Why Are Leftist So Bitter Against America, But LoveThe Democrat Party

To the America hating left who love to talk of America’s past sins, here is a question for you. How come you can’t get over America’s past sins despite all the country has done to correct mistakes of the past, yet you adore the Democrat Party?

Why this willingness to forgive the Democrat Party, but hold on to a grudge against America?

Why do I ask this question?  Well, one more time here is a long list of evil, and atrocities that can directly be attributed to Democrats, and or the Democrat Party.

As you go over this list, ask yourself why you are so bitter against your country, but so loving and gracious toward the Party that is responsible so much horror? 

While America endeavors to deal with problems of race your party currently engaged in the pernicious Critical Race Theory. But not only that, you defend them and make excuses for this evil, plus their open hostility and antagonism against the white male? Just as in the past, they think that their racism is righteous because the group that is the object of their hatred deserves it. Anyway that’s for another discussion. We don’t have to get into that right now.

Back to your disdain for America, but your love for the Democrat Party, the Party that is affiliated with, and had strong ties to all of the following:

Here they are:


The Trail Of Tears


Breaking away from the Union and inciting the Civil war to preserve slavery.

Voting against 40 acres and a mule, a law that was meant to pay reparations to slaves who were alive to receive it.

Voted against the:

13th Amendment 

15th Amendment

15 Amendment 

19 Amendment 

Dredd vs Scott

Jim Crow

After the KKK was defeated, they were reborn when progressive hero Woodrow Wilson showed the “The Birth Of A Nation” at the White House giving new life to the terrorist group to wreak havoc on black citizens and others.


The Ocoee massacre

The Rosewood massacre

The Helen massacre

The Oklahoma (black Wall Street) massacre 

There are more but that’s all I’ll name for now.

Peonage (those were the infamous prison camps of the South. Some survivors say they were so terrible they were worse than slavery.

They Democrats virulently opposed desegregation.

When a Democrat did do something of worth, like when Truman desegregated the Military, it was not until Eisenhower came into power that it began to be enforced and take hold.

Whenever you see old videos of the vicious Bull Connor siccing  the dogs on innocent  black marchers, remember that Bill Connor was a Democrat, whose actions were sanctioned by Democrats higher up the chain of power.

Governor George Walllace who uttered the infamous words segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation tomorrow was a Democrat. He was insistent on his segregation forever stance. Eisenhower had to send in troops to stop him from preventing school integration.

Now God bless McGovern. He became truly repentant over his racism, and appears to have made a genuine change in his life. Many black people would vouch for his changed heart. Good for him, but purely as a matter of history segregation was also a part of his record. It’s the same for Storm Thurman and Robert Byrd. Good that they both corrected themselves but they to have a racist history. Thurman became a Republican and Byrd remained a Democrat. It’s noteworthy that the same hatred Democrats harbor toward America, they continued toward Thurmond. They never forgave him for his evil racist, past when he was a Democrat, but they revered Byrd. They even have a highway named after Byrd.

It is because of Democrats that we had the watered down civil rights bills of 1957 and 1960. It was a Democrat who initiated the longest filibuster in American history when they tried to block the civil rights bill of 1964, and many of them were not fond of the subsequent bills in 1965 and 1968 either.

Now some of you will go with the good old reliable “the parties switched theory,” and that’s fine. You say the Dems realized the error of their ways, and turned a new leaf, then the other party started fighting for the votes of the racists in the south. In other words the police just ceased being police after fighting on the side of the law, and suddenly became the bank robbers and murderers. In the meanwhile the murderers and the bank robbers just became the good guys pursuing justice. They became the guardians of justice and took over the job of the police, just like that. Voila! No explanation. 

There is just one issue. All of the Dixiecrats stayed in the Democrat Party except for Storm Thurmond, and a  couple Governors switched from Democrat to Republican. In addition, the South never became Republican until the 1990s, so there is that. 

By that time racism was all a matter of mind reading, like it is today. If you don’t like someone, or a policy, then scream racist. The policy does not actually have to be racist, all you have to do is find a way to frame it as racist and you are golden. That is when the South became Republican.

Sorry for the diversion. Back to the main point, and this is the main point. Don’t miss it please. 

Let’s say the Democrat Party did suddenly, out of nowhere, unexpectedly wake up one morning and say, you know what; it is true we’ve been the Party of every segregationist law. Every one of those racist laws were signed by a Democrat Governor and passed by a Democrat state legislature. That is true. We’ve been the Party of oppression for over 165 years, but we woke up one morning and “the parties switched.” We became the good guys and they became the bad guys.

Even if that is true lefties, how come you are so forgiving of the Democrat Party despite their horrible past, but you are so hard and bitter towards America, despite all af the progress the country has made, and all the effort it continues to make to be a better nation for all? 

What’s up with that lefties?

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