Using Safety As An Excuse For Government Intrusion

It is quite fascinating to observe the sheep like behavior of current day Americans. Particularly on the left, there is an absence of intellectual curiosity that is mind blowing. People willingly drink from the cup that those who have proven to be liars, over and over again serve them. They readily follow orders, and suffer abuse at the hands of the powerful, because they are that loyal to the status quo.

There are not too many better examples of this than with COVTRAP-09. One of the things that someone pointed out is that in the history of medical science, it was the norm to quarantine the sick. In a major twist, so much fear was worked up over COVTRICK-22 that people who had no reason to, willingly gave up their freedom, and agreed to lock downs, and in some cases even quarantine without question.

We know that this was politically driven because the same people who insisted that lock downs were the only way to go, told us that it was ok to be outside by the thousands protesting, because it served a political purpose.

There was so much intrusion by the Government in the lives of people during COVFRAUD-62 that it is hard to imagine them not using some weak excuse in the future to further intrude in the lives of people all in the name of safety. People were banned from going to church. Families were banned from gathering. Thousands of elderly people died the most lonesome deaths that you would not wish on your worst enemies. They could not hold hands, hug, kiss, touch or simply experience the comfort of their loved ones in their presence at this most crucial moment of their lives. They were literally left to die alone. Think about that!

We saw the media cover for the incompetence, while singing the praises of politicians whose policies led to the deaths of  thousands of the elderly in their cities. While so called political leaders like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsome and others initiated some the most stringent rules in their cities that damaged the lives of many, we saw over and over that the politicians who were advocating for and initiating the most draconian policies, themselves were guilty of acting as though the rules do not apply to them. 

It is hard to recall a time in American history when we saw such blatant abuse of people’s rights, and a brazenness by the powers that be, that implied they were above everyone, and untouchable as a result. They might as well just have screamed from their ivory towers to just shut up and obey. It is hard to fathom that so many Americans just went along with the abuse of power, and very often defended the abusers, claiming they are doing what they need to keep us safe. 

Across the border we saw the brutal, China style crack down by Justin Trudeau on dissenters of his ridiculous COVID policies, while demonizing his citizens, and using personal attacks as justification for his totalitarian actions. Don’t forget that this man had previously voiced his admiration for the Chinese dictatorship and talked about how the Chinese get stuff done because of it. Don’t forget that.

Some hospitals refused to treat some dying patients who needed life saving treatment because these patients did not want to take the vaccine. Probably the most stunning thing of all was the censorship of anyone who contradicted anything the political/medical establishment labeled as misinformation. Experts like Dr. Robert Malone, and others were silenced for offering differing opinions on possible treatments for COVERACKET-12, while the media went out of their way to make sure that people received no information about anything that contradicted the status quo. 

Don’t forget how they reacted over Joe Rogan talking about how he and his doctor agreed to treat COVESCHEME-32 and they banned the Front Line doctors from social media. One would think that the medical community would want to collaborate with their peers and the experts in their field who insisted that they were seeing positive results with the treatments were giving their patients, but no such thing. All of these professionals were to be silenced.

Even pharmacists got in on the act and were refusing to dispense drugs that doctors recommended for their patients. Off label prescriptions were treated like they are a strange thing or have never been done before. 

These frauds waged a vicious, unrelenting, implacable war to tell people that there is no other way to treat the disease, and that no one else has any valid remedy, if it differed from what they prescribed. Where have we ever seen this before? People were fired from their jobs for refusing to take vaccines and children who were at the lowest risk for contracting the disease were needlessly treated no different than those with the highest risk. 

We’ve never seen anything like this before, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. For crying out loud, these people even arbitrarily changed election laws in some of their states using COVESCAM-79 as the excuse to violate their own election laws. There is so much more that people have suffered during this pandemic. We could talk about mental health issues, the increase in domestic abuse, increase in alcohol use and dependency plus a host of other negative issues. 

The unintended consequences are numerous and we’ll probably be reaping the whirlwind from the crazy reaction to this disease for years to come. Governments do not willingly give up power once gained. It is fool hardy to believe that these power hungry jerks will not try to use some other so called emergency in the future to impose policies that otherwise they have no chance of passing. 

The question lingers. Was the cure actually worse than the illness?

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