The NFL’s Latest Racial Playbook

Why is it so important to have more blacks and minority coaches in the NFL? 

This is garbage. Garbage, garbage, garbage!

Ladies and gentlemen, the left destroys everything that it touches. Leftism is a cancer that eats away at the soul. It is now eating away the soul of the NFL with  wokeness run amok.

They have now mandated that every team must now hire a minority offensive coordinator. They can do whatever they want, but this is race baiting to the highest level. 

How about this: white leftist America, black bourgeoisie, Democrat machine, stop it! Stop helping black people for crying out loud.

Do these clowns really want diversity? They do not. If they did, they’d be looking at the disproportionate number of black and minority players in the league, and demanding that there be more white people. 

Blacks make up 14 percent of the population, but they are over 50 percent of the league. If racial equity is what these people really want, they’d be working to ensure that the number of black and white players in the league be proportionate to the number of blacks and whites in the population. 

Blacks make millions and millions of dollars. One guy recently signed a half billion dollar contract, but that is not enough. 

It is all fabulous that black athletes make all this money and dominate the league . Why? Because they are the best. They have earned it.

Now a bunch of white lefties are convincing a significant number of black people that despite all of their success, they are victims. 

There are not enough black coaches and owners is now the grievance of choice. What is wrong with these people? The left continues to push the grievance, and victim culture, and so many black people just continue to embrace it willingly.

Again, why would so many people want to live their lives this way. 

If more black people want to become coaches and owners, then all they have to do is put in the same hard work, and dedication that they put in to become players.

Instead you have these grown men constantly griping about the lack of black coaches and owners.

Black people, we can do better than this. There is no difference between blacks and any other group of people. Blacks can achieve the same level of success as any other group in America. All they have to do is apply the tools of success that  have been known to work, and we will succeed. We will succeed…for good measure, one more time…we will succeed.

We do not need white lefties who do not have our interest at hand to pretend they are our protectors, our saviors, our heroes.

Let’s send these people where they belong…anywhere that that is a far, far, far away from black people where the cannot continue wreaking the destruction they have inflicted on black America.

Break off the chains of mental slavery, and live as free men black America. You are indeed free. Those enslaved by leftist ideology and proponents of leftist ideology, remember that these masters are your masters by choice. These white leftists and their black bourgeoisie allies do not have your best interest at heart.

Remember that!

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