The white self loathing liberal saboteur

The white liberal who is always involved in the act of virtue signaling is a fool. This person wants desperately to be patted on the shoulder, so s/he engages in self sabotage, constantly punching him/herself in his/her own face, screaming, begging for attention hoping that someone, anyone would recognize his/her selflessness. This white lefty views his self flagellation as heroic behavior, and craves attention from “people of color” especially black people. S/he wants to be their hero, and if that means castigating other white people for no other reason than them being white s/he is fully commited to that cause. This self hating white liberal is easy to spot. S/he is the one who shouts the loudest, with a look of self satisfaction in a protest, with black people all around her. Down with white privilege s/he screams with a look of  pomposity on his/her face. 

This self saboteur wears a cloak of sanctimony that makes her feel a tingle run down her spine, because in her own mind she is demonstrating to the world that she cares. She is down with the struggle. She is happy to show up at rallies shouting f*** white supremacy at anyone who does not share her views. It is wholly lost on this individual that at real white supremacy gatherings, the reason that the white supremacists are usually out numbered ten fold by counter protesters is because most people are against that type of bigotry. Calling other white people racist with nothing to back it up is a favorite past time of this dolt because in his mind, it makes him look like he is sensitive and enlightened. He is woke doggone it! And he wants everyone to know it. 

This fool, in her eagerness to demonstrate that she is one of the good white people thinks that it is a virtue to hold black people and others she has relegated to the realm of victims to a lower standard.  The self loathing white liberal thinks that it is his job to protect anyone who is not white, and will make excuses for bad behavior by them, even when the facts are slapping him in the face. This white leftist loves getting that pat on his shoulder as he shows the world that he is one of the mindful ones. Encouraged by the attention he craves, and receives for acting like he hates those who look like himself, he becomes more vociferous as he preaches about the dangers of old white men in particular, and the white male patriarchy in general. At times he even calls for violence against those who look like himself, and he is often cheered on for being “brave.”  This white liberal says things like “without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself,” or  “I am ashamed to be white,” or that the white nuclear family is promoting white supremacy. He is filled with pride when he hears a prominent black person say “I have given up on white people. He nods his head in approval. 

His presence is ubiquitous. She thrives on college campuses. She is in the class room indoctrinating those she has been charged with educating, poisoning young fertile minds devoid of the capacity to reason. He is on the student council demanding safe spaces for the easily offended. When he is not occupied securing safe spaces, he is making demands that any one who disagrees with him not be allowed to speak on the campus. Delicate flower that he is, he has no problem throwing a tantrum when his indoctrinators fail to meet his demands. He excels at hurling insults, and personal attacks at anyone he deems unworthy of a platform. This white liberal is not averse to looting, rioting, and using violence as a tool. These “freedom fighters” are more dangerous than the Klu klux klan because unlike the Klu klux klan whose numbers are few and lack power;  they are many, many more. The media cheers them on and Hollywood loves them. 

This white liberal hates independent black thinkers and other minorities who think for themselves. These white vainglorious social justice warriors save some of their most poisonous venom for independent thinking black people. In spectacular displays of lacking self awareness, they often call the black independent thinker a race traitor, and accuses him of self loathing. These white liberals, so filled with virtue, and who want so much for the world to love them, and know that they are woke have even been known to label some of their black detractors as “white supremacists.” They mean well, these buffoons. They are just trying to help. This, more than anything is what makes them dangerous

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