The white supremacy threat

Society shoud call out with a loud voice and identify white supremacy for the evil that it is, like any other evil ideology. It is unacceptable! It must be condemned wherever it rears its ugly head. 

That said, let’s be honest. The idea that white supremacy is a problem that is pervading American society is a ruse. It is ridiculous! This is not to say that racism does not exist. It surely does. One would have to be a fool to make such a statement. 

In a country as large as the United States of America, that is as diverse as America, it is impossible for there not to be racism. The idea that white supremacy is a major threat to American society  however is a tool that is used by politicians to scare people into voting for certain politicians, and turning away from others. 

For a large segment of the population, people do not have to actually do racist things in order to be considered racist. One simply needs to have certain political beliefs, and that is enough for people to label that individual as a racist. It is a sinister tactic that is part of an overall strategy designed to keep people’s minds off of real issues, and instead focus on the white supremacist bogeyman. 

Here is a couple examples of how it works. Charlie Rangel, a former black Congressman from New York once said, “it’s not sp** or ni***r anymore, Republicans just say cut taxes.” Another media commentator once said “Republicans are using [the IRS scandal as their latest weapon in the war against the black man. ‘IRS’ is the new ‘N****r.'” By labeling opponents as racists, for many; the conversation then shifted from tax cuts, and a really huge scandal that involved the IRS to making sure that the “scary evil racists” don’t attain, or are removed from power. 

During the reign of Barrack the great, this tactic of labeling every political disagreement as racist went into overdrive. Every criticism or mean word spoken against the great one was labeled as racist. Just the fact that his holiness was black and most of his detractors were white was sufficient grounds for his political opponents, or people who simply did not like him to be labeled as racist. It went like that for eight straight years. If you opposed Obamacare you were a racist who did not like that a black man was in charge etc. 

If people make a case for voter ID laws, they are immediately called racist and the topic of whether or not voter ID laws are a good idea is avoided because after all, everyone knows racist laws are bad, right. 

Over the years the bar to label someone as racist has been lowered to such an extent that racists acts are no longer required. No proof is ever necessary! All that is is needed is the assurance in one’s own mind that the accused is racist. 

This glib use of the word racism is only ever directed against one group…white people, and it does not matter how much improvement there continues to be in race relations. The charge of racism will be hurled at a person without hesitation despite how that person has lived his or her entire life. One slip of the tongue is all it takes and an individual’s reputation, career and life could be ruined by the charge of racism.

In America today a person could recover from being labeled a murderer faster than being labeled a racist, yet the refrain continues and the beat of the drum is constant. America is racist. White supremacy is a major threat in America. It is a lie!  It is a crafty device that is meant to shade certain people and policies from criticism. The constant cries of racism is meant to scare political opponents, and to destroy them if they dare to step out of line. 

Many white people walk around on egg shells, scared to death of being labeled as racist, and they fold up into the foetal position cowering in the corner at the mere idea of being labeled a racist. Many of them try to deflect negative attention by joining the chorus and labeling others as racist for no sound reason. These white saboteurs then get to pat themselves on the back for “telling it like it is,” or “speaking truth to power,” when in fact all they are doing is signaling their own virtue, and in the process continuing to tear the country apart based on a completely false narrative. 

Again, just to be completely clear, no one here is saying that racism does not exist. News flash! We will always have racism, just like we will always have other forms of evil. Let’s identify racism, confront it where and whenever it shows up and keep on moving, but the idea that racism and white supremacy is an integral part of  the American fabric is laughable. 

More people should stop being afraid to say so and treat it for the joke that it is.

