Fight on Mr. President, says Trump supporters, it aint over yet

So after accusing President Donald Trump of being a Russian spy, a stooge of Vladimir Putin, and then sabotaging his Presidency for three years, based on one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated, Trump is just supposed to trust these people. He is just supposed to accept that he lost the elections, be the bigger man, congratulate Joe Biden and move on into the sunset. 

For as much as the media talks about Trump’s lies, the talking heads who represent the media are some of the biggest liars ever known. It is not just that they lie either. They lie to our faces, telling gargantuan sized, most easily provable lies. We are talking about the sky is green, the grass is blue, Trump told people to drink bleach kind of lies. 

Now as they try to prematurely crown Joe Biden the winner of the Presidential stakes, these lying liars who lie like lying is a drug just expect people to take their word. Everyone is just supposed to accept that their coverage of the election has been fair and above board. Even as people see with their own eyes how pollsters and the media brazenly lied with their polling data, people are just supposed to forget all of that like it never happened.

You have a major Presidential candidate for President of the United States complaining about voter fraud and election interference, but the media is completely uninterested in even looking in to it. The same media that propagated the Russian hoax is now wagging their fingers at Trump for not conceding to Joe Biden. 

Now, let’s be clear. When this is all over Joe Biden may very well be the President of the United States, but that the media would just dismiss the claims of the President simply because they do not like him is just wild. Unlike the Russia Hoax that everyone knew was a hoax from the beginning, Trump and his lawyers are actually presenting what they call evidence of voter fraud. They have affidavits, whistle blowers, evidence of dead people voting, none citizens voting, and a lot of other evidence, but no one is even interested in looking in to it. 

Whether or not the claims of voter fraud is enough to turn the tables and elect Trump is another issue. The major scandal is that news organizations, journalists, people who are supposed to “speak truth to power” have no interest in even looking in to the charges of voter fraud in the world’s oldest Republic. They simply repeat that their is no evidence. 

These people are journalists, which means that they simply sit back and wait expectantly for someone to bring them evidence. They have absolutely no interest in the art and science of investigative journalism because they hate Donald Trump with a passionate visceral hatred. 

This stuff is unbelievable to behold. The media that was silent as people took to the streets and rioted, blocked highways and screamed not my President because these people refused to accept that Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, now expect him to just accept the media’s declaration that Joe Biden is the President Elect. 

The people who were silent as Democrats impeached the President based on a lie that he asked Ukraine to interfere with the Presidential elections now want the President to “do the right thing.” They had the transcripts of the call, and even as the rest of the country could read the entire transcript with their own eyes, they nevertheless told us not to believe our lying eyes. Believe them! Yes, these people now say that President Trump should accept the will of the people even though at least five States are still in dispute. 

They say he should do it “for the good of the country. He should to it to help the country heal, to bring people together. Just go away and accept your fate says the people who waged one of the biggest propaganda campaigns in the history of mankind against a man simply because they did not like him.

They just expect him to go away without a fight. They had nothing to say when just a few weeks ago Hillary Clinton told Biden that he should not under any circumstances concede to Donald Trump. She said that it could probably take a whole month before we know who actually won the Presidency. The dishonest, lying media who for weeks repeated leftist talking points, saying that it could be months before we know who won the elections, are now telling Trump to conceding to Joe Biden. 

Well Mr. President your supporters are saying to fight with everything that you have. Fight with every weapon in your arsenal and when you have exhausted all of your legal options move on in which ever direction that may be. 

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