Race and Democrat Party privilege

Ahhh, the charmed life of a Democrat politician.  What must it be like to say and do anything, and almost never be held accountable for your actions when you step out of line? Unless you have taken up residence on the far side of Neptune in the last couple of weeks you no doubt have been watching the theater of the absurd that is on full display in the Democrat Party. So much craziness has transpired in the last two weeks that one could fill a couple of libraries with books on the subject. Where exactly is a good place to start? Well, glad you aked! Lets start with the good Governor of Virginia. After giving an interview where he spoke so nonchalantly about late term abortion and infanticide, he got a bail out a couple of days after the backlash that ensued from his comments. A picture of him wearing black face back in 1984 surfaced and all hell broke loose. 

Now mind you, after so casually discussing the killing of babies in the third trimester of a pregnancy, up to the final week and even after birth in some circumstances Democrats galloped to his defense and circled the wagons. When it was discovered however that 35 years ago the Governor dressed in black face, that was a bridge too far for the Dems. Killing babies, sure! Being racially insensitive at a different time in American life 34 years ago, well that is the action that is worthy of a rebuke in the alternate reality world of the Democrat Party.

To be honest, this man should not have to resign as the Governor for wearing black face. As noted earlier, it was a different time in America, attitudes were different then. People were not as hyper sensitive then as they are today about race, and during that time one could get away with something like that without being labeled a racist even though it still may have been considered racially insensitive, or inappropriate. If the Governor has lived a life that is exemplary, if he has a history of treating people with dignity and respect and has shown himself to be be impartial to people regardless of their race, then a stupid picture from 1984 should not matter. In the context however of the way that Democrats have baselessly attacked people over the years, calling anyone who opposes them politically as racist, then yes; he should resign. They have established the rules and destroyed the lives of many decent people with their race baiting, and their race mongering, over and over again. The same standard should apply to them. They should suffer the same consequences based solely on the rules that they have established, but we know different. 

Some Democrats have called for his resignation, and some in the media have also called for him to step aside, but the calls have been tepid at best. By the same token, many have run to his defense. There is no outrage coming from the media, no 24 hour looping of the story, no ridicule, no extensive panel discussion, nor is anyone associating the story with a widespread problem in the Democrat Party. That treatment ladies and gentlemen is reserved for politicians in the other party, after all; everyone knows they are the real racists, right? Knowing all of this, and understanding perfectly well how Democrat privilege works, Mr. Northam, a man skilled in race mongering and demagoguery is refusing to step aside. That’s just the way it works.

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