Democrats and their brain dead ideas

It’s official! The Democrat Party thinks that black people and minorities are stupid. Joe Biden launched his campaign on the fantastic lie that Donald Trump said their are good white supremacist/Nazis. Once again, it is a lie! Trump never said that. All you have to do is go read the transcript or look at video of the full interview and you will see that  Trump never said it, but Democrat politicians are invested in the idea of keeping black people mentally enslaved, and to the idea that they are victims of the nebulous “system.” Joe Biden is engaging in the same type of deceitfulness that the Democrat Party has been engaging in and getting away with for decades. If you think this is about Trump you are mistaken. This is about keeping black people in a certain mindset. Remember this same Joe Biden also claimed  a few years ago that Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wanted to put black people back in chains. So black people, minorities, whoever you are that the Democrat party sees as perpetual victims of white racist America; are we going to fall for this nonesense by the Democrat Party again? Do we really believe that white supremacy is the biggest problem that we face in America? Is this the reality that you face in your own life? Are white people holding us back for real, or are we being played for fools by people in the Democrat party? It says a lot though, that Joe Biden thinks that this is what he needs to do to win black support, instead of offering solutions or presenting winning arguments and ideas. Folks we can all agree that racism is a bad thing. Let’s identify it whenever it happens, wherever it happens. When we do, together let us go fight these specific instances of racism and put systems in place to minimize them where possible, then keep on moving. But c’mon man, just claiming that racism is in the ether, and that black people are victims does not do anyone any good.  In the words of Candace Owens “BLACK AMERICA, WAKE UP! I am SICK to my stomach that they are going to try to use us AGAIN to gain power. THE DEMOCRATS THINK WE ARE EMOTIONAL AND STUPID.” 

Democrats and the Santa Claus complex

Democrats promise more stuff! Harvards “first woman of color,” Native American Elizabeth Warren wants to forgive student debt. As part of her proposal she also wants to increase the money students get for books, housing, and yes, child care. There is no doubt that from time to time, fellow human beings need a hand up, but the Democrats promise to take all the burdens of life away from people, and to lighten every hardship, is not an indication of how much they care. It is in fact evidence of how little the Democrat Party thinks of people. They believe that people are incapable of figuring out life, and finding solutions to their own problems. Left up to Democrats, no one will have a story of overcoming obstacles to tell. No one would be able to tell war stories of overcoming difficulties to their grand children because Uncle Democrat was always their to fix it. Is this really what people want, to just stand with their hands open as Democrats fill them with stuff? Is there one parent who would raise their children this way? Democrats are essentially telling people that the Government will solve every problem known to man, without individuals ever having to exert any of their own effort, devising any plan, or being innovative in any way. They are saying that people should not have a stake in their own welfare whenever life gets hard. Democrats are telling people that as long as life is hard, then it is the responsibility of the government to solve people’s problems. Folks these policies do not show that Democrats care. People do not become independent problem solvers this way. They become serfs, totally dependent on the benevolence of their Democrat benefactors.

Pete Buttigiege and the religious left

Pete Buttigiege is the toast of the media. He  is constantly using his religion to attack others who disagree with his life style. He attacks Vice President Mike Pence ad nauseum for Pence’s religious beliefs. Buttigiege is part of the new reigious left who appeals to religion in order to justify their policies, and the media is just lapping it up. Take Buttigiege’s attacks on Pence for instance, Buttigiege talks about God and scripture, and makes other religious references when criticizing Pence. His criticisms of Pence are nasty and personal. On the other hand, Mike Pence has only spoken kindly of the selfrighteous mayor, but Buttigiege thinks that Pence is a reprobate because Pence holds to the  beliefe that marriage is between a man and a woman, just like every society for all of human history has believed. Buttigiege claims that “marriage” to his “husband” has made him a better man, and even drawn him closer to God. Pence believes that men having sex with men, and women having sex with women is a sin, and Buttigiege finds that offensive. As Democrats and the left try to transform the very definition of gender, Pence holds that a man is a man, a woman is a woman, and neither can be the other. Pence has a policy that no business should be forced to offer their services to a gay wedding, a sex transition celebration or any other function that champions any of these life styles . Pence does not advocate discriminating against gays. He simply wants to protect people like the pizza shop owners in Indiana, the flower shop owners in Colorado, or the couple in New York who do not wish to offer their services to a gay wedding because of their strong Christian conviction. Pence is very specific about what he stands for, and discriminating against gays or anyone else for that matter is certainly not a part of it. In the meanwhile Mr. Buttigieg continues to invoke the name of God in his criticisms of the Vice President. The liberal media, Hollywood and leftists everywhere cheer him on. Buttigiege has to be careful though. He is the one who has turned the discussion into one about religion. Would he be willing to keep it there if/when the tables turn, and how would his media sycophants react?

