Impeachment, Democrats, Panic and Corona

As the nation continues to deal with the Corona virus outbreak, one of the things to keep in mind is that during the early days of the outbreak, Democrat politicians were engaged in the impeachment farce.

Do not forget that!

They had a choice of conducting the nation’s business and pushing ahead with the impeachment buffoonery. They chose impeachment.

Like so many problems that arise in life, this is one that needed to be tackled in it’s infancy in order to better deal with it in a successful manner, but the Democrat party could not be bothered with it. They were consumed by impeachment.

As far as they were concerned, it was the most serious issue of the day. They told us as much. Donald Trump was a clear and Present danger, and for the good of the country they had to proceed with the important business of impeaching the President because they disagreed with his foreign policy.

That Corona virus stuff can wait.

Thank God that President Trump is a man who despite the daily onslaught against him, somehow manages to stay on target, and confront the issues that face the country.

While the Democrats were engaging in impeachment palooza, President Trump met the threat posed by the virus, head on, and he did what he needed to do at the time. He initiated a ban on travel from China.

Trump was called xenophobic for taking this obvious step to protect the American people. Trump also called for U.S. citizens, and residents returning from certain areas in China to undergo some measure of quarantine.

In the meantime, impeachment continued.

The Democrats did absolutely nothing for almost three weeks while the Trump administration was already dealing with the outbreak to prevent it from overtaking the United States.

When the Democrats did talk about the Corona virus it was to criticize Trump. Of course they called him a racist for the action that he took to ban travel from China. They did nothing else.

Now, despite their past obsession with impeachmnt, and doing absolutey nothing to tackle the problem, they now salivate about the prospect of taking down Trump using the Corona virus as the instrument of his destruction.

The Democrat Party machine is more dangerous that any tweet Donald Trump has ever sent out on Twitter.

It’s not hard to imagine Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in a backroom somewhere exchanging hugs and high fiving each other.

The Democrat, Trump and Corona Panic

It’s not hard to imagine Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in a backroom somewhere exchanging hugs and high fiving each other.

It’s not hard to imagine them in a state of uncontrollable glee shouting we got him, we got him, we finally got him. This Corona Virus is a god send. We finally got the (fill in the missing description).

Don’t forget it was Rahm Immanuel who once said “never let a crisis go to waste.”

The Democrat Party machine is following his advice and using this situation to advance their political agenda. That’s it, and their main political agenda is destroy Donald Trump.

One would think that in a situation like this, our leaders could at least put their political differences aside for the good of the country and work with the administration in combatting this disease.

Do not doubt for on minute that the Democrat Party hates Trump more than they love America.

Their hatred of all things Trump is all consuming and it renders them incapable of functioning in a normal manner.

You will not be getting any advice here on how to deal with the Corona virus. That is a job for the experts, but if keeping your sanity in the midst of this is important to you, it will do you well to take everything the media is telling you with a pinch of salt.

Do not trust these people. There are many sources of information out there. Do the research for your own and come to the right conclusion.

Do not be driven by fear, and avoid the panic. You will be playing into the hands of CNN and the rest of the fake news media if you do that.

Don’t get played by Don Lemon or Chuck Todd.

As with everything else we have seen in the last three plus years, the main goal in the coverage of this issue is, how can we destroy Donald Trump.

Don’t doubt it!

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