Believe Them When They Tell You Who They Are

The say that when people tell you, and show you who they are, that you should believe them. The left has been showing us and telling us who they are for a while now, but many people still think that they are not a real threat to the country. 

Many Americans think that this is the old political debate of old. One side wants higher taxes, the other side does not. One side thinks that the Government has a bigger obligation to provide for the needs of its citizens, the other side thinks that we need to show people how to be independent, self sufficient and provide for themselves. One side thinks that school choice is a good idea, the other side thinks the money should all go into public education. 

These are just some of the differences that existed in the different ideologies. People were prepared to defend their positions, argue vigorously, vote on them, then the side who presented the best case won. Both sides could actually continue about their business, still respecting one another, and you could rest assured that each side loved their country.  They just shared some differences on the best way to run the country.

Today it is no longer the case. The left hates the country. They despise what it stands for and they wish to tear it down. They have organizations like F Yo Flag. They chant on the streets “death to America.” They say things like “What do you want? Dead Cops! When do you want them? Now!” They have no problem marching through the streets and shouting “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” They openly champion the cause of discrimination against, and a hatred of the white male. They are initiating COVID policy that favors black people over whites and they call it progress. 

Once upon a time Bernie Sanders sat on the fringes of the Democrat Party. No one paid him any attention. That’s just crazy Bernie Sanders was the thought. Today Bernie Sanders plays a prominent role in the Democrat Party and he is even bolder expressing his love of socialism. 

The left now has has no problem viciously attacking the first amendment. They are going after religious organizations, trying to force many religions to accept and conform to their evil agenda at the threat of these organizations closing their doors. DA attorneys across America are refusing to prosecute criminals and we are seeing a revolving door of criminals who get free reign to continue their committing their crimes against the citizens of the country. 

It does not matter where you turn. All of the traditional institutions that we once looked to and cherished are under attack from the left, and the left makes no apologies. One of the institution they have laser focused on to destroy is the traditional family. Numerous children are born out of wedlock. Many of these kids are denied the opportunity to grow up in stable homes and reap the benefits of a solid family foundation. Marriages are discarded like old underwear, and sex is promoted as just another physical activity that is no different than any other. There are no boundaries. In schools children’s mindes are being poisoned with the dangerous critical race theory ideology and they are being taught that boys can be girls and girls can be boys. 

Most of all the left is trying to obliterate the concept of God and replace it with the idea that Governments hold the answers to the problems that humanity faces. This is dangerous and will lead to the crumbling of our society faster than any thing. One of the main reasons that America has been so successful and so blessed as a nation is because the founding fathers embraced the Judaeo-Christian principles that have been foundational in the country’s growth. Today the left is on the ascendancy and they are burning away the fabric of our society.

Even though it looks discouraging, and sometimes even hopeless; adopting a hopeless attitude is never an option. The left is on the rise but they still have not managed to completely turn the country into the what they are trying to develop. Do not think for one minute that the old way of doing business is enough. The days of simply leaving it up to voting every two or four years being the extent to which people fight are over. More people have to get involved in the fight to bring attention to the destructive nature of the left’s evil agenda and work to turn things around.  

They have shown us who they are. Believe them!

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