Misinformation, the Media and the Corona Virus

First of all, let’s get one thing clear. The establishment media claiming that they are worried about misinformation, is like a butcher claiming to be concerned about the lives of some farm animals hanging around his slaughter house. 

Do not forget after all that these are the people who knowingly pushed the Russia collusion ruse for two plus years, even as more and more information came out that it was not true. They downplayed evidence, and even went out of their way to hide information, and ridicule anyone who pointed to the mountain of evidence that unequivocally showed the Russia collusion nonesense was not only false, but that it was a completely made up story. 

Conspiracy theories, they screamed!

 These are the people who are now telling us that they are worried about misinformation as we deal with the Corona virus. If you need to be reminded further of who these people are, think of the Covington Catholic high school kids. Remember the media’s eagerness  to paint these young boys as evil racists. Remember how they lied viciously on these youths, all in the effort to drive a narrative. The boys main crime was that they are white and wore MAGA hats. 

The media that is telling you they are worried about Corona virus misinformation is the same media that is currently telling you that Trump called the Corana virus a hoax even though they know it is not true, and continue to be called out on the lie. Even Jake Tapper admitted it recently, as he gave a half baked reason as to  why he did not correct a guest on his show who repeated the lie. 

Even as they continue to lie and refuse to correct people who repeat the lie that Trump called Nazis fine people, they claim that they are worried about Trump giving out misinformation on the Corona virus.

Their latest hysterics demonstrate how Orwellian the media has become.

They are now on a campaign to stop covering President Trump’s press briefings on the Corona virus. He lies they tell us. They say that the press briefings have become a substitute for the rallies that he is unable to have since the virus hit.

Never mind that President Trump gives these briefings accompanied by a team of experts who can answer any one of the media’s questions and clear up any issue that may need to be clarified. Instead the media spends their time nit picking every word that Trump speaks in order to proclaim that he lied, and for those reasons, they should not cover the President of the United States addressing one of the most important issues that affects all Americans, and people around the world, at this moment in our history. 

It does not get any crazier that. The fake newsers have decided that over 320 million plus Americans who have been affected by this crisis do not deserve to hear from the President of the United States for themselves because the establishment media have deemed that the information he is giving out is not useful. 

What arrogance! What pure, unadulterated, narcissism! What an overblown sense of self importance! The audacity of these people to think that it is their duty to blackout the President of the United States because they regard what he says as misinformation. 

These tens of millions of Americans, as far as the media is concerned are too stupid to figure out for themselves what the President is saying. Trust our interpretation of the President’s words is their message to the American people. Just pretend that we, the media did not lie and say that the President was “muzzling his experts.” Just pretend that the media did not call the virus the Wuhan/Chinese virus for weeks, then suddenly decide that it was racist to call it by that name. 

The truth ladies and gentlemen is that if the fake news media says that you should expect the sun to rise in the east on any given morning like it has done for millennia, people should question whether or not that statement is true. 

That is how dangerous these people have become.





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