The LGBTQI+ Ideology And Those Who Refuse To Conform

Philadelphia Flyers Player Boycotts His Woke Team’s “Pride Night,” Refuses To Wear Their LGBTQ Warm Up Jersey. That was a recent headline in the news media.

In an age when the full court press is on to make others feel guilty, or like bad people because of their stance on the LGBTQIA+ ideology and agenda, it is good to see people stand on their principles. This player refused to give in to the pressure and stood on his convictions and refused to celebrate Pride Night with the rest of his team. That is something that should be admired and applauded

There is a tendency to equate sexual preference and behavior with race, and the two could not be further apart from each other. The LGBTQIA+ proponents say that to oppose the LGBTQIA+ ideology is the same as treating someone different because of the person’s race. But this comparison of the two groups is way off base. First of all, sexual feelings, emotions, and genital activity are not the same as the immutable characteristics of race, color, national origin etc.

People have the right to say that they do not want to be a part of any activity that promotes behavior they do not agree with or condone. Their belief is that human beings are not simply creatures who should just base their lives on feelings. As human beings we are often called to bring our emotions/feelings under control for many different reasons. And the idea that society simply has to accept all kinds of  sexual behavior outside the norm of a man and a woman joined in marriage is a bad idea.

They believer that any society with a laissez faire attitude towards sexual behavior is a society that will eventually accept all kinds unthinkable sexual behavior. There was a time when premarital sex was frowned on, and though people did engage in the practice it was a healthy boundary that served to avoid many societal issues that we deal with today that can be attributed to the removal of that boundary (fatherless homes and the many consequences that spring from that being one example). Once certain sexual boundaries are removed, this then paves the way to the acceptance of other behaviors that inevitably lead to the crumbling, and disintegration of society where practically anything goes.

There have always been people who practiced sex outside the boundary, and norm of man and wife. This is not new. What is new is the idea that society must be coerced into accepting many of these behaviors, and those who do not, must be tarred, feathered and shamed for the refusal to conform this attitude about sex. We are at a point in our history when the members of a small but powerful lobby insist that in order to be considered a good person, one has to conform to the idea that men having sex with men, and women having sex with women is a beautiful thing.

People have the right to live their lives however they wish. Human beings are free psychological agents. When it comes to sex, it is an individual’s right to make personal decisions on their own sexual behavior. No one should be treated as less than human because of their sexual choices, but by the same token; others have the right to reject certain sexual practices, and not want anything to do with promoting them. 

A religious organization that cares for orphaned children should have the right to say they will only allow traditional husband and wife teams to adopt children. A baker who is uncomfortable baking a cake for a gay wedding should have the right to refuse to do it without being harassed by people who believe that individual should not have a choice to cater to a gay wedding. Sexual behavior is not the same as the immutable characteristic of race. People can modify behavior, they cannot do anything about race.

Again, the argument is not that people’s feelings or sexual proclivities are not real. The argument is that human beings are called to a higher standard than just feelings. The very nature of sex, no matter how much we try to trivialize it, and relegate it to just another physical activity, or biological drive, is different than any other  human behavior. It is a deeply personal, intimate act. It can be the most beautiful experience in the world with all kinds of wonderful positive outcomes that are physically, psychologically beneficial, and more. On the other hand, the opposite can also be true when there is a laissez faire approach to sex, with all kinds of negative long term ramifications. 

There are many feelings and sexual inclinations human beings have which they do not generally engage simply because they have them, and for the minority that do engage them, they do it in the shadows. These people do not have the right to demand that society drop all of its standards and norms to accommodate their inclinations. Others maintain the right to say they do not condone or support certain sexual behaviors. 

They have the right to believe that maintaining sexual boundaries is important to a thriving society. They have the right to believe that once removed, other pivotal boundaries will also inevitably, eventually fall, and lead to societal decline. Since the beginning of time, people have held strong convictions about sexual behavior. This is nothing new, but the idea that those who hold to traditional values about sex should be bullied into accepting an anything goes attitude attitude about sex certainly is new. 

No one should bow to this kind of pressure.

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