in the economy. Theye tell us that people are dying all across the land because of evil insurance companies. Doctors are only interested in money, Corporations are evil money grubbers whose only interest is oppressing workers. They will have you believe that no one is doing well in America. Tax cuts only benefit the rich. The rich are oppressing the poor, and the only reason that the poor are poor is because the rich are oppressing them. 

According to Democrat politicians, no one experiences hardship in their life simply because they live in an imperfect world where things sometimes just goes wrong. No sir that is never the case. 

If anyone is holding out for a message of hope, or inspiration from the Democrat party that person had better pull out a pair of high quality binoculars and start looking for flying pigs. The Democrats have made it clear that they do not wish to inspire any one with a positive message. 

Democrats tell us that oppresssion is everywhere and there is not a thing that anyone can do about it, unless people vote a Democrats into power. Do it at your own peril.

Colin, Nike, and the Flag…the saga continues

It’s not about the flag! It was never about the flag! It is not about disrespecting the flag! It’s not about the flag! 

This was the mantra of Colin Kaepernick apologists during his NFL protest saga. They made every excuse in the book for this ingrate. Like disciples living in a closed off commune making excuses for their cult leader; people repeated the mantra, “it’s not about the flag.” 

Even though Colin Kaepernick told us with his own mouth that it was about the flag and the country that it represents, his defenders continued to tell us, “it’s not about the flag.” 

Even though he voiced his disdain for the country that afforded him the opportunity to earn millions of dollars pelting a ball from one end of a field to the other, his disciples insisted; “it’s not about the flag.” 

Well a few days ago, Nike told us that they only care about the section of the country that hates America, as they pulled the Betsy Ross flag (Betsy Ross was an abolitionist by the way), independence day edition sneakers that they had released for sale to the public. 

Their decision was spurred by Colin Kaepernich who criticized Nike over the flag that was portrayed on the sneakers. He called the flag offensive because it was the flag that flew over the country during a time when the country had slavery.

None of the new ideas that America brought to the world in a time when slavery was the norm around the world matters to Kaepernick. None of the debates that America was having at the time about making this a better union matters. None of the built in systems that they had in place to help them address issues like slavery, and that eventually led to the abolition of slavery, and by extension the country that we have today matters. 

All that matters is that the country once had slaves.

Nike, who did not care one bit about hiring the controversial anti-American ingrate Kaepernick said that they did not want to unintentionally offend anyone with the flag and that is why they pulled the sneakers.

Honestly, what do you say to all of this?

The Democrat Party clown show

The Democrat Party clown show
The Democrat clown show is up and running, and boy this gang is a riot. But unlike most regular clowns who desperately try to be funny to make you laugh, these clowns are serious and they want you to to take them seriously.
As each Democrat clown makes an entrance onto the stage, one is prepared to give everyone of them a chance to make a case because after all, it’s not supposed to be a clown show. This is after all series business, but without fail, as each one of them opens the mouth to speak, before you know it; you find yourself rolling on the floor laughing.
It makes no difference which one of them is on the stage, whether it be the communist millionaire complaining about millionaires and billionaires, or the old privileged white guy apologizing for being an old privileged white guy, these clowns have the audience unintentionally slapping their knees and grabbing their stomachs in uncontrollable laughter.
Just as one begins to sober up from the drunkening effects of the side splitting laughter, along comes the self righteous religious zealot gay guy elling everybody that they have to accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle otherwise God will strike them with a bolt of lightning (satire people, lighten up). He is then followed by the fake Navajo or Commanche Indian…or is it Cherokee? Well whatever…the fake Native American, also worth millions of dollars, also railing against those “millionaires and billionaires”…in the most sanctimonious voice she could muster of course.
As this bunch make their way across the country, and they put away the pleasantries toward each other, they are beginning to get a little more serious, but each time they attempt to do it, one has to ask, are these people really serious or are they pulling our legs again?
Who could forget the high faultin former Deputy DA telling her drones that while she was in college, she once smoked weed to Tupac and Snoop Dog playing in the background. Thing is, when she was in College, neither Snoop nor Tupac had ever released any music. And by the time Snoop and Tupac had released their music she was already the Deputy DA. So she was either lying about smoking weed in college, or she simply mixed up the timeline, and she was smoking weed to Tupac and Smoop Dog while she was already a Deputy DA, probably putting people in jail for smoking weed.

One could be forgiven if at anytime one expected her to bust out with “you’ve been punked,” but She never did. At that time you just accept that it was just a bad joke by the unfunny clown.

As they take their clown show all across the country the response is the same. Earlier in the week, they were trying to see which one of them could be the most offended by a statement made by fellow Presidential seat seeker and clown extraordinaire Joseph Biden. Virtue was on full display as they each shook their finger at old uncle Joe.

No matter where they go, the response is the same from many in the country. People just have to shake their heads and laugh. Then the people are shaken into a sense of foreboding because they realize these clowns are being serious, and at that moment they don’t know if to continue laughing or begin crying.