What Is Behind The Media’s Behavior

So here is a question. It is not a rhetorical question (genuinely seeking some thoughts on this). Why is the legacy media doing what they are doing? I am asking this in all earnestness. What is the reason for this? They have always leaned left, but at least there used to be a semblance of making the effort to be balanced. 

Organizations like Fox News were formed to fill a dearth in coverage of the News that neglected the conservative angle. Fox is definitely right leaning news. They do not apologize for it. Their commentators like Carlson, Hannity, Kilmeade, Watters etc. are conservative, and they declare it boldly. On the other hand you have the News department at Fox News, and though they still lean right, you know that Martha McCallum would invite every side on her show and try to give a fair representation of a given story, Brett Baier the same, Chris Wallace Ditto. Shepherd Smith was a liberal. 

The point is that even though Fox is undoubtedly conservative, when it comes to their news department, they are still somewhat in the traditional mode. Even the commentators from whom you know what to expect, they invite real lefties on their shows to have real debates. Most lefties avoid them like the plague, but Tucker will give a lefty a chance to defend himself or make a case. 

On the other hand you have Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and others at CNN, plus the whole cabal at NBC, CBS, ABC etc. Many of their commentators swear that they are straight up news people. They are not opinion journalists. They have their news departments also, but they are so unabashedly to the left that it makes one wonder why they are doing what they are doing. 

It is no longer just a matter of the press being left leaning. It is now evident that they are hell bent on shaping the narrative in a certain direction. Here are a couple examples of what I’m talking about. Observe how they are making a fuss about the let’s go Brandon chants. Those let’s go Brandon chants are the direct result of a reporter trying to cover for President Biden when a crowd was chanting F??? Joe Biden. The point is not about whether or not it’s right to make these vulgar chants, but why would a reporter go out of her way to cover what viewers were hearing for themselves in the background as the people chanted. What is behind this? 

It was par for the course to be disrespectful to Trump and the media never reacted the way they have been reacting to the chants of let’s go Biden. It does not matter how you feel about Trump. That is not the point. Why this flagrant double standard. Robert De Niro shows up to an awards show and the first words out of his mouth is F??? and he is praised. John Legend spewed the most vile commentary at Trump on a regular basis, but he gets to star in commercials for big corporations. A random troll says let’s go Brandon, and he is targeted for destruction. What is this all about?

 How about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial? We have people looked at this case that was so flagrantly biased and one sided, yet they fully bought in to the nonsense about Rittenhouse, but for the people who watched as the case crumbled like a sand castle it was obvious that Rittenhouse’s case was the most obvious example of self defense. If you followed the case from the beginning you would know that Rittenhouse was the complete opposite of who the media portrayed him to be. 

Think of all the prosecutorial misconduct in this case that occured right before our very eyes. People looked at that and were ok with it because of who he was. They media and the left were mad at the judge for calling out the dishonest prosecutor. If ever there was a case that should not have been brought to trial it is this one. Think about the media trying to destroy this young man’s life and the many lies that they told in relation to his case. 

Here’s the thing. A lot of what they had to end up conceding in the end, was covered in right wing news outlets like the Gateway pundit a long time ago. If you read The Daily Caller, or listened to Newsmax, or any one of these despised outlets, you were not surprised when you heard that Rittenhouse did not illegally cross state lines with a weapon. You would have known that months before. You would have known that Rittenhouse’s father lived in the state, and Rittenhouse was deeply connected to the community where his father lived, and where he was that night. You would have known that he worked in the state, and that his home was just a few minutes away in Illinois. 

This young man, by all indicators is a decent citizen, but we saw the media work diligently to portray him as a white supremacist radical.The media covered this case with a one sided zealotry that would rival the Westboro Baptiste church. How about the fact that a 17 year old felt the need to take up arms as he assisted his community during a time of complete break down of law and order? The media never featured that aspect of the story. 

Think of the way that so many in the media and others used their high profile platforms to mocked this young man as he broke down emotionally on the stand. Now think about the coverage just a few weeks after, of a black man who has been involved in what seems to a racist mass killing involving the use of an automible as a weapon in the same state.

Why is the media doing all of this? They don’t just lean left anymore. They are blatant liars. The lies that they tell are huge, big, giant, gargantuan lies and they tell them like we have no access to information (think insurrection, think Wuhan lab, think Russia collusion, think Jussie Smollet, think of the Hunter Biden laptop, think border patrol agents on horseback whipping black Hatians, and much more). 

What is driving all of this?

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