The hypocrisy of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the man who rails against millionaires and billionaires is unapologetic about his own millions. When questioned about the amount of money that he has, Bernie said that he “did not know that it was a crime to write a good book which turned out to be a best seller.” No one is saying that it is a crime, but did everyone involved in the production of the book earn the amount of money that Bernie and his publishers make? Did the editors, proof readers, cover designers, printers, binders etc also make hundreds of thousands of dollars for the work that they did? If they did not, why is it fair for Bernie to make all that money off the book while the working class people involved in the production of the book did not? You see the hypocrisy of people like Bernie Sanders and others like him knows no bounds. They are always willing to make demands of everyone that they are not willing to make of themselves. Bernie Sanders owns three homes, and he collects a cool five thousand dollars a year becaue he served an eight year term as a Mayor over forty years ago. He does not mind any of these perks that he enjoys, but the people who have earned their money through the strength of their own ideas, their willingness to take risk, their dedication, and their hard work in a capitalist system should not also enjoy theirs as far as Bernie is concerned. You see, Bernie deserves his millions because after all…he cares. Those other millionaires and and billionaires do not deserve it becaue they are just plain evil.

Jussie Smullet and victimology in the black community

Ray Charles reached out from the crypt to comment on the Jussie Smullet affair. He wanted everyone to know that even though he is both blind and dead, he could see from where he was that something did not seem right with the whole matter. Ray said that if people were willing to remove their blinders, they too could have seen that there may be more to the story. As the saying goes “none so blind as he who will not see.” That seems to be the default position of the left and the Democrat party. They are willingly blind to the reality of  life in this country. They are emotionally invested in the idea that America is a cesspool of racist hatred. Instead of simply battling racism where it does show its ugly head, and then keep moving, they jump for joy because they get a situation to exploit. The Jussie Smullet story proves it one more time.

So now we know that there is a lot more to the story than Mr. Smullet would have us initially believe. The story quickly began to unravel after he first made the claim, and the sordid details are now all over the news. Now to be truthful, who knows!?! It is possible to be the victim of a hate crime in Chicago. Keep in mind though that in Chicago, 88 percent of the people voted against Donald Trump. It is not impossible that he would be attacked by two white supremacists shouting “this is MAGA country,” in the middle of a city that is predominantly black, with a large gay population, where virtually no one voted for Trump, at two in the morning, in the freezing temperatures of a polar vortex, after waking up to have a snack and realizing that he had nothing to eat at his place, then heading out in the freezing cold where he was beaten and rubbed. Whew! It is possible but unlikely. Ok, let’s get back to the point. The point is that if this incident happened exactly as Smullet claims it did, it does not prove that white supremacy is a major problem in the country. The reality is that white supremacists are not running roughshod across America. The Klu Klux Klan is not a group that has any influence in America. The handful of Nazis in America are not power players socially, politically, economically or otherwise. They hold no sway. If they hold a rally, no more than a handful are represented. They are always outnumbered tenfold by counter protesters who wish to make it very clear to them that their vision for America is not wanted or welcomed. 

Displays, accusations, or the slightest hint of racism is the fastest way to get people ostracized in American society today. Businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations are always putting systems in place to ensure that racism is aggressively tackled. There is a whole branch of government that is committed to fighting racism in the workplace, people can file individual lawsuits, class action suits are common. Many times businesses are willing to just settle if they are accused of racism. HR departments across the country work hard to ensure that people are treated fairly on the job, but none of these things matter, or is enough for the race pimps in the Democrat Party, and on the radical left to accept that the system is not out to get black people. They’d rather take incidents like what allegedly happened to Smullet, and gleefully hold it up as an exhibit of America’s resentment of black people. 

