The medias is just awful

What President Elect

News Flash!

We do not have a President elect…we may, but we do not as yet. What we have are two Presidential candidates, one the current President of the United States, and the other, the former Vice President/Senator.Love it or hate it, that information provided at absolutely no cost is what we call a fact of life.Thank you!

Attacks on Democracy?

Those many questioning President Trump for contesting the elections, claiming that it is a threat to democracy; it is you who are the danger to democracy. Once again, like you did for the last four years, you are guilty of every bit of malfeasance that you have accused your political opponents of doing. With a complete lack of self awareness you continue to project your own sickening, hatred and intolerance onto others. You then attempt to justify your despicable behavior by claiming that the objects of your scorn are racist, fascist, intolerant etc.

Now here you are, one more time piping up the hysteria over President Trump’s legal right to challenge an election that he claims was rigged. Without an iota of curiosity, you dismiss all of the claims his campaign makes. You are not even interested in looking at the evidence they claim to have. You simply repeat the media mantra of the day…whatever it is.

You are so driven by your hatred that you willingly give up your capacity to think and form an independent thought. You had noproblem claiming that President Trump was a Russian spy, and sabotaging his Presidency when you knew all along that the charge was based on nothing. When the FBI lied to the FISA courts on at least four separate occasions to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign you were ok with that. You had no problem when personnel were leaking to the press the President’s conversations with world leaders. You even managed to perform some intellectual gymnastics and claim that all of these acts were meant to protect democracy.

As the FBI targeted private citizens for political reasons you cheered because it was all in the attempt to get Trump. All’s fair in love and getting rid of Trump! As the media lied about the President day after day you clapped your hands in approval. When they gave life to every rumor, and accentuated every negative story, as they simultaneously censored favorable reports and good news; you had no problems with any of that.

Your concerns about the institutions of democracy were conspicuously absent as big tech and the media censored stories of Joe Biden corruption. You had no interest as conservative voices were shut out of public discourse, in fact; you encouraged it. Now you dare lecture people about attacks on Democracy because the President is exercising his right under the constitution of the United States to contest what he says was an election fraught with fraud and irregularities.


The media has no boundaries when it comes Trump

The establishment media is a garbage dump on fire. These people are the most shameless, agenda driven snake oil salespeople that anyone can encounter. The media is filled with a whole bunch of commentators opinion peddlers masquerading as journalists. These people have allowed the left and the Democrat Party to get away with so much over the last few years, it is hard to imagine that they really think they are fooling people.

They demonstrated their contempt for half the nation again two weeks ago. There they were calling people who showed up to a Trump rally “far right.” There was nothing far right about the people who showed up for the rally. They are patriots, they clean up up after their rallies, they are law and order citizens, but the media does not care.

The media goes hunting for rogues in the crowd. They jump for joy when they find somebody with a crazy sign, or otherwise behaving badly, and they point their fingers in glee. See, see a Trump extremist. The media is more interested in incidents of bad behavior by Trump supporters than they are about patterns of violence by the left and the supporters of the Democrat Party, for whom violence and unhinged behavior is par for the course.

The media goes out of the way to identify and label the whole Trump movement as violent, while they make excuses for leftists burning rioting, burning and causing mayhem for over a hundred days in cities all across America.

Couple weekends ago Trump’s supporters turned out for a rally in the nation’s Capitol, and as sure as the sun sets in the west, leftist agitators were there stirring up trouble and violently attacking people whose only crime is that they support Donald Trump. And the media, as they have been for the last four years, has been silent.

Hatred for Donald Trump justifies anything. These are truly, truly sick people!

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