Random Comments on COVID-19 and the left

Trumps most important decision

Over a month ago when the Democrat Party was engaging in the all important business of impeaching the President because the disagreed with the way he conducted foreign policy, President Trump took what is being called the most important step that he took to combat COVID-19. He banned flights from China. 

Trump’s critics quickly descended like a flock of vultures getting ready to feast on a four day old carcass. Racist they cried! Politicians everywhere embarked on a massive campaigh of virtue signalling to show how inclusive and pure they are. Instead of concentrating all of their efforts on combatting the disease, their main concern was to engage in social justice warfare to ensure that evil Americans do not discriminate, and spread fear directed against people of Chinese descent. 

Even top officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) jumped on the virtue signalling band wagon in the attempt to show up the that awful, racist, troglodyte Trump. WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned “it would increase “fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.” 

Democrat Politicians everywhere claimed that Trump was inciting xenophobia. Some of them even introduced legislation to lift the travel ban when Trump expanded it to include countries where the virus had become firmly entrenched. Democrat Presidential candidates also made calls for Trump to get rid of the ban. 

Today, they and the world are singing a completely different song as they have to grudgingly admit that the travel ban makes sense. 

This is an example of what happens when Trump Derangemen Syndrome gets a hold of the mind, and politcal correctness runs amok. 

The media sees COVID-19 as an opportunity to get Trump

If you want to know what is going on in the battle to defeat the Corona virus, do yourself a favor, and do not…do not listen to or pay any attention to the fake news media. Their primary objective remains the same. Take out President Donald Trump by any means necessary!

Their hatred of Donald Trump is all consuming and it has rendered them incapable doing the work of journalism. 

President Trump has been giving an extensive press briefing daily, informing the public of what the administration is doing to combat the virus. He is usually surrounded by the team he has assembled for the specific task of defeating COVID-19. 

Reporters get to ask questions of the President and the team of experts, and address any concerns, or issues they may think that needs some clarification. In the midst of the Trump hating, the reporters manage to ask serious, tough, questions in the attempt to get some candid answers, and insight into what is going on in the continuing COVID-19 battle. 

People can go on to Youtube and view the entire press briefings for themselves. Do not rely on the fake news media to give you an accurat account of what is happening.

Dog whistles

The media is obsessed with labelling Trump a racist. They cannot find any substantial reason to  call the guy a racist, so they rely on “dog whistles.” They claim that these dog whistles are coded racist messaging designed to catch the attention of a certain audience who is capable of decoding the racist message, when they hear the “dog whistle. 

Just as white racists need to be in tune to decode the racist message, the media must also possess a really special skill (namely mind reading) to detect these so called dog whistles. Here are a couple examples of dog whistles…ready? MAGA! You’ll have to do the research for yourself to find out why a term that literally means Make America Great again is a racist dog whistle. 

Here’s another dog whistle “what the hell do you have to lose?” Trump asked that question of black voters while making an appeal to them to vote for him, and he highlighted the awful state of many communities where black people live, asking them the question. 

The media always jumps in to this mind reading mode in order to point out what Trump and other politicians who do not lean left “really mean” when they say certain things that the media calls dog whistles. 

As the nation struggles with COVID-19 Trump continues to address it as the Chinese virus so that people would not forget where it came from as the Chinese Government attempts to spread propagand that it was started by the U.S. Military. 

The same media that for weeks addressed the virus as the Wuhan Virus, and the Chinese virus, jumped in to mind reading mode one more time. They tell us that even though the entire fake news media cabal are on record referring to the virus as the Chines virus and the Wuhan virus, when Trump uses the term; he is sending racist dog whistles to his white racist base. 

Nuff said on that issue!

F**k a national day of prayer

The tolerant left and their mockery of traditional values continues. In the last decade or so they have become emboldened by a Democrat Party that continues to veer more and more to the left, and in the era of Trump, they have become even more emboldened. 

The charming David Hogg, one of the young up and coming leftist champions sent out a tweet the other night. He lectured “don’t let this administration address COVID-19 like our national gun violence epidemic. For emphasis and to hammer through the point, he continued “F**k a National day of prayer, we need immediate comprehensive action.”  

It’s sad to see that the country has come to this, but it did not happen overnight. The country has been on a slow creep in this direction for decades, bringing us to this point. Though it is sad to see this, it is also quite useful that we get to see these people for who they truly are. 

Remember people like Hogg who engage in this behavior are not random trolls. They are prominent mainstream leftists, praised and adored by the media. 

No one should try to censor them, demand that they apologize or any such thing. As they continue to lecture the rest of the population about civility, tone, tolerance, and the other virtues that they so love to claim they posses, let’s call them out for sure, but let’s give them the mike and let them speak. 

Let them show themselves for all to see. 

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