Trump hates the troops says the media

So the Atlantic in a story last week claimed that President Trump disparaged dead troops. They say he complained about having to visit a cemetery of fallen soldiers when he was on a visit to France. The story claimed that Trump did not think it was important to honor the American war dead and that Trump called the hundreds of dead Marines suckers for getting killed at the battle in Belleau Woods during World War One in France.

Believe the story if you wish. This is not to defend Trump. Lots of Trump surrogates have come to his defense and done a good job on his behalf.

Just keep in mind that this is the the deceitful lying media whose sworn purpose is to get rid of Donald Trump. They accuse Trump of lying when Trump is clearly using hyperbole to make a point, when Trump is joking, or when he gets information wrong.

These people actually fact checked Trump when he said that the White House served  hamburgers a mile high during one of the visits by a championship team to the White House. The media assured the American public that hamburgers at the Whit house were not high as a mile.

Their lying though is of epic proportions and Trump cannot hold a candle to the media when it comes to lying and propaganda.

The Covington Catholic high school kids can attest to how much the media lies.

Dont forget that the only time Robert Mueller commented during the Russian Investigation was to correct a media lie they were pushing.

Speaking of the Russia investigation, the media knew from the beginning that the whole basis of the investigation was not true. They had all of the details but they pushed the lie like a mother walking her baby in a stroller. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the media.

Here are a couple more examples. 

For anyone who needs to be reminded of how effective their propaganda is, all you have to do is observe that they never correct people who come on their networks and say that Trump called Nazis and white supremacists fine people.

If all you do is watch CNN, MSNBC or listen to NPR, you would never know that it is a lie. Trump never said it, but millions of uninformed Americans just “know” and insist that he did. 

Here is what makes it even more sad though. We live in the age of Google, youtube and yahoo videos. All one has to do is read the transcript or look at the video. If one did that one would know that Trump never said what Joe Biden and Democrat media enablers say he did, in fact; in the statement Trump condemned White supremacists and the Nazis. They persist nevertheless.

The same could be said about the claim that Trump told Americans to drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their veins. This one is even more crazy though. The news conference that Trump supposedly told people to drink and inject disinfectant only happened a few months ago. The lie took root immediately in the psyche of the anti Trump brigade. Now it is part of American folklore. 

Like with the so called Nazi, white supremacists statement, all one has to do is turn to Google, youtube, yahoo videos or any of the gazillion tools of modern technology. Everyone and anyone interested in the truth will see that Trump never advised, instructed, or told people that they should drink bleach and inject disinfectant into their veins, but that does not matter. Reporters and Trump critics still insist that Trump told Americans to drink bleach and infect disinfectant.

That is how sick the media is!

Again, this is not to get in an argument with anyone on any of these issues. That ship has sailed. 

This is just to remind people how dangerous the media is and let all the Trump haters know that incidents like these, and the countless of baseless, wicked attacks on this man is the reason why his supporters continue to back him. Each time they engage in this behavior, it strengthens their resolve.

Believe that story about Trump not wanting to visit dead loser service memebers for getting killed if you want.

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