White Bashing, America’s new past time

One of the most hateful articles imaginable called whiteness is a pandemic, written by a guy named Damon Young who writes for the NY Times and the root was published. It is hard to believe the things that this man had to say about black, but these anti-white sentiments have been trending for few years now.

This stuff is now mainstream. The gentleman makes all kinds of claims about “whiteness” without providing any kind of data or proof for his sweeping statements. 

So why the emphasis coming from this facebook page on so called hostility to white people?  

Well we see how people react to racism against black people and other minorities. It is to the point that one needs only be suspected of being a racist, and that could lead to becoming an outcast from society.

In America there is nothing worse that being called a racist against black people. Nothing will get you more sympathy as “a person of color” than to be labelled a victim of racism. Many black people wear it as a badge of honor.

Though it is appropriate to abhorr by racism, politicians, academics, corporations, celebrities and other high profile people have gone off the rails, and baseless charges of racism are now used as a bludgeon to beat people into silence.

In the place of what we identify as traditional racism, the exploitation of our legitimate desire to not make the same mistakes of the past has given rise to a new attitude about racism.  It is an attitude that now accepts a new kind of racism. The definition of racism in this instance is changed. It is not considered as racism, and the prejudice directed against white Americans is now see as acceptable. 

The excuse is for accepting this new racism  is that white people have power, and no matter the circumstances of individuals in this group, everyone of them has a built in advantage over black people and people of color. The system is built to advantage white people we are told. Despite all of the laws and the mechanisms that we have in place to combat racism, none of that matters. 

The proof that people who charge racism use to show racism is the disproportionate numbers where blacks and people of color are under represented in situations that benefit them, and where they are over represented in situations that disadvantage them. As far as these race hustlers are concerned everything in life is now supposed to reflect the exact demographic make up of the country, and if it does not, then racism is the cause. It does not matter that this model has never ever been reflected anywhere at anytime in history. 

No one is giving the magic formula that shows how to make everything equal so that everything is equally proportioned to match America’s demographic make up. Our ruling class is now simply telling us that it is their job to ensure that everything in life affects every demographic to the exact same measure that is represented in the country. 

They have identified the primary source of all inequality, and it is white privilege. Eliminating that privilege is now a major endeavor of the elites, and it is being done through demonization, and policy that is aimed at excluding the group viewed as privileged.   

As a result, hostility towards this group is not treated the same way that hostility towards blacks and other minority groups is treated. 

In America, people can now say anything against white people. It is ok to make any accusation against them as a group, and dismiss their concerns, while actively discriminating against them in the name of correcting past wrongs. 

You see, it’s true when people use these broad stereotypes, and accusations to speak about white people.

We would not accept this kind of labeling against other groups because it is not good to paint any group of people with so wide a brush. With white people it’s different though because it is all true.


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