The shameless Democrat Party continues to politicize the Corona virus

These are truly, truly sick people! These people cannot stop politicizing the Corona virus for one minute. They can’t find it in them to say one good word about the response to this tragedy. It does not matter which direction you look, left, right, center, up, or down…no matter where these people are, they are incapable of giving a word of encouragement or give credit where credit is due in the midst of the epic response to dealing with this virus.

Trump and his team has been innovative, resourceful, and relentless in the pursuit of finding a remedy to this thing but that does not matter to them.

The only thing the impeachment Democrats know how to do is tell us how terrible the response has been. Trump is going to get people killed, millions will die because of Trump. Trump is incompetent, gloom, gloom, gloom, gloom, gloom, gloom, doom, doom, doom, doom, gloom, gloom, doom, doom, gloom. That is the message of the Democrats.

Staying true to their agenda and sticking with their modus operandi, they are doing their best to stir discontent, and cause despair. It is in their interest to have a perpetual constituency of malcontents in pursuit of moving their agenda forward.

Now they want to launch an investigation into Trump’s response to the Corona virus. The people who told the rest of the nation that Trump was a racist for banning flights from China, now have the nerve to lecture the Trump administration.

While they were firmly entrenched in their impeachment farce and Trump was already dealing with the problem they were grandstanding.

These are truly sick people. There is a level of evil in play in this anti Trump movement that is fascinating to watch. As these people engage in some of the most despicable behavior ever seen, they have the audacity to preach to people who support this President…while they engage in some of the most despicable behavior we have ever witnessed. Trump’s supporters are supposed to ignore all of that.

People are just supposed to pretend that the combination of the Trump haters horrible actions and their really awful policies don’t matter as long as Trump is the President.

Well sorry, no can do!

The people who support Donald Trump are well aware of his pettiness and his many other flaws, but they see his actions and the results of his policies, but even more; they see what the alternative is and they fear that more than they hate his tweets.

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