Walk with your heads high Trump voters

If you are a Trump supporter you’d better not be walking around with your head down. Keep your head up! The world has not come to an end. This is important also, remember this; you have nothing to be ashamed of so do not be. Do not let the bullies on the left cower you into silence. In fact this is a time to be even more vocal and begin mobilizing for whatever is next. Again, remember you have nothing to be ashamed of so do not be.

You did not riot on the streets of Democrat cities for the last few months, burning businesses, and violently attacking those you disagree with politically. You are not the ones who incessantly used violence as a tool over the last four year to intimidate your political opponents. It is not one of your Congress people who openly called for her supporters to harass people at theaters, gas stations and supermarkets as the media stood by in silence. Do not give in to the notion that you should walk with your head down because you supported President Trump.

If anyone should be ashamed it is the people who openly support the evil agenda of the radical left. It is the left that has called for defunding the police. It is the left who supports the killing of babies in the womb up to the day before delivery. It is the Left who cannot agree that a baby who survives an abortion should receive the care that any other baby receives at a health care facility. Don’t you dare walk around feeling ashamed and don’t allow people to shame you either.

Let them explain themselves. Let them explain their anti police sentiments. Let them explain sanctuary cities. Let them explain their bail policy that allows criminals back on the streets to terrorize their victims. Let them explain their support for Antifa and the evil racist organization that is black lives matter.

No sir, walk with your head raised high, your shoulders square, and some pep in your step. It is they who have the explaining to do. They hate Donald Trump because of how they feel. They hate Trump because they think they know what’s in his heart. They see themselves as mind readers.

You on the other hand love Trump because of his actions, the things he has actually done to improve the lives of Americans. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you support the emphasis Trump has placed on human/child sex trafficking. If you believe that people should come into the country legally then stand tall. Do you like the deal that Trump negotiated to repeal NAFTA, then why are you letting the bullies on the left intimidate you? America is energy independent for the first time in over 75 years. The VA is fixed! Right to try has been a God sent for many sick people across the country.

Actions speak louder than silly Tweets. Don’t forget that it is Trump who confronted China on their theft of intellectual property, and on trade. It is Trump who has negotiated at least four peace deals, three of them in the Middle East. Whereas Barrack Obama called ISIS a JV team as they wreaked havoc across the Middle East, it was Trump who defeated ISIS. Trump took out the menace Qassem Suleiman as Democrats criticized him for doing it. It is Trump who got NATO to increase their budget by over 400 million dollars and insisted that partner countries continue to meet their obligations. 

Trump’s accomplishments are many. Unemployment dropped to the lowest ever among black, Hispanic and other minorities under this President. Manufacturing has made a comeback in the United States and on and on we could go.

So no! Do not let these vindictive, self-righteous bullies make you think that you have anything to be ashamed of at all. You do not. They are the ones who accuse every one of facism and being Nazis, yet they openly embrace socialism, an ideology under which tens of millions of lives have been slaughtered. They lionize men like Che Guevarra. Let them explain. 

These people have the nerve…

Most audacious however is that while they claim to be morally outraged by Donald Trump, they embrace Joe Biden, a man who makes Donald Trump look like mother Teresa. These people are fakes, hypocrites of the highest order.

So once again Trump supporters, hold your head high. It is you who are on the right side. 

The Democrat machine and their media allies is a wicked apparatus.

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