Merry Christmas To 6 January 2021 Patriots

To my January 6 January 2021 patriot Capitol protesters. Merry Christmas to you.

Much respect to all of you who went down to the nation’s Capitol to protest your Government. Your actions that day are the hallmark of a true Republic. It is a reminder that Government is accountable to the people.

Keep your head up and remember that you have nothing for which to be ashamed. What you do gives  hope that we will survive this strange, weird, upside down period of our history. Plaudits to you, but shame on the people who rioted that day and put a black eye on your noble actions. 

An even bigger shame on the people who try to convince you that you did something wrong. Rest assured that you did not do anything wrong. Do not let anyone tell you different. Shame on the media who consistently repeated the Democrat talking points, and did not even care to honestly discuss the concerns that you had about election fraud. Shame on the people who casually dismissed your concerns. Shame on all of those who instead of looking in to the very specific claims that you made about election irregularities, simply called you kooks.

Shame on all those who refused to even take a look, and examine your claims to see if there was any veracity to them. Shame on those who simply spoke the words “the big lie” without ever giving you your day in court. Shame on the people who rejoiced over the death of  a young woman who was mercilessly shot by an abusive policeman who took her life like she was a stray dog on the streets of Afghanistan. Shame on the media for not holding him to account for the brazen contempt he showed for that woman’s life. Shame on the people who are holding American citizens in jail without any charges,  treating them like enemy combatants, claiming there was an insurrection that day, and using that as an excuse to abuse the rights of Americans.

 There is a lot more shame to go around, but none of it rests on the patriotic shoulders of you who were there in peace to protest, and exercise your patriotic duty. You always have the right in America to challenge your government. Never forget that. Do not ever hang your heads in shame. When the story of 6 January 2021 is told always be proud to say that you were one of those who was there to hold your government accountable.

That is what democracy is all about. If our democracy survives, people like you will be a major reason why it survives. When the black liars matter frauds were tearing up stuff all over the country, the elites cheered. When the mob was marauding through the streets of Democrat cities, burning, looting, destroying, vandalizing, assaulting, and murdering, the power players sitting on high, looking on from their lofty condos applauded. The black liars matter movement had the full support of America’s ruling class as the black liars matter recalcitrants wreaked havoc on private citizens, based on a lie that the police killed a black man for no other reason than the man’s race. When the black liars matter closed off city blocks, renamed it CHAZ, then CHOP, and made life miserable for private citizens in these neighborhoods, our masters roared their approval. 

It is a clear sign of what the nobility thinks of you when they cheer on the destruction of private property. It’s a clear sign of their disdain when they give their consent to thugs, vandals, and malcontents running amok across their cities, terrorizing private citizens. Then moment it got to their doorsteps, with them sitting in their ivory towers, it was no longer cute. Then it was time to bring the full force of the state against anyone who dared challenge their corruption. 

It was ok to terrorize private citizens in their business places and neighborhoods. It was fine to burn private businesses. It was wonderful to plunder as long as it was all happening away from the Haut Monde. Thanks to the patriots of 6 January 2021, the ruling class got a timely reminder that it is the people to whom they must give account. These patriots must not let the actions of a few rogues discourage them from taking action in the future. They cannot allow the dishonest, lying media to kill their spirits. 

Don’t ever let the intimidation tactics of the blue bloods  make them back down.

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