The inconvenient truth about crime, the police and black men

When will the media begin addressing the hard truths that a certain section of black America needs to hear? 

Here it is folks!

Police go where crime is. Crime is the problem in too many areas where black people live! Crime is the problem in too many areas where black people live! One more time. Crime is the problem in too many areas where black people live! 

Police have no choice but to go where crime is committed, and it so happens that a very big amount of violent crime takes place in black neighborhoods across the country. The problem is not racist police. The problem is crime in too many areas where black people live. The police are not the problem. Crime is the problem. Where crime is, the likelihood of things going wrong increases exponentially. 

This failure to take responsibility for actions is going to get more and more black people killed, then each time something tragic happens the police will get blamed, and that will trigger a race riot. 

As long as the media, politicians, celebrities, academia and other  dishonest people continue to tell black people that they bear no responsibility for any of the tragic outcomes in their interactions with the police, then the problem of police shooting black men will not go away. 

Stop being confrontational with the police. Stop needlessly escalating these police encounters. Cooperate with the police, be respectful and take up any legitimate complaint that you have with the police after your encounter with the cops. Stop this nonesense of being disrespectful, confrontational, non cooperative and aggressive toward the police. 

It is likely to go wrong with more black men coming out on the wrong side of the bargain. 

If as a society we do not wake up and acknowledge what is the very real proble of violent crime in many areas where black people live, then nothing will change. 

All over the TV there are white liberals and rich, privileged, black people telling black America that they are victims of the police and the white man’s system. They say that black men are getting killed for no other reason than being black. They talk about black people getting killed for wearing a hoodie and a lot of other nonesense. 

They repeat all of these lies over and over and over without ever giving the actual numbers. Absent from all of the rhetoric about the so called carnage of black people at the hands of the police is the raw, hard data. 

They just play on the emotions of black people when a black person is killed under tragic circumstances and they use it to continue the lie that black people are being mowed down in the streets. It is a lie!

The police go where crime is, and crime is rampant in many black neighborhoods where a handful of black people are terrorizing their community.

These white liberals who are constantly selling the black victim narrative to black people are not the friends of black people. They are only signaling their virtue at the expense of black men who are needlessly getting killed. 

White liberals who make themselves feel good by telling black people that it is racism and not crime, or their behavior towards the cops that are getting black people killed, are dangerous people.

Stop it!.

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