You’ve heard of white privilege, here’s Democrat privilege

Oh to be a Democrat! It must be nice.

The spy who…

Representative Eric Swall dated Chinese honeypot for 4 years, a beautiful alleged Chinese spy. Nancy Pelosi knew about it. When questioned about it Nancy Pelosi claimed that Republicans were focused on Swallwell’s relationship with a spy to distract from QANON. What the…Are these people serious. Anyway, dum dee dum dee dee dum dee dee dum dum dum, and she went away humming and whistling along as the media stood in awe at her brilliant answer.

Nothing to see here folks, go on bout your b’ness.   

When he was asked about his relationship with the Chinese honeypot  a couple days ago, instead of addressing the seriousness of the issue, Swallwell just casually blamed President Trump for leaking the information to the media. The media did not ask any probing questions to dig deeper, and find out more. They just let him speak without interrupting him. 

Who cares about a Chinese honeypot possibly compromising a sitting Congressman when you could blame Trump for leaking that information to the press, then treat that as the bigger story. 

Notice how he called it leaking. That person is a leaker, not a sacred whistleblower whom Democrats love to love, and protect.  Thank God for alternative media though. 

The story is not going away. Let’s see what we find out about him and his honeypot.

The powerful Democrat and the spy who drove her

Dianne Feinstein had another alleged Chinee spy as her driver for 20 years…while they were persecuting Trump for the Russian hoax. Folks it is impossible to make this stuff up. When it was revealed that Feinstein had a spy on her staff for 20 years, the media could not care any less. Who cares about an actual Chines spy when we could pushing the Russian hoax. Despite this story being taken up by alternative media, it never gained the kind of traction that needed to gain, too busy pushing hoaxes. That’s the important stuff. No time to address issues about real espionage from America’s greatest foreign threat possibly infiltrating the halls of power via a powerful Senator.

Democrat legislator threatens Trump voters

A sitting Detroit Democrat legislator had a warning to Trump supporters she gave notice:

This is just a warning to you Trumpers.  Be careful! Walk lightly! We aint playing with you. Enough of the shennanigans. Enough is enough! And for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.

She was stripped from her legislative committee membership by the GOP Detroit leaders.

Undeterred, doubling down and defiantly she said: 

“I’m good, I’m ok, I’m not worried. I’m not changing my f*** phone. I’m not going under ground. I’M NOT DOING NONNA DAT. Mind you, I never called anyone out of their names of course unless they’re liars or dumb a****.”

Cynthia Johnson ladies and gentlemen. Democrat! 

The crossed up world of the media and the left

We are living in a truly back to front, upside down world. As the nation becomes more Godless, truth is called lies, lies truth, evil good, and good evil. 

If we do not get a grip as a nation, downhill is the only direction to travel. Only in the warped world of the evil left is it possible to ignore all of the anomalies, irregularities and problems in the last elections and at the same time accuse  President Trump of trying to steal the elections because he is exercising his legal right…his legal right to challenge all of the issues that they say went wrong during the elections. 

The media has blacked out all of the complaints by President Trump and his team, and they repeat in unison that there were no problems with the elections. 

One of the big differences between conservatives and the left is that conservatives know what the left believes. They know their arguments. They are very familiar with how they do business and what their core beliefs are. The left generally does not have the same knowledge of conservatives. They just do not. They know what Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper tells them about conservatives. 

So do not be surprised if after all of these weeks since the elections, the drones  who sit, and without a bit of intellectual curiousity listen to Maddow et al speak, still do not know what the specific claims are that the Trump administration is making. 

For those of you who still have the capability to muster just a little bit of independent thinking and a little bit of inquisitiveness. Here is just a little information for you. 

These things are either true or they are not. If they are true, what should we do? This is just in one of the contested states…just one. 

Here it is:

2,506 felons illegally voted

66,248 under 18 registered to vote

2,423 weren’t registered at all

1,043 used a PO Box

4,926 voted past the registration date

10,315 died before the election

395 voted in two states

15,700 moved out of state before the election

40,279 changed county and didn’t re-register to vote

You may not be convince, but can we please stop with the there is no evidence nonesense? 

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