The brazen leftward tilt of the military

The military is becoming a leftist woke machine, and it is sad to observe. They are not completely gone as yet (they are almost there), so there may still be a small window to summon Delta Force or Seal Team Six to try and perform a rescue mission. It will be an extremely dangerous mission though, even for these formidable fighting forces.

When the left is in the ascendancy, they are hard to beat. They destroy everything in their path. Everything they touch turns to dirt.

As many look on in utter astonishment at the brazenly political posturing, and the embrace of leftist ideology by many in high leadership positions in he military, those who know the importance of the military remaining apolitical are becoming more and more concerned. The military must remain a politically neutral entity if the nation is to continue being a successful republic. If they do not, it is going to be a race to the bottom for the country, and it will definitely bring an end to the United States status as the most preeminent nation.

Those nations that have been nipping at our heels trying o surpass the United States are waiting in the wings, ready to assume the role of the world’s leading nation. For those who think that this is a good thing, how does it sound to have the brutal, despotic, communist nation of China calling the shots around the world. Yes, that China. The country that terrorizes it’s own citizens in slave camps, persecutes anyone who does not tow the political line, forces women to have abortions, is constantly haranguing its neighbors in the South China Sea, recently subjugated the people of Hong Kong, and unleashed a deadly virus on the world.

Yup, that is the country that is lying in wait to usurp the role of the United States in the world. Right alongside them are our old friends, the Russians, while playing lesser roles as minions of these two powers are the Iranians, and other bad actors who would no longer have to worry about the “evil” imperialistic U.S. of A.

This is what we face if the left continues to gain a foothold in the military. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen quicker than you know it.

Look at how swiftly their destructive prowess wreak havoc:

It is a safe bet that 10 years ago no one thought that there’d be a serious discussions about whether a man could be a woman or a woman could be a man. No one thought that people would be called bigots if thy said that neither of these is possible. Did anyone think that in 2021, people would be called terrible human beings because they do not think that men having sex with men or women having sex with women is a good thing?

Who would have thought that anyone would be hated, and that there would be calls to ostracize fellow citizens because they did not support gay marriage.

The left runs education, and large numbers of children are graduating high school unable to read and do math at grade level. Universities are hotbeds of intolerance for anyone who opposes leftist ideology.

Whereas sports was once a unifier, today no one can turn on a basketball game for respite from the constant bombardment of leftist ideology.

Once great cities like San Francisco are now havens for homelessness, and drug addiction. Urban centers across America run by leftists are hotbeds for crime, poverty, and injustice.

The first amendment is under attack as people in power unabashedly declare their hostility against freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

As anti-police sentiment is now en vogue, we listen to calls to defund the police while, murder and other violent crime continues to increase.

The left is dangerous!

Given all of these examples of the left’s destructive ways, what do we suppose will happen to the military if these people manage to firmly sink their claws into this organization, and implement their destructive policies. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

All world powers eventually fall. It is not going to be any different for the United States. No one nation will be in the number one spot forever. Eventually the day will come when the United States gives up the number one spot in the world. That does not mean that Americans have to turn the military over to a bunch of crackpots, and watch the military become a place for leftist ideology, helping in the country’s decline. If this leftward shift of the military continues it could hasten what would be a meteoric decline of a great nation.

Ultimately, in the grand scheme, almighty God has so much in store for the world, and he will achieve his grand purpose as he weaves all of the chaos in the world to produce the finest tapestry anyone can imagine. In the meanwhile though, Americans should not stand by in silence, nor retreat as they witness another institution embark on a course that leads to self destruction.

Check out this story on Breitbart news:

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