The church, homosexuality and freedom

Does having the opinion in the attached video make one a bigot, and is it possible to hold this view without being a hateful homophobe?

This world view puts one in the crosshairs of those engaged in the other side of the culture wars. It is not popular to say the things that this preacher is saying. Holding this view could lead to being ostracized by many in our society. In fact, to openly espouse such a view can lead to outright hostility.Not only does holding this view lead to hostility against those who hold it, but people can find themselves in legal hot water for acting on this belief.

A couple of Bakers in Colorado were sued because they refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Not only were they sued by the people who demanded that the couple provide their service to the gay wedding, but they were also sued by the State.It is important to note the following. The bakers do not refuse service to gay people. In fact, they will tell you that to so discriminate against anyone goes against their very beliefs.

They serve all members of their community including the homosexual segment of the community. No one is refused any of the everyday services that this couple provides, but based on their religious conviction that the homosexual life style is sinful, they refuse to provide their service specifically to a gay wedding. It is no different than the muslim who sells meat but refuses to sell pork or the vegetarian who will not sell meat.

Does this couple have that right? Does their refusal to render this specific service mean that they have animosity toward gay people and in fact hate homosexuals?

People who follow traditional Christian values, and beliefs have always held very counter cultural views, especially in the arena of sexual morality. They have since time immemorial spoken about the sinfulness of various types of sexual behavior, not only homosexuality, and the power of Jesus Christ to make anyone into a new person.

Why is it that in present day America there is such a visceral response to anyone who holds these traditional values, and why the push to so drastically shift the culture into accepting this one particular sexual lifestyle?

People are free to live their lives however they please and no one has to accept the teachings of the traditional Christian church, but for many that is not enough. They not only want to live their lives, but they want coerced acceptance of their lifestyles without vocal disagreement. They demand silence and acquiescence.

To those people, please know that the message of the church is not condemnation, but a message of love, and that God stands with open arms welcoming all those who come to him in repentance through his son Jesus Christ.

It is still a free country and everyone…anyone is free to accept or reject this message of the church.John 3: 17, For God did not send his Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.

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