The Corona virus, an opportunity that cannot be wasted

One would think that in a time of crisis, even Democrats could put aside partisan bickering, and their nasty brand of politics for one millisecond, but no.

The Democrat machine is made up of some really horrible human beings…these are just really awful people. To clarify one more time, no one is talking about average Americans who happen to believe for whatever reason that the Democrat Party is better suited to run the country. It is the people who we see day and night, using every opportunity to advance the cause of the left, and turn the country into a socialist hell hole.

Never forget the statement of the former Mayor of Chicago, Rah Emmanuel, when he served as the Chief of Staff for the magnificent Barrack the great. Emmanuel said you should never let a crisis go to waste, but that you can use crises to do things that you would not usually be able to do.

That was clearly demonstrated over a week ago when Nancy used the occasion of passing the relief package, to hold the country hostage to the holy sacrament of abortion and other progressive causes that she knows would never get passed under normal circumstances. Ms. Pelosi disrupted the negotiations, and in classic Democrat Party fashion, put the country second to the Democrat agenda.

She tried to include in the relief package, hundreds of millions of the public’s dollars to Planned Parenthood, the organization dedicated to ending the lives of millions of babies, especially black babies, before these children can even see the light of day. She tried to include Green New Deal legislation as part of a package meant to bring economic relief to Americans, and in the meanwhile delayed the process by a week, insisting that some other arbitrary things totally non related to the Corona virus be included.

For one of the those rare occasions, the Republicans held their ground…for the most part, and refused to give in to Pelosi’s ludicrous demands, and finally got the relief bill passed.

Did the media hold Ms. Pelosi’s feet to the fire for her attempted act of sabotage? Did they find that her act was as offensive as they thought it offensive when Trump went off on a reporter who asked him a question to make him look bad?

No sir, in the eyes of the establishment media, holding the country hostage in the name of progressive ideology is a much nobler cause than Trump fighting back against the corrupt media.

This is truly sick stuff.

Who cares though? Orange man bahhhd.

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