The media and the Covington high school

If you have been paying attention over the last few days, you have no doubt seen the legacy media sink even deeper into the abyss (hard as that may be to imagine). Fake new news galore was the theme over the weekend, and there seems to be no depth to which they will sink because of their hatred for Donald Trump. They pretty much outdid themselves over the weekend with the debunked Buzzfeed story on President Trump ordering Michael Cohen to lie to congress. That was pretty bad. But then these sanctimonious charlatans who perched from atop their self righteous pulpit, lecture the rest of the people about integrity, stunningly outdid themselves in the shameful treatment of some teenagers. The teenagers’ major crime was wearing MAGA hats, smirking, and WWW (that’s walking while white for the uninformed, the new acceptable form of racism). 

With the full backing of the scoundrels in Hollywood, the press went after these kids with the ferocity of a mama bear protecting her cubs. The mission was clear. Destroy them! Well, they tried, in a brazen military style offensive rivaled only by the shock and awe tactic that was used by the U.S. Military against the Iraqis some years ago. These reporters and their allies across the Democrat landscape (and some desperate conservative news people eager to show their virtue) waged war on these children in a manner meant to deliver a clear message about the consequences of their budding political lives. The attack was vicious! 

But guess what folks! The premise under which the attack was waged was based on a lie. If you think that that is bad, it gets worse. Even after the dishonest press learned of their error, (an error that could have been avoided if only they had done their journalistic due diligence), many of them continued their onslaught against the teenagers. The truth was not enough for some of them to call back the troops. 

So, the backdrop to all of this is a viral video that seemed to show some teenagers acting like…well…teenagers. There was nothing sinister about anything in the video that first appeared except for what seemed like them acting like buffoons chanting mockingly to an American Indian man beating a drum, and another teenager in particular being smug standing in front of the older gentleman (the media lied and said he was blocking the old man’s path). Unkind, yes! Racist, no! Perhaps if true, it could have been used as a teachable moment for these teenagers to learn a lesson about the importance of treating people kindly, with dignity and respect. But we know that in current day America, race pimps everywhere are always keen to latch themselves on to any opportunity to portray white America in general as racist. And boy, did they latch on to this short video that was completely void of any context. 

The hate America crowd grabbed on to it with a vengeance, and…they…went…to…work! Oooh la la!. Keep in mind that the people who were so willing to go off on these kid in the most vicious manner, are the same people who came to the defense of the sadistic, murderous, inhumane group known as MS 13 when President Trump called them animals almost a year ago. When it came to the children of their fellow Americans who at worse, were acting like jerks, they had no room for such compassion. No siree! No benefit of the doubt for these white boys. The dishonest people in the media and their cohorts in Hollywood forthwith took off the gloves, suited up in full armor, and immediately went into attack mode. The intent was clear, take no prisoners, and ensure that these white privileged teenagers never get the opportunity to join the white patriarchy that systematically oppresses black people, hates women, despises the poor, scorns old people, and eats babies. 

But then something happened ladies and gentlemen. In a media landscape no longer dominated by the left wing media, where Fox News exists, where Breitbart News, Newsbusters and other alternative news outlets can be counted on to expose media fraudulence, the truth came out. It turned out that these boys were not the devils that that they were portrayed to be. They were the targets of racial animus by a black hate group. The old Indian guy walked over to  where the teenagers were, invaded the boy’s personal space ,and began beating his drum in the boy’s face. In the mean while, one of the older gentleman’s  tribesmen was telling the boys to go back to Europe, and “get the f*** outta my face.” No outrage necessary for that!

Since then some media outlets have apologized, and admitted that they got it wrong. Some celebrities and others have rushed to remove the evidence by erasing their tweets from Twitter etc.  As we speak though, as we speak; there are still media personalities blaming the boys for what happened despite the boys being completely vindicated by the video, and the old man being proven to be a liar. 

There will be no consequences to anyone involved in this fraud.

Exhibit number 87 ladies and gentleman: once more, being a Democrat, and on the left means there are no consequences to one’s actions.

Trump voters respectfully decline the invitation, and ask that they be excused from attending any lecture given by the media, the Democrat Party, and the left in general.

Trump is right! Fake news is the enemy of the people.

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