Is It All By Design, In Other Words Is All Of This On Purpose?

Rush Limbaugh used to say that the left wants to destroy the country at the core, to rebuild it into the image they have in their mind. His reasoning was that all of the economic turmoil that happens for the most part when they are in charge is on purpose. 

For instance, he used to say that all of the Democrats knew that Obama care would not work the way they said it would. They knew it would drive competition out of the market, cause costs to go up and send the whole thing into chaos. They had to sell it like they think it is a good thing, knowing it would fail. They wanted it to fail because single payer was the ultimate goal, in other words total government control.

Listening to that, the thought would come to mind that Rush is way too suspicious, and cynical of their intentions. They are just terrible at what they do. They are not purposely trying to destroy the country.

Today many conservatives repeat the mantra that everything the left is pushing is with the intent of destroying the economy, cause despair and destroying the social fabric. 

Why would they continue with the energy policy they pursue. Look at inflation, the disruption of the supply chain, the constant outrage, the incessant complaints about racism, pushing all of these legitimately crazy ideas like CRT, transgendenderism, abortion on demand with no limits. It must be on purpose they insist.

It always sounded crazy to these ears, but maybe its true. Remember that the left loves Government control. They believe that the Government is the be all and the end all. To them Government is everything. The Government is the great rescuer, the great equalizer. Every problem can be solved by uncle Govvy.

When chaos reigns, almighty Government can always roll in like a hero to rescue the suffering, taking whatever actions they deem necessary to get control of the situation (that very often they create). We saw it with our neighbors north of our border. Trudeau expressed his love for the Chinese communists. One time when he was asked “Which nation, besides Canada, which nation’s administration do you most admire and why?” Trudeau responded “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China,”  The aspiring dictator continued “Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and saying ‘We need to go greenest fastest, we need to start, you know, investing in solar.’”

“There is a flexibility that I know [former Conservative Prime Minister] Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he can do everything he wanted, that I find quite interesting,”

We saw how Trudeau responded with an iron fist to his citizens who were protesting the hard COVTRIP-62 measures he had implemented. He did not hesitate to use some bonafide tyrannical measures to beat down his people in a manner that would make Kim Jeung Un jealous. 

How did he manage to do and get away with this? He declared a state of emergency. In an emergency the Government is forced to take any action neccesary to get control of the situation right? So what did he do? He created conditions that were so overbearing, so oppressive, so unheard of in a modern Democracy, that the people felt they had to respond. When their actions became just a little outside of the line, it was then time to call in the Governments goons. Wave in the storm troopers. It’s an emergency after all (he largely helped create it but who cares?) 

When people feel like the have no way to get redress from their Government and their government responds with a heavy hand, it could lead to more frustration, helplessnes, and eventually fear. When a people fear their government, and their government is willing to use the power of the state to trample on the rights of citizens, it leads to more oppression. Scared people will often do anything to be safe.

On our own soil, the question is, was Rush right? We see some of the same shennanigans. The leftist regime in power is trying to create conditions that lead to frustration and chaos.  It seems like they want to create an atmosphere of desperation and frustration that would eventually lead to them grabbing on to more, and more power, in the effort to limit the power of the people. 

Implement measures that ultimately lead to “emergencies,” then in the effort to quell the emergencies, the Government assumes more and more power. It’s brilliant! We saw it with COVRACKET-37 didn’t we? They used COVRACKET to trample on the rights of citizens in the most brazen fashion, that we never thought possible in America. 

All the leftist drones shook their heads in approval as they willingly acquiesced to the heavy hand of government in the name of safety. My body my choice did not exist during COVESCAM-56. Well not when you are hurting other other people they would santimoniously claim, as they failed to show who you were hurting, while displaying a total lack of self awareness. 

In all of human history it has always been health policy to kwar-ran-teen the sick while those who are well cautiously go about their business and their lives. This time around they caged healthy people, and infringed on their civil liberties of people like they were taking lessons from Stalin himself. They did not hesitate to take people’s jobs, deny the sick medical attention, ban people from public spaces etc. all in the effort to keep us “safe.”

During COVEIDIOCY-72 social media banned anyone with an opinion that contradicted the status quo. It did not matter what the qualifications were of the people they banned. Their history did not matter. Their record did not matter. All that mattered was the messaging. People were only permitted to utter what the government approved. The Government and leftist “fact checker” will be the arbiters of all truth. They would be the only ones to determine what qualifies as disinformation. And all the leftist sheep cheered! Yeah, that’s awesome.

The power players have now been emboldened like never before, and their audacity is absolutely stunning. As they print trillions and trillions of dollars out of thin air, they tell us that is needed to fight inflation. As they spend, spend, spend they tell us that will stimulate the economy to get us where we need to be. They close a blind eye to China. The border is ove run by illegal aliens as they tell us their is no problem at the border. Human trafficking and illegal drugs is flourishing as a result of a lax border policy. 

Their district attorneys refuse to prosecute criminals. They are have implemented no cash bill in many of their cities, leading to a revolving door of criminals terrorizing citizens. Organized retail crime is now a consequence of their crazy policy to not prosecute shoplifting. As a result of all this nonesense, their cities are ridden with crime even more. Homelessness is the new status symbol, to which many in their cities now aspire. 

Even as they flagrantly aim at the innocence of children, sexualizing them and grooming them in the process, they say that we who protest are in the wrong for protesting. We are pushing fear. 

While pushing pernicious racist ideology and openly pursuing racist policies, they call you racist for pointing out their racist policies. They openly attack free speech, and religion. Institutions like the family are now focused in their cross hairs. One of their radical organizations explicitly told us that it was their goal to destroy the nuclear family.

It does not matter where you turn, where you look, what you do. Leftist ideology has weaved itself into into the fabric of society in a  way that we never would have imagined a short while ago. The chaos is all around us.

On top of all of that they tell us that the earth is dying because of climate change, and as a result we have to give more control to the Government to get control of this “existential threat.” It’s not just a message that we should take better care of our environment, which no one objects to doing, no that’s not it. We are killing the earth and we are all about to die, so give them more power. 

Considering all of this, maybe Rush was right. Maybe all of the conspiracy theorists who publicly voice their proposition that this is all by design are right. After all, how many times have we heard them say to “tear it all down” and remake it in their image?

Chaos is their friend. Are they really doing all of this on purpose?

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