The shut down drama continues

President Trump has to know that Democrats never get blamed for a shut down. Last year when that happened it was an aberration. How is it possible that the side that makes all of the compromises gets the blame for the shutdown? The Democrats have not moved and inch on their position. On the other hand the President has put in a bunch of sweetners in his offer, and the Dems refused to budege. None of that matters. It’s Trump’s fault! That is just the way that it is. This is what life in the twilight zone looks like people. The Democrats are never called into account for their actions. If Trump had offered citizenship to every illegal alien, plus allow them to bring their entire extended family, and all of their neighbors from their home country; the Democrats would have rejected his offer. Then the media would blame Trump because he did not offer to bring the families of their neighbors. They would then declare him a petulant child. The media is so one sided that the Democrat Party never gets called out on anything that they do, no matter what it is. It is truly amazing to behold. On deciding to end the shut down, he must have known that the media would not give him any credit for ending it, and would in fact rub salt in the wound, sticking out their tongues in the process, while continuing to blame him for it.  Trump went in to this battle knowing all of this full well. If he was not prepared to see it through then why did he do it? In a few weeks it coulf be back to square one.

Trump has kept many of his promises, and a lot of positive things has happened for the country since his administration took office. Since Trump has ended the war on fossil fuel, America has become energy independent, and the United States is now the number one energy producer in the world. The economy has experienced above three percent growth every quarter since he has been in office. Unemployment has dipped to it’s lowest since 1949. Unemployment among blacks and Hispanics is the lowest it has ever been, women’s unemployment is the lowest in 65 years and youth unemployment is at its lowest in 63 years. The U.S. The government has negotiated a new trade deal with Mexico, and Canada,  and NATO countries have increased their defense spending for the first time in Decades. During the short time Trump has been in office, his administration was successful in solving a problem that different administrations had been trying to solve for 44 years. The administration made it possible for veterans to get medical appointments outside of the VA, alleviating the problem of extensive waiting periods for appointments. The administration passed a criminal justice reform bill, and  they have placed a laser focus on the issue of human trafficking, bringing the issue to the fore of America’s consciousness. After numerous Administrations had promised, but failed to do it, the Trump administration moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. Isis has been defeated, the remains of Soldiers have been returned from North Korea, also the release of hostages also held in North, Korea, and an American Pastor in Turkey.

Trumps list of accomplishments is long. Were it a Democrat President in office, he would be the toast of the town. His supporters are paying attention however. Despite all of these accomplishments though, the central promise of his campaign was to build the wall, and he has not delivered nor has made any progress been made on that. That more than anything is the issue that could put a wedge between Trump and his supporters. Now that he has given in to the Democrats in what appears to be the most spectacular cave in, and agreed to reopen the Government with no concessions from them, their media allies and Hollywood are gloating. Some of Trump’s supporters are wondering what he is doing. This is the one issue that is likely to cost him any chance that he has of getting reelected. Until the next three weeks when we have more information and know what the final outcome is, no one should be too excited or too discouraged. Notwithstanding the constant war that is waged against Trump by the establishment, the media, Hollywood and academia, Trump has been resilient. Everyone needs to keep their eyes open. Trump may be sacrificing this battle for the war. The next three weeks should be interesting.

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