Democrats’ evil immigration policy

If you ever doubted it, you must be convinced  now. The Democrat Party machine is evil to the core. The Democrat Party has a vested interest in keeping a permanent underclass of people whom they can continue to exploit in the politics of grievance. Why would they implement the policies that they continue to initiate knowing that these policies do not drive economic success? 

As we observe the chaos at the border, it is evident that the Biden Administration has no interest in pursuing policies that benefit the American people. Why this maniacal laser focus on policy that benefits people from other countries who enter the country illegally? As long as corrupt countries know that they can simply dump their poor on the United States, what incentive do these countrie have to make policies that benefit their own people? 

Make no mistake, the United States has a moral obligation to assist economically struggling countries and peoples, but the solution is not to  disregard the rule of law and simply allow people to flout America’s laws. 

The Democrat Party machine views many of these people as future Democrat voters. The formula is simple. Bring these people into the country. Get them dependent on government assistance. Give them just enough to keep them coming back, but never enough to become independent. In other words, give them handouts never a hand up. Place them in communities where they form enclaves, and the cycle is repeated, then blame racism for keeping them down. Give them citizenship a few years later, tell them that the Republican Party wants to take away all of their benefits, and does not want them to succeed. 

A new victim class is born.

Mission accomplished! 


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