It is sad because the United States remains so needlessly divided on race, based on lies propagated by a handful of power hungry people whose modus operandi is to divide and conquer. Jussie Smullet should be a case study in victimology. Here is a young, handsome, successful black man with the world at his feet, but is not enough by that. He has fallen in to the trap that so many black people have fallen into, displaying an eagerness to wallow in the mire of victimhood.  In addition, too many white guilt ridden liberals continue to promote the idea that black people are victims of white America. They have this need to present themselves as woke heroes of the black man. These white liberals who want desperately to assuage their guilt ridden conscience for the evils of generations past, and show the world that they are good whites have a big role to play in this unfortunate saga. They need to stop! Leave black people alone if that is the only way they think that they can offer their help to the black community. 

The media and the Covington high school

If you have been paying attention over the last few days, you have no doubt seen the legacy media sink even deeper into the abyss (hard as that may be to imagine). Fake new news galore was the theme over the weekend, and there seems to be no depth to which they will sink because of their hatred for Donald Trump. They pretty much outdid themselves over the weekend with the debunked Buzzfeed story on President Trump ordering Michael Cohen to lie to congress. That was pretty bad. But then these sanctimonious charlatans who perched from atop their self righteous pulpit, lecture the rest of the people about integrity, stunningly outdid themselves in the shameful treatment of some teenagers. The teenagers’ major crime was wearing MAGA hats, smirking, and WWW (that’s walking while white for the uninformed, the new acceptable form of racism). 

With the full backing of the scoundrels in Hollywood, the press went after these kids with the ferocity of a mama bear protecting her cubs. The mission was clear. Destroy them! Well, they tried, in a brazen military style offensive rivaled only by the shock and awe tactic that was used by the U.S. Military against the Iraqis some years ago. These reporters and their allies across the Democrat landscape (and some desperate conservative news people eager to show their virtue) waged war on these children in a manner meant to deliver a clear message about the consequences of their budding political lives. The attack was vicious! 

But guess what folks! The premise under which the attack was waged was based on a lie. If you think that that is bad, it gets worse. Even after the dishonest press learned of their error, (an error that could have been avoided if only they had done their journalistic due diligence), many of them continued their onslaught against the teenagers. The truth was not enough for some of them to call back the troops. 

So, the backdrop to all of this is a viral video that seemed to show some teenagers acting like…well…teenagers. There was nothing sinister about anything in the video that first appeared except for what seemed like them acting like buffoons chanting mockingly to an American Indian man beating a drum, and another teenager in particular being smug standing in front of the older gentleman (the media lied and said he was blocking the old man’s path). Unkind, yes! Racist, no! Perhaps if true, it could have been used as a teachable moment for these teenagers to learn a lesson about the importance of treating people kindly, with dignity and respect. But we know that in current day America, race pimps everywhere are always keen to latch themselves on to any opportunity to portray white America in general as racist. And boy, did they latch on to this short video that was completely void of any context. 

The hate America crowd grabbed on to it with a vengeance, and…they…went…to…work! Oooh la la!. Keep in mind that the people who were so willing to go off on these kid in the most vicious manner, are the same people who came to the defense of the sadistic, murderous, inhumane group known as MS 13 when President Trump called them animals almost a year ago. When it came to the children of their fellow Americans who at worse, were acting like jerks, they had no room for such compassion. No siree! No benefit of the doubt for these white boys. The dishonest people in the media and their cohorts in Hollywood forthwith took off the gloves, suited up in full armor, and immediately went into attack mode. The intent was clear, take no prisoners, and ensure that these white privileged teenagers never get the opportunity to join the white patriarchy that systematically oppresses black people, hates women, despises the poor, scorns old people, and eats babies. 

But then something happened ladies and gentlemen. In a media landscape no longer dominated by the left wing media, where Fox News exists, where Breitbart News, Newsbusters and other alternative news outlets can be counted on to expose media fraudulence, the truth came out. It turned out that these boys were not the devils that that they were portrayed to be. They were the targets of racial animus by a black hate group. The old Indian guy walked over to  where the teenagers were, invaded the boy’s personal space ,and began beating his drum in the boy’s face. In the mean while, one of the older gentleman’s  tribesmen was telling the boys to go back to Europe, and “get the f*** outta my face.” No outrage necessary for that!

