Politicizing Mass Shootings

The people who politicize these mass shootings make it sound like they have all the answers, and they are the only ones who care. The people who disagree with them have no valid reasons to disagree with them. 

You hear people Like President Biden in the immediate aftermath of shootings blaming others who had nothing to do with the killings. He, and those of his ilk have no hesitation about playing on the raw naked emotions of people, and playing on theirs fears, to drive their anti gun agenda. 

When they do what they do, it is all all for the good of everyone. They are not fear mongers. They are the noble ones. Everyone who disagrees are villains.  Then then go on these political campaigns using the deaths of innocents to shamelessly push their agenda. 

They blame the gun lobby for the deaths of the people killed. They blame the NRA and they go on these vicious tirades against anyone who does not share their views on guns. 

They have no problem dancing on the graves of these victims whose lives have been so mercilessly, needlessly, senselessly, and violently snuffed out. They think that their point of view is all that matters.

What if after every shooting, those on the other side of the argument were to run to the closest camera, and declare that it is the people who insist on gun free zones who are to blame for the deaths of those killed in these mass shootings. Imagine it for one moment. Think about this hypothetical case. Here’s the scenario. A shooting takes place somewhere, then immediately after the shooting, Ted Cruz runs out to the closest microphone to declare that the politicians or authorities who made the place a gun free zone where the people were shot are responsible for the deaths of the people killed. He then continues, all of these gun free zones are getting people killed. If we had more good people armed this gunman never would have gotten away with this. You are responsible for these people’s deaths. Your gun free zones did this. Would that be acceptable? 

Imagine that immediately after a shooting that Sean Hannity goes on his show, and begins to rant that every year thousands of people have had their lives saved because other people owned guns and used those guns to save lives. Their is no reason for all these senseless gun laws that continue to get people killed because only the criminal madmen had guns. Then Hannity looks into the screen, ranting, raving and declares, Governor Democrat, you are responsible for these deaths. You have blood on your hands. 

Imagine an NRA spokesman immediately after a shooting, running out to the closest camera to shamelessly declare, once again we see how these foolish gun laws, and the politicians who make them continue to endanger Americans. It’s time to give Americans their rights back so that we can have more armed citizens who can protect themselves and people who need protecting. 

All of these gun advocates are just as passionate as Beto O’Rourke, and they shamelessly appeal to the atrocity that took place five minutes ago to push their pro gun agenda. More of them come out and they saturate the conservative airwaves with gun advocacy to the same extent, with the same immediacy, playing the same blame game, and just talking about why we need more guns not less. 

They and their Democrat counterparts spout their cliches, but they do it in favor of guns instead. We’ve got to do something about this now. The data is clear. Gun laws don’t stop those intent on committing mayhem. They just make law abiding citizens defenseless victims. 

If that were to happen immediately after everyone of these shootings, would that be acceptable? Why not? They are just as emotional. They have as much data to back up their claims. In fact they are convinced that the data is more clearly on their side, and that barring the emotion there is no reason to go down the road of more gun control. 

Then there are those who believe that a lack of values are the problem.  Do they have the go ahead to run before the cameras five minutes after a shooting, to rant an rave as they blame others who had nothing to do with the killings?

They declare that guns are just a symptom of a bigger problem. More gun laws will not help because the problem is a matter of the human condition. We have to get to the heart of the problem, and by concentrating all our efforts on an inanimate object that does not have the capacity to conceive evil or commit evil, authorities are bathing in the blood of the victims. 

Cultural rot, where seemingly nothing is objectively right or wrong is responsible for what we are experiencing. A culture that devalues human life as displayed in the cavalier attitude toward abortion, euthanasia, plus many other social issues lead to these killings. Guns are just a symptom of deeper problems in our society. That’s what we need to tackle.

Does anyone approve of politicians, celebrities, preachers, or other high profile people running to the closest microphone to spout their agenda, when the tears have not even dried on the faces of those who have lost loved one. Is it ok for them to start blaming those they see as responsible for the cultural rot they think is responsible?  

These people are convinced that in a culture where anything goes, and there is no objective right or wrong, these things are bound to happen. 

Do the gun grabbers care more, and get free reign to behave the way they do every time one of these shootings occur? Do others have the right to exploit misfortune to get their way? Are the gun grabbers more righteous than everyone else?

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