No entity lies and wages war on the truth like the American mainstream media and the left

The new model of the left is not just to spread propaganda, but they have zoned in on portraying the truth as a lie and lies as truth. This is evil like we have not seen in the United States before. Make no mistake lies and propaganda have always been around, but in the United States there has always been an emphasis on Judaeo Christian values. Unlike many nations before, the United States emphasizes truth. This is not to say that the United States is perfect, in fact, far from it. Like individuals, no country is perfect and the United States certainly is not, but the United States has always been a nation of laws and a nation that values truth. 

Even if the country never fully achieves it because we live in an imperfect world; truth is an American value. The attacks on truth by the left and the media in the current day United States is brazen and evil. These people are not even trying to hide their deception. It is a two pronged attack of propaganda where they spread lies in the effort to push an evil agenda, but even worse is the attacks on truth. Don’t believe your lying eyes says the media. Pay no attention to your lying ears. It is we who are telling the truth says the media and the left. 

What is most amazing though is that the lies they tell are big lies, huge gargantuan lies that are obvious lies. How is it possible that in the wake of the last elections the media could repeatedly says there is no evidence of fraud or irregularities. They are not saying that the evidence is weak. They are not saying that it is too late after the elections to raise all of these issues. They are not saying that that the case has too many holes. They are not presenting counter arguments. They are telling everyone that there is no evidence…none. These are the same people who told us that Trump is a Russian Spy. He is compromised by Vladimir Putin. Keep in mind that the only time that the Robert Mueller investigation team made any public comment during the whole Russia investigation fiasco was to correct media misinformation. 

These people told us that the protests we saw during the summer were mostly peaceful, even as all across the country we witnessed burning cities, rioting and looting. Just as sinister as their attacks on truth, and the spreading of propaganda lies, is what they withhold from the public. The media refuses to tell the truth about Michael Flynn and what really happened to him. They celebrate that this patriot was a political target of the FBI, and the media refuses to highlight the corruption of the judge who oversaw his case. The torrent of violence against supporters of Donald Trump does not matter to our betters in the media. As people get attacked for wearing MAGA hats, the media could care less. They have no interest in those stories because they go against the set narrative 

They made excuses for Joe Biden even as we saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears as Joe Biden boasted that he threatened to withold aid if from Ukraine if they did not fire a prosecutor he did not like. We read the transcript with our own eyes of Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President. Yet despite what we heard with our own ears, that they told us that Trump asked the Ukraine President of Ukraine to interfere in the Presidential elections. Then in the weeks leading up to the elections, as stories of corruption broke about Biden family corruption, the media told us it was Russian disinformation, only now to admit that it was true after all. The media smeared anyone who dared attempt to get out the story. 

For crying out loud, these people told us that Trump advised Americans to drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their systems to fight the Corona virus. They told us, and continue to tell us up to this day that Trump said there are good Nazis. Not one reporter ever dares to interrupt Joe Biden whenever he repeats that lie to say the President never said that. This is despite anyone being able to go unto YouTube or other streaming service and view videos of what Trump actually said, but it does not matter. 

They told us that Trump called the Corona virus a hoax when they know that he never did that. All you have to do is go and look at what he said during the rally when he used the word hoax in reference to the corona virus, and you would see that he was attacking the Democrats attempts to politicize the Corona Virus. He called what they were doing a hoax, but none of that matters. Don’t believe your lying eyes and your lying ears.

There are many more stories like this. It is now a pattern of behavior by the media to engage in outright lies, propaganda, and attacking the truth. The  fake news media in this country is the enemy of the people.

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