Since then some media outlets have apologized, and admitted that they got it wrong. Some celebrities and others have rushed to remove the evidence by erasing their tweets from Twitter etc.  As we speak though, as we speak; there are still media personalities blaming the boys for what happened despite the boys being completely vindicated by the video, and the old man being proven to be a liar. 

There will be no consequences to anyone involved in this fraud.

Exhibit number 87 ladies and gentleman: once more, being a Democrat, and on the left means there are no consequences to one’s actions.

Trump voters respectfully decline the invitation, and ask that they be excused from attending any lecture given by the media, the Democrat Party, and the left in general.

Trump is right! Fake news is the enemy of the people.

The white self loathing liberal saboteur

The white liberal who is always involved in the act of virtue signaling is a fool. This person wants desperately to be patted on the shoulder, so s/he engages in self sabotage, constantly punching him/herself in his/her own face, screaming, begging for attention hoping that someone, anyone would recognize his/her selflessness. This white lefty views his self flagellation as heroic behavior, and craves attention from “people of color” especially black people. S/he wants to be their hero, and if that means castigating other white people for no other reason than them being white s/he is fully commited to that cause. This self hating white liberal is easy to spot. S/he is the one who shouts the loudest, with a look of self satisfaction in a protest, with black people all around her. Down with white privilege s/he screams with a look of  pomposity on his/her face. 

This self saboteur wears a cloak of sanctimony that makes her feel a tingle run down her spine, because in her own mind she is demonstrating to the world that she cares. She is down with the struggle. She is happy to show up at rallies shouting f*** white supremacy at anyone who does not share her views. It is wholly lost on this individual that at real white supremacy gatherings, the reason that the white supremacists are usually out numbered ten fold by counter protesters is because most people are against that type of bigotry. Calling other white people racist with nothing to back it up is a favorite past time of this dolt because in his mind, it makes him look like he is sensitive and enlightened. He is woke doggone it! And he wants everyone to know it. 

This fool, in her eagerness to demonstrate that she is one of the good white people thinks that it is a virtue to hold black people and others she has relegated to the realm of victims to a lower standard.  The self loathing white liberal thinks that it is his job to protect anyone who is not white, and will make excuses for bad behavior by them, even when the facts are slapping him in the face. This white leftist loves getting that pat on his shoulder as he shows the world that he is one of the mindful ones. Encouraged by the attention he craves, and receives for acting like he hates those who look like himself, he becomes more vociferous as he preaches about the dangers of old white men in particular, and the white male patriarchy in general. At times he even calls for violence against those who look like himself, and he is often cheered on for being “brave.”  This white liberal says things like “without white boys being able to empathize with other people, humanity will continue to destroy itself,” or  “I am ashamed to be white,” or that the white nuclear family is promoting white supremacy. He is filled with pride when he hears a prominent black person say “I have given up on white people. He nods his head in approval. 

His presence is ubiquitous. She thrives on college campuses. She is in the class room indoctrinating those she has been charged with educating, poisoning young fertile minds devoid of the capacity to reason. He is on the student council demanding safe spaces for the easily offended. When he is not occupied securing safe spaces, he is making demands that any one who disagrees with him not be allowed to speak on the campus. Delicate flower that he is, he has no problem throwing a tantrum when his indoctrinators fail to meet his demands. He excels at hurling insults, and personal attacks at anyone he deems unworthy of a platform. This white liberal is not averse to looting, rioting, and using violence as a tool. These “freedom fighters” are more dangerous than the Klu klux klan because unlike the Klu klux klan whose numbers are few and lack power;  they are many, many more. The media cheers them on and Hollywood loves them. 

This white liberal hates independent black thinkers and other minorities who think for themselves. These white vainglorious social justice warriors save some of their most poisonous venom for independent thinking black people. In spectacular displays of lacking self awareness, they often call the black independent thinker a race traitor, and accuses him of self loathing. These white liberals, so filled with virtue, and who want so much for the world to love them, and know that they are woke have even been known to label some of their black detractors as “white supremacists.” They mean well, these buffoons. They are just trying to help. This, more than anything is what makes them dangerous