Election Reflections

In reflecting on the last elections, one of the craziest things that happened at a location in Georgia come to mind. Cameras at one of the polling stations recorded polling station supervisors tell poll workers to leave the room.

When the poll workers left the room, the people who remained could be seen pulling mysterious ballots in a suitcase out from under the table, then counting them, but that’s not all. They could be seen running ballots through tabulator machines over and over, and from appearances, it seems they were exchanging USB sticks (hmm what could have been on those USB sticks).
Now, no one is making up any of this. It happened. It was caught on camera.

In other places, voting mysteriously stopped, then hundreds of thousands of ballots also mysteriously showed up with single percentage votes going to Trump. You also had votes showing up by the exact amount of numbers in a few places to take uncle Joey over the top. In one place you had tens of thousands of underage voters on the voting rolls etc. it was a whole bunch of stuff that only got reported on right leaning organizations (which automatically made it untrue or not worth looking in to).
Ok, ok. Your protestations are loud and clear. Conspiracy theory etc. Only Stacy Abrams gets to make claims of voter fraud. She does not even need to present evidence to make her claims all over the media.

After all, she plays all the right cards. She’s black. She’s a Democrat. She’s got the victim role down to a science. She knows how to call people names and claim everyone is a racist. What’s the reason for the media to not take her seriously?

What is most disturbing in the way the media covered the claims of voter fraud is the way they refused to even telll the American people what the specific claims were. They had no interest at all in even looking at what appeared to be a most brazen act of vote manipulation caught on camera.
The Supreme Courts also refused to even look at any of the challenges that were not only brought by the losing candidate, but by several states.You had hundreds of people, including poll workers with sworn affidavits waiting to testify, but they did not even get the opportunity to be heard.

It’s one thing to say there was not enough irregularities to sway the election the other way even if the talk of irregularities is true. It is quite another thing to ignore every claim the othe other side made, and not even look at what they claim was, or the evidence they say they had.

With all the talk we hear about threats to democracy, you’d think that there’d be a different attitude about such claims. You’d be wrong. The media, without exercising a picogram of curiosity simply repeated the Democrat talking points, parroting the words “the big lie” without once looking at the other side’s claims.

A year later. Many states are conducting audits, and claim to be coming up with all kinds of evidence that point to rampant cheating in many counties. As before, the only outlets covering these stories are right leaning websites. As usual, instead of discussing the merits or demerits of the so called evidence, the response has been to discredit these organizations. Call them names. Insult them. Just don’t ever get to the point of discussing what they claim to have found.

The irony in all of this is that the mainstream media that covered the Jussie Smollet hoax with glee, same with the Covington Catholic High school students, the George Floyd killing, the riots that followed, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, and insists that CRT in schools is not real is the same media that calls their competitors liars. Go figure.

We saw a completely different attitude in 2001 when it was the Democrats challenging the elections. They were at least given a hearing and allowed to make all kinds of claims and challenges until eventually the Supreme Court said enough. They got their day in court.

When it comes to the left and Democrats, they can do no wrong as far as the media is concerned.

The low information drones all across the country in the meantime continue to be ecstatic living in their bubble where curiosity is forbidden. As they wallow in blissful ignorance, they swear it is they who are in the know. They are fools convinced of their high superior intellect.

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