Some Random Thoughts Running Through The Mind

After the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of saint George Floyd, one thing stood out to those who pay attention to these things.
Not once during the trial did anyone bring up the issue of race. Nobody accused the officers of targeting Floyd because of his race. It did not even come up. Then after the trial, the race hustling former Democrat National Committee Deputy Chairman, and Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison said that there was no evidence whatsoever that the death of Floyd had anything to do with race.

So in essence, all of the mayhem, the madness, the looting, the vandalism, the taking over of city blocks, the burning of businesses, the taking over of police precincts by reckless mobs, the threats against federal buildings, the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, the spate murders and all of the chaos that proceeded the killing of Floyd, were all based on a lie perpetrated by the Democrat Party machine, the media, and all the white lefty elites who pretend to care about black people.
Don’t forget the other high profile killings of black people that were also falsely portrayed as police brutality. All of it was based on lies…all of it.

They succeeded in defunding the police in many places and since then a violent crime wave has swept the country like we have not seen in decades. These people even freed prisoners by the tens of thousands to unleash a reign of terror on America’s streets.

Guess which Demographic is suffering the most because of all this madness? Well it starts with B and ends with l a c k. See if you can figure it out.

In one Democrat City in California stealing merchandise worth $950 or less is just a misdemeanor so every day people just casually walk in to certain businesses and pilfer the merchandise of businesses up to $950, and casually walk out, unafraid of consequences. Some other Democrat Cities have similar laws.

After they wreaked their destruction, with people suffering all the consequences of these crazy policies, the people responsible just went about their business, calmly whistling along.

Nothing to see here folks.

If ever there was a cause worth fighting for, it is fighting against the injection mandate. This fight against “the man” is one of the most noble causes that is worth battling against in a long time.

Instead what we have are the usual protectors of black people lambasting anyone who simply says, I need more information. I don’t like that we do not know the long term effects of the jab. I don’t like how they are forcing it on the nation and denying people basic rights, and privileges without any discussion. I do not like that they are blacklisting people who refuse to go along. I do not like that they are black out information that is different. I do not like that they are labeling everyone, even experts in their fields as Kooks, and conspiracy theorists. I do not like that they are pushing this so hard like the world is about to end. I do not like that they have been caught lying on so much that pertains to this issue. I just need more before I agree to put this stuff in my body.

Turn on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, the NY Times, NPR, and every liberal dumpster fire and all you could hear is a bunch of elite white liberals lecturing, scolding, debasing, name calling, tearing down and trying to shame anyone who says they do not want the jab.

The argument is not whether or not the injection works. That’s not the issue. It is that the authorities that be, in concert with big business, big pharma, and even people in the medical community are overstepping their boundaries and telling people that they have to take the jab.

They do not even want to discuss it. They are banning information that is contrary. They are even refusing to talk about all of the other treatments that do exist. The Government and the media has decided to black out any information that is contradicts their narrative. They have resorted to book burning in the attempt to hide any information that does not match the status quo.

The people standing up to the continued slow creep of tyranny are being vilified because they are saying no to all of this madness that we are seeing in current America .
The idea that it is my body, my choice only applies when it comes to killing black babies in the womb of black women.

It is ok for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to swarm the border without any of the checks and balances that legal immigrants have to go through to get here.2. Boys can be girls and girls can be boys

3. Men can make babies

4. It’s no big deal for men to compete in womens sports

5. Aborting a baby is on the day it is supposed to be delivered is no big deal

6. Socialism is great

7. Free speech is a threat

8. Freedom of religion is targeted

9. Whit people are evil

10. Crime is not to be prosecuted

Yeah let’s hear it for the Democrat agenda.

All across the country F Joe Biden chants are spontaneously breaking out at stadiums, halls, street gatherings, rallies and everywhere. F Joe Biden, F Joe Biden.It’s inappropriate.

People should not be engaging in that kind of nasty politics. The office of the President is separate from the man.During the Presidency of Donald Trump all of the norms of civility went out the window, in the way that people treat the office of the President, so now this behavior has been legitimized and is now firmly established.The only difference is that during the Trump years, this kind of stuff was cheered and celebrated in the media. Now they think they have to protect uncle Joey.

Why is it that to this day if you criticize the race hustling, victim peddler, America hating Obama, you are either a racist or a sell out?

This black man showed up at the funeral of five police officers who were executed by a BLM activist could not muster a word of criticism against the perpetrator of the crime. But he did manage to criticize police across the country…at the funeral of five executed policemen.

Don’t forget how he behaved at the funeral of the other race hustler John Lewis.

This black man who did nothing to advance the cause of black people, but did everything in his smooth, sophisticated manner to portray America as a racist hell hole is somehow above criticism.

You could say anything about Trump, but saint O’dawg is off limits.

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