The One Sided Coverage Of Abortion

Let’s get away for a minute from the question of whether or not abortion is wrong or right. 

Let’s discuss the issue of why the conversation in the mainstream is always limited to what Hollywood, academia, the media, politicians and others who support it has to say, and why those who oppose it are portrayed the way they are portrayed.

Why does the media cover the issue like there is only one side to the story? The way that the leftist media talks about abortion it is as though there are no solid arguments coming from the other side. The media relegates the whole conversation to the argument that you cannot tell a woman what to do with her body, or they use euphemisms like women’s health, or women’s reproductive care/health. No one in the legacy media wants to talk about the lives of the little girls developing in the womb of the women. No one wants to talk about the ethics of the issue, and why it is acceptable to just casually stop the developing human lives that need protection when they are at their most vulnerable state. 

It is all about the woman’s body. Why is there no discussion about the fact that women are the vessels, and the only means through which human beings enter into the world. Why do we as a society believe that the highest virtue in this discussion is that it is the woman’s body, and therefore that nullifies every other consideration? What effect does the casual dismissal of the lives developing in the womb have on the broader society in terms of how we view, and value human life in general? What other values will we be able to just as casually cast aside if we can so easily dismiss the value of lives developing in the womb, simply because those lives are dependent on the women who bear them?

The legacy news media treats the pro choice argument as though it is the default position of most Americans, and it is a settled issue that pro choice is the right position. They frame it like it is the only perspective that matters.  Many people set up the argument as a matter of convenience. The woman cannot afford to have a baby they say. It is just too difficult. She does does not want to deal with all of the physical trials that come with a pregnancy. It’s too emotionally taxing for some. When it comes to such an important issue as giving birth to a live kicking and screaming human being, some ask if convenience is the only, or the most important issue.

Life is not always about convenience, or having it easy. In life, people are often called to do difficult things, make difficult decisions. The idea of self sacrifice is old as time itself, because some things are simply bigger than comfort or convenience. Human beings are often called on to “do the right thing” for the sake of the right thing, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be, or regardless of the consequences. It is a part of the human experience. So the question is, in all of the back and forth about abortion; do any of these issues come into play, or is the argument really only about the woman’s body. 

The idea that because it is the woman’s body, she must have the complete autonomy to destroy the body developing inside of her is also questionable, because in a civil society the state often over rides individual autonomy, especially when others are negatively affected. We’ve seen in the last two years the extremes to which the state will go to deny individual bodily autonomy, despite many arguing that they did not meet the burden of justifying their actions. We witnessed that  the government has no problems threatening the bodily autonomy of both men and women. 

The almighty state has refused to discuss the concerns of citizens in an honest and open way about vaccinations, and has even gone out of it’s way to silence voices that challenged what many have called Government over reach. The Government has insisted that in order to enjoy many of the normal, regular functions of life, people must exercise blind faith in the government and comply with vaccine mandates, despite the many questions, and concerns that have gone unanswered and unaddressed. Bodily autonomy be damned. 

This piece is not about vaccines. The point is just to draw a parallel about bodily autonomy.  

Once again put aside the question of whether or not abortion is right. Let’s drop the raw emotions that often accompany this sensitive issue. In fact, let’s pretend this is the first time we are dealing with it. Can someone answer why the public discussion is so one sided, and all of the issues raised here are not given the same respect as the other side of the argument. Is the reasoning of the other side not legitimate and therefore not even worth giving attention?


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