Jussie Smullet, the Democrat party, and the race card

One gets impression that the left and Democrats are in ecstasy over the news that actor Jussie Smullet may have been the victim of a hate crime. As usual, they appear happy to have another reference, that in their minds prove that America is an absolutely terrible place for “people of color and other minorities.” It’s not hard to imagine Democrats across the country doing celebratory fist pumps and shouting “YAAS,” giving each other high fives, and pats on the shoulder, while doing a celebratory dance at the news that Smullet may have been the victim of a hate crime. One more thing to blame on Republicans, conservatives, Trump supporters, and America in general while not acknowledging their racist history. You see Democrats thrive on grievance, and anything that furthers their narrative seems to give them joy. The more discontent, the happier the Democrat machine.  Keep in mind that when talking about Democrats, it is always the Democrat machine, and the faithful who refuse to ever examine their party that the reference is made.

Now just to be clear, if indeed Smullet was the victim of a hate crime or any kind of crime for that matter, it is definitely a terrible thing. People should be able to walk the streets without the fear of being attacked or assaulted. The sad truth however is that we live in an imperfect world where bad things happen. That statement is not meant to trivialize the trauma that people who are the victims of crime suffer. It is difficult to imagine the state of confusion, fear, shock, and even anger that permeates an individual’s system after such an awful experience. The people unfortunate enough to have been violated in this way deserve compassion, understanding, care, and support to help them overcome the shock of the experience. The sad thing however is that many people with political agendas have no shame, and would not hesitate to use their own misfortune, or the misfortune of others to gain political mileage. As noted already, Smullet, the people close to him, and all Americans really, should be outraged by what may have happened to him, but it is just stunning to see everyone take this unfortunate incident, and turn it into another Trump bashing fiesta. 

Instead of looking at the problem at hand, identifying what needs to be fixed and then making improvements where necessary; the left, the Democrats and their media allies are making sweeping allegations about the country. If the attack on Smullet was meant to be some sort of political statement there is nothing to justify that type of behavior, and hopefully the perpetrators of the crime will be caught and receive the punishment that they deserve. What is amazing though, is that this type of outrage is only expressed when something like this happens to someone on the left, and especially if the person is “black or a person of color.” There is a high level of tolerance however when these crimes are committed by those on the left against anyone on the right, especially if the victim of the crime is white. The condemnation is usually slow in coming. There is sometimes much excuse making, and other times even denials flow from the left when addressing the same type of crimes committed against people on the right. The question is why the double standard?

We have seen this movie on several occasions. The plot never changes, but those running the footage act as though it is new. Keep in mind that these people who are always so quick to use incidents like what happened to Smullet as proof of America’s malevolence as a society, are the same people who have helped in spreading over a hundred high profile hate crime hoaxes since the election of Donald Trump. You read that right people! Their has been  over one hundred high profile hate crime hoaxes since the election of President Trump. This is how committed the left and the Democrat party is to portraying Trump as a racist, and their country as a hate filled cesspool. Were it not for Fox News and other outlets who counter the leftist media narrative, no one would know this. Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough and the rest of the corrupt, leftist media mafia have no interest in covering these different angles when it comes to covering the news. Their main mission is to keep the propaganda train about Trump and America going. Keep that in mind whenever you read or hear about incidents like what happened to Smullet.  

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