What To Do About Representative George Santos

Rep George Santos

This Rep. George Santos dude. I don’t want to say I’m conflicted about him . He comes across as just another dishonest grifter with a lust for power, and will do anything to attain it. He’s a shame and an utter embarrassment to himself to his party and his constituents. These are not the kind of people that you want in Congress.

What else is this man willing to lie about to achieve his political ambitions. He’s the perfect example of why people despise politicians so much. Most jarring is how defiant he is in the face of all that

has come out about him.

Once upon a time this man would have disappeared and run away for the shame of being exposed the way he has been. In our current time though, the God given gift of shame has been relegated to just an inconvenient emotion to make people feel bad about themselves. It is not seen as a tool for people to be introspective in order to do some self examination and make appropriate corrections to behavior.

This man should not be in Congress. The GOP should have put pressure on him to resign, then go on a campaign accepting culpability for not vetting him the way they should have, then wage an unparalleled campaign to show people that they will do better, and find a candidate who would be worthy of the candidacy, and hard to beat.

Then again, they may be feeling that in the current position he is an evil that they have to deal with in the light of all that is taking place in the country. They may have looked at everything he did, and concluded that his misdoings are not serious enough to go and risk their slight majority in the Congress. Maybe they think they can control him and can minimize any potential damage he can cause for the next two years.

Considers that we very likely have a man with dementia running the country. Look at men like Adam Schiff ( Russia collusion lies he told knowing they were lies, but thinking it was ok in order to get rid of a President he did not like, Twitter files etc.). Consider Eric Swalwell (a man who literally had a reputed Chinese spy as his girlfriend for three years). Then there’s Elizabeth Warren (Poca han tas), and Danang Dick Blumenthal (committing a form a stolen valor). They are all heros in the Democrat Party.

Put them side by side with this Santos guy, then compare their lies and the things we know they have done with each other, then ask why one standard for Democrats, and another for Republicans.

Now the point is not to say that Santos does not deserve the pressure he has faced since his lies have been discovered. He does, but when the double standard is so flagrantly obvious, it seems clear why the Republicans may have made their evaluation under the circumstances and decided to go with this guy, let him serve out his term, then let his constituents decide in two years time.

Apart from the fact that Democrats are happy to have a man displaying so many signs of dementia running the country, this same guy has told some really large falsehoods over the years. And none of that seems to matter.

Here are some of the Predident’s lies all in the attempt to embellish himself:

He once claimed that he was arrested decades ago in South Africa for attempting to meet with then-imprisoned Nelson Mandela.

He claimed he used to drive an 18 wheeler.

He claimed he went to law cschool on a full academic scholarship (the only one in his class).

He claimed he was a top student but was actually at the lower bottom of his class, and was known to plagiarize a paper when he was in law school and years later, another time when he ran for President he plagiarized a British politician.

None of this is to say that truth does not matter for an individual if everyone else around him is lying.

The truth is that none of the aforementioned charlatans deserves to sit in the place their voters have given them the honor of sitting, but in a country that is in such rapid moral decline, sometimes you have to put everything in the balance and go with the measure you have.

It’s a shame that this man gets to represent anyone, but then again he did apologize. Maybe he meant it and will do better moving forward…or not.

The point is that this is how it usually works for Democrats, so the thinking may be that the same principles should apply to Rep Santos.

Let’s see how the GOP deals with this guy going forward.

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