A Red Wave Is Not Inevitable

If you are a conservative and you think that a “red wave” is inevitable this coming November, you had better check yourself. Do not for one minute think that this thing is a given.

Now in any sane world that is correctly ordered, the Democrat Party machine would be chased out of town. But in the back to front, upside down world in which we live, they are currently running the country. That is the reality.

The Democrat Party machine is formidable. They are relentless. They are singularly focused on power, and they will do or say anything to gain or maintain power. Don’t ever forget that.

Apart from all of that, the Democrat Party machine is evil to the core! I do not say that as hyperbole. I mean that in the truest sense of the word. These people are Nazi level evil and crazy. It is only because we have the system of Government we do here that they have not been able to do the things that they are quite capable of doing.

Once again, look at our leftist neighbors to the north of the U.S. and see what steps they have been willing to take to keep their citizens in their place. Look at how the justice department is shamelessly and brazenly targeting, and going after political opponents. Lawyers for many of the 6 January 2021 prisoners are complaining about horrific conditions and treatment of their clients in jail. Some of them have even alleged that their clients are being tortured in what some are calling the American gulag.

This is happening in America, but that’s not all.

Observe the silence from the left in the face of all of this. Even if these allegations are not true, isn’t it at least worth looking into by the media? This would be an opportune moment to solidify your credentials as a journalist, if American citizens are really being tortured in American jails with the assent of the Justice Department, but no. That is not the case. These frauds are not even interested.

Keep in mind how these same people reacted over enemy combatants at Guantanamo bay some years ago. Remember that enemy combatants do not fall under the same rules as prisoners of war, so technically one can use enhanced interrogation techniques to gain life saving information from them.

The evil left came out with a vengeance to the defense of these terrorists, and the left refused to let the story die. They have no such interest in speaking out in defense of the January 6 prisoners. Even your run of the mill leftist will not speak out against the Justice Department and demand that the January 6 prisoners be treated the same way they demanded that the enemy combatants at Guantanamo be treated.

They get to justify it all by declaring that the rioters were insurrectionists trying to over throw the United States Government. Therefore they deserve whatever treatment they are getting. See how that works?

Keep in mind that many of the people who are currently being prosecuted for 6 January 2021 offenses did not participate in the riots. Many of them were caught loitering in the Capitol building etc.

Well this post is not about the “insurrectionist.” I only mention them to remind you of who we are dealing with here.

Don’t forget that this same justice department had the FBI swoop down on the home of the 72 year old Roger Stone, with over 25 FBI agents, helicopters, etc. in a pre dawn raid to arrest him because he supposedly on some charges for which no one generally gets prosecuted. The crimes for which Stone was arrested have not evoked the same response from the Justice Department, and the FBI when Democrats were the alleged offenders. Once again, the left was not alarmed by the country’s descent in to this kind of third world political targeting. They cheered. Yooohoo, get him! Get Trump!

Well, this not about Roger stone either. Once again, it is just to reinforce the point that the Democrat machine is unafraid to use the levers of power to remain in power. Look at the Steve Bannon case. Look at the January 6 hearings and the one sided clown show it has turned out to be.

These people do whatever they have to do to get their job done. They go down clawing, and scratching, gouging, and fighting with everything they have. Don’t ever expect them to not fight.

Do not forget too, the all powerful weapon they have in their back pocket, the media and big tech, who have become so brazen in their one sided coverage of the news; they simply do not care they have been exposed. Big tech uses their monopoly to bury dissenting opinions, and stories unfavorable to the Democrat Party, and anything that goes against the status quo.

Perhaps the biggest thing the Democrats have going for them, unwitting though it may be, is the stupidity of the Republican machine. Folks you cannot understate how stupid the Republican machine is. These people have been served a bevy of issues that should make them the favored Party for the next hundred years.

The Democrats are that awful!

As evil as the Democrat Party machine is however, to the same extent; the Republican Party machine is filled with idiots. Many of these people are just embarrassingly stupid.

That, more than anything should give any conservative pause, if they think that an automatic “red wave” is inevitable, they’d better think again.

Who knows? It is possible, but if the they are looking to the idiots who have mastered the art of snatching defeat out the hands of victory, they’d better prepare for anything.

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