Some thoughts on the evil Democrat Party Machine

Cumo, Democrats and the media

Check out the media frauds extolling the leadership prowess of Andrew Cuomo in the video in this article. Now here’s the thing. Way back then when they would gladly eat off Cuomo’s shoe sole, the things that we are “finding out now” were known. The media knew what was going on! It was no secret. Other alternative media outlets like Breitbart and others were already asking questions about Cuomo’s mishandling of the nursing home patients, the thousands of deaths that ensued, and the possible covering up of the data to protect himself. This stuff has been out there in the ether for a long time, but you see Andrew had one thing going for him.

Cuomo is a Democrat and Democrats are held to a completely different standard than their political opponents. They can get away with almost anything. In addition the Democrats were on the destroy Trump campaign, so they were glad to pump up Cuomo while dumping on Trump.

Now that Cuomo’s aide has gone public about what happened during the nursing home mishandling, and some women have simultaneously brought sexual harassment accusations against him, Cuomo has become a liability, and his allies are flushing him down the toilet. He is no longer useful to them. In addition, keep in mind; whenever Democrats are distracting with the right hand, always pay attention to what the left hand is doing. Cuomo may just be a convenient distraction at the time as Democrats try to move ahead with their radical, destructive agenda. While everyone is paying attention to Cuomo, Democrats are just moving along.

Ask yourself this question now. Do you trust that these people who were singing the praises of Andrew when they knew that everything they were saying were all lies, were also giving you the truth about President Trump?What frauds these people are! Make sure that you stand absolutely still when they tell you to run, and you’d better hightail it whenever they tell you to stand still.

Texas, COVID, and illegal immigration

So according to Larry Elder, The Gateway Pundit, Breitbart News and a few other outlets where you get stories you can hardly find on the mainstream media, the Biden Administration has allowed a number of COVID-19 positive illegal immigrants into Texas without any requirement that they be quarantined. It has been reported that in Texas over the last couple of days the authorities have run into 108 COVID positive illegal immigrants allowed to come in to the country because of Biden/Harris immigration policy.Why would they do this?

Cages at the border?

What’s that, Joe Biden is locking children up in cages at the border? No way! What’s that, they are not in cages? Oh…oh….riiiiight. They are influx facilities. Got it. They are illegally flooding the borders in large numbers, accompanied by adults, and because of this illegal activity; USCIS has to detain them. Now we understand. Hold on, what? Oh…because USCIS cannot legally detain children and adults together, they must separate the children from the adults with whom they arrive. I guess this was not the case during the Trump administration. Thanks for the clarification. That has to be the reason that the media is silent on the issue. It is not because they are corrupted to the core. Ok thanks media. What would we do without you?

Who’s in charge at the White House?

Joe Biden at the end of his Zoom meeting: “And uh I’ll be happy to take questions now if that is what I am supposed to do.” White House: Cuts the Zoom feed without any warning, or word, and Biden disappears. No explanation. Only Democrats could get away with this stuff.

The nasty left and the Democrat Party Machine

Why is it that the most vicious, hateful, downright nasty people could so confidently walk around behaving as the examples of virtue? Any objective observer witnessing the behavior of the left and the Democrat Party over the last few years can see the unhinged, virulent, despicable and at times often violent way these people have behaved in pursuit of their agenda. They think that because they disagree politically with their opponents that gives them the right to say anything about people, make any accusations, tarnish people’s character, and just behave in the most despicable manner that we have witnessed over the last few years.

They have justified all of this because of their raw, unadulterated hatred of their political opponents. Yet these very people present themselves as the salt of the earth, and lights to the world. How do you look at people like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and others who have been some of the most nasty people to ever hold political office and use them as examples of goodness and character? You are morally outraged by Donald Trump, but Joe Biden is your example of integrity? How does one look at Alexander Ocasio Cortez, an absolutely mean spirited woman who is constantly demeaning people and accusing her political opponents of all kinds of wrong doing, lying and casting aspersions on people’s character in the attempt to destroy them politically, and then use her as an example of decency? How does one look at people like Rashida Tlaib, and Elan Omar with admiration, two women who have shown their disdain for the people of Israel, but stay silent on atrocities committed by the Palestinians, advocate for socialist policies and try to paint their opponents in the most unflattering colors?

How does one look at the Democrat Party and their culture of death, as they champion the cause of abortion up to the last day of pregnancy, and say yes; this is the Party for me? How does one look at the constant attacks on people’s freedom to worship, the attacks on free speech, the pernicious cancel culture, and the pushing of the warped transgender agenda ideology even on little children, and say this is preferable?

This has to be a joke, but sadly it is not. These people and their followers are so motivated and governed by hate that that they have lost their capacity to discern right from wrong, and we are all worse off for it. Good is now called evil, right is wrong, up is down, in is out, and back is front. These people all walk around without any clothes on as their admirers lavish them with praise for their beautiful, fashionable outfits. This is madness.

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