Meghan Markle the victim, Harry the white hero

Hey y’all!

Meghan Markle is a victime y’all. Whaaat! You didnt know? Whitey just wants to bring her down, and keep her in her rightful place. That place is underneath their privileged white feet. It is the only place for a black like her you see. 

The hype over this interview had all of the signs of what it was going to be all about, victim posturing and race pimping. All of the indicators suggested that this was going to be nothing more than a whine fest by a privileged 1 percenter black woman who is invested in proving, and showing the world that she too is a victim of the eeeeevil white devils. Next to her would be her rich, privileged 1 percenter, white husband, invested in proving to the world that he understands the plight of the poor helpless blacks (this is what they think of black people and too many black people see it as a virtue in them). He understands how evil his people are, but he…he is one of the good ones. He has virtue doggone it! And he wants the world to know. You see he is able to separate himself from the other white tormentors, and call it like it is.

Go ahead everybody, round of applause for Prince Harry. Go ahead, praise him, white savior that he is.

What better way to promulgate their race hysteria than having the ultimate one percenter, race  baiting, black female invested in pushing the narrative do the interview? Who better to guide these two fools along than the grand old dame of race baiting herself? The one, the only, the indefatigable race baiting champyon, Oprah Winfrey.  Each of them would just feed off each other and produce TV gold. Together they will push the collective narrative that the blacks, highlighted in the travails of the beautiful Duchess just can’t catch a break. 

Initial thoughts were that the interview would just be a platform for Ms. Markle to spout that no one has ever had it as hard as she, and it is all because she is black. People were mean to her you see, and that can only be because she is black. People need to understand that. Not even her husband’s mother, Princess Diana, had it as hard as she.  Despite all of Markle’s beauty, prestige, accomplishments and stature, she is just a poor black woman, hated for her skin color. 

True to form and as expected, Meghan and her white victim enabler, cheered on by the race baiting black female one percenter, flung out charges of racism, providing absolutely nothing to back up their highly charged accusations. Hey! Who cares? Proof of racism against black people is never necessary. As long as you feel it, it is. So there! The only reason bad things ever happen to black people is because of racism. 

In the meanwhile many black people from all around the world are just lapping it all up, without an ounce of curiousity. 

Why in heaven’s name would any group of people choose to live with such a defeatest aproach to life, especially black people who have so much to gain by abandoning this foolish way of thinking, and throwing it into the garbage heap of history.

Truth be told, there is racism in the world, but people are also mean to black people for other reasons (by the way, racism is not exclusive to white people. Despite what you may hear). Sometimes it is because the people being mean are just jerks. Sometimes they are stupid. Sometimes they are having a bad day. They could just be insensitive or ignorant. Sometimes they say things to hurt because they feel hurt. Sometimes the person to whom they are being mean is the jerk, or just unlikeable, or for other reasons. In addition not every act of racism needs to be treated like a national emergency. Sometimes it just needs to be waved off like you wave off the nasty clerk at the DMV office. Other times you deal with it like you dealt with the dude who tried to cut in front of the line at the grocery store. 

The thing is people do not have to retreat into the victim posture every single time something bad happens to them. It’s called life. Bad things happen from time to time.

In the end all the suspicions of what this interview would be about were spot on.

Nailed it!

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